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  1. It's been years since I've been here but I need some help. Every single day for almost 3 years I've been in pain. 10 years ago I had a Roux-N-Y-Gastric Bypass almost 3 years ago; I was told I have 2 Ulcers. 1 particular ulcer causes me pain to the point I can't get out of bed somedays and making doctors understand the pain is almost futile. The almost endless list of acid blockers I've been prescribed is getting longer but very few doctors want to operate on a patient in which they didn't do the original surgery. I've been seeing a digestive disease doctor, he says just hurry and get the surgery (revision) done already. Easier said than done, going through the process of trying to get a revision seems to harder than getting the original surgery. It's so difficult to contact a surgeons office, wanting to schedule an appointment but I've run into so many issues with (ineffective health insurance, inexperienced doctors, uneducated office staff) Now that I've gotten my insurance issues taken care of, 1. What type of doctor should I be seeing? 2. Are the normal 6 month waiting and participating in weight loss program/dietitian and psychological evaluation needed for a revision for an ulcer needed?