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  1. TODAY is my 1 year Surgiversary!!! Whooo Hooooo!!! January 10th 2011 was the day i started my life all over again! and it was the Very BEST Thing i have EVER done for myself!!! i am 5'7" and i will be 52 yrs old on February 29th 2012 YES im a Leap Year Baby!!! LOL!!! i started out at 275 lbs and now im down to 210... i have been STUCK at 210 lbs ever since October 10th 2011 - IS THIS NORMAL??? i dont really know... BUT i am gonna keep doing what ive been doing and hopefully my body will kick back in and let me get down to At Least 175... i want to give a GREAT BIG HUG to everyone that jumped in to to help me out this year!!! Thank Youuuuu!!!
  2. Good Luck to You!!! welcome to TT...! you are gonna LOVE the people on here! just ask ANYTHING and Everyone Jumps Right In...! ANY help you EVER need... we are Here For You!!!

  3. Good Luck to You!!! welcome to TT...! you are gonna LOVE the people on here! just ask ANYTHING and Everyone Jumps Right In...! ANY help you EVER need... we are Here For You!!!

  4. Hey Girlie!!! your one of The Januarites right? LOL! you are doing GREAT!!! and 1000 Calories a Day is GREAT!!! and 2 lbs a week is MUCH BETTER than 3 or 4... because the Slower You Lose... the Longer You Will Keep It Off... AND....... the Healthier You Will Be...!!! your doing GREAT!!!
  5. Lileee


    QUEST is the Best Protein Bar out there!!! im almost 9 months out and i bought ALOT of different Protein Bars... most of them are covered in chocolate which i used to LOVE but now i could really do without...! the Samples take Forever to get so its best to just order a few different bars to taste (you can buy singles) i did that around my 4th month and i havnt bought ANY other Protein Bars since! i really REALLY Love Quest Bars!!! i take one with me for Lunch at work Every Single Day!!! and the NEW Peanut Butter & Jelly... OMG!!! these are Sooooooo Yummy!!!!! my other fav's are the Berry and the Apple Pie! i like the Peanut Butter and Chocolate ones too BUT i have to Warm those in the Microwave to make them Yummier! they taste just like Fresh Baked Cookies when they are Warm... Yummmmmmm!!!
  6. Dont Worrie Ladies!!! it reall IS frustrating! but it DOES get Better!!! you only had your surgeries last month i see... i had mines way back in January and ive gone thru So MANY stalls since then! OMG!!! i thought i was gonna pull Every Single Strand Of My Hair OUT!!! it really can drive you nutts!!! but My Surgeon THE GREAT DR CALLERY says that it really IS Calories In Calories OUT... so if you are Very Sedentary like ME i have a Sit Down Job and i sit at my desk on a computer and the phone for 8 hours a day and hardly have time to exercise - so i keep my Calories LOW - around 1000 Calories a Day for ME... AND Dr Callery says that Exercise just makes you Hungrier so it will make you Eat More! which is true! but i DO like to get in SOME Exercise when i can! i am almost 9 months out now and i have only lost 63 lbs... im not happy with that! BUT i AM losing... and as long as i keep losing - no matter how slow it is - im OK with it! just keep doing what your doing! your body really doesnt understand WHY your not eating as much as you used to - so it really IS trying to hold on to everything because it thinks your starving... but YOU know your NOT... so just keep getting in all your Protein and Water and eat GOOD Food! and before you know it you will be losing again!!! even if its only Just One Pound... or even Just a Half a Pound... Be Happy!!!
  7. WOWIEEE!!! i just checked out Your Pics and You Look GREAT!!! Good Job!!! how much have you lost Total in this Year? you really REALLY look GREAT!!! CONGRATS!!!
  8. Hi Everyone...!!! i will be 9 Mouths Out on Nov 10th and ive been doing OK... i had a coupla Stalls and i do NOT like that part BUT all in all im doing OK... How is Everyone Else???
  9. CONGRATS!!! you look GREAT!!! i wish you have MORE pictures for me to look at tho... right away i ran to see your Photo Gallery and there isnt any... awwwww... you really should put some up so we can see Where You Came From because you look GREAT!!!
  10. Thank Youuuuu!!! and i LOVE celebrate anyways! im going to order some more of those SOON! they have TONS of Vitamins in there and at least i KNOW they will help me stay healthy!!!
  11. well... ive been taking One a Day Womens formula Twice a Day and i do NOT have a problem with my Labs... i just cant find any Nutritional Info on the Gummies...
  12. does ANYONE use these? i just saw a TV Commercial for One a Day ADULT Gummie Vitamins? im gonna have to check out the amount of vitamins in these... ANYONE USE THEM???
  13. Great Job!!! i started at 275 and yesterday was my 8 month mark - im at 214 this morning... i am NOT happy about that BUT i did have a 9 week Stall that was AWFUL... so all in all it averages out to around 2 lbs a week which my PCP says is a GOOD thing because that will help me KEEP it off! i like you have gone from a 3X to a size Large in Tops and from a 24 Womens to a Size 16 pants! i LOVE my RNY!!!
  14. im with Annette! just 1 teaspoon in my Coffee every morning and i NEVER have a problem!
  15. i just thought about this Today and thought i should ASK for those of us that DO get a Flu Shot every year - do we still Just Get It As Usual?