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  1. So, 2 days before surgery, i really chickened out and went for the band instead of the bypass.... so far so good, it was last Thursday, no side effects, i havent eaten since last week , just liquids, but i am feeling fine, no hunger here ... I am happy i changed my mind .... I feel fine, Ill go back to work tomorrow .. Dr. Callery was great !!!
  2. Well gee whiz! Thank you! :)

  3. Your Pics are GReat !!! Congrats !!!!

  4. Sure :-) more support and a bigger cheering squad is always great!

  5. Belle, we'll have to become ciber partners in our journey !!!!

  6. Yes, very nervous, but looking forward to this !!! Thank you from the heart to al of you, you guys have been a much needed crutch !!!
  7. Ok, now the nerves begin !! I am on the calendar for 8/5/2010 !!! I am really Happy !!!!! Finally ...
  8. Thanks for the welcome, you all are great, glad I am here ... Don
  9. Thank you for taking the time to respond, yours as well as others words of wisdom are helping alot of the anxieties ... Dr. Callery said 30 - 60 days now ....
  10. Thanks to all of you, my fears are easing a bit now .. I may just jump in feet first and get the Bypass .....
  11. I see you only had it a couple of weeks ago, how are you doing, please share the experience, i need to be a little more comfy ... congrats on the new beginning ... Don
  12. Probably the unknown , it just seems that the risks are much more greater than the band, but heck, share your story with me, gimme the down lo on bypass from a personal view, i still have not selected which procedure ...
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    Me, Pre-Op !!!

    THis is Me now 04/20/2010
  15. I am looking forward to getting to know all of you also !!!