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  1. Pacific Bariatric-San Diego, Ca.

    The posts on this page are from 2010 and 2011. I just noticed your post. Congratulations on your upcoming surgery!! I had Pacific Bariatric Surgeon Dr. Zorn in March 2011 and he was great! My post surgery experience was very good - I was up and walking first day - pain controlled right away by pain med pump in hospital, and didn't need liquid pain med after two days at home I think. His diet to follow kept me on liquids, vitamins first 3 months and I was very comfortable - able to get out and walk pretty quickly. I attended the support group for a year, and I think they started it up again. It was very helpful. People who had Tanaka as their surgeon were very happy too, Miribere92! They say he may seem serious, but he is an excellent surgeon! Read the post-op instructions before surgery so you'll know what you need to get and do. And this website is a great place for all the little questions we have before and after surgery that are not Doctor/Surgeon questions. Just the day to day new experience questions, so we don't feel alone in this. Good luck to you, and maybe I will check out the support group again and see you there!!
  2. Dear GAviv, I absolutely LOVE prunes, but they too burn my bladder terribly. When I could tolerate them, they did work WONDERS. I would eat some every evening. If I could eat them I would definitely put them in my bran muffins too!! Chopped up prunes would have to be amazing in a bran muffin. I can't even have raisins. I can have a few fresh blueberrys, though, maybe I could put some of those in..... I just noticed my little weight ticker thing on my posts. It looks like I went up from my lowest weight 165 pounds to the weight I was in 2012, 177. Bummer. Wish I could tolerate protein powder, but I have tried every one, and even the pure egg white powder and pea powder and they burn. I am gonna have to come up with a highly absorbable protein source I can have....
  3. I just got an email on this and since its a never ending challenge, reallly appreciate all the replys that were here from 2012 and the new ones!!! I have not been on too much this last year. Thank you sooooo much everyone! I really needed to read this today!!! I want to go make some bran muffins with flax seed and coconut oil right now!!
  4. Once again many months have passed. Most of my time is a balancing act of not hurting my bladder, and trying to eat protein. But my Interstitial Cystitis has been flaring for over a year now, and it is so much harder to get under control without a stomach to buffer stuff a little I guess. I have not had a protein drink or multivitamin or biotin or calcium for over 8 months. My hair is falling out again. But the unbearable burning I get from taking my protein or vitamins is too unbearable. I...

  5. I can't figure out how to treat the constipation. My bladder is flaring and the miralax burns it. I can tolerate phillips mom but dont know how often is okay to do. Meantime I feel so full and gassy.
  6. Haven't been on for a while. Have had my usual bad IC bladder pain for the last month and it just eased up yesterday. I have not been able to take vitamins, protein shakes or exercise or even move around at all from pain. Just started tried one multivitamin yesterday, and rinsed with tons of water. It didn't burn too much. Will try again today. Gained 3 pounds to 180. Thanks for letting me vent.

  7. Holy Moly, did I mess up. I am soooo sick. I ate a WHOLE Magnum chocolate popsicle - what was I thinking??? I guess I am glad I am soooo dumping, since I am over a year out, cause I needed a wakeup call, but this feels horrible. Ugh!

  8. A new do and swim suit!

    You look so good!
  9. Congratulations on your weight loss! That is amazing.

  10. Went up to 182 for a month but just got back to 180 again this morning. My only downfall is the nighttime snacks. So I just can't eat after 8:30pm, and my 7pm snack is 2 of the really thin lowsalt rice cakes with 2 T fat free cream cheese and 2 T no-cal-no-nothin walden farms blueberry spread. My bladder still prevents me from exercise so I gotta control my diet.

    1. Lori88


      Congrats on the 2lbs!

    2. Emsielee


      I am now in a similar situation. I cannot exercise due to recovering from a very serious illness and I have, it seems stopped losing, so onto maintaining. Every calorie is closely monitored. Let me know how you get on...maybe we can spur each other on!!!

    3. RanchoPenMom


      Thank you Lori! That is so sweet of you! I hope I can keep them off now!

      And thank you Emsielee! I hope you success in maintaining. I think after all the weight loss, and inability to eat the way we used to, there is a lot of adjusting to do when we can eat more things. I guess I am lucky that if I eat very much solid type foods I get sick, but I can overeat slider foods and snacks. So good luck on maintaining and let me know how you're doing!

  11. Just a tiny NSV

    Congratulations!! It's exciting when we see the changes that are wonderful and unexpected!
  12. 6 Months Post-op down 155lbs (YouTube (Motivating)

    Tears in my eyes, you are amazing!! Thank you for sharing. What a journey!! I know I sometimes have to just put my hand in the space between the steering wheel and me! I just can't believe it is there!!
  13. Horrible eating

    I had my surgery 3/31/11. I am having major sweets at night issues (I will call it issues). I am thinking it is a 1 year out need to get back on track kind of thing. But it is hard. Do you only snack at night? Are you still doing any protein shakes, or are you getting in enough protein? Wow, I find it amazing that you started the Couch to 5K last week, I just looked up my copy on Friday, and was considering giving it a try. I think getting started on that and posting here shows that you are really staying aware of your body, and are getting back on track. I know what that fear of gaining it back is like. I think staying aware every day is the best we can do. You have made me even more determined to not snack tonight!! Thank you, and Good luck to you!!
  14. When can I swallow WHOLE pills? Crushing them is NASTY!

    I got a stool softener gel pill stuck at 6 months out and it hurt for 4 hours. Horrible pain. I can only seem to take nexxium, anything bigger I don't every want to try again. I use capsules for my B1 and Biotin and open them into yogurt to take them. I dissolve antibiotics in a tablespoon of water and mix with a little yogurt, down it and wash down with water. My vitamins are chewable celebrate bariatric. I am so jealous if you can take pills!!
  15. Hello.....pouch....are you working? *poke* : /

    I am a year out and still can not eat a chicken patty. If it is easy for you to eat, you have to really be careful following exactly what your doctor recommends for your diet. Weigh and measure and time your food. Using an online food tracker helps alot. I use Fitday.com. That way I know I have gotten in my 80gms protein a day, and kept my fat and carbs down low, and calories below 1100. Right after surgery I used it for protein and vitamin tracking. Right after surgery my doctor said the most important things were protein shakes, water, and vitamins. Follow your doctors diet and if he did not recommend quantity, I would ask him. Good Luck!!