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  1. I need help

    Thanks everyone, I am definitely going to do the pouch test thing. May try it for a few weeks to get things back on track. Thanks again everyone.
  2. I need help

    I am almost 3 years out (9-7-2010) I have been stuck at the same weight for about a year. I have even gained about 10 lbs back. I am very upset by this I remember seeing on here a pouch test. However I cannot find it. Can someone help me either find it or leave it on this topic board as a comment. I believe my pouch has gotten quite a bit bigger. Need some help and support. Thanks in advance.
  3. Protein Shake Cramps

    I had this problem if I was using a protein powder. I found by drinking the Ready to drink (premixed) kind that the problem went away. I cannot drink the powdered protein at all. I was probably 4 mos out when this problem started.
  4. I started at 297 and I am 10 1/2 mos out and just hit the 100 lb loss. Everyone is different. I actually quit coming to this forum because I got so discouraged at how much slower I was than others so beware of comparisons. Do what your suppose to, exercise and enjoy the new you as it comes. good luck.
  5. Onderland

    Been awhile since I have been on here. But I am so exited. I finally hit onederland!!! so excited. also I bought and evening gown the other day and I bought a size 14 haven't seen that size in close to 20 years.
  6. What do you eat consistantly?

    scrambled eggs not that I like them that much its just protein and quick and easy.
  7. Goal Picture

    one word. AMAZING!!!
  8. The 700 Lb Woman.

    I seen a spot on this woman a while back on the news. It is unfathomable to me how someone would desire to be so large. I am very concerned for her 4 year old and how DHS hasn't stepped in and taken her daughter away because there is no way this woman is providing a safe un-neglectful life for this child. And you all are probably right she will die before reaching her goal so when her daughter is old enough to understand why her mommy died she will then spend a lifetime with psychiatrists trying to undo the thinking that she helped KILL her mom. This is a horrible story. I could careless what the mom does to herself but in no way does the child deserve this. Arghhh!
  9. Feel Sooo Stupid...

    You made the best choice by calling the Dr. he will know where to go from here don't beat yourself up but do learn from the mistakes you say you have made. good luck.
  10. You all bring up a good point. I am 10 mos out barely and I worry about stretching the pouch my question is will it shrink back if you behave and measure and don't over eat?
  11. what a difference a year make.

    You have done awesome keep up the good work.
  12. Not getting this

    Hey everyone its been a long while since I have been on here. I found myself becoming down because I wasn't losing weight as fast as others. So I stopped popping in and got my head around MY weight loss. Now I have lost 71 lbs and yes its taken me 6 mos. I know I don't get enough protein hate the protein shakes and crap have tried it all and just can't stomach it. Plus it literally makes my stomach hurt. Well even though I am 71 lbs down I have lost maybe one pant size. I have this huge roll of fat right around my abdomen and I swear I haven't lost very much of it. I can still wear the pants I was wearing 71 lbs ago albeit they are way looser. I can definetly see a difference in my upper body and face but not in the lower body. I get to the gym as much as possible which is almsot always 2 to 3 times a week. So can anyone tell if this belly fat will eventually go away. I hate it.
  13. Not sure i like the new look of the site haven't been here in a while and can't find anything.

    1. cinwa


      It can be a little confusing sweetheart but you'll pick it up. If you need some help - send me a PM. Click my ID and hit send a message.

  14. 2many calories? and TT rant

    Steph, hey girl when did you move to Florida? You are doing great on the weight loss thing. As for the eating thing. I barely eat I have NO interest in food probably why I am not losing too fast. Not eating enough. Funny to hear a fatty say that huh? At least it was blueberries and not cookies. PM me sometime. I don't get on here much anymore. Lucky