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  1. I was a really big diet soda drinker before my surgery. I gave it up for good when I started my pre-op diet and I would venture to guess that giving up soda (yes, even diet soda) has contributed to my significant weight loss in the past 9 months (over 120 pounds!). I did attempt to try a very small amount when I was a few months post op and was immedietly hit by sharp sharp pain. Totally not worth it.
  2. I'm back!

    Hello there everyone, I apologize that I've been sort of MIA recently. My husband has been looking for a new job and thankfully found one, but now we need to move to Virginia! Ironically, the stress has been "good" for my weight loss as it just keeps going down. I'm down to 143 and my BMI is now 24! So curious to see how far the weight loss will go. Hope all my buddies on here are doing well. Now I need to find a job = more stress!
  3. very early stall

    Very normal. I had a big stall about that same time. (p.s. PCOS does suck!!!)
  4. Lapband vs. Bypass

    I think that the best way to make a decision is to take a good look at yourself and see what your eating issues are. Portion size was never an issue for me, I just chose the wrong foods and was addicted to candy. Because of my PCOS I gain weight rapidly when I eat candy and sugar. I was honest with my surgeon about my issues and he recommended the bypass instead of the band because of the dumping syndrome. Even 6 months out i am still VERY VERY sensitive to sugar and dump very easily, which is something that I want. I am VERY happy with my choice!!! Good luck!!
  5. I'm on my way

    I also had the same experience. I was VERY honest with my surgeon and explained to him exactly what my personal issues were (candy, sweet things) and he told me that I would benefit more from the GB because of the dumping syndrome. Well, I am 6 months post op and 104 pounds lighter and VERY happy with my choice!
  6. Stretch marks

    Oy, that's just wonderful news...sigh... In addition to being morbidly obese, I also gave birth to three kids, so I have a TON of stretch marks everywhere, including my legs and arms. It's not a pretty picture at the moment!
  7. Did anyone get the Mirena afterward?

    No one told me that I wouldn't be able to absorb the pill after my RNY. I will say that I have had awful, horrible, periods since my surgery in July. I was going to get Mirena, but I met with my reproductive endocrinologist this week and she recommended I go to a higher dosage BC pill instead and we will see if that works better.
  8. Surviving the holidays and losing too!

    Well after a super annoying two week stall the scale has started moving again! 165 this morning! I made my goal!!!!! That also means that I've officially lost 100 pounds. Incredible!!!!
  9. Surviving the holidays and losing too!

    Ah, 166 this morning! So close to my goal but I am getting my period this week so i still may not meet my goal of 165....darn bloating!
  10. The scale moved!

    I know the feeling! Hopefully now it will move for awhile!
  11. I also lost weight over Chanukah! There are so many parties and junk around that I am sure I usually gain. This is surreal!!! Very glad that my holiday season is now pretty much over!
  12. Did anyone get the Mirena afterward?

    Hopefully getting it very soon! I really need it to tame these out of control periods!!!
  13. Did everyone experience hair Loss?

    My hair loss is in full swing right now, it's really bad but people tell me that they don't notice...
  14. Surviving the holidays and losing too!

    That's very interesting! No wonder i've been on a "losing streak" the past week... Or maybe it's just a Chanukah miracle!
  15. That's so weird! The same thing has happened to me!! My last period was HORRIBLE HORRIBLE awful. Very heavy, just as you described. I called my doctor and they said that it was due to the rapid weight loss.