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  1. Neezylicious


    Does anyone still have the recipe for this? I can't find it anywhere and I'm dying to make it again.
  2. I have always love, love, LOVED the sport of boxing. My boyfriend and I have wanted to learn but the boxing gyms can be very intimidating. A few months ago I decided to bite the bullet and find a boxing gym and get this pipedream on the road. I priced the gyms near my house here in Seattle and settled on one that is run by an ex pro boxer that is retired and 72 years old. For you boxing fans, he was trained under Eddie Futch. (Futch was the trainer of record for Joe Frazier, Riddick Bowe, and Montell Griffin when they defeated and handed future Hall of Fame fighters Muhammed Ali, Evander Holyfield, and Roy Jones, Jr., their first professional defeats.) I walked into the gym completely intimidated, this place is full of SERIOUS athletes. I saw zero women and wanted to turn tail and run back out the door! I sucked it up and pressed on in to find the coach. He introduced me around to all the boxers that were training for an upcoming show. And after showing me the workout regimin, he let me have at it. And let me tell you, this regimen is no joke! It takes me 3 hours to complete and I try to go at least 4x a week. My workout: Run 2.5 miles 100 pushups 100 sit ups 100 front crunches 100 side cruches, 100 each side 100 neck rolls (100 each, front and both sides) 3 rounds of jumping jacks for 3 minutes each round 3 rounds lunges, 3 minutes each round 6 rounds @ 3 minutes of shadow boxing 6 rounds @ 3 minutes of heavy bag (jab, right hand, hook, uppercut, etc...) 6 rounds @ 3 minutes each of speed bag (my fave!) 6 rounds @ 3 minutes each of double ended bag Ring circles (cardio) 3 rounds bob and weave rope 3 rounds @ 3 minutes each of jump rope Weight Training 10 rounds of box jumps 6 rounds of the medicine ball being thrown at my solar plexus and sides TOUGH workout! ... but this is the only thing that has gotten my weight moving in a downward motion again. I have been stalled since... forever. My body stopped on its own and hasnt budged. It may seem extreme but its really A LOT of fun! 2 hours goes by and it doesnt even seem like I have been working out because its just that much fun. One more hour after that and my body is spent. If you dont put 100% effort, my coach will kick you out of the gym and tell you to come back when you are ready to be serious and work. This hasnt happened to me but I have seen him do it! I am still the only girl that is in the gym with the men, but I have kinda come to like it better that way. They didnt take me seriously at first, but now that they see I am serious and not just there to play... they have welcomed me into their boxing family. My coach told me my right hand and combo are as hard hitting and heavy handed as the men he trains and wants me to do an amateur fight.... ha ha! I think not! But anwyays, if you have a boxing gym near you, I recommend it highly!!! I cant even begin to tell you how much stress this has relieved me of, and how much better I feel about my weight and lack of loss since starting boxing. I wont say the fat is melting off, but since starting boxing... theres been a difinitive difference in my body. No doubt about it. I am gaining muscle mass which is fine with me, and my body is tightening up at a rapid pace. I have tons more the coach took of me but I will spare you all lol
  3. Wow Martee! Thank you so much for your well written reply! My surgeon has suggested all kinda things, upping my protein, water, calories, going to support groups etc. Nothing is working for me. I Think you are right and my body may be just done. As far as sustaining a weight of where I want to be, yes. I can do that. I work out like a fiend. I just need to get to the weight and I can hold it. Its the getting there that has become troublesome! lol I may be obsessed with the number I want to be at. I should probably examine that thought process a little bit more. People tell me how great I look, and I have such a hard time even accepting compliments because in my minds eye I am still fat fat fat. I also carry my weight well. No one believes me when I tell them how much I weigh. My brother told me he thought I was 120-130. ha you how much brothers know! I think too that having 3 other major surgeries since this one robbed me of my honeymoon phase because I was told by my surgeons that I cant work out for 6-8 weeks a time following my other surgeries. Thank you again for your comforting words. It helps to know I am fighting the good fight right along with others and people before me.
  4. OH i havent updated my stats in months and months. I am at 170 now and keep fluctuating between 160 and 170. Thank you for your reply. I am trying to not beat myself up and be my own worst critic but its sooooooooooo hard! I'm sure we can all relate to feeling that way.
  5. You are always going to be gorgeous to me Miss Thing! I love the hair!
  6. I havent posted here in a WHILE! Hello to all my old friends! Hope you are all doing fantastically and are living large, feeling healthy and rockin your new bodies with your new found confidence! I am posting because I am one year, 7 months out and still 30 lbs from goal. I recycle the same 10 lb gain/lbs over and over and OVER again! It is so frustrating to say the least. I know I am not the first, and wont be the last. I dont know what to do. I have gone to my surgeon who tells me how to change things up and ideas to try and nothing is working to get these last pounds off. I started boxing 3 or so months ago and train 3 hours a night usually for 4-5 nights a week, I do crossfit on the weekends on occasion and I run too. I have adopted the paleo way of eating long ago. (this sums up paleo eating My body wont BUDGE and I really want to reach goal so badly. I keep asking myself if I have managed to screw this up somehow. What have I done wrong... etc. Did I stretch my little pouch out or something?? What is wrong!! My boyfriend tells me I should just be happy and be done, that its already been a success no matter that I cant get the last bit off. Because I am off all my prescription meds and my diabetes is completed managed and in control. Suggestions are so very welcomed. I know this is probably the millionth post regarding this and I sound ungrateful and as if I am whining...perhaps I am a wee bit. But this is personal to me and my own journey. I just want that happy ending and to be able to make a post that says I am finally at my goal weight.
  7. I still mass consume water....constantly. When I work out I gulp it down big time! I go through probably 4 water bottles in 3 hours of boxing and running.
  8. I still have one coffee a day, nonfat milk and sugar free syrup. I drink no soda whatsoever or any other form of caffeine. I have had no issues with it at all. I am a year and a half out from my surgery date. My surgeon told me it was fine. But follow your surgeons advice for sure.
  9. OOOO that sounds so good! I just made butternut squash lasagna last night.. did the exact same thing with the squash as you did with the zucchini. Omitted all cheese.... here is a picture. it was DELICIOUS!!!!!
  10. Neezylicious


    This is an awesome picture!!! I love it!
  11. I do Crossfit and boxing training and very often both of these exercise regimes incorporate a kettleball. Great exercise if the correct form is used. If you dont know what you are doing and use bad form you can really mess up your back. My boyfriend did and had to spend weeks in physical therapy!!! Be careful!! ......they are fun though
  12. Neezylicious

    Shoot A

    J-WOWW!! <3......hotness
  13. Neezylicious


    Oh this is the one! You need to make this one your avatar and profile pic EVERYWHERE! I loooooooooooooooooove this one! Omg. I want that hat! So lovely!
  14. I want 30 more to come off and no matter how much I Crossfit... it wont budge!!! I want to do a photo shoot with my boyfriend like the one you did. All cute and professional.
  15. I have always thought you are beautiful....but these pictures just confirm it for me! You are stunning Ms Lady!