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  1. You are soo right. I had a blast that day. Thanks
  2. Lady_E


    Congrats to you... Go head girl
  3. Lady_E

    7 mos post op

    I too had a lot of arm fat. Now, I'm looking for a surgeon to do an arm lift prior to this summer. Congrats on joining the "losers" bench. Welcome
  4. Lady_E


    Adorable, love the pic
  5. Lady_E

    Back to Brunette :)

    Love it, you look great
  6. Lady_E

    Before & After

    Thanks for the nice words Tresey; you too will come down to the onederlands if you're not already there. Keep up the hard work! You are looking great yourself and my weight loss glow is the same as my pregnancy glow... **wink ** wink**
  7. Lady_E

    Before & After

    Thank you Lori and Ali I still have 25lbs to go but almost there
  8. Lady_E

    Before & After

  9. Lady_E

    198 Size 12 jeans!

    You look great. Congrats
  10. @ mistymee & pirata --- Thanks for the congrats and well wishes however, I do not think I will be going through with this pregnancy. I have spoken with my RYN Doctor on Friday and she doesn't think it would be in the best interest of the child to move forward (10months post op). I will be getting a second opinion from another reputable doctor this week. I do not believe in abortions but I would rather not bring a child into this already
  11. @ kcg - Thanks for the motivational talk & I'm sure I will not be able to find that "formula" LoL but will keep you posted.
  12. @Hychap2009 - I too need to go back to the gym. We will make it happen
  13. I actually found out the reason I was so tired yesterday. A baby is the culprit, I
  14. Lady_E

    Face Pic

    @ ChocolateCity yes I feel the same
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