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  1. Thank you, RaininVA! MEEE TOOOO!
  2. I just had my 4th fill last week & I'm finally feeling restriction. I have a 10cc lap band and my surgeon put 1.6 cc in it during surgery. I have no idea how they know how much to put in, but I'm on my 4th fill and I think I have over 8cc in it now. Thank Goodness I'm finally feeling restriction because I was about to give up. My best advice to you is to KEEP GOING BACK to your doctor frequently. He/she may only put in a little at a time and it may take a few fills before you get "there". I lost my insurance 2 months after surgery and didn't feel I could afford $175 for each fill. Had I paid attention and thought about it, I could have easily saved that much $$ in restaurants & groceries! It's very worth it to go in often and get properly adjusted so the band can work. I wish I hadn't waited so long!!!
  3. The band, AND me, finally! Since I got my last fill on 3/1, I have lost 13 lbs.! This is the most restriction I have experienced, or, should I say... This is the first REAL restriction I have had. My food quantities are way down, and I'm generally not hungry between meals. FINALLY! I also have been working my rear end off, making good food choices and working out often. I'm walking at lunch time and doing resistance training dvds at home. But I am so excited and just wanted to share! I feel like I just got surgery this month, not 10 months ago! I just know I can reach my goal of 50 lbs. lost by the end of May.
  4. Thanks for your kind wishes. How long have you been stuck? Are you still losing inches?
  5. For some reason I'm not finding that thread. Is it under Lap Band Nutrition or somewhere else? ChloeFergus
  6. To Cinwa - I was just looking at the 5 day pouch test website the other day, very interesting! At the moment I'm not too keen on the idea of going back to all liquid protein because I just started a new job and started exercising quite vigorously, and I'd prefer not to go around all light-headed and grouchy, but it does look like a great idea. I am actually so pleased with the restriction I have at the moment that I wanted to jump right to the last phase of the pouch test, the solid protein phase. That's what I've been doing. It's taking me 15-30 minutes to eat 1/2 - 3/4 of a chicken breast, and that seems about right for me. This is the first time I have really felt restriction consistently and I'm trying to pay very close attention to the feeling and STOP eating as soon as I feel full. To Mistymee - thank you for the Fage suggestion, I am also a fan. I have some in my fridge right now. I mostly use plain in lieu of sour cream and anything used to make creamy sauces. I recently tried the yoplait sweetened versions, which I also like, but I'm concerned that it's a "slider" food and won't help me feel full. I had been eating almost nothing BUT slider foods the past few months, so I'm trying to get out of that rut and FEEL the restriction, even if it's uncomfortable. So - no more soups, stews, casseroles, etc. for me. But I do love plain Fage mixed with my favorite dip ingredients with fresh veggies. Oh, and I will also check out Sherry7's "what did you eat today" thread. Thank you so much! ChloeFergus
  7. Thanks, I will look into that! I ordered Eating Well After Weight Loss Surgery : Michele Bontempo-Saray, Patt Levine (Paperback, 2004) ISBN-10 : 1569244537 ; ISBN-13 : 9781569244531 from, but it hasn't arrived yet. I guess I'll stay with my chicken & veggies til I get inspired. ChloeFergus
  8. I'm re-educating myself, after "cheating" my band for the past 7 months. I *finally* have restriction after my 4th fill, and I'm trying to figure out how to eat to maximize the band. For the past 2 days since my fill, I have eaten nothing but chicken, vegetables and eggs. Not horrible, but it will get old pretty quick. I'm just curious if some of you can share what you like to eat on a typical day to keep your calories around 1000 or less? Any tips of lunches you take to work and dinners that are yummy but easy to prepare would be fantastic. Thanks in advance! ChloeFergus
  9. I'm a little scared to chime in her cuz I just got my 4th fill on Tuesday, but I can feel a HUGE difference, unlike before. I now have 8.2 cc's in a 10 cc band. Before that I had 7.6 and I could eat almost anything. I know I really have to work it now and eat right & exercise, but I think this will make a huge difference. Good luck!!!
  10. I was banded in 05/10 and lost 30 pounds pre-and post op liquid/mushy diets, then lost about 5 more, then gained back 10 more by 10/10, and have stayed the same since then. On Tuesday I had my 4th fill and am now at 8.2 cc's in a 10 cc band. I started "cheating" the band almost immediately, as soon as I was on mushies. I can't say I have really followed my dr.'s instructions correctly since pre/post-op diet. Honestly, I am amazed that I didn't gain any weight since my last fill in October, as I was pretty horrible, eating many mushies, carbs, drinking alcohol, and not exercising. I had a little restriction but not much and I could eat pretty much anything I tried. I started walking last week before my fill and bought Zumba for Wii, and I have some other DVDs on order. I had a pretty frank conversation with my dr. on Tuesday when I got my fill. I really did not have the restriction I was looking for, but he was pretty disappointed with my lack of progress. I think after my last fill I kind of gave up. Prior to this last fill, I started reading more and really realized that this can still work if I do my part. This week I got out my weights and did weight training yesterday. I am logging all my food and avoiding carbs, mushies and alcohol. I am pleased to say that I have quite a bit more restriction now than before, and I now realize that I have to eat my solid proteins first, eat slowly but stop quickly, and manage my liquids correctly. I just ate a small chicken breast and a few veggies and it took me 25 minutes and I'm full. But it's new, like I'm starting all over again. I feel really strong right now that I can do this, but my typical pattern is that I am good and follow rules for about a week or 2, then I get frustrated and lazy and fall back into bad habits. I'm hoping anyone out there who didn't take their band seriously at first but then got on track can share their story and help me stay motivated. Thanks for being there! ChloeFergus :-)
  11. just checking in to see how you were doing..I know you were having problems with fills before and have not really seen you since...

  12. You are right, I'm not even 3 months out yet & I already have 6 cc's in a 10 cc band. Yikes! That's only 4 cc's left... They put in 2.8 cc's at surgery, then at my 1st fill in June I went up to 4, then went up to 6 yesterday. I feel fine, no problems getting food or water down so far, but I definitely am less hungry & can't eat as much. But after my last fill I felt like that for a couple of days and then I don't know if swelling went down or what, but I could eat more after that. Anyway, so far so good. Now that the memory of Dr. Pain is fading, I feel pretty good and I hope this level of restriction & rate of wl continues. I'm going to self-pay this month (losing Cobra subsidy) so it's gonna be $175 per fill from now on! Yikees!
  13. Thanks, Kel: I'm just having my own little pity party today! I've read some similar horror stories, but I wasn't expecting it cuz Dr. B who did my last fill is such a pro... It was over in 2 seconds and I was thinking, "Thats it?". I'm going to self-pay next month and I will be INSISTING on Dr. B ONLY!
  14. Thanks, Ellie! I think I just need some sympathy today. I was sure jealous of you GB folks!!! I know... this too shall pass, live and learn and all that good stuff!
  15. Well, I got zero replies to my last post last month when I got my first fill, here goes again.... Today I got my 2nd one, I now have 6cc's in (I think) 10 cc band. Dr. was happy that I lost another 5 lbs. Anyway. NEW/training Dr. came in to do the fill... I was really scared but didn't say anything. It was HORRIBLE! He couldn't find the port on the ultrasound until the regular dr. showed him. Then he jammed the needle in and couldn't find the port, and dug around for what seemed like FOREVER. He kept hitting what sounded like the side of the port and then the needle would slip off and poke ME! Repeatedly! I kept saying OW and wincing and grabbing my side. Regular Dr. didn't step in until New Dr. gave up. Of course Regular Dr. took one second and did the injection smoothly. I am SORE but I do feel restriction, hoping this one lasts longer. But I'm worried that NEW Dr. damaged my port, he clearly didn't know what he was doing. I will never let him inject me again, that's for sure. Last time I volunteer as guinea pig and have to pay to be put in pain.