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  1. Ok i am coming late to the party (again! lol) but i am glad you are feeling a bit better now Keri. As for gaining weight well we all can after 18 months reversal or not. You have learned and gained all that you could from your byp@*# and you are back to ground zero. From now on your strength will see you through this and keep your weight under control. i know from reading this thread that you have the strength that you need. Be proud of what you have accomplished with the help of the tool and know that even without the tool you have learned the resilience needed to stick to anything you want! good luck
  2. you will learn to love the taste because it means you are losing weight... you will miss it when its gone because your weight loss will have slowed to a halt lol
  3. i dont drink carbonated drinks anymore because they taste too sweet... all of them and i havent touched a cigarette either but a friend of mine who had the surgery a year before me does both every day and has not suffered any side effects (so far). i hadnt heard about the smoking causing ulcers... very interesting fact
  4. first off congrats on stopping! secondly you dont want to smoke you want to relieve your stress when i stopped i spent the first 3 days 'smoking' air. It's a deep breathing exercise that mimics actually smoking something. its the action that our brain misses not the nicotine. chemicals are released in the brain when we inhale deeply and hold... we get an air high lol Step one. Inhale deeply and hold (mimics the lighting and first drag on the cig) and then repeat 10x but not as deeply (as if just smoking the cig) i had to do it every hour for the first 3 days (you start forgetting after a day or so and then just do it as you remember). after that anytime you feel the need or feel stresses just repeat the exercise. it worked a treat for me, i gave up 5 months before my op and i havent wanted one since. i have used the exercise a lot though whenever i have felt stressed etc. i was even doing it on the way to the operating room to get my bypass. it stopped me bawling like a baby and telling the surgeon i had changed my mind lol good luck and stay strong
  5. i stuck to talking the first few months. making the walks longer and more intense (speeds and terrains) as i improved. I always hated sports etc. but now i enjoy going to the gym. i do lessons not circuit as i find it mentally easier but physically more demanding.
  6. I am now nearly 2 years out. they did the bypass and hernia repair at the same time for me. because of my insurance i ended up paying about 600. a friend of mine had the same op 3 weeks earlier than i did but as she was under 40 BMI the insurance did not cover her and her total bill (including the testing 4 weeks before the op) was just under 8000 euros we get a lot of people coming over from the uk to have the operation here in Belgium as it is nearly half the amount that it costs there. It is also all done a lot quicker too. i was under the knife within 10 weeks of enquiring about wls for the first time. longest 10 weeks i have ever spent! also the insurance companies cannot deny you the operation if your BMI is higher than 40. so no jumping through hoops for months. i think it is def. a case of 'because they can'.
  7. Well done you! i hit my first plateau nine days out and stopped losing for a two weeks. it was so disheartening! but the losing comes back with a vengence and then everything is alright with the world again. Good luck and stay positive!
  8. Sorry but that is a ridiculous amount of money! My surgeon quotes 8k (euros) for the whole shebang! It's no wonder that the American insurance system is so complicated when you have amounts like that being billed by the hospitals.
  9. Lazy Daisy

    You're So Vain..

    i became more obsessed with how i look after the operation. make up, hair, 5 different outfits to find the perfect one etc.... i get rather annoyed if i am not verging on perfect lol it is starting to get a bit better now, i can go to the market without full make up most days but the amount of outfits i try on and discard most days is scary. well done you btw x
  10. i gave all of my clothes away and tbh it never occurred to me that i would be insulting anyone. i gave them to the same people i gave them to before i lost weight. i never gave stained or well worn clothing so i didnt think i was insulting them. i did get one comment tho as the clothing sizes were getting smaller, my friend said her mother was as sick as a chip that she didnt fit my clothes anymore but her sister was over the moon that i was finally her size. now i am in a limbo size for them... too small for the adults and too big for the girls. now i give my clothes (there are not that many nowadays lol) to my friend who has also had a bypass. she uses them as transitionals
  11. Lazy Daisy


    Hello Everyone, As many of you know our Karlos has been very sick and in hospital for what seems like forever. Lots of us have been keeping tabs on him via FB and his family have kindly been keeping us updated when he was too sick to but today, much to everyones relief, he has finally started posting himself again and he asked me to update his friends here on TT. the background... He had an infection of his gal bladder which led to big problems with his kidneys and liver. The root of the problem seems to be pancreatic cancer. After a few too many 'touch and go' moments he is finally back on the long road to recovery and as he put it himself "So huge battle fought war still not won and then there is another war to fight against the cancer. I like a fight though LOL " Now that is the Karlos we all know and love! He is so thankful for all of the love, well wishes and prayers that have been sent his way from his friends all over the world and wishes he could tell you all himself. He is unable to get online much at the moment and then only with his GSM so TT is a bit of a nightmare but he does get to see his FB page most days and keep that updated whenever he is able.
  12. goal!!!!!!!! 1 and 1 month later and i am now at my goal weight of, wait for it....a NORMAL 78.5kg. new goal 76 kg... a safety position lol

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      That's brilliant :)

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      Lazy Daisy

      thanks guys... back up to 79.5 at the moment but i expected that... hence the 76kg safety zone lol

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      Congrats on reaching goal!!!

  13. your gallery is soooooo inspiring!!!! you are looking so gorgeous!!!!!

  14. you are looking great!

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    you look gorgeous! the jade green really suits you