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  1. Checking up on you--no rush I know you are recouping..just wanted you to know I was thinking about you. :)

  2. I dont tan now cuz im so big but after i loose all this extra weight i think i will feel so much more comfortable tanning and I CANT WAIT
  3. tomorrow is my pre op appointment. pretty nervous, but super excited at the same time!!! Then 10 days away is surgery and my mommy will be here in 8 days!! I cant wait!!! Wish me luck!
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    Another day down.

    I have noticed that I write on this at midnight each night. I cant sleep i think that i try and stay so busy during the day so i cant think about surgery but i cant sleep at night because i do my thinking then. My emotions are crazy! Like literally i started crying during the movie grown ups and ummm in case you didnt know grown ups is a comedy!! A really funny one too! Here is a list of my emotions in a day in smiley order--- --- literally its like a rollar coaster, i text my mom and she tries to keep up but she isnt successful. I posted a thread asking a question because i am not currently dieting and i feel bad about that, i mean im not going crazy but im enjoying my last foods... i probably shouldnt of posted the thread asking if what i was doing was ok, because on this site people are very honest which i love and hate, so they didnt just tell me what i wanted to hear which makes me feel worse... i know it wasnt an intention but it did, and it made me even more freaked out about screwing my surgery up.. I mean on the one hand i need to start teaching myself now because it will help alot after surgery to have already calmed the beast. But on the other i will have to eat less and more of the right foods after surgery like i have no choice because of my body. There for i will teach myself by eating much much less, because my body makes me! It is just all confusing!!!! and there is not black or white answer its all gray because its diff from person to person! AHHH! oh well thats all for now!
  5. I am sorry i didnt mean to start a big debate. We are all here to help each other and i appreciate everyones help. I believe i have a better understanding of things now. Once again thank you very much!
  6. Thank you for all of your answers. They have helped me in many ways. I wasnt saying I havent done anything to prepare myself for surgery. I weaned myself off of soda, and i am working out more than i ever did. I noticed that i dont snack as much as i use to. My old snacking was more like me ending up having 5 or 6 large meals a day. However, i do agree that cutting back is best right now. I am trying to enjoy the journey but i dont want the journey to lead me back to where i started. Did you know that one of the contestants on biggest loser about 2 or 3 seasons ago had actually had gastric bypass surgery? This is my fear, as i know its everyones. I will start to work on my ways now, but i will also enjoy somethings too but in moderation! Thank you very much!!
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    I really like this picture... it is 2 years old though
  8. Ok so heres the deal, my surgery in July 22, very soon. I was one of the lucky ones, and did not have to do a weight loss trial. My surgeon said he wanted me to try and get into the habit of drinking lots of water and stuff. And i have been trying to cut out my Diet Dr. Pepper craving from my life. But I havent been dieting either. But i havent been told you have to lose this much weight before we operate. On to my point, i love food, i love the wrong kinds of food, and i am using this surgery as a way to reteach myself how to eat. Now my question, i know that after surgery everything will change, so right now i have been enjoying my favorite foods that later i will not be able to have. I havent been going crazy or anything but i have been enjoying the carbs and ice cream and sweets. This worries me because i read so many other peoples posts saying how much weight they are losing before surgery so now im afraid that i maybe doing this whole thing wrong or for the wrong reasons. Please help me out, tell me if i need to stop right now and start my changing. I mean i have been doing the stuff the surgeon specifically said, but now i feel like that out of control teenager you know the one "Well mom you said not to have any friends over, but you never said i couldnt have a party with strangers" HELP!! PLEASE!!! Because if i am doing this all wrong then i only have 13 days to fix it!
  9. Hi there-Got your message..Congrats on your decision. and get ready for the new you..we will count down together.:)

  10. Thanks alot! I think i might do that, as well as turn it into a what foods were ok and not ok after you know?? Like if i try something and it doesnt sit well with me then i can write that down... thanks alot for that advice i really like it!
  11. I cant wait to slide into the seats like its nothing! The most embarrassing for me is when i or someone else parks too close to the next to us that i cant even squeeze out so i have to have them (or me) move the car so i could get out! Almost broke down with that one!
  12. I am extreamly nervous. I posted a thing in Emotional Support.. the way i saw it was 13 days 13 meltdowns. I know i am doing this for the right reasons but i am still very afraid of messing up. The support everyone is giving me is helping ALOT! Its nice to know that i am for sure not alone. That everyone has the same fears as i do. My dad had the surgery but he doesnt like to talk about the fears he had, so i don't ask. I really did feel alone, even though so many people have had this, its hard for me to open up. I can with my closest friends and family but they clearly dont understand, and its not their fault. My mom gets it more than my friends, but my friends just try to be supportive without actually knowing what to say... sorry i went on a rant there--
  13. I am 13 days away from my surgery and i am freking out. I know it is normal at this point to be a little afraid and to be nervous but It is still hitting me hard. I am worried I am going to mess everything up. I am going to let my old habits take over me. I just need some help... some of my closest friends dont agree to me having the surgery so when i attempt to discuss it they dont know what to say without me getting upset.. I joined this site today because i was hoping for the support, help and words i need. Thank you in advance for offering me that.
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    I really did enjoy that. I let a friend read it, and it helped her realize why i am getting the surgery! Thank you!