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  1. Wowser, Av!!! YOU LOOK AWESOME!!!!!!! Sooooo well done.
  2. Oh I'm sorry to hear this. RIP indeed.
  3. More than three years out...what did I eat yesterday...? Friday, right? Coffee x 2 for breakfast. Asian pho-type soup for lunch. Two pieces of frozen gluten-free pizza and some 24-month aged gouda for dinner, along with some chocolate and wine. Don't be like me. I don't really lose, but I don't gain either, sooo... Let's see what my dr says after my three-year follow-up next week... ;-)
  4. I hope this will not be taken the wrong way, as it's not meant to be a critique of ANYONE's choices...just a different viewpoint. I totally understand eating all the low-fat/'diet' foods, they are getting really very yummy these days! And they can't be beat for convenience and for calorie counting for sure. I just wanted to say that I have become concerned about many quite processed foods, with mysterious ingredients and chemicals, so I have given up all the diet foods (except artificial sweetener for my coffee and tea...). If you read about how things are made low-cal and low-fat, it is not awesome most of the time. While it reduces calories per se and takes out fat grams, it often replaces it with other worse things and hidden sugars and fillers etc. I also think fat is quite healthy for people to eat (NB: I do have a sleeve, not a GB, which I know sometimes is less 'tolerant' of eating fat, so take that into account with my opinion ;-), so I use full-fat organic milk and cream and butter, no margarine or diet foods. I buy organic full-fat yogurt and I do add artificial sweetener to it sometimes...that is a hard habit to break! I do not eat any grains, especially wheat, which takes out a lot of carby junk foods right from the start. I try not to buy anything with more than 2-3 ingredients in it, else I make it myself, including salad dressing with olive oil and wine vinegar (I eat a lot of organic veg and salad). So instead of low-cal/low-fat, I've gone 'whole' foods and done quite well still. I eat a rather primal/paleo diet overall, but am not religious about it -- I do what feels right for me and my body. I also follow the 5:2 diet cos I'd like to still lose 5-ish kgs just for the heck of it, and it also helps me maintain well (and is meant to be good for overall health and longevity). I don't work out formally nearly often enough, but I do have a bossy little Fitbit and try to hit those goals every day. Between all of the above, I'm still doing really well at nearly three years out. And I never had much of a honeymoon phase as I could eat any/everything right from the start and have always been able to eat more, quantity-wise, than most people I've come across on the boards -- and I never lost my appetite at all LOL...which is meant to be one of the advantages of the VSG, but even with those factors, it's still do-able! I still do consider this the 'easy way out' cos it's been so easy for me personally -- and I have zero problem with that, I deserved something easy (and more importantly, EFFECTIVE) after all those years of damage to my body via starving myself etc.
  5. Hi PD! I have a friend with very bad PF -- she swears by this thing: http://www.amazon.com/North-American-Healthcare-Foot-Rocker/dp/B002PT52WK My sister swears by cortisone shots in her feet. Good luck!!
  6. Great weight loss so far! You're doing really well in my opinion. Listen, I'm going to be super honest here and hope I don't get crispy-fried for it LOL... Exercise is great for our bodies in so many ways, it's good for bones, muscles, heart, lungs, etc. So yes, you should try to get some exercise, but it doesn't have to be hard-core to be beneficial -- get yourself a Fitbit and do X number of steps each day by walking. That's great exercise and doesn't put too much stress on your joints. And for perspective -- weight loss is about 90% diet and 10% exercise. Truly. So if you can't do much exercise, then focus on your eating and the weight will come off. Eat a lot of protein, a good amount of healthy fats, and keep the carbs way low -- you can't go wrong. Manage hunger by drinking more water/tea/coffee, and being sure to eat enough calories every day (I reckon anything less than 1000 is too low for women, and 1200 for men at a minimum). Good luck -- you can do this!!
  7. Okay, your ink is beautiful! And you look like a very happy couple. I'm just all over here...
  8. Mara Jayne -- I LOVE that story!! I'm so glad you popped back in to update us.
  9. Hiya, Aviator! I am just checking in again (cos I NEVER get TT notifications anymore, no matter what settings I update...they have decided to shun me LOL) to see how you're doing post-revision. Sounds like it's going very well? Which is AWESOME!! I am ever so pleased for you.
  10. LOL...I love this topic. For reals. First, YES to Aviator's perspective -- I never tell anyone anything personal, including this. I have all other humans that don't live in my house on a need-to-know basis, and it's a high bar... Second. TOTALLY EASY. Easy way out, 110%, I'd do it again 100x over. I have had a walk in the park from day one. I don't give a single molecule whether others 'approve' of that or not. IF someone had the unmitigated nerve to make some kind of rude remark about my personal choices and life, I'd certainly be happy to put them back in their place, though kindly of course. I'm not mean or anything LOL. But this is my issue: The very IDEA of there being an 'easy way out' is predicated on prejudice and anti-fat bias and I do NOT buy into that crap. You don't 'deserve' an 'easy way out' cos you're a fat lazy loser, therefore you should be punished for being a fat lazy loser by working super hard for YEARS to lose weight and never succeeding. I reject that on its face; there was nothing 'bad' about me before and there's nothing 'bad' about choosing a way out that has actually proven (with science and all) to be EFFECTIVE. So easy way out? Effective way out, more like. There is literally mountains of data by now that diets don't work, lifestyle changes don't work, exercise doesn't work...etc. Once you have gained a certain amount of weight and stayed there for a certain time, your body will do anything to stay at that weight at a minimum. Fighting those kind of odds and 'winning' doesn't make you any 'better' than a WLS patient. THERE IS NO VIRTUE IN EFFORT FOR ITS OWN SAKE. So the people who think I got some get out of jail card for free and that I somehow don't deserve that? They are not even worth my waste of breath to tell them to bite me. Anyhow, I'm good at keeping people out of my boundaries, and *I* set those, I don't let others violate them easily... Oh, and ETA: I like to answer cheeky questions with questions. So I'd ask like, "how do you figure it's the easy way out" or "why should I *not* take the easy way out" etc.
  11. It's got to feel a bit weird to be back in the early post-op routine, eh? GLAD to hear it all went well!!
  12. Forgot to add in the last progress pic
  13. Yup!! Waiting to hear it went super awesome!! :-)

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