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  1. hey I am in SD too and I am about to do the surgery in a few months..

  2. im with tricare prime on the west coast...i went thru the on base mtf so everything was covered and no approvals were needed. its easier to just stick with the mtf and not have to worry about drs off base and tricare being a pain. although ive never had a problem with tricare.
  3. i eat every three hours....keeps me from wanting food and wanting things that are bad. the RD said this is the best way to keep from being hungry. trust me, if i miss an hour im suffering :-/
  4. i know how you feel. when i was in the hospital i had to have 6 bags of veins were burning....turns out the drip was too fast so we slowed it down. all turned out ok though.
  5. ok, so i am one year and 2 months post op. i have lost 30 pounds of the 60 i needed to lose only to have gained 20 of it back. can you guess the culprit?? medications that are supposed to help, but instead have hindered. i have stopped taking all meds except BC and my B12 shots and vitamins and the weight almost immediately dropped back off...only 6 more to go to be where i was right after the surgery. has anyone else had this problem? i refuse to sabotage myself with all these prescription pills. i honestly believe when ppl say that antidepressants and anti-anxiety meds make you gain weight. even when hitting the gym and eating right. i am taking the natural approach to this now. input?? thanks
  6. The cushings was negative, all other labs were ok. Im taking all my vitamins. I need to be more patient also. I only have 30 pounds to go....ugh
  7. UPDATE ok so i am still at 163 and i am 7 months post op. i think i might not be exercising enough...
  8. I found out that sleevers absord pills but RNYers dont. So we can that BC pills...
  9. I know its common to bleed and cramp after insertion, but i havent bleed since the day they put it in and now ive got what seems to be a period...normal??
  10. First off, How do you like Bragg? I miss it!! do you like the paraguard...i wanna get that if they take the mirena out.
  11. my hair started falling out and was getting pretty bad but i upped my B12 and all is well now.
  12. I went to the doctor and had him check and sure enough it has moved. When it was put in the strings were long and now they are barely visible. So I get to have an ultrasound next week to see where it went to lol.
  13. I pretty much was told this was my only option for BC after surgery. Which is fine, I do not mind. I do not have kids yet so the insertion was hell. Anyways, has anyone had the issue with not being able to find the strings of the IUD?? I've had it three months and I could feel the strings perfectly fine in the beginning, but when I checked a few days ago....nothing. I am making an appointment to have it checked because they told me to come in if I ever could not find them. I have also been having severe lower abdominal cramping. I am thinking it either expelled its self from my body or it has moved and is in another position.
  14. mine was actually caused from the depressor they use to open up your cut the inside of my throat