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  1. Thanks! Only red flag to me is the sugar alcohols... I’m super sensitive to those....
  2. Hello, I’ve been eyeing up this iron. Let me know what you all think. I’m 8years post op gbs. Kerry
  3. Thank you for your reply! I always trust your opinion! Wow, I do have a Costco near me, so I will make the trip. It's the xylitol on the chewables, gives me the worst gas pains....
  4. hello! I've been taking celebrate for quite a while, but, the chewable vitamins contain xylitol and give me the worst gas in the world, and the capsules really irritate my stomach... What brand do you take? Something that doesn't have sugar alcohols preferably...
  5. Cinwa, HUGE HELP! THANK YOU!! Gamzap, Ive been doing so much reading lately, I heard if you cook in a cast iron with tomato sauce you'll get the most iron! Sounds like i need to go shopping tomorrow
  6. I'm glad that you bounced back without too much trouble Buddymiles5! Cinwa, what do you take with the iron to enhance absorption? I'm assuming vitamin C? I do take the celebrate multivitamins, calcium, and b12. My b12 levels were great, actually high, so i may be able to get away with taking them less frequent. I like the calcium from celebrate because I don't think it constapates me as bad as the otc stuff. OH, and a few years ago you told me about PB8, I'm still a die hard fan! How often do you get your blood levels checked? What tests do you have done?
  7. Thanks for help everyone! I saw a surgeon and I'm scheduled for an endoscopy and colonoscopy to rule out ulcers and other bleeding and if nothing then off to a hematologist to talk about a transfusion. Buddymiles5 and Jodi, how were the transfusions? I've been taking 2 60mg celebrate irons a day, but from all the helpful info Cinwa has shared, I don't think I'm giving myself enough! I sure as hell don't feel better!! With that being said, Cinwa, do you take both iron supplements you posted from amazon? I'm really considering ordering them. What do you take for your multi vitamin, b12, and calcium? What else do you take? I'm sure everyone asks you these same questions! maybe you can have your own thread you can copy a link and post it whenever someone asks!! I really appreciate all the advice, THANK YOU!!! Kerry
  8. I take Celebrate with Vit c, 60 mg. I'm sure you've taken tried it? Available in a 60 mg dosage. Taste - Without a doubt, the best tasting iron supplements available. Form - All of our chewable iron's are formulated with ferrous fumarate which is most readily absorbed form of iron available. Vitamin C - We have added vitamin C to our formulation to create a more acidic environment and increase absorption. Staining - A potential hazard of chewing iron is that it could potentially darken teeth. But not Celebrate Iron! We have used a coated ferrous fumarate that will protect the teeth but not interfere with absorption.
  9. Hello! Im pretty far post op, but I know this is a pretty busy forum and need some help. November, I was fatigue and went to the dr and had blood work done, I was told I was anemic and started taking double iron supplements. I was retested in December and after taking double supplements, it went down .5! My dr wants me to do an endoscopy and colonoscopy to check for possible ulcers or internal bleeds, does this sound like it is possible? How long do hemoglobin levels take to raise? I have a friend tell me it takes 3 months, but the dr.'s office said no way, a week at the most... Thank in advance, Kerry
  10. Im glad to see this! I've posted on other boards just talking about the same. I will be 4 years out in July, slowly over the years I've gained. I'm sorry I can't offer much advice, just support that you're not alone and I wish you the best of luck! I think we just have to keep track of calories, exercise, and when that scale stalls, just hang in there, eventually it will have to budge...
  11. Hello! I'm on need if enouragement, I'm posting this on a few boards, just to get as many opinions as possible. Has anyone successfully lost the weight that they have regained? Were you able to meet your goal after a slip up? I know scientifically, if you eat less calories and work out, the weight should come off. Just with all the reading I've been doing about regain, I'm not finding any triumphant posts about I did it! I would love to find some people who can say "I did it and you can too", as I am a hard hitter regainer... Thank you! Kerry
  12. Protein included, i just track everything on myfitnesspal. Theres even an app on my phone where i can scan the barcode from the package and it pulls the food up on my account, and i just say much i ate an it logs it in for me. very easy. That way im watching calories, carbs, otein....
  13. Well, day 3 was good! I saw a commercial where e said the first 2 weeks of any diet are the toughest. I figure if i can make it 14 days, i'll create good habits. I'm not weighing myself until day 14, so i dont loose motivation. i've been 1200 calories a day, and drinking lots of tea. sorry for all the typos, im on my kindle fire and i guess it doesnt have auto caps, the iphone... the autocorrect is rough too! lol goodnight, Kerry
  14. well, day one can on track has been good! I skipped coffee this morning and had black tea. I had a protein shake for breakfast.I did yoga after that. I kept busy by cleaning instead of snacking. I kept sticking to protein with veggies or fruits, I even logged my food on so far so good, time for bed, I have a caffeine headache at bay.... here to book g tomorrow is just as good!! goodnight!