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  1. Hang in there buddy. 6-8 months from now and you'll be shopping the clearance racks of regular stores finding good deals. I'm loving Old Navy's $20 jeans
  2. Isn't that (losing on vacation) a great feeling? We went on a cruise after surgery and wifey lost 8lbs and I dropped 15. It felt awesome getting on the scale after we got home.
  3. I still have a ways to go. But believe me, when I can start shopping in regular stores it will be one of the best days of my life. I'll feel like I'm in high school again.
  4. I ventured off the beaten path and went to Rochester B/T a couple weeks ago. It was even worse than Casual Male. I picked up a decent looking button down casual shirt and to my surprise it was $140. What made it worse was that I didnt even recognize the brand lol. I'm just glad we are all on the right path and committed to losing the weight. WE WILL SHOP IN "REGULAR" STORES AND BUY "NORMAL" SIZE CLOTHING EVENTUALLY!!
  5. I'm a Polo addict too hahahaha. Dillard's has amazing sales every 3 months or so and you can find awesome deals on Polo and other name brands like Nautica and Tommy for 75% off. When I finally get down close to where I want to be weight wise, that place is gonna love me lol
  6. I can't wait to shop at regular stores. Casual Male has gotten way too much money from me over the years. Big and Tall stores are so expensive! I'm really looking forward to the day I will say goodbye and so long to the BIG MAN's store...
  7. Man you're doing awesome. Keep up the good work and keep inspiring the rest of us!!
  8. I might as well join the thread. Things have gone smoothly for me as well. No pain meds since the day after surgery. Eating different meats and even had a couple bites of bread with no problems. In fact i went to the beach on Monday with the family (didnt get in the water tho). Only problem I've had is running out of energy faster than before the surgery. I'm sure that's normal though.
  9. No we're not in the same room. Although that would be hilarious. But it is good to know that I'm not the only one that has gone thru this.
  10. I wouldn't complain if I could've at least tasted the food LOL
  11. I gotta have my guac. Their guacamole is so good
  12. I was a Chipotle addict before surgery and it looks like I continue one YESSSSS!!!!
  13. Last night I swear I had a dream that tortured me for at least 6 hours. I was an Asst Mgr. of a buffet restaurant. It was the best looking buffet I've ever seen (duh it was a dream lol). Everywhere I turned there was food. Big humongous mounds of it in big long serving pans. It was horrible! My first night home from the hospital and I'm dreaming of eating food in ways that will never happen again. UGGH!! I'm glad it's over. LOL Ok I'm off to drink a protein shake Mmmmm
  14. She has been wonderful to me thru all of this. I learned a lot from her before going into surgery and now she's helping me stay on track after. Seeing her success cancelled any second thoughts of backing out right out of my mind.