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    My thanks to those who share

    I would like to say thank you to so many of you who have shared your knowledge and experiences regarding your weight loss stories. I had no idea when I joined this forum that I would learn more information than could ever be learned from a book. I feel more than ready for my gastric bypass surgery coming up in March. I know I will have many questions as I go through the process and I also know exactly where to get the answers! I log in here at least once or twice a day to see what’s new and I always learn something. Even though I don’t know any of you personally I feel like we’re friends. I look forward to my new healthier life and to sharing my experiences as I go. Thanks again!
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    Exciting news

    Okay so here goes... My doctor decided to have me get my blood redrawn at their lab because he had suspicion that my results from Monday were not accurate (my home nurse drew Monday's labs and had to take them to a lab so could be why) guess what my labs are still normal at 3.5 this girl is officially back on the schedule for Monday the 29th to get my revision. So if you all will keep me in your thoughts by this time Monday i will hopefully be heading in the right direction to better health and rejoining all of you on the losers bench.
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    Things are looking up

    I wanted to share my good news with my tt family. I found a new job and start my orientation on Monday. I am super excited that things have been going in the right direction since my revision. You all know this has been a long bumpy road.
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    Checking in - 10 Months out

    Hi Ya'll! I've been terrible about checking in these last few months. Lots of changes at work and home and all this crazy ice that we're not supposed to see in Texas. I started my first college class last week so that's taking up my energies as well. I sifted through some photos and you guys are killing it! @Nana Trish @NerdyToothpick just to name a few. So inspiring to see everyone's success. I am still 18lbs from goal but I feel better than I ever have. I am so ready to be at a place of maintenance and to get to the size I'm going to stay so I can shop! Lucky for me, I still have lots of hand me down clothes from a friend. But those are getting more and more scarce. I'm including a 1 year apart Christmas photo. Woof I can't believe that was me. The second was a pic I took a few weeks ago before going out with a girlfriend.
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    People Are The Worst

    Maybe she just assumed since you're so hot now, somebody had to hit that, fast!
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    Nana Trish


    I did it!! I didn't have time to post yesterday, but I finally did it! 9 months after surgery, and 11 months from starting my pre op diet.....
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    Picture updates

    I haven't posted in a bit, and feel like I'm behind the 8 ball because work is so insanely busy lately and have been working a lot of hours. The single pic was taken yesterday (7 mos out). It was the first time I wore my hair pulled back in a long time, and I felt like I could really see the changes starting to occur in my face...I almost didn't recognize myself in the bathroom mirror at work...lol! The other pictures are day of surgery & from about 3 weeks ago (about 6.5 months Post op). I actually had my shirt tucked in for the first time in forever! Can't believe I'm down over 84 pounds in 7 months! I had a rough month last month as they increased my carbs, protein, and calories and I gained 5.5 pounds. I really struggled losing what I gained & finding the balance, so I backed off the carbs a bit and started to slowly drop. Now I lost all I that and a couple more! Next week we officially start the gym....gulp!
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    What a year can do

    This is me, all around 1 1/2 to 2 years ago, at my highest weight, between 275 and 290. I had type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, my knees hurt, and I took ibuprofen daily, sometimes multiple times a day. I had headaches constantly. I was taking about 7 different prescription meds. I was extremely unhappy with life by this point. I hated the way I had to dress (nothing off the rack fit). I wore the exact same clothes daily. (I had multiples of the same shirt, same pants, etc because I knew how to make them work and where to order them). So 5 pair of the same pants, 14 of the exact same shirt, etc. I despised seeing my reflection in a window. I was just so miserable inside. I finally overcame insurance issues and in Jan 2017 contacted a bariatric surgeon in CA (I'm in Alaska), and in Feb 2017, began her "liver shrinking diet" which was very low-carb at first, lean meats and veggies, gradually giving up meals and transitioning to protein shakes. By Nov 10, 2017 (surgery day) I weighed 217, down from 275 in Feb. I weighed 211 at my one-week follow up. Today, one year after my start date, I weigh 170. This is me tonight at church (I play that gorgeous piano every week)... I can tell you, life is SO MUCH BETTER on the other side of WLS. I love how I get to dress now. I finally feel like the REAL ME is being reflected in the clothes that I wear. I take a single prescription drug, for asthma, and probably will for life (have since I was 18). I haven't needed a painkiller post-op at ALL, except for a week that I had the flu. I'm only three months out and I have a lot to learn yet. My mind is still numb to these changes. When I see fat me, it is getting harder to identify with that person, and also those pics make sad and angry because I hated my life at that point. Not like, suicidal hate, just the lifestyle of the fat and miserable. I'm so excited about who I see reflected in the post office glass when I walk up to the building every day, and never in a million years could I have imagined that things could feel this good, and that I would be so happy with the person that emerged. I became inspired by watching @TP1210's own WLS surgery experience play out here on TT, all the way up to his surgery day and after. It was when I really thought to myself, "wow, I think this surgery thing is right for me!". But on the whole, TT in general is what kept me motivated once I made the decision, but started having insurance obstacles. This family of people is SO awesome.
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    4 years out

    I am amazed that it has been 4 years since my surgery! It was the best thing I could have done for my health. Strangely I am still never hungry, so I have to make sure I eat healthy. I have been at 140lbs for 18 months now. I feel great...but still 4 years older
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    Back from the Winter Walk!

    The Boston Winter Walk for the Homeless, that is. It was sooooo cold and rainy, but also kind of awesome! I did the full two miles, and didn’t ever feel like I was holding anyone back. So great to be able to get out and move and do things. I’m freezing and soaked to the skin, but overall, very happy I didn’t chicken out!!! Me (left) and Leah at the end of the walk, just before heading back to the train:
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    Life so far after VSG

    So I am 7 weeks post VSG. So much has changed in so little time. I know its just the beginning but I am amazed on how much difference this tool has done for my life. First off, I had regret. At first I didn't until I started eating real foods. I hated that I didn't enjoy foods as much, that 1 bite and I was done. Now I couldn't be happier with the results. Yes your eating ways change and at first it may not feel as if you've done something good but trust it and just make better decisions and it will. I have tried pizza, chicken strips, fries, and most of the bad stuff. I didn't realize how bad and strong head hunger and food addiction was until this surgery. I honestly don't like these bad foods anymore. The more I chew the more I realize the taste is different and it just doesn't make me crave it. My food choices have changed and I am eating better. I also incorporated gym again and I am melting the pounds away. My heaviest weight was 368 lbs. I am currently 306. I can now walk to my office from my car and not be sweating and out of breath. I can finally tie my shoes and not have to hold my breath while tying them. I walked for 2 hours the other day hiking with my girlfriend and my back wasn't hurting and neither was my knee. My energy is through the roof! I feel happier, better, more alive. I cant wait to see what other amazing things change in my life. So if you're reading this and are on the fence about getting surgery then take my advice and go for it. It is honestly the best decision of my life. It literally saved my life. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Sorry if it sounds rushed I have been up since 5 am and I am still half asleep lol
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    This is a milestone day for me! In April of this year, at 355# and a BMI of 62, with borderline high blood pressure and blood sugar plus sleep apnea, my surgeon assured me insurance approval would not be a problem. He said I was basically a textbook case. Actually his words were “under the criteria for insurance approval, there’s a picture of you.” (Sounds awful, but it wasn’t - it was both reassuring and true!) As of this morning, I’m at 225# - with a BMI of 39.9! That is below my insurance company’s automatic approval range, plus my blood pressure and blood sugar are normal and I no longer have sleep apnea. I am officially *too healthy* for automatic approval!!!
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    Hi guys, Doing great over here. I'm down 57 pounds from my highest weight ever - about 40 of that is since surgery. From an eating perspective, things are good. I am not one of the lucky ones who lost my appetite post WSL, but as a longtime foodie, I love finding and coming up with recipes that are both favorable from a nutritional standpoint and yummy. Portion control, a concept that once eluded me, is now my middle name. Yay for tiny ramekins with lids! I just had my blood work done in anticipation of my 3-month appointments which are later this month and the results look really good. The only thing that is not in the ideal range is my iron. It's not crazy-low, but it's lower than it should be. I'm currently taking Flinstone's chewables (among other supplements), and the aftertaste of the iron totally grosses me out, so I'm a little miffed that I'm not at least seeing the benefit in my numbers. I'll definitely be speaking with my nutritionist about whether or not I can switch to the kind you swallow. Fingers crossed she's on board. I joined a gym a couple of weeks ago and have been absolutely loving it (omg did I just say that?). I'm not doing anything fancy - just intervals on the treadmill for now - but I'll be meeting with a trainer next week (I get 4 free sessions with my membership), and look forward to adding weights. I'm a huge music nerd, so making playlists for each workout has been a fun and motivating part of my routine. My energy level is through the roof and I find myself taking the stairs or walking super fast from my car into the office just to burn some of it off. The most noticeable change for me (besides loose-fitting clothes) is in my mood and confidence level. I find myself wanting to be out and about way more. There's a bounce in my step again that had been missing for about a decade. I still have a long way to go, but I feel so capable of not only continuing on this journey, but enjoying myself thoroughly along the way. This is the new me!
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    Why are YOU here?

    I visited a new surgeon today and while I was waiting for my appointment, I made small talk with a man and his wife. The gentleman in question had been sleeved a week earlier. He looked confused and blurred out “why are YOU here?”. When I told him that I had gastric bypass in April, his jaw literally dropped to the floor. I have never seen someone so visibly shocked and it made me chuckle. He started to stutter and kept looking at me up and down. I didn’t mind. I got it 100%. I remember sitting in the hospital and thinking that I couldn’t possibly lose as much weight as had been promised. I softly (because I am LOUD) said, this will happen to you. Trust the process and follow the plan. I wanted to tell him about TTF but I was called away for my appointment. I wished him well and went along my way. I cant believe that it’s been almost ten months since my surgery. I wish I had found TTF or a support group prior to surgery. This interaction made me thankful for my TT family and recognize the importance of paying it forward. I did feel like a supermodel for a brief moment...
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    This is just something I posted on another board - not specifically a weight loss board, but one I frequent. It's kind of a catch-all advice site, and someone had asked how she could get herself motivated to try to lose weight again, when she had already tried everything, and everything had failed her. She mentioned her family - a wife and kids - and wanting to be able to be active with them, and to not be in pain all the time. I assumed, with the comment about constant pain, that she was probably of a weight that would qualify her for WLS - though she never stated it, just said she had a "significant" amount of weight to lose. She listed all the stuff she had tried and failed - low carb, low fat, keto, paleo, fasting, intermittent fasting, therapy. She was looking for -- I don't know, maybe encouragement, maybe support, maybe just some mental tricks to help convince herself that trying again was worth it. You guys, it made me so. Damn. MAD! I was literally shaking with anger on her behalf as I read it. Take away the wife and kids, and she could have been me a year ago. I was also desperate - but I knew that I was at the bottom of my bag of mental tricks. I had given up on trying to eat rationally - it never worked, and it always made things worse. Even worse than failure was success that was inevitably followed by failure - I knew I couldn't go through that again. But there's so much predatory crap in the diet and fitness industry, and so many people have bought into it when damn it, there IS an easier way out! Not even just an easier way - for most of us who have/had substantial weight to lose, right now it's the ONLY way out. It's just that almost nobody wants to talk about it! So I responded, and maybe it wasn't the response she was looking for, but it felt good to just be honest about it. I didn't even do it anonymously, so my usual "handle" was out there for everybody to see. Everyone else who responded to her was suggesting "Maybe if you thought about it this way" or "the trick is to find exercise you love" or "only eat after 2pm and before midnight, like a gremlin"... And that's all fine advice for maintenance, but it's all basically crap when you're 100 lbs or more overweight. At that point, your body is so out of whack it's going to take a miracle for diet and exercise to be anything but a pointless torment for you. Anyway... here's what I said to her. I'm posting it here because I don't want to lose track of it - other forums come and go, but TT is home! ~ ~ ~ So, I can't tell from your post how much extra weight you're carrying. What I'm going to say is tailored specifically toward women who are seriously obese. It's coming from the perspective of a woman who has been fat all her life, and who topped the scales at 350 lbs, and whose obesity is now in remission. The fact that you have tried everything and nothing has worked makes you dead normal. It is vanishingly rare for anyone who is significantly overweight to be able to lose that weight through diet/exercise and keep it off long-term. Only something like 5% of people can do it, and many of those do it by turning weight loss into a career. Trying to fix obesity with diet and exercise is like trying to repair a computer with a hammer - the harder you try, the more you @~$& up the machine. Please believe that you haven't done anything wrong. You haven't failed. You've got exactly as much willpower and inner strength as any normal-weight person. People who are thinner than you don't have any secrets. They are what they are because their bodies LET them be what they are, not because they're just that awesome. You don't need another way of thinking about dieting or a better way of motivating yourself to exercise or managing your emotions about your weight. And you certainly don't need therapy -- unless it's to get over the piles of mental and emotional crap society has been shoveling onto you since you gained your first five extra pounds. There is nothing wrong with you. Let me repeat, with greater emphasis: There is nothing wrong with you! Nobody really knows how weight loss works physiologically. Certainly nobody in the scientific community devoted to the study of obesity. Believe me, I have made a PhD-level survey of the literature. Everybody knows how to lose weight in the short term; nobody knows how to keep it off long-term. At this point in our scientific understanding of weight loss, there is only one thing that reliably reverses obesity for the seriously obese - and that's weight loss surgery. It works really well for most seriously obese people who have it - while diet and exercise alone only work for about 5% of them. But since most people still tend to view obesity as a character flaw rather than a physical illness, most people (and most doctors) will just advise you to diet more and exercise harder. Hell, that's what we tell ourselves, too. It's somehow comforting to think that if we were better people, diet and exercise would work for us. It's not so comforting to admit that they probably never will. I'm not responding here to preach. I just wish someone had told me fifteen years ago, "Hey, you're not weak. You're just sick. There's a physical cure for it, you should look into it" instead of telling me to eat less fat, or fewer carbs, or go to the gym more, or see a therapist. Because I wasted literally years of my life eating less of whatever and exercising more and examining my emotions and adjusting my mental state -- but what finally cured my obesity was a couple of hours with a surgeon, who rerouted my insides and gave me a shiny new metabolism that allowed me to return to a normal weight. TL;DR: If you're in the weight range that would qualify you for weight loss surgery, I would seriously suggest you look into it, because it's a simple and safe procedure that corrects the metabolic processes that keep you fat. Science doesn't know for sure why it works, but they know that for most people, it does. I'm convinced that for the seriously obese, any other advice is basically woo. ~ ~ ~
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    Thoughts on 2 years out!

    Hello everyone, Thanks to those who sent me emails. Life has been so busy lately that i've fallen off. I'm so sorry, I still see NSVs and some other topics I follow and love to see how you all are doing. School is busy and challenging (believe it or not, hahaha). Not to mention the emotional impact of switching careers at 46 and being out of the house for full time hours (without full time pay) while raising a family and keeping my husband happy! Here's my thoughts on 2 years out. I write this because when i was pre-op and in the honeymoon phase, I wanted so badly to hear from folks who were further out to help me know what to expect. Lots of us fall off the further we get out, for many reasons, so we don't get to benefit from hearing from many who are further out. (Of course there are the wonderful exceptions of cinwa, tom, res, gaviv, stephtay, clickn, etc). Anyway, here we go: The threat of regain is real. your appetite comes back more than you would think it could, as the sleeve relaxes as it heals. If you're relying only on the feeling of restriction to maintain your weight, you may be screwed. My theory is that your honeymoon has more than one stage. There's the immediate post op stage, where it's impossible to eat and you are miserable. The swelling in your pouch/sleeve is the most it'll ever be. I also believe that there is a malabsorption factor during the healing stage (yes, even with sleevers) that helps with the rapid weight loss. For me, at about 7-8 mos post op, I thought my honeymoon period was over. I was able to get more in my sleeve and my appetite increased. A lot. But, i continued to lose and got 5lb below my low goal weight of 135. i believe it's because there was still swelling and a degree of malabsorption. By 14-15mos out, my appetite was fully back and I found I can eat much, much more than I could before. Of course, just because you can doesn't mean you should. if you spend any time on these boards, you've seen that expression time and time again. So, where i was maintaining 130-133 pretty effortlessly for a good while, at 14-15 mos out i had "regain" to 137-139. I started changing up strategies but found myself hungry a lot. I believe my sleeve is fully healed now, allowing for more room, and the malabsorption is over. That, along with larger portions, have been my struggle. If you add to that the stress of a major career change, I am struggling. Every day I struggle. Every. Single. Day. Today i weighed 140.5. I wonder if there is a nadir we reach, where we're the lowest we'll ever be, and then a rebound weight gain as we heal of about 5-10lb. I wonder if 130 was too low for me. I am still slim and can fit into all but my smallest clothes (just one pair of jeans in a size 2 don't fit comfortably. my 4s do, just not quite as nicely). I did notice that my terrible tailbone pain is finally gone, after a year of awful pain- but i wonder if it also has to do with the bit of extra lbs i have on. So that's where I sit at 25+ mos out. In many ways, you can forget you ever even had surgery. This is good and bad. I get back on the horse every day. Thinking of changing my goal weight from 135 to140. Menopause is in full effect and I'm sure it's doing me no favors. For those who may think I am obsessing over 5lb? Yes, yes I am. I think we all know how quickly 5lb can turn to 20 or 40. I have to keep fighting. My therapist once said my weight will always be my bear in the woods. She was so right. I'm proud to say I'm still in the game, maintaining as best I can, and STILL DO NOT EAT SWEETS! Hooray! WLS vets, please feel free to add to this!!!! Everyone else, tell me how you're doing!!! xoxoxxo
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    I weighed in at 134 on my 14 month surgiversary, which puts me right in the “holding steady” window. I lost a couple of pounds and was down at 132 for a couple of weeks or so, but started piling on the calories to stop that. It worked. Or, something I did worked, but I have no idea if it’s that or something else. This is all just experimentation so far. I am now eating (hang onto your hats, people) between 1800 and 2000 calories per day and maintaining. That seems totally incredible to me, in several ways. First of all, I’ve always gained weight eating that much - when I’ve been thin before, I’ve gained while eating 1200 calories per day and feeling like I was starving. So, apparently, something in me has been fixed. I can eat how much I should for my body size, sex, age, and activity level. Shocking. Second, I can’t believe I can stuff than many calories into my body after a year of eating 800 per day. It’s taken some work, and it takes some strategizing, but I’m managing. Third, I’ve had WLS and was expecting to top out at, what, maybe 1200-1400 calories per day afterwards? We’ll see how this goes long-term, but so far, I just keep losing if my intake is in that neighborhood. I’m eating about 6-8 small meals per day, which means eating a meal, waiting an hour, drinking a bunch of water, and then eating the next meal. It’s a lot of eating. I’m also focusing on calorie dense stuff, so lots of cheese, olive oil, coconut milk, peanut butter, and other stuff like that. I’m getting like 100+ grams of protein per day, easy, not even trying, just because I’m eating a lot of high protein stuff still. My carbs are between 50 and 100 per day (I can feel it if they go higher - I tend to get that gnawing hungry feeling). The rest is fat, so lots of that (about half of my day’s calories). It’s very very very strange to feel like I HAVE to eat so much. Nice problem to have, though, I suppose, all things considered. I’m not eating unhealthy stuff at all still (no refined carbs even, just fruit and veg carbs, plus a teensy bit of whole grain, like wheat berries in a salad, plus a square of 90% chocolate most nights) so I’m not going crazy or anything. My size is shrinking a little bit still from going to the gym a lot. I’ve been lifting weights and getting stronger, so that’s nice, plus now I look like a gym person, so I don’t feel out of place there. Although my weight has stayed the same, I lost an inch off my waist this month, so my clothes are still getting a bit looser over time, although not at the rapid pace that was happening for a while there. A nice NSV today: I went bathing suit shopping. I’ve been swimming in rash guard type thing (top with sleeves, bottom with legs) since last fall (after not swimming at all for a long time, which is really sad because I love swimming, but hated putting on a bathing suit). However, next weekend, we’re going to a nice hotel with a pool and since it will be full of Western people, the rash guard will probably look like overkill. It’s practical for swimming at beaches with a lot of locals, as I’m not offending anyone with my uncovered flesh (I live in a Muslim country), but at a hotel will be different. I went to the store, grabbed three suits, and all of them fit just fine and looked fine. I didn’t want to jump off a bridge or run screaming and crying from the store (this is genuinely a first for me). My legs are pretty jello-y and have some loose skin, but hey, it’s nothing like I was before. I went home with the most glamorous of the three, a black tankini style one with ruching and structure and straps that make it look like an old-fashioned 1950s type of suit, but without looking matronly. I think I will look somewhat elegant. Let’s hear it for tankinis, so much more comfortable that normal one-piece suits. I generally find two piece suits to be more comfortable, but bikinis are a no-go at the pool at work, so that’s out the window. Most of my colleagues are Muslim, so bikinis are a step too far for the staff club pool. Scandalous! Another funny NSV happened when going to visit a bunch of Bronze Age tombs a couple of weekends ago (Oman is full of these things). We came upon a bunch of them, and these were pretty well preserved with little tunnels in the sides - one of the people we were with crawled inside and convinced me to, as well (hello, Indiana Jones). We went inside a few others, but then happened upon one with a smaller entry to the tunnel. Here are the surprising words I heard at this point: “Get Jen. She’s small. She’ll fit in this one.” And I did, although it was a bit of a squeeze for my shoulders and booty. And I was the only one who did, so I had to take pictures inside to show the others, all while I was quietly dying of laughter and smirking with glee. Long-term NSV - I’ve been going hiking about twice a week recently - this is fantastic. I’m really enjoying it now that it’s so much easier, and I don’t even usually get winded at all. I still have to be very careful of my knees (and now hip, hello old people problems) but otherwise am just fine. This is an extremely treacherous place to hike, so careful is fine. It’s mostly loose jagged rocks on unmarked trails - not for the faint of heart. Anyway, I’m busy planning tons of hiking trips in my future, which is a great feeling, since I had all but given that up for lost as I gained a lot of weight. My current project is trying to figure out my style and dress more in a coordinated, purposeful way. Fortunately, the blogosphere is full of people wanting to help me do that, so I’m busy reading blogs and looking at stuff on Pinterest. It’s nice not to have to dress in whatever fits and covers me up well and doesn’t draw attention to my fat, but it’s a bit daunting to be able to wear basically whatever I want. The available choices drive me a bit crazy - I can buy anything anywhere. It was easier when it was, “Hey, this long dark somber number covers me up just perfectly! I hardly even look fat if I squint hard enough and stand at this weird angle and dim the lights. I’ll take one of each in black, charcoal, and navy, please.” One blogger I like pretty well is https://anuschkarees.com/ - she has a lot of advice on how to pare down your wardrobe to useful stuff only, not buy too too much, and still have a good style (including tips on how to figure out what your style actually is), without any preaching about what different body types should wear. Female Fashion Advice on Reddit has been fairly helpful, as well - just to get an idea of what other people do, and to see how other people put outfits together in a way that seems way more purposeful than how I do it (make sure everything is black or white, then if you decide to wear a color or print it will look fine!). Anyway, I’m searching for direction on “how not to just buy everything you try on just because you’re so thrilled that it looks good on you, even though it totally does not go with anything else you own and you may never actually wear it because it’s so far outside of your fashion comfort zone, daily practicality requirements, or is age- and/or situation-inappropriate in your life.” Still suffering from weird body dysmorphia. Photos of me usually look to me like I’m thin. In the mirror, I usually look OK to myself (although less thin than in photos). But when I actually look at myself directly, like not in a mirror, but looking down at my body, I look pretty big to myself still. I’m looking down at my lap as I type this on my laptop. My thighs look big. My stomach looks like it sticks out too far. My knees look fat. Now I’m standing up, looking in the mirror. Nope, I look fine. Pretty thin. Sit back down. No, I was clearly mistaken. My thighs obviously need to lose a bit more weight. (no they don’t) It’s a constant battle. The voices in my head are a bit crazy-making at times. Some annoying things this month: I bought multivitamins at GNC. They seemed good. Good numbers. Then, I had a weird bout of insomnia for a couple of weeks. Randomly reading the back of my vitamins (as one does), I see they have added caffeine!!!! What?!?! I’m very sensitive to caffeine (that’s why I don’t drink coffee, well besides the fact that it tastes like poison). So, back to GNC to buy the ones with the same formula but without the word “Energy” in the name. Energy. Hmm. When I went back to get the non-caffeinated multis, I bought calcium, but of course, as I do, I bought a whole big jar of calcium carbonate. This, despite the fact that I know I do this and try to be careful about it. I think I just looked at one and grabbed the one next to it. Sometimes it’s like I’m illiterate when I’m at the store. Next misadventure at GNC: buying papaya enzymes. Looking for 45mg. Hey! This one has 45mg. I buy it, only to look more closely and figure out that it has 45mg of papaya fruit. 6mg of papayain (the actual enzyme). What is it with me and labels. Ryvita crackers can go to h3ll. Here where I live, finding crackers at all is hard (other than Ritz for some reason). Finding whole grain crackers is like finding the holy grail. I finally found a store that has Ryvitas! Super healthy! And they get stuck like cement in my pouch. I had them for several days in a row, and also had to vomit up whatever I ate next afterwards each day - including A. Glass. Of. Water. on the final day before I swore off Ryvitas. Yeah, it took me several days to figure out what was wrong - it was the crackers. Even if I give them more than an hour to digest, whatever I take in afterwards gets backed up and has to come back up, even if I take little bitty sips of water first to loosen things up or whatever. Now I have to eat cheese with no crackers again. Man, I’m looking forward to American crackers when I go home this summer. Which reminds me I need to throw those Ryvitas away before I get desperate for crackers someday, like maybe this evening… And photos from hiking the last couple of weekends. First, the tomb pictures. This weekend we went up into the mountains to see the roses blooming (we were at about 2000m - 6500 ft - so it's cool up there). They make rosewater from the roses, so they're the nice smelling kind!
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    I was off yesterday for the storm....and I ate well and drank all day long (120 oz)....and of course I was nearby the bathroom so I could urinate all day long too! Today the scale moved down 2#!!! So, the only thing I can conclude is that I need to quit my job and stay at home noshing on protein and drinking water all day long!!!
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    One year after surgery

    First Picture: 12/25/2014 426 Lbs. Second Picture: 3/7/2017 day of surgery 335 Lbs. Last Picture: 3/7/2018 one year later 207 Lbs. Blog about my surgery/recovery: https://www.thinnertimesforum.com/blogs/entry/10135-my-surgery-a-year-later/
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    NSV of the Week - whats yours?

    .... So .... Yesterday went cycling, as it was freakishly warm here in Metro Boston, and I wanted to get a ride in before the storm today. (We have a windy, rainy, cold and soon to be snowy, "nor'easter" today). As usual put on my (usually a bit too revealing) Spandex cycling tights - and they were too big! So I tried on the other two pair I own ... and they were too big too! I ended up wearing some bibbs because the chest suspenders keep the trousers part up, but those are pretty loose too. Interesting: my weight isn't much different from the fall of 2017, but my waist/butt/thighs must have gotten smaller! The sizing chart from Pearl Izumi (for their cycling shorts) has me as needing a Large, .... so I have gone down from a (very tight) XXL to a Large, skipping the XL size completely. Lalalalala, I love it!
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    My thanks to those who share

    That’s the way I look at it-we are all friends who have been in the same sinking boat. Wls was our life preserver out.. I was never told to expect stalls, hair loss (I was lucky and didn’t experience that), I found out about my dannon light and fit Greek yogurt, was told to take measurements on here. We all get it. Something many of our family and friends don’t.
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    I did it!!!!

    I was just saying to my husband that I don't think I have EVER lost 50#!!!! And now I did it in just 3.5 months!!!! How crazy is that?!?! I love my sleeve!!!
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    I'm doing fairly well. I'm still struggling to get all my water in. Also, we've had some major financial setbacks since my husband's layoff, so we are incredibly broke and I've had to cancel my gym membership (also Netflix and Hulu and basically anything not absolutely necessary). I'm going to work on exercising at home, though. It's pretty dire, so I'm looking at potentially having to get a second side gig and my husband's looking at potentially having to find a job (he's in school full-time, so we'd rather him be able to focus on that, but if needs must....). Anyway, that's a struggle. We've been in this situation before, though, so I'm hopeful that things will balance out quickly. I'm having a hard time wanting to eat sometimes. I have only actually had the feeling of hunger a couple of times since surgery, so there's no real physical drive to eat. I will have a mental drive to eat, but it's usually wanting things I can't have. I don't give into those urges, because the possibility of getting sick is a good deterrent for me and I don't want to get sick OR find out that certain things don't make me sick, thus negating the deterrent. Ugh. I get really bored with the stuff I can have, so I end up just not wanting to eat at all. This is problematic, of course. It's hard to get all my protein in when I don't want to eat. I've tried doing shakes again instead, but I want those even less than I want food! I'll get it figured out, though. I ate fine yesterday, though I had to somewhat force it. I'm always working on ways to spice up (literally) my meals and make them more interesting. It's having a nice effect on my creativity! This morning when I stepped on the scale, I had lost 3 lbs overnight. I'm pretty sure most of it was water weight, since I got in my 64 oz yesterday and my body probably decided it didn't need to hang onto water for dear life anymore. Haha! I've also been sick, though, so that could factor in. I'm not sure what's up. Anyway, that means I've lost 60 lbs total from when I walked into the clinic, 46 lbs since my surgery. I like to count from the day I had my first weigh-in because that's when my journey really began. It's when I made the decisions that led me here. I'm starting to notice that I feel better, especially my knees. This may be TMI, but sex is better. I have a little bit of self-consciousness going on about some loose skin I'm already getting, but I know I'll need to wait a while before even considering plastics, so I'm trying to just take it as it is. It doesn't seem to put anyone off. Haha! I'm feeling a little overwhelmed with work currently. My client count went waaaaaay up lately and it's been a lot. I'm "working from home" today while I'm sick, but I've fallen asleep twice and haven't been doing as much as I had planned. Still, I'm managing to stay afloat and I think it will be ok.
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    Pre op weight loss

    I did it. 301.8 down 7lbs from 3 weeks ago.
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    What Are You Wearing Today?

    Dress my amazing husband bought me for Christmas. Finally got to wear it out this past Friday night to the Joe Rogan show Size 10 by Guess. I don't love the pic because amazing husband isn't an amazing photographer and my bat wings are in full view. But I really did feel stellar.