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  1. Good Afternoon Everyone, As some of you know I just hit my 3 years post-op and life has been great. I have been playing competive rugby for 3 years now and USA Rugby picked up my story and did a feature on me. If they get enough traction they will do another feature. So please retweet this or post on fb, with #workforit THANKS SO MUCH!! USA Rugby has done an article on me, I need some love and really need you to retweet this story and add #workforit.....#usarugby.....Thanks!
  2. So we did a "Drop Your Drawers" event at the Hershey Bariatric Center last month, they interviewed me beforehand....
  3. Did you go to the Drop your drawers event at Penn State? I have it on my facebook and I thought there were pics of you on there.. Just wondering ;)

    1. Lunchbox


      lol, that was me...

  4. Ok I am back, thanks for the replies, nineset sending you a pm...I will post some pics tonight..
  5. Thanks, I never thought about a specific counselor for WLS patients, I will be doing that today.
  6. I had been training for my Sprint Tri for 2 years, then they cancelled the Tri before I could do it. So I put it on the backburner, my advice is to find a local Tri club and go there ask for help. Beginner TriAthlete is a great web site with awesome training guidelines. Start with the Couch to 5k program, see how you do. Just take your time and your body will respond accordingly. Go to fast and you will burn out and lose interest, or you will injure yourself and that is even worse.
  7. I dont see many guys in this thread....So, I need a face lift or tightening or whatever you call it, since right now I look like my boxer with my hanging jowels. No one else seems to notice, but it is all I see in the mirrorr. I also want my stomach done, again no one else sees an issue, but me. If I post pics can I get some honest but brutal feedback?
  8. Rather than protein supplements, have you tried Chobani yogurt? There are many different ways to get protein, I gave up on shakes a long time ago. I eat beef jerky, chobani, lean meats fish and shrimp. I discovered I was lactose intolerant post op, so whey based supplements just wrecked me.
  9. Well I have been offline for a while since I spend all my free time outside now...when I am stumped or have a concern I just come right back to the best support forum on the web....So.... 1. Weighed in today at 196.8, almost 20 lbs under my goal...starting to get told by random people I am too skinny, sometimes that feels good, but I am worried that I have devolped an eating disorder. I used to over eat to cope, now I just dont eat when I am stressed. Anyone else go through this extreme? 2. 2 years post op and have had no complications physically, but mentally I am all f'd up. I feel like my entire life is upside down, I have become more tolerant, less confrontational, less likely to blow my top over little issues..these are good things. The bad is I have realized I have no true idea what self worth or confidence means, I am overly image conscious (going to get plastics soon), I dont know how to live like a skinny person. Sounds crazy right, I know... imagine how it feels. Is anyone else going through this? 3. Lack of muscle/strength...I think I have lost muscle mass now, no longer losing fat, any advice on how to turn this around?
  10. Lunchbox

    Low T

    So glad I thought about coming here to check this out. 2 years post op and the healthiest I have ever been ......but my T is super low. Going for the 2nd eval next week.
  11. Rugby is going good...I think I'm officially too thin for the front row, lol. Still a prop though :)

  12. thankyou for helping me through all this - you heolped me do it :) you helped me get to where i am :) thankyou

  13. Hmmm...feeling good...looking is dang good :)

    1. msdepew


      Well that's good ;0)

  14. WOW!! You have almost disapeared! I looked at my messages and saw your question this time last year...your now the inspiration! AWESOME AWESOME!! Dont worry about the skin just yet, enjoy your health and the new lifestyle...get used to the new you. You look amazing. Dont worry about feeling fat, I still see the fat me in the mirror every is not a bad thing, keeps me humble and motivated.