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  1. Sue A

    bowel kinks

    Adhesions from gastric by pass causing kinks in my intestines. Anyone else have this problem? I'm 15 yrs out
  2. Sue A

    ordered a medical alert bracelet today

    There's been several comments of medical alert bracelets. I have had mine over 10 yrs. But 2 weeks ago I was taken to the ER & first thing the nurse did was check my bracelet & wrote on my chart Gastric By Pass NO NG TUBE. Its works they did notice
  3. Prayers & hugs coming your way. Hope your are feeling better. God is wrapping his arms around you.
  4. Sue A

    7yrs post

    I'm 13 yrs out & have no health problems. I'm 70 yrs old & very active 4-5 times a week at the fitness club for 2 hrs each. I would get a 2nd opinion for sure. Will be praying for you.
  5. Sue A

    I got married this weekend (again)

    Just beautiful!! We will be celebrating our 50 th 2 weeks before Christmas (Dec.11) & plan on a big Christmas type wedding since we were married by the justice of the peace in the court house. Hope I look as nice & happy as you.
  6. Sue A

    Just can't turn off the tears.

    Sending prayers & a big hug for you!
  7. Sue A

    Artificial sweeteners and the Japanese diet

    We lived in Okinawa Japan for 3 yrs. (husband was in the Air Force). I also worked at the bank on base with the Okinawans. They eat a very well balance meal always some sort of rice. They walk everywhere. One of the older gentleman (age 74 at the time) walked 5 miles everyday before coming to work. And we started at work at 8:00AM. They also played a lot of soft ball. They don't snack as often or on "bad" carbs as we do. They are very healthy people.
  8. Sue A

    Shout out to all 55 and older

    I turned 70 this past June, had my GBP 13 yrs ago in July. Have being doing great, still no health problems, no high blood pressure, no high cholesterol. I'm very active at my fitness club, 5 days a week, aerobic dancing, zumba ,hula hoop dancing, yoga, & weight strengthening. Its about 1 1/2 to 2 hrs a days. But love it have made some new friends. I try to stay busy & eat healthy but once in a while I need that mini chocolate cupcake or a sm can 7.5 oz dr pepper. But not often maybe once every couple of months. I'm really living the second chance on life that the surgery gave me to the fullest (even sky dived). Best of luck!
  9. Sue A

    for those who track steps

    I do track my steps everyday. Usually 10,000 to 12,800 a day. I try very hard to get the 10,000 everyday.
  10. Sue A

    Anyone from Arkansas?

    I live in Dover. Old timer will be 13 yrs old the 21st of this month. Have really enjoyed my life now. Do zumba 3 times a week, weight strengthening 3 times also, hula hoop dancing each week. Have really had no big problems, followed drs orders. Biggest challenge for me was drinking the water, it always even now lays heavy feels like a brick hits my stomach. My dr said I could tea (decaf) instead. But I do try water with a little lime or lemon. I have even sky dived since my surgery. Did gain 15 lbs when we moved from San Antonio up to Dover but have lost it & maintain my weight. On no medications just my vitamins & a probiotic. I am lactose intolerance but that could have come with age also. But can drink my decaf carmel latte from starbucks which gives me 13 grams of protein. Hope you keep doing such a great job. Its well worth it.
  11. Had my surgery in San Antonio almost13 yrs ago. Now living in Arkansas but movig back to San Antonio late this summer. Have kept my weight off & enjoy my new life. Go to the fitness club 5 days week. I do aerobic dancing 3 days a week, zumb twice a week & hula hoop dancing twice a week, plus weight traning twice a week. Then when the weather is nice my husband (o 50 yrs) & I walk 3-4 miles. I've been para sailing & even did a parachute (tandem style) in San Marcos, all after my surgery. Guess I should tell you I'm 70 yrs old. I' m on no medications except B12 injection once a month. Have to high blood pressure or high cholestreol. Lots of luck on your new journey! Sue
  12. Sue A

    I am from NW Arkansas

    The time will go faster than you realize. I can't believe I'm 12 yrs out. I can remember waiting for my surgery date, was to be the 27th of July & dr called on the 23rd @ 10:00 at nite said they had an opening for noon the next day & did I want it. You bet I did. I've followed my dr advice to the letter & could have been his poster child. I went from 242 lbs day of surgery to 125 at Christmas, size 22 to size 6. I have NEVER exercised hated it but now I can hardly wait to get there everyday. There's some women in our zumba gold that are 250 lbs or more but they do what they can & we all laugh & have a good time. Of course we're dancing to to the 50's songs!!! Good memories!!! Keep in touch!
  13. Sue A

    I am from NW Arkansas

    I live in Dover just north of Russellville. My husband is retired Air Force. And we have 1 grown son (52) 2 daughters (50 & 47) and 10 grandchildren & 4 great grandchildren. Had my by pass 12 ys ago. Best thing I gave myself. I'm 69 yrs old go to the fitness club 5 days a week now, doing weight strengthening, zumba gold, aerobic dancing & hula hoop dancing; spend about 3 hrs a day there. Since my surgery I have even sky dived. I'm loving life. Great to hear from someone in NW Arkansas.
  14. Sue A

    Why Do I Miss Him So Darn Much?

    My youngest daughter has been in an abusive realtionship since she was 22 & now she's 47 & still with him. She has no self esteem, no friends, is totally dependent on him. They have 2 sons 17 & 15 that hate what their father does, & can't wait to leave home & both behind. I'm afraid that one day my phone will ring & say he has killed her. We have done everything possible to help her, moved her out to a nice home for her & her children (3 times). For you sake please get counseling & realize you are worth so much more. And never did you deserve to be abused. A real man that loves you will not abuse you!!! We've been married 49 yrs & he has vever lifted a finger against me. Wish you the very best in the future. You are a wonderful young lady & just be "you" & move forward.