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  1. Well from being over weight all my life since the age of 8n I had no doubt this was what I both wanted and needed to do. I just kept day dreaming about how much better my life would be once I started to lose the weight. I was never nervous at all except when I finally changed my mind from the lap band to the bypass. I was nervious telling family and freinds but once I toold everyone and knew that was what I was doing I was nothing but excited. I started my pre-op 4-14 and since then have lost 71 pounds and it is all I hoped it would be. Life is just better and easier when you are smaller. Best of luck on your up coming surgery and can wait to hear from success stories post op. Michelle
  2. Great I am so happy for you I know those mini stalls can be a downer. I have not lost in about 6 days but It does not really bother me I know it is a process and it will come. My Honey had his surgery on 5-26 and he has lost 88 pounds no exercise either. I have lost 71 since 4-14 so I am not complaining. Congrats on a great job. Life is so much better as a thinner person. Michelle
  3. It will time flys. I had my first seminar on September 29th and had my surgery on 4-28 of this year. I thought it would take forever but it passed really quick. I am now 4 months post op and it seems like only yesterday that I had my surgery. Hang in there and I wish you all the best on your journey. Michelle
  4. I agree that this surgery can be very hard on a marriage. My husband and myself both had the surgery 1 month a part. I am 4 months post-op he is 3 months. I don't know if this will make it harder on us or easier. I think that at least we understand what the other is going through so that makes it easier but we both have the quick weight loss and hormone thing going. We have done great so far but only time will tell. I am sorry for what you went through it is never easy being deceived. This was not your fault at any level he should have talked to you if he was feeling lost in this whole process and you could have worked on it. People seem to think that when they have issues in the marriage the way to solve it is to turn to someone else for comfort and this is not the answer. I wish you only the best for your future. Michelle
  5. I think the new cut makes you look more daring and hip and much younger and stylish. Your old cut was mousey. I love the new look. I had mine cut real short and it was so liberating. Michelle
  6. I can only eat about 1 or 2 ozs at a time. It depends on what I am eating. I do not feel hungry ever and just seem to know when to stop eating. I have been a little stuffed once and my god that feeling is something I never want to feel again. Just message your food and be sure you are following the 30 minute rule on drinking before and after meals. My husband has drank with a meal a few times and could not get full. He really forgot and just started taking a few sips early out and it took much longer for him to feel the full sensation. Ask you surgeon's office about this. Michelle;)
  7. going2bethin


    Cerissa, You look beautiful I can only hope that I can get close to where you are. I started at 280 and am now at 210 in a little less than 4 months. I can not imagine ever being a normal weight. You look so healthy and hot. You have rocked your surgery tool girl. Michelle
  8. Poodle, Mine has gotten a little better but they are still a lot worse than they were before surgery. I am going to have to go to glasses full time instead of only when i am on the computer. Also I am age 44 so it is about that time for changes so I am not sure if it has to do with the surgery or not. My surgeon also said he has never heard of it before. Hope yours gets better soon.
  9. Thinner, I do not eat much at a time either maybe 1/4 total per meal. I do get in plenty of fluids though. I would just be sure you are not eating more than say 1200 calories a day and you will be fine. I probably only get around 400 to 600 hundred calories a day. I am trying to get in a little more because that is probably not enough and is the reason I feel weak. I do a lot better when I am at home and not on the run all day but on a busy day my intake is real low. I have been lucky I have not felt hungry since week 3. When I first got home from the hospital until 3 weeks my stomach would growl really bad from hunger but no more thank goodness. Michelle
  10. So glad you are here. I am sure I will have many questions.

  11. Well I am only 4 months post op asof 8-28th and although it is not easy in the beginning for me anyway because I did it with no pain meds after day one. It is so worth the results. No matter how hard I had tried I could have never lost 70 pounds in 4 months with out being hungry or feeling like I was staving. I think for me the best outcome of the surgery is I never think about food anymore. I use to think about what my next meal would be from the time I got up in the mornings and now I never put any thought into what sounds good or what I am in the mood for. I just grab something quick and healthy and I am satisfied. Michelle
  12. Wow what a big change in such a short period of time. You have nothing but good things to come. You have gotten off to a great start. Michelle
  13. Welcome and I wish you all the best in your new journey. Michelle
  14. Thanks everyone. I have to get a new camera cord my daughter accidently took mine with her to KY so I have no way to put pictures on right now. I am very happy with the results my swim suit I bought for my trip was a size 12. I have not worn a size 12 in 15 years. Even though I weighed 180 about 5 years ago I still was in a size 14 in everything. It seems like I am smaller in some areas now than I was at 180. Kind of weird huh. Michelle
  15. I just got back from atlantic city and had a blast with the hubby. I really missed you guys. I was gone to atlantic city for three days and was not able to get on line. I lost 3 pounds while on vacation what a great surprise. I did end up eating more carbs on vacation than I normally would but had to eat what we could find. I made sure I only eat a few bites so with all the walking we did it did not hurt me any. I am now at 211 pounds 69 pounds down since 4-14 when I started my pre-op diet. Life is good:) Michelle