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  1. I'm 15 months out now and I eat whatever I want, as long as it's under 1,200 calories. I'm getting on in years and I've discovered the hard way that for me to go under 140 lbs I look weirdly Shar-pei-like so I'm not going to be trying to lose tons more weight. I go down to 800-900 cals if I've gone up a pound. But I eat what I like - I even had a croissant for breakfast this morning (hard to resist - I live next to an artisanal boulangerie in France) - but I behave, if you know what I mean. We don't have the low-fat, low-cal options that North Americans do so it's just lots of salads and veggies, with protein, for me. I import protein bars. Thank goodness for cheese! I do cardio and weights at the gym 3x a week and I walk my very large golden retriever about 4 miles a day.
  2. Well done You attacked your demons I'm a huge MyFitnessPal fanatic. I have the app on my phone and I use it every single time I eat.
  3. It looks to me that you're doing fine! I'm be annoyed too. I only lost 30 lbs in the first 2.5 months and I was signed off work for 8 weeks due to extreme fatigue (which my doctor has already warned me about). Both were normal according to my surgeon. 15 months out, I've lost 146 lbs and I'm back to my usual sleeping 6 hours a night. But it took me months to get back to that.
  4. I'm 15 months out and still have a little bit to lose but I know exactly what you mean. I'm terrified that this is it! I don't know why. I'm scared if I put on a kilo. I don't know why. My surgeon says I'm on maintenance as far as he's concerned. My NUT says I'm fine, even if I don't lose any more. But I still track my calories and protein obsessively. I still panic if I haven't exercised that day. I worry constantly that I'll go back up to my biggest, biggest weight of about 10 years ago, which was about 350 lbs. I'm 147-149 lbs now. I'm short, but I know that I'd be fine staying at this weight, even though I could lose another few pounds. But I'm terrified that I'm going to put it all back on I'm so with you on this!
  5. I've lost 98.5% of my excess weight in 14 months according to my surgeon - which made me guffaw with laughter. Only in Switzerland would they be so precise! I've lost around 145 lbs - it depends on the day To be honest, as long as I'm under 70 kg I don't worry any more (but I'm usually between 66.5-68 kg). I started out at 131 kg 14 months ago.
  6. You've lost 75 lbs in 6 months and your surgeon says that? I'd find another doctor!
  7. I need accountability again - I'm beginning to misbehave! B - Mini-Danish ... see, I told you. Someone slap me! It was barely an inch across but I know it's the top of the slippery slidy hill! S - Almond/cranberry bar L - Vegetable soup, green salad, 1 sq.in. feta, 1 teeny-weeny half-slice of pain rustique S - 6 grapes (yes, I counted them out LOL) D - DH's homemade beef stew I'm estimating all that at between 1,100-1,200. I haven't lost weight for weeks and weeks and weeks. I've been stopped from running and walking due to knee stress (caused by my sudden addiction to exercise and my vast age, apparently!). Need to get back to non-slippery slidy hill! Might do 5 dpt.
  8. I haven't put on any but I can't seem to lose anything either and I've put it down to my lack of exercise this summer - it's been too hot to run (yes, Switzerland has hot summers) and I also wrenched my knee during a 5 km charity run. I'm also a full-time worker and full-time grad student. There seems to be a pattern
  9. As another Brit, I can confirm English breakfast tea is my favourite LOL I was told any tea is fine. And I've run with that ...
  10. I just make my own muesli and eat it 'damp', but I did that pre-surgery too. Milk is not my favourite thing in the world!
  11. My surgeon and NUT both said after 4 weeks. I tried salad as soon as I was allowed and I've never had a problem. In fact, I've been making 'lettuce sandwiches' daily - instead of using bread - since then.
  12. I've lost 145 lbs and my feet have gone from a Euro 40 to a Euro 38. Mind you, my feet were originally 38 until pregnancy 13 years ago LOL I think I actually lost the first shoe size after the first 50 lbs.
  13. Have you gained weight back? - No - not yet anyway! Would you do it again? - OMG! Yes! I wish I'd done it 20 years earlier - it's changed my life. How much total weight loss? - 145 lbs Problems? - None. DH also had surgery and he's had no problems either. Our own surgeon has a 1/798 mortality rate for GB (only a Swiss surgeon would put it that precisely LOL)