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  1. I love you and miss you dearly!

  2. OMGosh! Your baby avitar is so cute. Jordyn is so beautiful. We are having so much fun with her. Her Daddy has been amazing! He is a natural! Although I loved being a mother the "first go round", I believe I appreciate it more this time. I'm older and wiser this time. I appreciate "different" things today as compared to when I was only 19 years young. I'm sure you will be an amazing parent. Boy oh boy, pregnancy is in the air.
  3. No baby yet. Waiting impatiently. Gerry's at the playoff game checking on me. Everything is okay.
  4. Wow! What a whirlwind of a journey! I was alone.....................I was obese.....................I was bitter........................ And suddenly.................................... I made a decision that would change my life forever! My dream of becoming a MOM again, with the RIGHT man is coming true. My weight loss was acceptable. I had to go through many hours of therapy. I have to say though..............................Well Worth It! And, even though it's hard to find a good therapist, we found the best one ever! Our baby is due soon. We're busy getting ready for her though. Gerry has been fabulous! We are washing clothes, organizing, purging, etc. On top of it all, Gerry is making sure that we are all decorated for Christmas. He picked up a beautiful tree and brought it home. We are going to decorate and be ready for Adam to come home from college. Amanda just got accepted to a 4 year university. We are SOOOOOOOOOOOO Proud! Our shower was BEAUTIFUL! Our guests were so wonderful and I hope they had all kinds of fun. Thanks to Jeanie & Pam for being so wonderful! We love you! And Kim & Mark (cute couple), Bridget, Tracie, etc. for showing up. I'm sorry we didn't have enough time to mingle with you all, we tried...........we really did.........but both of us feel guilty for not being able to plop ourselves down and hang out with you. is good. The baby is due soon and she's going to be a BIG HEFFER for sure! She's rapidly gaining weight, even though I haven't gained but 7 lbs. We will post pics when she is born. Love to all!
  5. Don't forget to talk to me about the amnio. I was sooooo nervous too. I'll talk to you at the shower about it. Don't be nervous. It's not that bad.
  6. Oh, for the love of God! I just can't keep up around here! Congrats Felicia. Beautiful ring! So, when I'm having this baby girl (due Jan 28th), you'll be in Vegas getting married? Then, we'll be planning your baby shower!
  7. Wow, I've been busy. I hate it when I miss stuff. Angela, congrats again! I'm happy for you. So far (I'm almost 31 weeks done) I have gained 5 lbs total. I was worried about it, but my Dr. says that she's measuring and weighing in perfectly for her term at 3 lbs 5 oz as of last Monday. I try to eat six times per day, making good choices. The good thing is that my craving is fruit....fruit.....fruit. So, my Dr. says that is helping with the weight gain, or lack there of. With my son (19 years ago & 8 lbs 9 oz) I gained 68 lbs. But, I craved refried beans and ice cream sandwiches. With my daughter (17 years ago & 9 lbs 8 oz) I gained 26 lbs. But, I craved fruit with her also. So, I really think that if you continue to make good choices, you will do just fine. I understand though. My biggest fear was to over eat during this pregnancy and ruin everything I have worked so hard for. Brenda, take care and hang in there. Felicia, I spotted during this pregnancy for the first three months. The Dr.'s told us the same thing they are telling you guys. Just take it easy physically and keep taking care of your body nutritionally. You should be fine. Jeanie, come to the TT water and take a drink. It's soooooo tasty! I'm looking forward to seeing all of you at the shower!
  8. My "baby bump" is slowly graduating into a huge beach ball! You'll see this morning when you come over. But, I am blessed. Gerry thinks I am BEAUTIFUL. I mean, he can't keep his hands off of me! Don't get me wrong......I'm thankful that he doesn't think I'm a big heffer, but good Lord! Back off buddy!
  9. Thanks. I'm actually having a pretty easy pregnancy. On of my employees who spends a lot of time with me told me Friday that she feels that I should just stay pregnant all of the time because I seem to do it so well. Yeah right! That's not gunna happen. But, Gerry is already campaigning for another one as soon as we can because he wants to try for a boy, of course! I'm not sure yet. Maybe he'll change his mind after he has to get up a hundred times per night! HEHE So, you and Chad just need to go for it. Well, you're really young though, right? You have lots of time. Let me know if you guys want to come to the baby shower. We'd love to see you. It's been a long time. But, don't feel obligated.
  10. Do you mean for my surgery? If that's your question, then no. I actually have Blue Cross Blue Shield. And my Honey has Pacificare.
  11. We'd love to have you. I received your email and will send out an invite by Monday.
  12.'t WE ALL been very busy "GETTING IT ON"? Felicia, Congrats. I know just how you feel about him. Sounds exactly like Gerry and I. Angela, Congrats. So, you are just barely preggers too! Tracie, Lets hope this one is a girl. If not, we'll love him anyway! I'm happy for all of you.
  13. What's the story? Tell me all about it!