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  1. Maintaining is hard... :(

    1. cinwa


      It is much harder than losing. I miss not having goals.

    2. LMT


      I'm sorry that you're having a hard time. Your stats are amazing though. Congratulations on your amazing weight loss! Hang in there.

    3. Xeniak
  2. agreed, it is very lonely sometimes - how are you doing?

  3. You look amazing in your recent pic! Congrats on hitting 160...you look even smaller. Sorry to hear your not feeling the best though. The whole process can be very lonely sometimes I think. You knwo where I am if you want to talk!

  4. i'm good, holding fast at 160 lbs now 72 kilos - just not so happy about myself. Feeling lonely.. how are u?

  5. How are you getting on??

  6. Hey hun! Im doing ok, had some complications so needed surgery. On the mend now! How are you? You are looking fab! Have you reached goal?

  7. Thanks guys! Im still not feeling great. Might need to go back in for a check up I think. On the plus side I have reached my goal weigh!! Im no weighing in at 155. Im sure that will go back up a little when Im better!!
  8. Hey girl!

    How have you been??? Sorry I've been MIA recently ... Hope everything is going amazing!

  9. Hi all Glad to read that everyone is doing so well! Im just out of hospital. Had a hernia related to teh surgery so had to have surgery. Doing much better now thankfully. My weight loss has been stalled big time so hopefully when Im recovered I can get back on track. Im currently at 163lbs. I need to lose 4lbs to be in the healthy BMI range so thats my aim. My goal is to reach 159lbs. If I can reach my original goal of 155 thouh Ill be over the moon! Congrats to you all on your progress!
  10. Sorry I have been awol guys. Looking great in the pics Wick and congrats on beating the stall Nancy! Im stuck at 164 myself. Cant seem to get past it. Appetite back strong now, unfort! Having some problems with my tummy....its so loud and grumbly all the time and uncomfortable. Hopefully the surgeon can help me, I see him next week. Hope you are all keeping well!
  11. My loud tummy is out of control and is causing so much embarrassment...any ideas on how I can help the matter? Thanks!

    1. kerbear


      Don't know- I have the same problem.

    2. Tray Tray

      Tray Tray

      blame the person next to you? LOL

    3. Xeniak


      have u got this sorted? i dont know about u but just moving and shifting the angle makes it stop.. its like air is moving back and forth..

  12. 10 pounds to go till goal weight! :)

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    2. Lori88
    3. ciwi04
    4. gnaed


      Did you ever think you'd ever be just ten pounds overweight? What a wonderful feeling! Congratulations

  13. I know what you mean. I onlt have ten pounds to go to goal but its taking forever to get there!! We WILL get there though. I would def try and up your calories a little. Iv been eating way more and recently and its actually still coming off me.
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