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  1. I have been getting a lot of notices that people have posted since my original question dated June 20, 2010. I am glad there is a website such as this one that allows newbies to ask questions they would be afraid to ask. Since then, I have read responses from people good and bad. It's nice that there is a forum where people can state their views. Four years later I have in fact tried pizza and am able to have a piece now and then and still maintain my goal weight. I know four years later that you have to work for what you want. I exercise everyday and feel the best I have in my whole life. When I hear people "preach" about the cons of "bad food", all i can say is I am glad your routine works for you, mine works for me. Everyone is different and i am glad I can go on here and get all points of view. Good or Bad. I posted the above back in 2014, four years after my surgery. Now, six years out I still feel the same as my statement above. I have maintained my weight and am healthy and yes I do have pizza now and then. There are those who feel that because you want to eat pizza you are going to fall back into the old habits. Everyone is different and what works for one might now work for the next person. So, find what works for you and be happy with your choices. Sandy
  2. Good evening doctor, I had a totally body lift approximately 2 years ago. The plastic surgeon who performed the surgery did not remove any of my lower back fat. Since then, I have had back pain to the point where it is affecting my daily life. My primary doctor submitted a referral and I was approved for surgery to the plastic surgeon that perform my original plastic surgery. What kind of procedure will he be performing to rid the excess fat? And what does the surgery involve? The surgery is for medical necessity and not appearance. I do not see him for a month and I would like to know what to expect or what questions I should be asking. Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Sandy
  3. It is natural to be scared. On the day of my surgery on the way to the hospital for surgery my husband turns to me in the car and says "You can still back out if you want to". I was so nervous and seriously thought about it until he followed that with "We will go get breakfast" (trying to make me feel better" but it made me see how important this surgery was to my well being because in order to comfort me he wanted to feed me. I always did that and at that moment it became very clear this is what I wanted/needed. And 6 years later I have not regretted it one bit. You will do great, have faith. Good Luck! Sandy
  4. try going on here, it worked for me when I need to strink my pictures to post them on here. Hope it helps! Sandy
  5. Congratulations to you for your accomplishment and to your son for graduating basic! Please tell your son thank you for his service to our country.
  6. I love the smile on your face! You look great! Sandy
  7. I went from a 44D (full D) to a 36C with no implants. I am 54 in october and it just seems funny to me that I can go braless if I should so choose! LOL best thing ever! Sandy
  8. I remember crying and thinking i can't do this! Five years later (anniversary is June 8th) and I still have days were it is hard to get in everything we need. Don't worry and stress yourself out. It all works out and before you know it you are right on track. Just do what you can and it will get easier everyday, trust me! As miserable as I was on the day I can safely say I would do it all over again because I got my life back. Sandy
  9. I went through my pre-surgery requirements with the nutritionist on base at Andrews AFB. I went there for 6 months speaking to the nutritionist and she helped me with my eating requirements and I was approved by Tricare. I suggest you call tricare and speak to someone there (be sure to get a name) and get their approval. They will work with you but you have to be diligent. Good luck and keep us posted on what happens. Sandy
  10. When I first had my surgery i felt the same as you. I didn't want people to know. But I came to the realization that people are going to notice I lost 160 pounds in a short time. So, I decided to take the bull by the horns and tell people who asked. I felt that way I had control as to what I wanted them to know and not rumors, or people adding to the "story". Everyone is different and you have to be comfortable with how you want to handle people. Sandy
  11. I am also 5 years out (6/8/2010) and have the same issues you are having. I lost 160 and have regain 20 since my surgery. I lost my way a little bit but now with the warmer weather (although it doesn't feel that way right now here in maryland), I am hoping to get back into walking/running. i was used to eating what I wanted within reason with the exercise to keep me in check. But this winter was horrible and I didn't get the exercise in I should have. I have no one to blame but myself. So, if you need an accountability buddy, here I am! LOL just pm me anytime and we can cry into each other's beer! LOL Sandy
  12. I will be five years out in June. I have been able to remain with 20 pounds of my goal weight. It is not easy, it takes exercise and you have to monitor what goes in your mouth. Being so far out, I can almost eat everything I did pre-surgery (with the exception of spaghetti). It is the best thing I ever did and wish I had done it sooner. All the pre-op requirements are there for a reason, pay close attention and learn what they are so willing and eager to teach you and you will be successful! Good Luck!!! Sandy
  13. after all the weight loss, and the excess skin removal sometimes I still see the pre-surgery woman from 5 years ago. Or when I go shopping for clothes i still reach for the old 22 or 24 size instead of the 8 and 10's. I think it is a mental thing that will never go away because we were so big for so long that our mind will always see us that way. But you have more good days where you see yourself for who you are now. It took my 5 years to come to terms with this is who I am now so when I do see myself the old way I scold myself. Sandy
  14. Before my gastric bypass I was a 44D in 2010. After the weight loss and when I had my total body lift in 2013, I went from a 44D to what I am now which is a 36C (full C). I had a lift, I didn't go for any implants. I am very happy with how I ended up looking. The surgeon I had did such a great job that you would really have to be up in my business to see the scars, they have healed wonderful! Hope this helps! Good luck with your decision, it is ultimately up to you, you have to be happy with what you see in the mirror. Sandy
  15. I know the feeling! I love running and have run some 5k's, 10k's and half marathon. Still too nervous to try a full marathon. Maybe one day!!! Good for you!!!! Congratulations!!!!! Sandy