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  1. I am exactly 2 years and 2 weeks post op and I am failing miserably. I NEVER reached a goal or even close to it. I started at 361 and my lowest was 259. I am now back up to 299. As long as I was losing, I was motivated, enthusiastic and enjoyed the process. But every time I'd plateau, I'd fall off the wagon for a month and then have to hit restart. Problem is I have had problems since we took a 2 week family vacation last June and I have never gotten back on track, hence my 40 lb gain. I have a trainer that I continue to pay to see, 3 times a week, but I often cancel, "hide" or avoid him, despite his true interest and desire to get me healthy. So, when I hit my 2 year surgiversary, I had decided that I'M DONE. But I am finding that with decreasing portions and snacks, I am feeling hunger pains! I thought I was never going to have those again?!?! So I do great all day and then crash from a lack of carbs, etc in the evening and then I cheat. So, I read a lot about going back to clear liquids...will this work? Will the feeling of fullness come back after only eating a small portion of food? Because I have found that I can eat way more than I should. And I'm a nurse!!! I know what's good to eat and not good. And the anatomy of my surgical procedure. I just would like any advice that any of you WSL grads can offer. I am back with my trainer and dedicated to 3 days a week with him and 2-3 days cardio on my own. I never thought the exercise would be the easy part. But I need to know how to get my head and tummy back in the game. Thanks! Kristin WSL date 1/10/12 361/299/165