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  1. CPAP Machine

    Hi Everyone, I am looking to sell my CPAP machine since I no longer need it. Does anyone know the best way to go about doing that? Mine is in like new condition and is one of the better more quiet ones. Any help or if anyone knows someone who'd like to buy one please let me know. Thanks, M
  2. Hey Rubey.. lol Matt.. thought i would say hi over here as well Hope you have fun at work.. still very jelly about your escape plan video game you get to play!! Ok hit me up laters tah tah!

  3. Happy New Year everyone! New video of me enjoying my new hobbie. Never thought would be doing this a year ago. :)

    1. Revamp


      Hey there ! Cool video ! I subscribed to you !! Bmwx3gurl ! =)

    2. Revamp


      Hey there ! Cool video ! I subscribed to you !! Bmwx3gurl ! =)

    3. Jeannie Schulze

      Jeannie Schulze

      Amazing video! Congratulations on your journey!

  4. Been awhile was just poppin in.. Howre you doing?

  5. Been awhile was just poppin in.. Howre you doing?

  6. I haven't said Hi to you on here in like forever so I figured I'd stop by :)

  7. Its amazingly "easy" to talk a truth - but people's consistent actions (or inactions) never lie.

    1. LMT


      You are so right.

  8. A good article & the reasons I stay away from things like Cool Whip. :)

  9. Me standing next to my Cake and candy buffet

    Everything looks incredible.... yes you too!
  10. 264748 10150255092382380 675182379 7410517 7899886 N

    Looking absolutely breath taking!
  11. "Strength is kindness and sensitivity. Strength is understanding that your power is both physical and emotional. That it comes from the body and the mind. And the heart." - Henry Rollins

    1. NewMeNow2010


      So true <3 I love this quote.

    2. Kirabelle


      Oh man I had the biggest crush on Henry Rollins in high school! The tough guy poet. Loved it. You kinda resemble him in your pic.

    3. Tray Tray

      Tray Tray

      Nothing like a little inspiration to begin the day! Hope you have a great one Matt!

  12. Smooth motorcycle ride into work this morning. Always enjoy knowing I burn 200 to 300 extra calories when commuting now. :)

  13. IMG 20110713 04139

    You look absolutely stunningly beautiful!
  14. IMG 20110606 02264

    Looking jaw droppingly stunning!