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  1. Just want to put in my two cents and say that surgery doesn't guarantee that you won't be able to eat anything. I had surgery back in October, and I can eat ANYTHING!. Nothing makes me dump. I was praying for dumping syndrome, cause I have never been able to control myself with food. I know some people out there would love to be where I am, but it sucks.
  2. My WOW moment was going to our local county fair and riding the rides. I haven't been able to fit on a ride since the mid 90's. I couldn't believe it. I was worried about not being able to fit still and DH says" you are a lot smaller than you think you are". It still hasn't sunk in all the way, but everyday is a new adventure. We are going to Disneyland in December, it will be my first time ever. I can't wait!
  3. I had surgery in Oct 2010, and have lost 100lbs. My periods have been abnormal since. I went from being totally regular to hardly anything at all. More than spotting, but not a regular period. I went for a check-up but my doc didn't seem concerned. I don't know what to make of it. It does bother me though.
  4. From personal experience you will know if you push it to far. When I started on solids, we went to Chinese food and I ate to fast and to much. I was sick right away. Felt horrid til I made myself puke.
  5. You are strong, you know how I know? You have reached out to people. It is hard to tell people what is going on, being vulnerable. That is strong. One day at a time. Good luck.
  6. How long are you down for after GB surgery? I am going to the urgent care after I get off work Tuesday. The last thing I need is to be out of work for a long time. I am just about positive that my GB is what is hurting me so bad right now.
  7. I LOVE the Peanut Butter Pure Protein bars. I eat one for bf or lunch almost everyday. They keep me full for a long time.
  8. I am curious about how your GB issues started and progressed to coming out. I am having back aches on the upper right side. Not everyday, but often enough that I am getting worried about it.
  9. I didn't even use pain meds after leaving the hospital. I know pain is in the eye of the beholder, but really it isn't painful surgery. It is finding out whether you are gonna have a nice pouch, or a cranky pouch. Hope this helps.
  10. I was never told either way about coffee. I am four months out and have just started drinking coffee. If I go to a coffee shop I will get a nf sf latte. At home I brew coffee and either put sf syrup in it or truvia, and some powder creamer. I don't drink it everyday.
  11. That is where mine is too. It just drives me crazy, it hurts so bad.
  12. I am not much help, cause I had hell the first two weeks. I was able to go on to purees after that. I pureed everything my family was eating. Meat and veggies. It will keep you feeling satisfied. I started drinking protein shakes too. around 4 weeks out I was eating string cheese, and a slice of thin sliced deli meat. This is a hard time, just know that you will be eating real food soon. I was sooo hungry in the first week. Everything smelled so good.
  13. So here I am 4 months post-op, and 80lbs lighter. I feel GREAT, except that my back is killing me. Up high towards the right side of my back aches, after I have been at work for a few hours. Usually after lunch. I stand all day, I work in a grocery store. That was never a problem before though. Tylenol does nothing, doesn't even dull the pain. It is like torture, cause I have to keep working. I know it probably has to do with shifting body weight. Does anyone have stretches they would recommend to strengthen my back?
  14. My surgeon said it was fine to use a straw. He actually said" no your stomach will not blow up if you use a straw". He is a funny guy. I have used one without any problems since a week after surgery.
  15. I am bad about it too. I am usually about half way through my meal when I realize that I am scarfing. If I am at work I will watch the time clock while on break to make sure that I go slow. Eating to fast is the only thing that makes me sick.