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  1. After the first month or so, my absolute lifesaver was soup with some kind of meat-based broth for the protein. It always went down so well and helped me get some protein, because I never did the protein drinks. Luckily, I live with my folks and my Mom made home made soups for a while for me.
  2. My hair loss started at 2 1/2 months post-op, then stopped at 6 months post op. I've never gotten in the proper amount of protein, but the hair loss didn't last overly long. The sprouts were spotted by my stylist shortly after it stopped falling out. I'd say I lost about a 3rd of my hair, luckily from all over and not in patches. I had to use Drano a couple times in the shower drain, but I haven't had to use it since around October. So, hang in there. I'm sure it's different for everyone, but hopefully an end will come!
  3. Hi all, I'm 3.5 weeks out, and my nausea is actually debilitating. I don't feel like doing anything, which has always been the case when nauseous. I'm doing everything I'm supposed to, but would like to exercise and get out more. But, the nausea kills all attempts. What's the average time it takes to go away? Thank you!
  4. Thanks Shiver. While we're waiting, can I ask you about your pain/bloating, since you're a few days ahead of me, and all our stats except age are similar? I got a bit better yesterday, but in spite of doing everything I'm supposed to, I'm having relapse today in bloating. I can't wear the sweats I was wearing yesterday... ouch.
  5. I'm 6-7 days post op (Lap RNY on 5/20, re-opened on 5/21 due to complications to see if there was a blockage ). I get a heaving hiccup just from yawning sometimes. Otherwise, I get these hiccups here and there and man, do they hurt! Is this common, and will they stop? They're not really slowing down... Thanks for any insight! Marlee
  6. You should try to only share with people you trust and who will be supportive. My cousins and Mom do not want me to do this (they are thin, of course). They don't want me fat, they think it is too "radical". I've tried telling them that this is the best chance for permanent weight loss after years of trying and failing, and that it is simply a valuable tool for achieving a healthy life. My son is 19 and says go for it. He will be the one caring for me after the surgery. I guess time will tell!!! When I'm healthier, more active (and, more beautiful), they will understand that this was the best choice for ME. P.S. It's day two of the liquid diet and I'm HUNGRY!!! But, I'm going to sail through it, one day at a time!
  7. Thank you everyone! My next question is this: Once I become qualified (hopefully) and am approved and have a surgery date scheduled, what if my weight goes back under 40 BMI during the intervening time? I know it will go way down during the liquid diet. Is the health insurance contacted again with my weight prior to surgery, and if so, will that disqualify me again? Boy, when people talk about a long and painful journey, they are not kidding.
  8. Thanks tbott! I have BCBS federal basic also. I can't believe how hard it is to gain weight at this point - arghhh. This is ridiculous. I'm thinking the insurance woman at my surgeon's office was crabby. She really put me on a downer! I'm going to be bugging them to get my case in quickly. I've seen a few others that were approved in a day by BCBS federal too. Thanks for the encouragement, everyone! Maybe I'll sleep better tonight...
  9. Thank you both! Thanks for the WLS/fibromyalgia info. I knew that significant weight loss helps it quite a bit. BCBS doesn't consider fibromyalgia a comorbidity. But, that is one of the main reasons I decided to do this. Both my fibromyalgia and my arthritis are making my working life very difficult, and I have to do something. The insurance lady was negative and kind of pissy. Maybe she's got PMS today, I'll give her the benefit of the doubt. She's the first non-supportive influence so far. My nutritionist is awesome, though. My surgeon said to come back this year, and that's what I'm doing. One more visit with the Psych and Nutritionist (with the qualifying weigh-in), and I'm ready. Thanks!
  10. Hi all, I'm new here. I've already gotten lots of useful stuff from this forum, it's a great resource! Anyway, has anybody been disapproved by BCBS (federal employee) because their record showed that they gained weight to qualify? Last fall (October 2nd 2009), I was 16 pounds under 40 BMI (no comorbidities). The surgeon said to come back again next year. Needless to say, the holidays did the job and I didn't have to gain "on purpose". My fibromyalgia and arthritis pain also "helped" to keep me somewhat inactive. Now I am only 2 pounds under BMI, and will be weighed in 2 weeks. My nutritionist and I am confident that I will make the 40 BMI. Naturally, all of these weights are recorded in my file. However, the insurance person seems to think I'll be disqualified for a 16-pound gain because it looks like it's on purpose. We all know that just wearing different clothes or having your period can make your weight different. Splitting hairs!! Anybody else have a similar experience, and what was the result?