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  1. Well..hello everyone. It's been 9 years since my Bypass surgery. Been doing really good until about 2 years ago. So now I have decided to do a revision surgery this year, and hopefully a body lift by next year. This last time I posted, I was about a year postop about 185lbs. Lost 97 lbs, but now my weight has been creeping up, so now I am 230lbs. Starting a better journey than the first time...I have had my consultation with surgeon which referred me to get a endoscopy done for evaluation of the stomach...that's been scheduled.. It was pushed back because of the virus, but now the progress has started again..


    1. Res Ipsa

      Res Ipsa

      Welcome back!  What kind of revision surgery do you expect to have?

      We are here to support you. :)

    2. Tresey1034


      Bypass revision...I am a little nervous but I had a great outcome with my surgeon 9 years ago so that's comforting me a lot. Didn't do everything I should have done, but this give me a second chance to do a lot better. .Its a process of being healthier...still doing great as far as my health. BP 103/76, still not a diabetic, still no health problems. Trying to keep it that way. I take about 15 vitamin supplements daily. So I'm feeling great...just need a little help to maintain it.

  2. Feeling great today! For the new year, I finally started on the P90X challenge, and sure enough, it is a challenge, but I am not as tired now as I would have been this time last year before my surgery. I finally got a chance to buy me a few new outfits and new uniforms, and people smile and tell me I am looking great. I don't have any excessive skin hanging and my weight is slowing coming off. I will admit that I haven't been putting 100% total effort in it lately. My eating a...

  3. Feeling great today! This is the middle of May & I have accomplished everything I wanted to become a better me this year. I have a new attitude, got the surgery done, & staying on track with health, my ex finally moved out(stressfree), and I am truly feeling like I am a BETTER ME! Still working on my protein & food intake, plus increasing exercising.

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    2. finnadothis


      I can feel you glowing; great going!

    3. finnadothis


      I can feel you glowing; great going!

    4. Tresey1034


      Thanks! I am truly glowing & feeling great! Life is looking good!

  4. Feeling good today! I was able to exercise today! 35 minutes of Hip Hop Abs! A little sore from shoulder to knees. That total body burn is good! Have a good day TT! Check out my updated pics!

  5. Doing great today & ready to start exercising. I healed up good, & no complications.

  6. Thanks! I am working on my small steps everyday! I would love for you to talk about your journey! You can email me at tresey1034@gmail.com anytime. We can discuss any & everything if you don't mind? Thanks & I appreciate it!

  7. Thanks for your compliments! I am ready, no rush, but ready. First, I have to get this tooth pulled, and then I will be ready for sure. I am starting everything (small steps) on January 1st. My surgery date is scheduled for March 30 & liver shrink diet on March 16th. so I know after taxes, it will be here before I blink!

  8. Sounds good! I can understand not wanting to gain it all back. It will make it seem like you did it all for nothing. At least that is what I will tell myself after I get my surgery. I am still excited and nervous at the same time. I am waiting to meet with the surgeon, but the nurse explained to me that my surgery most likely will be in March 2011. Starting in January, I am starting more intense on my small steps. like chewing and drinking times after eating, and exercising. I think those will be my biggest challenges. Keep me updated!

  9. Thanks! You know what? I have encouraging friends & a couple of people I actually knew who had the surgery & is doing just fine, one of them struggled a little but it was okay at the end. Like with the forum, most post op pictures I see they are looking great. But you always have that one person say that everyone they know who had the surgery looks horrible! Then she said, I am getting to old to be 150 lbs, it won't look right on me. Now, me saying all of that, don't matter how much research you do and whatever else you do for yourself to go through with it, I think what makes us nervous is the one negative person saying it is going to be a disaster! It still affects me sometimes, not as much as it use to, but I am still moving forward! Question? On some of the responses, I noticed around 3 weeks, people were complaining about their hair falling out. Have you hair or anyone else hair that reads this fell out after the 3rd or 4th week?

  10. Looks like our current weight & goal weight is close to the same. Seems like you are doing pretty good so far! I am glad everything is going good for you without the complications! Looking forward to the future post op photos!

  11. Looking good in the six month post op! Arms don't look bad! So far, it don't look like you have a lot of skin, but if you do, you still are looking wonderful!

  12. Hi are you doing Trinelle? I didn't noticed before that we have the same surgeon! Was she understanding & did she have many complaints or complications after she perform surgery? I don't know much about her, I have tried to research some things about her, but her overall results from surgeries I couldn't find! Please keep me updated on your journey! Thanks! Before I forget...Looking good!

  13. I agree about being supper skinny. I will actually be ok as long as I get out of the 200s, but thats about 60 lbs, & they said that is at failure level. I don't have to be a supermodel! I was thinking about walking doing the warm months & a bike or treadmill along with hip hop abs or P90x doing winter months. Cause girl...I don't do cold at all! I have decided to get the Body Magic for the sagging... It's like a soft body girdle to help while exercising & everyday life. Now far as the protein, I like the EAS protein shake or bars, not sure which one they will allow me to take, but they don't have that bad after taste like most. I go for my 3rd doctors visit next week, and since I didn't have the funds to start my dietician program this month(Insurance don't pay for dietician), so I had to push that back to November. I know I have been through alot of things, & I made it through, so I am looking at the surgery the same way. I know everything will be ok for me!

  14. Question? Do anyone regret having the surgery? if you are the backbone of the family, did you have any help after surgery, if not, what did you do? If you had an extremely busy lifestyle, how did you adjust your life for the change?

  15. Yes it is! Lived here forever! Still trying to travel more! You should come for a vacation here: you would enjoy yourself! Do you have people trying to convence you not to have surgery? Sometimes they make me nervous, but I am still moving forward!

  16. It's also exciting to have other people start & go through the process with you. I am a beginner, & if you & baywatch don't mind, I would like to join up with you too. Pics are nice. At first I thought you was post op until I seen your pics & post comments! We are on the way to a new beginning! Thanks! Marguerita

  17. It's also exciting to have other people start & go through the process with you. I am a beginner, & if you & baywatch don't mind, I would like to join up with you too. Pics are nice. At first I thought you was post op until I seen your pics & post comments! We are on the way to a new beginning! Thanks! Marguerita

  18. Your pics are similar to mine. And I am also 267 lbs, getting the bypass in progress. I am waiting on my second doc visit apptmt & evaluation apptmt. The nurse suggested for me to have as much completed as possible because United have approved surgeries by the third month. I am so excited to basically start a new life! I have been over 250 since 1998, tired of spending money & trying everything that once I stop it, I gain twice as much than what I lost. I just want to loose it, maintain it, & keep it off! I want to loose mainly for health reasons, but looking & feeling good about myself is a major thing for me, too! I want to be sexy & irresistible again!

  19. I am glad to find someone else from Tenn, too! Keep me updated on your progress, it will really help me out! How long did it take for you to get approve for surgery? from first step to surgery?

  20. Yeah, I know about them Libras!! LOL Tell me? How do you family feel about it now? I have a lot of people saying go ahead & do it while I am still young, but a couple, including my mom don't believe in surgery. And the main problems(health)she is having,I don't want to experience. And everyone always say, you can do it the healthy way, I am tired!! I am not looking for a quick fix, but something that will help me jump start it, I can maintain it. Being a yo yo is stressful! I am with the City(United), hopefully, my surgery is approved within six months, I am ready. I have been praying everyday since I made the decision to have the surgery. Thanks for response! I will keep you updated. I am going to try & post my smaller pics before I gained weight if I can get it to come out clear enough to post.

  21. I hope it will go like that, but my understanding, it will take up to a year for the insurance to approve the surgery. My first step is the seminar they said I have to attend in order to start on the weight loss surgery program. I hope it won't take a year, but if it does, I am waiting! How long did it take you once you started the process?

  22. Thanks! I am so excited now! I was sort of discouraged 2 weeks ago, but now I feel alot better about making the decision to get the surgery!

  23. I appreciate your response back. It is good to hear someone explaining to me that getting the surgery was the best thing for them. So far, I am still heading forward for the surgery, I believe it will improve my health overall & my appearance. I hate not being able to get around like a 36 year old, & sometimes, feeling like I am 70. Not good at all. Even though, I don't have any serious health problems now, I know it is coming because of genetics & weight. Plus I can't wear anything sexy without this tire! Crunches don't help, I even have the Hip Hop Abs, & it helped some, but that tire was still there! I am waiting on insurance to kick in, so I can make an appointment for consultant with surgeon. So excited! Anyway, thanks for comfort & understanding, plus I appreciate your inspiration, may need it from time to time!

  24. Looking great! Your pics are keeping me motivated, too! Can you share what you are doing as far as eating habits, vitamins, & exercise to help maintain looking great & not looking sick?

  25. You are looking great! I have viewed your before & after pics, & I think you are doing good! Your pics are keeping me motivated to go through with the surgery. I am still a little cause lately people I spoke to about it saying that most people they see who got it looks horrible. What are you doing as far as eating habits, vitamins, & exercise? How are you maintaining it? I just want to know exactly what to do or not to do. I don't want to look like Star Jones!

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