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  1. Sending you hugs n prayers! You're very strong and can handle this! This too shall pass and eventually get easier! I suffer from PTSD and bipolar and I know how much I depend on my husband for his support . I know I push him daily but I love him dearly and couldn't make it without him so realize how much you mean to your husband even if you don't hear it daily from him! I'm going on 5.5 yrs post gastric bypass and I'm still losing weight actually I'm too thin now! But I think it's from my bipolar issues and depression! Hang in there!
  2. Hi Avaitor, I'd love to come to your pool/lake party! Just let me know the date and time Etc. I live near Bryan TX so you are just right down the road on Hwy 105! I'm so excited for you getting your revision. I have lost a lot of weight and actually got down to 112 from 267 lbs but I looked unhealthy and sick and keept throwing up everything, but now my weight is 125 lbs and I feel so much better! God Bless You! Savonna
  3. I can relate to everything you said and how you feel, because I am experiencing the same siuation. I am 5'5" and weight 114 lbs - look very skinny, unhealthy, and boney. I have been trying to gain weight by increasing amount that I eat, etc however I just end up losing 5 lbs or more. Surgeon said 140 is my goal weight, but now I am being told to add 20 lbs. Having problems accepting how i look so thin now and all the comments from people abou how I look bad "are you sick?' etc. Its hard for me to go back to eating junk food cause I got obsese eating like that. I just am having hard time trying to make myself gain weight unhealthy eating habits cause I am afraid I will just keep gaining weight and gaining and gaining. then I feel guilty. I have went from a size 24/26 to 4/3. big difference. If you have any advise please share with me. Good luck you are in my prayers and thoughts. Savonna
  4. OMG you really have been put thru the wringer with all the presurgery requirements, but I admire your determination and strength to keep trying and not giving up! I am bipolar but I had no problems getting approved they never said it was a issue and my shrink did my psych-evaluation so I guess I was just lucky. I remember when I had to do sleep study - I found out I had sleep apnea and was issued a machine but it did not prolong my surgery . I had my gastric bypass 11/30/09 and have lost over 160 lbs in the first year. It helped my self esteem and confidence! Where do you live in Texas? Good luck and I here to help support you also. I has to take my psych meds in liquid form and tablets that dissolved and some I just had to swallow so you can do this. Be sure to let your pharmacist know about your surgery so they can suggest meds that are available in liquid form etc. Have a great day Marcus. You can do this !
  5. You are doing great and have already lost over 125 lbs. Try to stay positive and focus on yourself, instead of what other people say or think you should be doing if they are negative. You will get lots of support here. I hady surgery Nov 2009 @ 276 lbs and now weight 115 lbs but I am getting remarks from family that I have lost too much weight and look too bony, skinny, and unhealthy. Hang in there...it does get better.
  6. You have taken the first step by addressing that you have a problem with Norco and you are doing the next right thing by going to a 12 step program and asking others for support. I have been on pain meds for years due to physical problems with my neck and back- discs , surgeries etc. I have done everything possible to live w pain but it is too intense and without my meds I am inable to do normal things like get dressed, personal hygiene etc I see a pain management doctor. I t have like maybe I was becoming addicted to the pain pills but I only take as prescribed and I have stopped using them, however I was in so much pain I could barely walk. I was recently in a car wreck and broke my back in 2 places! Just what I did not need more pain.... I often decrease my meds when the pain is not too bad. I have been to AÁ in the past and it really helped me. I formed new friendships with sober people and learned to have fun w/o drinking etc. There's alot of hard personal work that's also has to be done. I have lost over 150 lbs since my surgery in 11/2009 but now I feel too thin and look unhealthy. Don't know what to do. If you ever need someone to talk to I am always here. Good luck - You can do this , it may take some time but just keep trying!
  7. Hello everyone. It's been a long time since I have posted. I have been having severe pain in my sacrum area since May 2010. I thought it was coming from my tailbone. Its worse when I am laying down. Also the seams in my pants etc also make pain worse. I know I have seen other post's from members who also have been experience this problem. As well. I have seen my pcp Dr. Had xrays MRI. Etc but no fracture or teams has happened to cause this constant pain. Its so bad that I wake up from the pain. I am having injection but no relief. I finally went to a spine specialist who thinksy problems are from my Si joint. Not to be confuse with your s1 disc area. I have to have a injection in the si joint and then if I can. Feel at least 75% improvement n relief of the pain two days after the injection then he can confirm that it is my si joint causing my pain Of course surgery is recommended to relieve and fix problem. Will have to fuse the joint. I have spot on April 24 for injection. Does anyone have any similar problem and if so what have you been able to treatment for relief of pain. I know there were several members who were suffering from tailbone pain bit I can't find the old posts. I am having problems with new format. I know its my own stupidity but I can't navigate this new website at all. I always thought my pain was from my tailbone also but have been told n informed that it's actually my Sacrum causing all the unbearable pain. Please share any information that you have about this. I am desparate and pain is unbearable even with strong meds. Thanks for listening. Savonna. Current. Weight 128 lbs.
  8. I know excactly what you are going thru. When I was at your stage I was so irrated with the surgeons office and I was actually having to do hee job to make sure that I got everything done in a timely matter. It was ridiculous. Then she kept telling me she had submitted to my insurance which was a big lie. Oh course when I called to talk to her about things she was always off that day cause she worked a "flexible schedule". So I had finally had enough and called to complain to doctor and office manager. Then I was told that she was dr.'s daughter so that went nowhere. However, it did get her attetion to finally get my paperwork together so that she could get me scheduled and would not have to deal with me anymore! So hang in there. I know I was obsessed with getting all the pre-op things completed and it was constaining on my mind and I guess the ladies in office could care less since they do this everyday year-round, etc. or that is how I felt about it. Time will fly by. It been over 1yr post-op and I am below goal and its all better now! Actually me and dr. daughter get along great now and have every since I had surgery. But it took alot of patience and understanding on part to just have a civi conversation w/her when she was the one assigned to my case and scheduling all tests, submitting insurance etc. Hope this helps or at least you get a laugh. It will get better...be patient...you'll be on the road to recovery and beginning your new journey before you know it!
  9. Welcome to TT. This is a great site to learn and share our WLS EXPERIENCES. Time flies by and before you know it, you will be at your goal weight. I'm over 1 yr.old and reached goal and then some. Everyone is very supportive. Remember to follow doctors diet, eat more protein, walk, and sip water and the pounds will start dropping off. You will be amazed! I'm in CTX too - near College Station.
  10. Hi, I noticed that our date of surgery weights and our goal weights are about the same. Was wondering how long it took you to get to where you are now. Did/do you exercise? What foods have you completely stayed away from? Do you know how many calories you get in? Thanks so much for any help you can give me. You've just done so well and it's an inspiration to me. I am so scared of never making it to goal.

  11. It was normal for me. My weight would go up & down on a daily basis sometimes. You just had surgery recently, so your body is still adjusting. Are you still on Liquid only Phase or did you just switch to soft foods? Maybe that is why. As long as you are following your doctors orders exactly then I would not worry about it. REMEMBER, get your Protein and daily Water requirements in. I know this can be difficult, or at least it was for me. Exercise...walk. It helped me alot and then the pounds just started coming off. I used to get stalls that would last a week or so about once a month. However, I am a few months over 1 yr. out and have lost over 150 lbs., so it will happen, but everyone loses differently. I remember getting on scales and I would see my weight flucuate about 3-5 lbs. from a.m. to p.m.and I would get so disappointed until I stopped weighting myself so much and so often. Just follow your doctors orders & diet, get in plenty of protein & water (sip,sip,sip) and let your new tool start working and watch the pounds drop. Remember to seek medical advise if you have or feel you are having any complications...call your surgeon's office and let them know whats happening . You will be fine and feel better. Congratulations on your new journey and life.
  12. You have a fantastic idea. I know I would personaly work w/trainer that had eperience about WLS. I live in Texas, so I'm too far away...damn it.haha. I would start a trend about what you do and see how many people are interested. You could also present you idea to other personal trainers. Once they see the growing demand for your services, I bet they would be willing to gain experience about WLS and WLS patients being future clients. Also you present your idea to some of the reality tv shows that are focusing on overweight people and WLS patients. I know there are at least 2 shows that were looking for interested WLS particpates for their show and they were going to have personal trainers for the couples to help lose weight. He posted on this forum with his contact info. Also I had a lady producer contact me via email looking for WLS people for upcoming show. She said she got my email from this forum also. If you are interested in her contact info, let me know and I will go back thru my emails and forward you the info. Good luck, you will be helping alot of people once you get this idea/venture up and running. There is plenty of demand for service and I bet it will also be profitable.Let me know if you need any assistance or help. I'm at home all day and would love to volunteer my time to help you if needed! GO FOR IT! Savonna
  13. You and your son and family are in my prayers and thoughts. Heres to his positive and quick recovery. I have had 2 neck surgeries so I know how nervous and stressed you can get, but I have had great results with the last one and the pain has been relieved 80 %. Stay positive and God Bless all of you.
  14. Welcome to TT and congrats on getting back on track! Stay positive and don't give up. Weight loss doesn't happen overnight and you WILL see changes soon enough. I know I would try the 5 day pt like you are doing and I would probably go back to a liquid diet I was on pre-surgery to help shed some pds. and get my stomach back on track too. Exercise or walk daily and watch your calories and type of foods etc. You know the drill. I'm here anytime you need to talk or just want someone to listen. Thats what makes this forum so special. Everyone is very supportive and share their experiences, strenghts, and hopes . Hang in there. It gets better and YOU CAN DO THIS. LOL.Savonna