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  1. Thaks how are you? down to a size 5 now but been under alot of stress gonna get back in to the things i been ingnoring like this site miss reading things u guys write an talkign to yas !

  2. Thaks how are you? down to a size 5 now but been under alot of stress gonna get back in to the things i been ingnoring like this site miss reading things u guys write an talkign to yas !

  3. Missing you! Hoping all is going good for ya!

  4. hi heather, i miss you & wanted to say hi. big hugs.

  5. I have UHC PPO Choice and I had to pay money, it was 80/20 in the end, which is what anything is (originally they told me 50/50 and I had to put $5,000 down!). I would call and ask, each plan is different! I got approved in less than 24 hrs!
  6. Love this! I did something similar-- I was very basic the week before the holidays (all of our holiday parties, etc) and focused on getting in my lean protein, that way when the holidays rolled around it was okay to have a tbsp of this or a tbsp of that. Helped me lose weight over the holidays
  7. You're not rambling Dee My program is VERY similar. In fact, I had an exchange in emails between my NUT and I when I was unsure of how many calories to be taking in, what foods to have, etc and she reinforced that it is basically everything in moderation which I kind of consider a 'well rounded' way of eating. There is nothing, absolutely nothing wrong with starchy carbs or healthy fats, as my NUT said-- we -shouldn't- be on a low carb diet. I don't partake in pasteries or sugary things, most pasta, most rice, most breads, most crackers and no chips just because I've never been big on them and a lot of times- my pouch can't handle them. I do believe in well rounded eating though. She stresses a diet that focuses on lean protein, carbs (yes- starchy), fruits, veggies and healthy fats. I agree- different strokes for different folks because a lot of us have such different plans. <3
  8. I'm not on here often anymore but I just wanted to say-- Thank you Claire, for posting this! While I don't always agree with everyone's way of eating post-op (I'm more of a well balanced diet kind of girl..not a 'moderation'..just a balanced), I completely agree with what you had to say. We truly do have to change the way we eat for life. We have a physical side of things which is the 'honeymoon' phase but we also have something I think is even more important, the mental side of things. You'll lose during your honeymoon phase-- it's fact. But if you aren't eating the -right- foods, the right calories..if you aren't striving for a healthy way of eating, then that phase will truly be wasted and you will most likely end up gaining weight back. This surgery is SO mental and we aren't always prepared for that. I don't touch a lot of foods, especially processed foods because I had those in my past life as a fattie and I know exactly where they got me. Instead I munch on 'mini meals' which are basically snacks, throughout the day, to keep a steady blood sugar. Snacks that are lean protein based, low-fat dairy, healthy nuts, fruits and veggies. This isn't just the way I'm eating for 12-18 months and then it's back to the old ways. NO. This is my LIFE. This is simply how I eat now and I don't feel miss the old ways whatsoever. A new year, a new you. We always have a chance to restart with every and every meal we have-- we have the opportunity to make the right choices. Thank you for reminding us of what those choices should be Claire!! I think a lot of us needed it <3
  9. -112 this fine morning. Haven't been in the 230's in forevah!!

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    2. ARN2


      so happy for you sassy lady!

    3. NewMeNow2010


      Thank you all :) If any of you have FB and wanna add me on it, hit me up!

    4. NatalieAnne


      Yea!!!! Doing fabulous girli!!!!

  10. You can do it!! My 2012 goals are: Run 40-50 miles per month (great idea Lucas!) Complete my first 'official' 5k in May (running, no walking) Be up to a 10k by Fall Reach my goal weight around my Birthday (7/28) Continue to use my Fitbit along with tracking my calories on there (best.thing.ever)
  11. You look absolutely gorgeous (and stylish!!!) You radiate such happiness and your success is a beautiful thing! Congrats!!!
  12. 160 lbs!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is remarkable, absolutely amazing. You work harder than anyone I know so I am not surprised :) you deserve it and more girl! Thank you for inspiring me!!!

  13. NewMeNow2010


    Bound and Determined!
  14. Hope everyone has a Happy New Year!! Rang in 110 lbs lighter and happier than ever!

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