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  1. What rules does your husband have on what rooms you can use and when? ......or is that just a one way street?
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    sex life

    I had my surgery in May and have lost about 65 pounds. I have a lot more energy and feel great. I cannot believe the difference in my sex life. I find that my sex drive has increased dramatically....not to mention the difference in positions etc. that are possible. Are you other guys seeing changes in that aspect too? In what way? This has made my weight loss journey even MORE worth it!
  3. Hey there how r u doing??

  4. I am a little over two months out from my bypass. I was 3X in shirts etc when I started. Last week I went to a Brooks Brothers outlet that was having a 60% off sale. I tried on XL sized shirts and swim trunks and they fit! It is the first time in 20 years I have worn regular sized clothes....damn! The best part was that it was an amazing ego booster for me. After losing 50 pounds I am nowhere near my goal and don't think I look any smaller. BUT, the sizes sure are changing.
  5. I think all of us agree on the Big and Tall store issue. Have you ever noticed that all of the major department stores carry large womens sizes....but not large men's sizes?
  6. Greg, I am just 8 weeks post bypass and know how you feel. Pre-op I was starving on my diet. However, post op has been much easier. You don't have much of an appetite for a while and about one fourth cup of food leaves me really full. The best part is how rapidly the weight falls off! Hang in there dude.... The guys on this site are pulling for you.
  7. Next week i start Phase 4, which for my doctor is when you start to introduce regular foods to your diet. I am a little nervous about this after soft foods and shakes for 8 weeks. For those of you who have passed this stage, what foods did you start out with? What meats? I am tolerating baked fish and seafood with no problems. Are salads OK?
  8. Just had gastric bypass 3 weeks ago and I am doing great. I love this site but have trouble locating other men who are going through this same journey! Would really like hearing from other guys who have just had surgery or who have been through this and can share their experience. Send me a message.
  9. Another mixed seasoning that is great on fish is Cavender's. It has salt in it so don't add additional. I have used it on other meats with great results, but it turns baked fish into comfort food!