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  1. I know, I got the text! Phew! You know how I feel about getting together with you! I just adore you and your new family! Let's plan a beach day. I'll teach Julia how to surf on the foam board. We are camping 6th through 12, if you can, come visit! PM or text me for exact location.
  2. Okay call out! It was apples. As I recall at the time of this conversation, we were meeting at Pam's parents house for support group meetings. I shared with you what I was doing with the apple a day thing....I still love you! I hope you are safe with the tornado warning you are experiencing. You better text me tomorrow morning to know that you are safe! I love you!
  3. Love is in the air... What happened to the, "I will eat four apples a day to not gain weight"? Just checking in with you my friend. I know it is so hard. I watch more what I eat than ever before. Personally for me, I know its the lack of exercise. I love you girlie. I'll be in Boston, MA next April. Let's plan on huging each other then, if not before! Miss you more than you will ever know!
  4. I better get the invite to the baby shower, bridal, and wedding! What are you not telling me? LOL!
  5. Okay, I was thinking about my conference trip to Florida in April and the very first person that I thought of and is anywhere near Orlando and Key West is Van. So, I'm thinking, how will I ever get in touch with her????? Then I come accross your beautiful picture and btw congratulations on your success. So, what are your plans for April? Call out to you my friend...I arrive in Orlando April 18 and the 19th I can invite someone else to attend the conference opening at Epcot center all expenses paid. If you can make it on the 19th and are interested - privately email me, I give all the details. I would absolutely love to meet up with you. It's Sunday the 19th from 5:00 to 7:30 pm. We are also taking extra time on the end side of the conference to travel to Key West, someplace I've never been before. I would love it if you could join us there too! Let me know!
  6. Angela, I was just thinking about you yesterday. I see that life is treating you well. Congratuations my friend on a life that was changed by this wonderful process. YOU look magnificent! Beauty surrounds you!
  7. for me...Hypoglycymic SP? and B12 deficient. Am able to Contol Sugar/carb intake and take monthly (or so...) B12 shots.
  8. :DYes, being further out in this wonderful journey has been an incredibele ride. I've gained back 20 pounds from my lowest, and am absolutely great with that. The reason is, I got down to a weight that was unrealistic (size 0) and because of the others before me (great wisdom of knowledge, you know who you are) I knew that this was possible and an expected outcome. Your body will adjust going forward. I must say that every day is a struggle. I must watch what I take in versus what I put out in energy (read as excersise). It really does work! This did not work for me prior to GBS. Follow the program, follow your dreams, follow your heart! I wish you all the best of what life can give you! You are in a good place, keep on keepin' on!
  9. Hey you, are you back in hiding?

  10. Hey Chicklet, How ya been??? Life as we know it has been crazy here. BUT then again if it wasn't for crazyness nothing would be saine ...

  11. Hey Jenni, Next Sunday morning, just tell me where and what time to meet you.... Looking forward to catching up, it's been awhile!
  12. Last year when I went to cheer on my friend that was running; you couldn't get close without detailed open road maps. They are even closing a section of 163! I'm just saying, you'll have competition for space, e.g. getting there, parking, walking. You do this again at Misson Bay, I'm in.
  13. The only reason why I know this is because I'm a volunteer (not a runner) at the San Diego Parrot Club water station (W9). Pat Benetar following with free concert at Cricket in Chula Vista. So, you may have competition for the path at Mission Bay.
  14. Happy Birthday! I hope your day is as special as you are. I wish you all good things today and throughout the coming year!

  15. Hey Kim, Do you see Dara?If so tell her Hello from me.Good seeing ya post, even if once a year..lol. I don't post too much but read for support and laughs. Take Care,