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  1. Well..hello everyone. It's been 9 years since my Bypass surgery. Been doing really good until about 2 years ago. So now I have decided to do a revision surgery this year, and hopefully a body lift by next year. This last time I posted, I was about a year postop about 185lbs. Lost 97 lbs, but now my weight has been creeping up, so now I am 230lbs. Starting a better journey than the first time...I have had my consultation with surgeon which referred me to get a endoscopy done for evaluation of the stomach...that's been scheduled.. It was pushed back because of the virus, but now the progress has started again..


    1. Res Ipsa

      Res Ipsa

      Welcome back!  What kind of revision surgery do you expect to have?

      We are here to support you. :)

    2. Tresey1034


      Bypass revision...I am a little nervous but I had a great outcome with my surgeon 9 years ago so that's comforting me a lot. Didn't do everything I should have done, but this give me a second chance to do a lot better. .Its a process of being healthier...still doing great as far as my health. BP 103/76, still not a diabetic, still no health problems. Trying to keep it that way. I take about 15 vitamin supplements daily. So I'm feeling great...just need a little help to maintain it.

  2. During great and feeling wonderful! Still eating small portions, and staying on a somewhat health kick, but still trying to get regular exercise routine!
  3. Tresey1034

    Before & After

    Looking good! Can't wait until I get to that size! I am still excited about my weight now...I am almost out of the 200s! Feeling good and look great...people tell me I am glowing...same glow that you have on this pic! Doing good...so proud of you!
  4. looking great! what is your everyday workout routines?
  5. Your note is so true! I said that to someone about 2 weeks ago! I can buy a nice outfit, get dressed up, put my makeup and heels on....thinking I look sexy....get in the mirror and it goes from sexy to UGH...just cute. And then I am the type of woman that loves attention. Guys first thing they say about me is...Mane she is cute. You know you are huge when they only say you are cute... I want to be that sexy..a..fine as h.. scream or just the look! I don't want that..that's so as so mama. I want that...Mane..who is that? anyway, you get the picture! You are looking great!
  6. Tresey1034


    Looking good! Question? Did you have any complications & do you have any regrets having the surgery? Did you have hair loss? I know that was alot, but just curious and nervous? I am getting close to my surgery date, hopefully in March 2011.
  7. Welcome to TT! I thought the same thing after the book finally came out, because when we took the picture I thought I was Sharp, but when I looked at the picture.....I am huge, cute, but huge! I want to get healthier & look sexy again! Not just another cute face who looks like her mama! Thanks for adding me as a friend! I will be glad to help as motivation or if you need someone to talk to! Thanks! Marguerita!
  8. Tresey1034

    Happy Pose

    I noticed that your arms are not sagging much... what are you doing for the extra skin on the stomache & arms? I plan to get the body magic & the P90X after my 4 week hopefully that will work out alot.. I apologize, I think I asked you the same question the other day about the regrets... But you said in the beginning that you had a regret at first, what was your regrets?
  9. Tresey1034

    Out & About 4

    Looking good! I see you are doing well! Haven't heard from you in awhile. I am still going through the process for insurance approval. I am still a little nervous, but still moving forward! Tell me something? Are you glad that you had the surgery or do you regret it? What are you eating habits and exercise routines? Again, you are looking great! I hope after surgery, I will look as fabulous as you! I will talk to you later!
  10. Tresey1034

    Happy Pose

    Looking great! How do you feel? Was the surgery worth all of its restrictions? Do you regret having the surgery? Just wondering?
  11. Thanks! It seems like when I sit down, I look huge & pumped up with fluids! I am so ready for a change! We can do it together! Both of us are the same size, going the process ready to change for the better! Are you ready?
  12. Tresey1034

    100 8110

    look good!!! More inspiration for me!! you don't look sick, or anything. Looks normal & natural. What do you do to maintain as far as exercise, vitamins, or eating habits?
  13. Thank you! I am excited about going through the program. Right now, I am eating anything I want until I see the doctor since the weight management have to be recorded by a physician. Once I see the physician, back to portions & exercising as normal. Anyway, thanks again. Keep me posted on your status! Marguerita
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