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  1. Self Pay Question

    I'm self pay :-( I've done everything that my surgeon requires for the surgery to take place. I'm waiting on a surgery date. Does it usually take this long to get a call to schedule surgery when you're self pay? This Friday I will have waited two weeks from the date that i am sure that they had EVERYTHING they needed on me. I thought it would happen faster for me once everything was finished because we didn't have to wait for approval from the ins. co. I know every surgeon is going to be different and you guys can't possibly have a definitive answer for me... BUT... any ideas?
  2. my surgery is on nov 2 :) how about you? sorry i forgot :D i'm so so so excited!!!

  3. Sounds great to me! When is your surgery date? All of my appointments are done and I've passed them all. I'm self pay :-( so I don't have to wait for insurance approval BUT, I'm still waiting on my surgeon's office to call and set the date for my surgery. I'm absolutely going crazy waiting!

  4. I've seen a lot of talk on the boards about celebrate vitamins. Does anyone have any thoughts or opinions on Opurity? I've tried the unjury protein powder and I thought it was pretty good, so I thought I might try the vitamins. I haven't had my gastric bypass surgery yet and I'm still trying to learn about everything.
  5. Hi and thanks for all the welcoming words! SuzyQ- I know what you mean! I have been working toward getting all these appointments checked off my list for ages! I have a "bariatric exclusion" in my healthy insurance policy. The policy actually specifically states that they won't cover anything related to bariatric surgery even in the case of sleep apnea or heart disease. Of course this makes me really unhappy for a million reasons... specifically since I pay a lot of money each month for a "good' health insurance policy. If anybody is curious about my insurance nightmares... they are all posted here, on my blog. I'm soooo ready to get a surgery date!
  6. hi adot! Lets keep in touch? since we're having the surgery about the same time i would love for us to be a bit of support to eachother if your up for it :)

  7. Hi everybody. I relatively new here. I think I have made a couple of posts here in the past when I was still trying to find out how insurance worked. Now I know how insurance works! For me: it doesn't. I'm a self pay patient. Even being a self pay patient it has taken me SO long to get all of my ducks in a row to be able to do this surgery. I had my psych eval last week, which was the final test for the surgery. This coming week I should be getting a call from the surgeon's office to set a date for surgery. I'm thinking that I will get my surgery the last week of October or the first week of November. I'll know more soon and I'm sure I'll post it... I'll be so excited I'll need to tell the world! This has been a long road. I've considered the surgery for about 4 years, but I actively started trying to make it happen 10 months ago. I'm 5'7 and 265. High Blood Pressure, diabetes, sleep apnea and high cholesterol. I look forward to reading your stories and sharing this journey. :-) A
  8. Please forgive the bit of a rant that follows but I really would appreciate some advice: I have BCBS of AL and an exclusion on my policy. It isn't my employers fault- BCBS of AL does not offer bariatric coverage in ANY policies for small companies or individuals. I checked into it myself, I'm certain I think this is terrible but who cares what I think? I only pay 300+ per month for health insurance (plus 35 per pcp visit, plus 15-60 per med) So- I'll be self pay if I get to do this at all. So now my choices are: 14,800 for gastric bypass but I will have ZERO coverage for any complications or 30,000 for gastric bypass with complication coverage through BLIS I'm a single mother with very limited income. 14,8 will be very hard to get. 30k means beg, borrow and steal (no joke). Not having the surgery means ... well, you know what that means if you are on this board and you also have serious co-morbidities. Would you risk the complications? If I have any complications I would have no choice but to declare bankruptcy because there is no way I would be able to pay anything beyond the 14,8. A blood clot would completely break me. I know the decision is ultimately mine but I'm really desperate and looking for advice or ideas. thanks
  9. Self pay question

    Thanks for the input everybody. Looks like my surgeon isn't part of the BLIS program but it does give me hope that something else like it could exist.
  10. I'm going to be a self pay patient as I've found that my health insurance has a gastric bypass exclusion. :-( This may be a dumb question but does anyone know if there is any kind of extra "surgery insurance" that can be purchased in case of complications? Thanks in advance.
  11. Today I called BCBS of AL to find out if bariatric surgery was covered under my particular plan. They said it is not covered. I then asked if there are any other plans under BCBS of AL that do cover bariatric surgery. They said that there are not any plans at BCBS of Alabama that cover bariatric surgery. I know this is incorrect because there are people all over the boards that have BCBS of ALABAMA and have been approved. Did I ask the question incorrectly? IS there specific language that I should use when asking BCBS of AL about bariatric surgery? Has anyone had a similar experience?
  12. Starting My 6 Months!

    I think I went far enough back on this thread to find what I was looking for.... THANK YOU!!!
  13. Starting My 6 Months!

    OK, I'm desperate. Can anyone tell me what I need to be sure my pcp documents when I go in to start my 6 months? I know I should probably just wait and see the surgeon to find out what info must be documented but, I'm really desperate to get the ball rolling. I've been to wls seminars before but, I never got a form to give to a pcp. March 11th is my next seminar and at that time I will get an appointment scheduled with the surgeon. So yeah, if I wait to talk to the surgeon, I'm looking at maybe 2 or 3 months from now to eve begin my 6 months. I just can't stand sitting here getting nowhere. I know different insurance companies may have different info that they require from the pcp. I have BCBS. Any assistance is greatly appreciated and I know these things might even change over time. But can someone just tell me what info their surgeon and insurance expects from their pcp? Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post.
  14. Starting My 6 Months!

    After reading all the stories on here of people starting their six months and then being told it wasn't right or good enough, I've decided to start my 6 months after I meet my surgeon. Why do these insurance companies do this to us? I have a BMI of 40 and tons of co-morbidities for at least 3 years. What they are doing to me seems cruel. I've lost weight down to 36 bmi several times in the last 3 years.