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  1. Well..hello everyone. It's been 9 years since my Bypass surgery. Been doing really good until about 2 years ago. So now I have decided to do a revision surgery this year, and hopefully a body lift by next year. This last time I posted, I was about a year postop about 185lbs. Lost 97 lbs, but now my weight has been creeping up, so now I am 230lbs. Starting a better journey than the first time...I have had my consultation with surgeon which referred me to get a endoscopy done for evaluation of the stomach...that's been scheduled.. It was pushed back because of the virus, but now the progress has started again..


    1. Res Ipsa

      Res Ipsa

      Welcome back!  What kind of revision surgery do you expect to have?

      We are here to support you. :)

    2. Tresey1034


      Bypass revision...I am a little nervous but I had a great outcome with my surgeon 9 years ago so that's comforting me a lot. Didn't do everything I should have done, but this give me a second chance to do a lot better. .Its a process of being healthier...still doing great as far as my health. BP 103/76, still not a diabetic, still no health problems. Trying to keep it that way. I take about 15 vitamin supplements daily. So I'm feeling great...just need a little help to maintain it.

  2. During great and feeling wonderful! Still eating small portions, and staying on a somewhat health kick, but still trying to get regular exercise routine!
  3. Well....from my experience so far...there's nothing you really can do about the stresses of life, but what helps me is to look at everything in a more positive way. Read up on inspirational quotes and how to better your the situation at hand. As far as the emotional cravings after surgery, you won't have any in the beginning, but as time progresses...those certain cravings will come slowly, but having the surgery is to help you manage your eating habits and learn how to portion your meals, & etc. Not totally sure how the sleeve works, but with the bypass, eating things like chocolate, piz
  4. Feeling great today! For the new year, I finally started on the P90X challenge, and sure enough, it is a challenge, but I am not as tired now as I would have been this time last year before my surgery. I finally got a chance to buy me a few new outfits and new uniforms, and people smile and tell me I am looking great. I don't have any excessive skin hanging and my weight is slowing coming off. I will admit that I haven't been putting 100% total effort in it lately. My eating a...

  5. Tresey1034

    Before & After

    Looking good! Can't wait until I get to that size! I am still excited about my weight now...I am almost out of the 200s! Feeling good and look great...people tell me I am glowing...same glow that you have on this pic! Doing good...so proud of you!
  6. Feeling great today! This is the middle of May & I have accomplished everything I wanted to become a better me this year. I have a new attitude, got the surgery done, & staying on track with health, my ex finally moved out(stressfree), and I am truly feeling like I am a BETTER ME! Still working on my protein & food intake, plus increasing exercising.

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    2. finnadothis


      I can feel you glowing; great going!

    3. finnadothis


      I can feel you glowing; great going!

    4. Tresey1034


      Thanks! I am truly glowing & feeling great! Life is looking good!

  7. Feeling good today! I was able to exercise today! 35 minutes of Hip Hop Abs! A little sore from shoulder to knees. That total body burn is good! Have a good day TT! Check out my updated pics!

  8. Doing great today & ready to start exercising. I healed up good, & no complications.

  9. Well, I had my surgery March 28, and I did good! Didn't have any pain, just a little sore! Doing so good, my surgeon took me off the puree food diet at my 2 weeks check up! Still eating about 2 meals a day, including protein shakes, bars, and plenty of water with Crystal Light. Trying to increase my protein intake, but that is coming along, too! I am trying the Unjury protein powder, I heard it tastes great! I hope they are right! I have lost 22lbs so far! I weigh myself every week, so far I am losing about 2 1/2 pounds every week. My surgeon said I will be able to exercise on week 3, I
  10. I am excited! I started my livershrink diet yesterday, and I am doing just fine! I think I like the protein bars better for this! For some reason, I feel fuller than the protein shakes, but it could just be all in my head. I am still a little nervous, but I am so ready to do this! I have started taking my vitamins that are required to, I want to get use to taking them. I thought about it, taking the vitamins now won't hurt, it will only help! Plus, I am not as nervous, because my support person had her surgery 02-15, and I was there every step and still check on her! So I have an idea of
  11. I am scheduled to get a bypass. My understanding from research and seminars... the band is the least effective, but it works only if you follow the rules exactly. With the band, it is basically just like you doing it on your own, because that is how hard you have to work at it. For me, going back and forth to the doctor for fills/unfills and adjustments are a little to much for me. I wasn't looking for a quick fix, but something to help me stay on track and focus more. The bypass is the most effective, but it is still a tool, and you will have to do what the surgeon and nutritionist tell
  12. looking great! what is your everyday workout routines?
  13. Thanks! I am working on my small steps everyday! I would love for you to talk about your journey! You can email me at tresey1034@gmail.com anytime. We can discuss any & everything if you don't mind? Thanks & I appreciate it!

  14. i have been totally out of touch these past few months, but I'm back on track. Dr. Weaver is great. But I can tell you all about that if you want to talk, I'll send you a message and I'll be glad to do whatever I can to help you out. It's truly a journey.

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