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  1. Look at YOU!!!!!! How you livin?? Large and in color I hope!!! Hows your journey treating you? I dont come on here much anymore. You can always email me at :)

  2. Why hello there stranger!

  3. Im almost 6 months post op and am STILL having trouble with the delicate balance between chewed too much or not enough. The weight loss is still going great, I stalled for a couple weeks but am back to 5-10lbs a week coming off. The trouble is, Im eating the right foods ie chicken, turkey, fish. But it's hard for me to realize when its chewed up too much. It then turns into the wretched "slider food" and Im hungry a couple hours later. If I dont chew it enough to try and make that full feeling last longer it always gets stuck and I end up bringing it back up. Ughhh....any ideas?
  4. June 2010-March 2011 GBY December '10
  5. Hahaha thank ya sweety! No more gum for this guy here. Learned my lesson, the hard way.
  6. OMG so glad you are ok! How scary! Love your new pic by the way. You are looking and doing SOOOOOO good!!! I am very proud of you!

  7. I know, I know we're NOT supposed to have gum. I was just trying to get the taste of the peanut butter protein shake out of my mouth and BOOM. Swallowed it. I have no idea how, why, or what I was even thinking. I immediately FREAKED out being 3mos post-op nothing like this has ever happened. I remembered what you guys have said on here about drinking large gulps of water to try and get it to come up but to no avail it did not. That was wednesday 6PM. I couldnt keep anything solid down after that. Liquids went down but slower than usual. I just knew something was wrong. I got ahold of my surgical team after being paranoid ALL night long and they brought me in Thursday at 5AM. The plan was an endoscopy to retrieve the gum but when they got in there it had already passed. Well it turns out that the passing of the gum caused swelling thus resulting in the stricture. They want it at 12mm, mine was at 6. They dialated it to 10 and said there should be no further problems. Well, Ive officially gone through my first scare. Not fun. But hats off to the staff at Henry Ford in Detroit. My SURGEON himself came to see me in between operations from a separate hospital. No more gum EVER for this guy. Please learn from my STUPID mistake lol.
  8. I dont have a problem necessarily with cold liquids by themselves, but the difference in volume of food afterwards. I can finish my 64oz of water with 50g of protein ice cold in under 2 hrs.
  9. Im about 2.5 mos post op and am STILL getting used to this whole "eating" thing. Something Ive noticed over time is that after drinking something cold, I seem to be able to tolerate less volume in my pouch. Its just a theory I'm working on but has anyone else ran into this? I dont eat until about 30-45mins after drinking per my surgeon but it never fails. Does cold liquid have some sort of "shrinking" effect on my beloved pouch. Whom by the way I have nicknamed Earl lol. Earl loves crunchy stuff and has turned a blind eye to pasta and pizza to which he had many, many years of fulfillment. Three month post-op coming up March 2nd. Hoping to hit the 100lb down mark by then.
  10. How awesome! I started Crossfit and its kickin my everlovin @*# alllllllllllllll up and down the boulevard! Holy cow that stuff is tough as hell! I'm so glad to hear you are doing so well and are so happy with your results so far! I cant wait to see new pictures of you! Your puppers are going to love being out with you once the weather changes! Thats going to be so fun for them and for you! You're going to have a completely different kinda summer this year!

  11. Heyyyyy pretty lady....Im doing great! 65 since the surgery, closing in on 150 overall. Gym's going great, 5-6 days a week switching cardio and weights. I love it. Just waiting for this weather to break so me and the puppers can get our butts OUTSIDE lol. Hope all is well with you. Great to hear from ya.

  12. *Poke Poke!* Just checkin in on ya! :)

  13. A general rule of thumb during the prelim classes I attended were 1oz every 10mins. Looking back on that I wonder. I am easily able to finish a bottle of water in under a half hour. Is this a bad thing? Oh and btw, Since starting this journey, 145lbs down, ahhhh thank you very much lol.