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  1. ~*~January 2010 Staplers~*~

    Hello WLS peoples. I'm glad I've found this. We are six months out and I am loving every minute of it hair and appetite loss aside, its been fun.
  2. I'm doing good, I haven't been online much.. and thought I would check in. I had my six month anniversary on July 4th and am struggling with hair loss and appetite failure. How about you? Doing well?

  3. Not to far to go now. I bet you are excited : )

  4. how are u doing today? I finsih with my psy service for 2 hrs today. I stil wait for Insurance approve..

  5. That is GREAT news Susan! My fingers are crossed!

  6. How are u doing? I wait for Surgeon's office to submit paperwork for insurance approval for Sugery about 2 weeks... finger cross!!!

  7. Today is a beach day for my family, we are celebrating graduations. I hope you had good news today from the Doctor.

  8. how is ur day? i had bad headace today and rest nap today.. :(

  9. Pre-op...I have to get my Cardio and Plumonary exam done this week (Tue & Wed) then they will schedule my surgery. Presently they are scheduling for July. So right now they have me on a Phase One diet....protein, low fat, no carbs. Portions reduced to half....if I can stay on this diet....I wont need WLS....lol

  10. you are welcome! how is it going?

  11. I just check email then get ready go beach with my family..will taken pic of me at beach before i hate chubby lol... i cant wait weight loss.. :)

  12. I have been there too! Are your pre-op or post-op? ツ

  13. Hey Susan, just dropping by to say hello. Have a good weekend ツ

  14. Thank you for accepting my friend request, I look forward to getting to know you ツ

  15. Thanks for accepting my friend request Ansley ツ