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    2 year Surgiversary!

    I can't believe 2 years have gone by! The best 2 years of my life! So here's a photo from the day before surgery and here's today's photo.
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    I didn't tell many people before I got my sleeve. I've told just about everyone after the fact, with a predictable range of reactions, but I'd done my research, made my decision, and didn't want to be deterred. But I have two friends, both very skilled and experienced nurses, who I turn to for med advice, so I talked to them. They both got very serious and warned me that it is a terrible idea. They've seen "so many" bad outcomes. One works in peds and one in a pain office. While their general knowledge is very good, neither has any experience with bariatrics, endicrinology, cardiology, etc. So after a few frightening moments I had to realize that the outcomes they've seen are the same as the outcomes all of my negative relatives have seen -- they know somebody, or a few somebodies, who had the surgery. No doubt a lot of people suffer badly after the surgery -- years of obesity takes a horrible toll, and we humans are more inclined to whine about our suffering than bleat about our triumphs. If you tell people before your surgery, you may get the same -- the dire warnings, the pleadings not to do this. Although some people are invested in you not changing, most people are sincere in their concern. Advice is cheap, but when smart people you trust are staging an intervention, you should always stop and listen. You should also trust your doctor(s), and yourself. This is your health, and your life. You have to make your decision based on the most reliable, tested information available. If you're considering WLS, you already know the information: People who struggle with obesity can sometimes lose weight, but they will probably regain it. People who have WLS will lose, and will almost certainly keep at least part of that weight off. If they stay engaged with the process, they will almost certainly reach and stay at a healthy weight. People who stay obese suffer co-morbidities -- diabetes, heart disease, cancer, sleep apnea, loss of mobility, etc, and, as a result, and shortened life-span. People who have WLS may already have some of those conditions, which increases the risks of the surgery and the complications afterward. No matter how many individual cases are put before you, how anxious your daughters are, or how anxious you are, the simplified version of those facts is: If you are obese, you are in danger. Assuming you meet the criteria, WLS can save your life. It's like chemo. If you have a potentially deadly but treatable cancer, do you take the treatment? The chemo is poison, basically. You'll feel sick. There are scary risks. You may have pain, be on an emotional roller coaster, struggle with changes in your appearance. But you swallow hard and give the nice nurse your vein, because you want to get to the other side and live. Obesity is a life-threatening medical condition. Seriously, dude, this isn't about fitting into the cute clothes or showing up your sister. This is about saving your life. And transforming your life -- being able to do some of the other things the normals have been doing all along, savoring the textures of our all-too-short time here. So, speaking as a woman who is about 6 weeks out, struggling with body issues, nauseated about 20/7, can't figure out what the heck to eat (almost to the point of tears and I don't cry), can barely swallow even small pills so gags every morning, still has some pain, and sleep-walked through my first weeks back to work: I would do it again. I mean literally, if they said that I had to go back and do it again tomorrow to keep what I've got, I'd go without hesitation. You aren't choosing between getting the surgery, with all that means, or not getting the surgery, and avoiding that pain. You're choosing to live. Live.
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    3rd Surgiversary

    Just remembered that today's my 3rd surgiversary! I went from 270ish to a lowest weight of 139. My surgeon wanted me to be around 150 which is right where I stay now (although I prefer more like 145). Attached is the pic from 2013 that pushed me over the edge to WLS when I saw that my hubs could barely get his arms around me. The other is today (not the best pic- today's clothing choice was function over fashion). To the newbies- the "secret to success" is keeping an ongoing commitment to making healthy choices every time it's time to eat. It's not always easy but it's so worth it.
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    Under the sea

    Before WLS I would snorkel whenever I had the chance. My honeymoon was a tropical trip so my husband and I could snorkel! I am a life long water person. Learned to swim before I could walk. Was my father's first mate in many sailboat races before I was 10. Went on to teach sailing in my early 20's. I was always interested in scuba, but scared to try. I finally got up the nerve to try when I was approx 300 pounds. The dive master couldn't get me weighted right and I kept flipping on my back like a turtle due to all my belly weight. Then, she tried to drag me under. It was about as awful as it sounds. After I'd made the decision to have WLS, I made a long list of all the things I wanted to do after I lost weight: ride roller coasters, run a mile, get out of plus sizes, etc. On that list I added learn to scuba dive. For me, diving was a lofty goal. Between JAWS, my first attempt at scuba and a healthy respect for how quickly things can go wrong in water, I had a lot to overcome. I got certified last Fall and took my 2nd diving trip last week. What helped me to push through my fears about surgery and stick to the plan to lose weight (and try to stick to it to keep it off) was/is WLS was my one chance to hit the re-set button on my life. I often said "no" to activities and invites when I was 250+. I would still go to the beach, snorkel, ski and many other things. But I declined to stand up with friends at their weddings. I didn't give scuba a second try. I skipped a tropical "girls' weekend" because they were all thin and would be wearing cute sundresses. I would have been the fat one sweating buckets in my black tunic and leggings. It's been 3.5 years since my WLS. I keep it top of mind everyday so I don't over eat or over drink. But, it is hard to remember how tough life was at 300 pounds. On this diving trip I jumped off the boat and climbed back on with 40+ pounds of scuba gear several times a day. It was a piece of cake compared to how hard it was to climb back on a boat when my body was 300 pounds and I had no gear! Sharing all of this with the hope to inspire someone who might be on the fence about WLS or is post-op and having a rough moment. I also learned to love color post-op. That's me in the pink and blue wetsuit. I wore all black everyday for so long the goth kids were telling me to take a break. No more all black for me anymore.
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    This article, by Susan Marie Leach, was posted on another forum and it may be some of the very best advice I've read for anyone considering WLS....or for those that may have "forgotten" what is really important in the recipe for success.....There has been a sudden explosion of advice and opinions floated out there by a brand new crop of bariatric experts. I would like to make a few points that I feel have been lost in the shuffle of bariatric information that is all around us. Generally, having more information is helpful, but just because someone writes something, does not mean that it is so. Present company included – although I have a pretty good track record over the last ten years for accuracy and consistency.This surgery is not a walk in the park. It takes a concerted effort to actually live in a way that is diametrically opposed to the way we have been living for most of our lives. You don’t just wake up after bariatric surgery and find that you no longer have a taste for a Krispy Kreme. You have to develop that disdain and disinterest in such foods by finding other things that while are not a Krispy Kreme, give you just as much or even more happiness than the soft squishy donut when paired with weight loss.My RNY surgery was in 2001 and I can assure you that I would not have had a shot at keeping off 125 of my original 150 lost if I had not stopped eating the crap responsible for my morbid obesity in the first place. Many of the current crop of advice givers, most still in the ‘honeymoon’ phase of one to three years, don’t seem to grasp this concept as they have not yet lived through it. I have done it too along this journey – loudly proclaiming that the twenty pound bounce was ‘an excuse’ – but I was just a couple of years post op and holding the line quite well so it was reality for me at that time.The phrase Honeymoon Period is an often quoted and vague concept to some (sort of like saying ‘Gold Standard’ when referring to RNY surgery – what does that really mean?) Marriage is rough in the long run – but when we first get married, we live in that fog of bliss for a brief moment called a Honeymoon, where all is good and the reality of money, housecleaning, laundry, kids, money and personal habits have not had a chance to drive us mad.Ditto for bariatric surgery. When we are first turned into surgically altered freaks we have no idea that we are not actually steering the car. Or better yet, we do not realize that we have absolutely nothing to do with our massive seven month weight drop. Some folks are already off the path at this point, snickering all the way ‘I am eating all my favorite stuff, nothing is making me sick and I am still losing weight, hehehee.’ or my all-time favorite justification for early Krispy Kreme eating, ‘I have lost 55 pounds in four months, I must be doing something right.’ Nope, during the Honeymoon Phase – we could have been washing down Fluffernutters with McDonald’s shakes and still have lost that first 85 pounds.Reality Check: If you have ever been on a diet, think back to what you had to do in order to lose even 45 pounds. How many salads with lemon juice, horse urine injections, public WW weigh-in humiliations, pots of cabbage Soup, making yourself throw up after meals, and prescription speed cocktails did we endure for a forty five pound loss? Why would this suddenly get so easy that we could have our internal organs rearranged and not have to change our eating habits as well? Give that some thought.Folks who are two years post op have no idea what it’s like at six years post op when what you have been doing not only comes to a screeching halt but seems to reverse itself and the weight begins to creep back on while you watch in shock and horror as every bite seems to count. Things that didn’t matter suddenly do matter – in a bizarre Revenge of Pretzels and Drinking with Meals.If you have not used surgery as a turning point in life – a line in the sand, you are eventually in for a world of bigger hurt and guilt than you could ever imagine. What I am getting to in a delicate way is this: Don’t let people BS you that you can simply eat whatever you want in smaller amounts and not only lose on down to a size eight, but keep it off forever.We have a serious personal responsibility after bariatric surgery to take care of the body that we have willingly cut apart and rearranged. While the surgeons have got the procedures down to a science it’s not simple, nor is any of it truly reversible or non-invasive. Don’t minimize what you have done. It’s a big deal and the changes are drastic. Don’t order the Pasta when you go out to dinner – don’t put the bag of chips in your cart at the grocery store – don’t even go there and order the side of fries – don’t eat the rest of the macaroni and cheese on your 6 year old’s plate as a habit – think about where those moves got you.A few words about compulsion and emotional eating. I know that some of the things I just said are actually impossible for some of you. You don’t want to eat certain foods but are driven to do so. You don’t know why you are not able to stop buying or eating chips or the donuts at the coffee machine in the office and you feel as if you are a failure because of it. During the last four years in particular I have learned more about emotional disorders than I would have ever dreamed possible unless I had not been living through it by proxy. You are not able to fix this by yourself or stop eating these foods simply by willing yourself not to. Weight loss surgery is not the answer to fixing your life.If you have already had bariatric surgery and find that you are upset over lack of control in your life, are careening out of control, obsessed with not being able to comfort yourself with massive bowls of food, are not able to keep relationships, can’t help stuffing even good foods mindlessly into your mouth, have fallen into deep sadness, look at others who are losing weight with hurt and jealousy, and find yourself crying out for attention – get professional help. Your situation may not have a lot to do with being morbidly obese – being morbidly obese is probably a symptom of situations you have had in your life that were not your fault.The brilliance of Connie Stapleton PhD nailed it and I am paraphrasing here but she said that having bariatric surgery will not do anything for you other than physically making your stomach smaller. That is it. You will have the exact issues and emotions you have always had. There is the distinct possibility that if you fix your life or at least attempt to do so, that you will be able to take control of all aspects of life, including your eating patterns.Treat yourself with kindness and love, know who you are taking advice from, and if you feel a bit lost it is a very good thing to find a professional so you can talk through what is on your mind. Life is a Journey – but a Bariatric Journey is even more challenging if we don’t pull together and help each other.
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    155 pounds lost!!

    I haven't been on here in awhile but wanted to come back to share with everyone that I hit my goal weight of 200! It happened a couple months ago, and I'm hovering between 196 and 203 most of the time now. Comparison picture attached. I decided to have a tummy tuck, liposuction and breast implants done once I had maintained for about three months. Surgery was on Monday... I'm definitely a little sore still but doing a lot better than I was Monday and Tuesday. I'll come back and post another picture once I'm healed from surgery!
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    So, as of this morning, I am officially 159lbs!! I've reached my goal weight, of 160lbs. I'm posting some of my before's and after's.. So at my highest weight, I was 292lbs.. Surgery Date I was 284lbs. I had surgery on August 1st of 2016, and I credit it has being one of the biggest and best decisions of my adult life. I am thrilled, my health is better, I am off my medications, I sleep well, and I can be active with my children. Regardless! Facial Changes in losing 130lbs : Body Changes in losing 130lbs : And a bonus - Wow look at my arms before! Yikes! (This is my gorgeous husband that has stood beside me for 15+ years, through this journey, three kids, and still took the time to draw a bath for me today, he's awesome) : And one more, Me at work :
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    6 Months out - What a change.

    The ones on the left were this time last year - I am down about 125lbs, and I feel great. What a difference. I went from a size 24 in jeans, and 3xl in shirts to 8/10 in jeans, and Medium/small in shirts.
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    What Are You Wearing Today?

    Love this new Limited top, size large. Wore it to church today.
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    NSV of the Week - whats yours?

    I took my 10 year old granddaughter to the county fair tonight and rode every single carnival ride with no fear of not fitting on the seat or of being too heavy. I felt very free.
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    Wow, thanks for the concern! All is well. One thing we learn here on this forum is that liver size is a concern and that's why we are placed on a liquid diet 2-3 weeks before surgery, to shrink the liver. It has to be lifted out of the way during surgery (for gastric bypass) with a special tool/holder for the duration of the surgery. We've all heard people say that their surgeons tried to scare them will lines like "if your liver is too big when you get to the OR then we won't even perform the operation", etc. So I have seemingly picked the one surgeon in the US who is completely focused on liver size. She won't operate until it reaches a certain size. Based on my time here on the forum, I realize she is completely unique in this. The truth is, in spite of having you go through the motions, I believe most surgeons will perform the operation regardless, because I have yet to see a member here say "I cheated badly on my liquid diet, didn't tell my surgeon, and then when I woke up from surgery they hadn't done the procedure because my liver was too big". But my surgeon thinks its a big deal. She doesn't want the liver to bleed during the operation or even get bruised in any way. So, that has had me getting ultrasounds, nearly every month for the last few months, to check liver size. The last one in Aug was close but not quite enough for her. I have another this Weds and I'm sure it will be good. I've continued to lose weight, and the irony is that I will have lost almost half my goal weight before surgery. They have unofficially penciled me in for mid- Nov, but I'm honestly tired of talking about dates. I did check with the insurance co about switching surgeons, but it would take longer to get surgery that way, than it would for me to just do what I have to do now. And since I'm pretty much in neutral, going about my business waiting for time to go by, I needed a break from the forum and get surgery off my mind.
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    4 years since WLS

    4 years ago at this moment I was in the OR. It seems both like it's been just a few months and a lifetime. Today I'm wearing a medium top, medium pants, 4 inch heels and a bright orange handbag. 4+ years ago I was wearing size 20 or 22. I never would have carried a bright handbag as I would have felt like it would have been a spotlight on my chub. And heels - I stopped wearing them when I got over 240-ish. Too much foot pain for heels. Pre-op I was lucky and didn't have any weight related health issues, but I knew it was only a matter of time which is part of the reason I had surgery. Pre-op I made a list of things I wanted to do once I got the weight off and many of them I've done: run, get certified to scuba dive, ride roller coasters again, wear dresses on a regular basis, etc. What I didn't expect and couldn't have foreseen is how having WLS and getting my food addiction under control would impact so many aspect of my life. When I was fat and people asked me to stand with them at their wedding, I always declined as I didn't want to be the fat one in the photos or cram myself into some dress that would look terrible on me. I've stood up with two friends since WLS. In my fat years, while I was still active, somewhat athletic and social, I said "no" to various invites and activities more often that I realized. After I'd lost about 70 pounds I remember starting to say "yes" to nearly everything I was invited to or wanted to try. I realized in certain places I would figuratively wear armor to discourage people from making comments about my weight and protecting myself it they did. It was hard to be the fat one at the gym. Or on the beach/on the dance floor/in the kayak/on the ski slopes, etc. I spent a lot of time while in public trying to make my body smaller as not to bump into strangers on the bus, planes, in lines, weaving through crowds -- the list goes on. And, all the time I spent thinking about food. What to eat, when, how much, oops now I feel bad because I ate too much. Okay, this time I really mean it, the diet starts tomorrow. But, until then I'm going to keep eating xx until it is gone. I road this crazy roller coaster as a fat then thin and then fat again adult. All the tears I cried of frustration and shame. I have serious self-discipline. I smoked a pack a day for over 10 years and quit cold turkey - no meds, no patch, no smoking cessation aids at all while living with a smoker. If I was able to do that then why couldn't I control what I ate for more than a couple of days?! Finally, I admitted I was a food addict and slowly the pieces finally started to fall into place for me. Having WLS was just one of those pieces. I still love food and definitely enjoy it. But not with the all consuming love and need/desire I used to feel. I was happy before WLS but I'm much happier now. I had a great marriage before and it is even better now. Both people who know and don't know about my sleeve have remarked how more laid back I am since I lost weight. Yep, I no longer waste time fighting a mental battle with food and my body which in hindsight was exhausting. With the money I save on eating far less food that I did pre-op I've bought a closet full of clothes that I love in a variety of styles and colors! I've been able to travel more. The time I used to waste on food I now spend doing a variety of other things that contribute to my happiness - including exercise. 4 years out I don't think WLS was/is easy. But for me, is was far easier than all the years I spent losing and gaining. I think it is the easiest hard thing I've ever done. Last night I was thinking about how scared I was the day before surgery. And how I could still back out up until the moment they knocked me out. I had a vision of jumping off the table and running out of the OR! While I was scared that I wouldn't lose weight, what scared me the most was that I would miss eating the way I used to for the rest of my life. Thankfully I did lose the weight, keep it off and I don't miss the way I used to eat. Getting sleeved is the best decision I have ever made. Even better than marrying my husband and he is my most favorite person ever! Huge thanks to all that have shared their stories and inspired me. (And, to those who provided cautionary tales.) Reading the success stories from those who made it to goal were a huge inspiration to me. I felt like if that many people could do it and be happy, perhaps I could as well.
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    It may be a mistake but...

    I had these size 12's for 8 years. A friend of mine gave them to me and said that they would be a good pair of goal pants. These pants stayed with me while I lived in Las Vegas and moved with me across the country. I never thought I'd see the day that they zip. Well they are way out of style and way too long but I fit in a size 12. I mean I don't know if Kmart's size 12's are bigger than normal size 12's but I'm going to enjoy the moment of putting on a size 12 and zipping it up. It's been since 9th grade since I've seen a 12 maybe 8th in all honesty. I'm 39 so it's been a minute. So the scale may not be dropping fast but I'm going to rejoice in this non scale victory for the day.
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    My FACE...WOW!

    I swear all 75 lbs came out of my face. (I'm on the left in both photos)
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    Surgery date v today

    Be kind. Both pictures were taken early in the morning. I haven't had time to spruce myself up this fine day. Pic #1: Surgery Day. Pic # 2: Almost four months later and 53 pound lighter.
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    What Are You Wearing Today?

    floral maxi dress gap jean jacket AE crochet sandals
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    NSV of the Week - whats yours?

    My NSV is air travel related: I flew on three flights today, and the seats were fine. Not too small. No hips squeezed in. No overflowing into the people next to me. No crossing my arms to try to be smaller. Belt nice and roomy. They're airline seats in coach: not comfortable, don't get me wrong, but they weren't torture. This is a huge victory. I usually fly quite a bit, but had totally given it up last year or so due to my hatred of the discomfort. My travel horizons are open again!
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    New target

    I'm a couple of pounds away from a BMI of "normal" and I'm aiming for it. I'm not concerned about staying there, it's just that it's something I never thought I'd ever see. I'm down two pounds this week, not sure why, I haven't been doing anything different. 191 this morning, and I could use a pair of jeans with a smaller waist. This brings me to 169 pounds lost.
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    What Are You Wearing Today?

    Me and my son, this past Saturday, on his wedding day!
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    Goodbye 70 lbs!

    For my 1,000th post and six month surgical anniversary (I'm cheating by one day), I want to celebrate 70 pounds gone. I'm still amazed by my weight loss. It sometimes doesn't feel real but my friends and family assure me that the loss is real. I'm an absent minded type. I definitely live in the now. I sometimes forget to brush my hair or realize that I've left my house wearing flip flops when I meant to wear dress shoes. Despite being part of a daily WLS forum (I always lurk, even when my precious angel is trying to set the house on fire), I often forget how different I look. Now that summer has ended, I have encountered people I haven't seen in months and I have watched their jaws drop. My sitter has been in Europe for five months and literally did not recognize me when she saw me. Despite hating pants, I had to give in and try on jeans. Ladies, shopping for jeans is horrible at size 18-20 and at 8-10. Pants are the tool of the devil. But I digress... I tried on a pair of pants and was floored to look at myself in the mirror. I kept getting pants that were too big until I found a pair labeled "Toothpick" at a size 28 (That's either an 8 or a 10). Who is this person? Who? Me? I guess so! Several of you commented that I might leave TTF now that I'm at goal. HA! HAHAHAHA! I need TTF now *more than ever*. I honestly believe that losing is the easy part. I'm mildly terrified (OK, I'm in panic mode) about the rest of my life. I know how easy it is to fall into old habits and gain weight. WLS is not a magic tool that does the work for me. My absent minded hand loves to shove things in my mouth to comfort myself, even when I am not hungry. I'm not proud to admit that I recently had a major fail. My husband and I got into a stupid argument and I was sad. So sad that I absentmindedly ate one of his chocolate bars out of anger. Have I mentioned that I don't even like chocolate? When I weighed myself the following day, the scale went up 1.8 lbs. I can totally see that weight gain snowball into 20 lbs because of my poor choices. I'm not beating myself up but I'm using this moment as a lesson learned. Again, I need this forum more than ever. I am not someone who can do this on my own. The day I leave TTF, is the day I set myself on a path to weight gain. Thanks for listening to my diarrhea of the mouth. Thank you for always supporting me and giving an encouraging word. My weight loss is not the end of this journey. It is the beginning of a healthier me. xo PS: I know that I will look back and cringe at my stream of consciousness writing but if I don't hit "submit" my perfectionist @ss will never post my thoughts.
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    What Are You Wearing Today?

    Today is my 21st wedding anniversary. Hubs has loved me through thick and thin - literally. I think it was Julie who posted a pic in her wedding dress awhile back. It inspired me. So here it is - straight out of 1996 and it still zipped!
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    WHAT?! I'm a little stunned and the numbers on the scale haven't hit me. I'm in a bit of disbelief because, well, because. I'm still angry that I was advised to gain weight to qualify for WLS. I tried to gain weight and managed to put on about eight pounds thanks to Hostess cupcakes. I have been finding the wrappers stuffed deep in my couch cushions, in the nooks and crannies of my car and in my closet. I was ashamed of eating such terrible foods and hid the wrappers from my husband, even though he knew I was trying to gain weight. Every time I find a cupcake wrapper, I get angry all over again. How could my insurance company influence me to live an unhealthier lifestyle so that I could have surgery to become healthier?? The picture on the left was taken at this time last year. I'm not sure how much I weighed but I believe it was higher than 225. I may have weighed 235. I had spent a month in Europe with my family and should have been on cloud nine. I had my miracle baby and was deeply in love with her. I now see that I was miserable, depressed and full of self-hatred. The picture on the right is me today.
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    5 month update

    The Summer was good to me. I spent it in Texas with my family and I stopped obsessively weighing myself and tracking my calories. I lost 20 lbs in 2 months (woo hoo!). I've also been slooowly reintroducing carbs, which I think my body really needed. I am SO close to my 80 lb loss mark. I never imagined I'd lose that much this quickly. I was expecting 100 lbs in a year. Looks like I might hit the 100 lb loss mark by my 7 month mark. Grey sweater was back in December 2016. White shirt was last week. Husband says he sees a big difference in these photos, I'm not sure if it's the best angles. But I FEEL amazing. I was a size 28, 3X-4X. Now I'm a size 22 and a XL/XXL. Starting weight: 342 Current weight: 263 Sleeved: FEB 23 2017
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    NSV of the Week - whats yours?

    This week am hiking (can't believe I am using this word; more like moderately strenuous walking) in the Italian Alps. Bought new hiking boots - first pair in > 30 years - and have been wearing lightweight synthetic fabric shirts that hang from my shoulders and chest and do not blob out around my stomach. My wife banned me from wearing those in public some years ago as they were not, um, flattering. It feels so liberating... I walked 10 or 12 kilometers with my 19 year old son, we were just walking and talking the two of us for 5+ hours -- and I kept thinking how precious this is. I know, I know, none of you will believe this until I post a $!@#*& picture. Will do as soon as I can get a good internet connection....
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    Don't give up, folks!

    At two months beyond my 4 year surgeversary, I'm at a new low weight today, 193 pounds. I like it a heck of a lot more than 360!
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    Maintenance Time

    Seven months out of surgery and I've finally arrived. I'm typing this on my phone and resting my elbow on my hip bone. Not my fat but my hip bone. Hooray for diabetes in remission! Hooray to ditching the CPAP! Hooray for more energy! Hooray for health! I'm rooting for everyone on the forum. Pre op, New maintenance folks and long term WLS veterans. Huzzah to us all!
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    Hi @Eboni, I think you're looking at two different issues here: 1) will potato chips and spaghetti hurt your stomach (probably not? although the oil in the chips may make you pretty sick), and 2) will eating potato chips and spaghetti help you get to your goal weight. I'm pretty sure you know the answer to number 2: these are foods that, as a recent WLS patient, aren't going to give you any nutritional benefit, but they will crowd out the nutrients you need right now (mostly protein), leaving you less stomach space for those because you're filling yourself with refined carbs, which have little nutritional value. I'm guessing that potato chips and spaghetti might be comfort foods for you. This is probably a good time to think about different ways to approach your relationship with food so that you can make it a healthier relationship going forward. For me, those are two kinds of food that I have great difficulty eating in very small portions, so I'm not eating them at all until I'm at my goal weight, and after that, I'll re-evaluate (but probably not eat them much, if at all). I'm also still working very hard every day to make sure I get my protein in - I don't have room for "entertainment" food in my diet. Your best bet if you're not sure is to talk to your nutritionist - he or she may have some advice for you on this subject. In the meantime, prioritizing protein seems like the best way to get you where you want to be!
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    I took a new pic this morning, and I'm really starting to see a difference now It's hard to believe I'm only a couple of weeks away from the 6 month mark since starting my pre op diet. How time flies! The first pic was taken the day of surgery, and I had lost 34 pounds at that point.
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    What Are You Wearing Today?

    Work clothes, still in China. Ready to go home!
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    I've got a strange NSV. My son and his girfriend bought me a beautiful necklace for Mother's Day 2 years ago. It was a standard length chain. It was so tight around my neck it felt like a choker chain. I tried it on for the heck if it today...not only does it fit, but it hangs down and I can see it if I look down! I can't believe I lost that many inches around my neck Very cool!
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    Nana Trish

    NSV of the Week - whats yours?

    I've got a big one...well it's big to me anyway. I was surprised with this trip so quickly that I didn't have time to order any clothes from my usual online catalog. I was a little stressed about it, because the stuff I fit into right now isn't very dressy...I'd say it's just a step above comfortable, lol. Well, after more than 10 years of buying stuff online, I broke down and went to an honest to goodness clothing store. I'm still wearing larger clothes, but quite a bit smaller than I was. I had NO idea what size to look for, and I was terrified I would leave there in tears, with nothing to wear. I asked the sales clerk what the largest size was that they carried, and she said 24. So I looked for some things I liked in that size. I actually ended up finding a nice dress. IN A STORE AND NOT ONLINE!! It's been so long that I've worn "off the rack" that I've forgotten what it was like! I felt so out of place, it wasn't funny. Even though it was a size 24, it fit, and I bought it. I cried all the way out to the car (happy tears). My husband actually teared up when I came out of the dressing room. I can't wait for the day when I don't have to shop in the plus size section any longer, but it felt pretty damn good to be able to fit into something I didn't have to order online!!! Below, I'm posting a pic of me on the morning of surgery, and one of me in the new dress. You can't see a huge weight difference, but I'd still like to share. And again, please be kind...I'm missing a lot of hair
  35. 16 points
    I'm 50 pounds down, as of this morning, since I started my pre op diet. And 16.4 since surgery. I noticed a difference in a pic taken on Christmas (same weight as pre~pre op, lol), so I hesitantly decided to post a face shot. Please be kind, as I've been losing my hair by the handfuls since well before my thyroid surgery last year, so yeah. But here goes...
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    NSV of the Week - whats yours?

    I haven't been on here in a while but I thought I'd check in to say that after a very long stall (more than 1 & 1/2 years) in my weight loss, my body has finally jumped in again and I am under 160 for my wedding this Sunday!
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    So why are the early days so difficult?

    I don't know the source for this, and the information is invaluable!
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    My grandson Harper He continues to be my motivation...every day!
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    Nervous breakdown

    Jules_78, Yes. Of course. For anyone who enjoys food, for its beauty or pleasure or all the good things it can be, OF COURSE. EVERY DAY. Your response is deeply human in a profound way. I belong to a bunch of food and wine societies and have spent *A LOT* of time celebrating slow cooking fast cooking any cooking raw foods gastronomy and otherwise eating too much. I belong to a wine tasting group that I have been part of for more than 30 years. The wine tasting group is among my closest group of friends. They have been an important part of my support and are 100% behind me. I'm just going to be going to events in the future and eating a lot less than everyone else. I don't regret my surgery. I do have to figure out how I will continue to be friends and a participant in these groups. My relationship to food was fundamentally unhealthy. My life is worth a whole lot more than an extra helping of foie gras or a couple of lamb chops. Sounds silly once you write it down that way. I'm hopeful I will be able to figure out how to eat sensibly. I hate the word "sensible" when it means I have to lay off the foie gras. Maybe your bete noir was doughnuts. But I decided to live and not die of obesity. I'll never be able to eat the way I used to, even for a day or a meal - like your 4 doughnut example - but I wish I could. My Foodie Heart says nothing is better than a rack of BBQ ribs. But when I could - I ate too much. My brain tells me to grow up. I can't have it both ways. So indeed, I have buyer's remorse - a sense of regret after a purchase - and probably always will. But I'll be alive, not obese, and not racked with back or arthritis pains, or have hypertension or diabetes. I sleep through the night as my sleep apnea has about disappeared. You know the drill. You are down from 229 to 134. You must know something about your life is better. Probably more than one thing. Probably a bunch of things. Keep those in mind now ... So, here is something from the neurosciences world. There is a technique that can help with this - actually, it was developed by Buddhist monks 1500 or 2000 years ago, but validated recently by people who didn't know about the monks. The technique is when you have a bad memory - a person who hurt you, let's say - you also recall a time when they showed you love or something good. You consciously try to remember a bit of good with the bad. When you NEXT remember them, your bad memory is ameliorated by the good. You then again consciously try to remember a kind act on their part the third time you think of them. Eventually your bad memory becomes a balanced one where the good and bad are mixed together. Memories are laid down in your brain like data on a hard drive. You over-write the original memory (eventually) with the balanced one. So, in going through this, every time I think of eating a rack of ribs - the pleasure of the bite, the taste of the meat and fat ... I also remember something I don't like about being morbidly obese. I think positively of how strong and fit I feel now. I am trying to lay down a set of feelings that are totally authentic and genuine and real to mingle with the pleasure of eating the ribs. I don't want my FOODIE HEART to wave the rack of ribs in front of me without the simultaneous thought of how happy I am to be thinner. When I next have BBQ ribs, I will have ONE rib and the chances are that I will be both happy to have it, and happy not to have 8. And I will thank those monks who came up with this technique hundreds and hundreds of years ago.
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    118lbs lost since my high weight, 109 since my surgery date, just 15 months ago. I work for a portrait studio and I get a pretty good employee discount, so I am kind of thinking about having some pictures taken with my daughter in celebration.
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    What Are You Wearing Today?

    In Grand Cayman. Size med Maurice dress..
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    Hi from Oman!

    Just a quick note to say I've arrived safely in Muscat and have gotten started setting up life here The jet lag is awful and I'm not looking forward to having to meet new colleagues under the influence of it, but I suppose I'll manage. I swear it never gets easier. Or maybe I'm a wimp. A big NSV: the flights (about 19 hours of plane time) were way more comfortable than the last time I flew to this part of the world - space was just not much of an issue! So nice. The airline food was a disgusting carb-fest, so I survived on bars and almonds for two days. Not ideal, but not the end of the world. I realized that airline meals are all about relieving the tedium of the flight - a ritual for killing time. I shotgunned a whole season of Veep instead. Coping mechanisms... The new digs are OK - very large but not very nice (work-provided furnished places rarely are, in my experience), but I'll work on making it home. There are a couple of gyms nearby, so I'll investigate those soon. So far, Oman seems similar to, but not the same as, Dubai. I went grocery shopping at the same brand store yesterday and found all the same products as I'm used to - very comforting. I'm sure the differences will start popping up soon. I get a car today and go in to work tomorrow, so things are rolling along! I am so powerfully thankful that I get to start this new experience at a weight I feel more comfortable with - I feel so much more confident and less self-conscious meeting new people. What an incredible victory. Thanks to everyone here for being so supportive. I've been dying to get Internet so I could check in
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    21 months post op

    My surgery was Jan 26, 2016 .. Last weekend my brother (taller gentleman on the left) and his best friend since high school (aka my other brother) came to visit me for the weekend. We had breakfast at the American Legion on Sunday before they left to go home - 400 miles away. I had one scrambled egg, bacon and half a spoon of hashbrowns. I now weigh what I weighed when I started high school. Health wise my life is the best it is has been in a long time.
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    What Does Everyone Do For A Living?

    I thought it be interesting to see what everyone do on their daily grind. I was a police officer for 27 years. I was medically retired after suffering from sudden cardiac arrest. No picture necessary. Lol!
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    I’m half the man I used to be!

    From 360 to 180, I am amazed at this, and it’s been 4.5 years. Please everybody, stay with it, it works!
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    What Are You Wearing Today?

    Stepped out of my comfort zone for a baby shower today. Maurice's size 2 tunic with leggings. I really didn't feel confident when I left the house but I sucked it in and wore this to the shower and a visitation.
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    I hit goal!

    I'd to thank the little people. More specifically, my 22 mo old who makes sure I get enough exercise by chasing after her. I couldn't have done this without my husband. My wonderful husband who took a chance with me. He took a gamble by traveling to Mexico, draining our account of $11,000 + travel expenses (can you tell that I'm really bitter by bringing up the cost of the surgery every single time??) and being without me and my daughter for five weeks. I am lucky to have a wonderful and supportive spouse. I couldn't have recovered without the help of my parents, who at 77 and 85, cared for a rambunctious toddler and a cranky 44 year old woman. Most of all, I couldn't have done this without TTF. Without a support group and being far from my medical support system, I felt alone, scared and was regretting my surgical decision. I was afraid and emotional when I hit send on my very first post. Each of you have been kind to me in my moments of panic and I hope I can return the favor. My weight fluctuates a couple of pounds each week, so I'm sure that tomorrow the scale will read 166.9 and the day after it will read 164.9. Those are the little things. You know what matters? This morning, I tested my fasting blood sugars and my reading was 70. 70! This is a change from fasting blood sugars of 235 after four different meds. My diabetes is in remission and I feel hashtag blessed for the state of my health. I am two days away from the five month mark of my surgery. I hit goal in five months. If you managed to read this far (and you are a Saint if you have), please do not compare your journey to mine. Everyone is different and your weight loss journey is your own. I started out as merely obese (LOLOLOL), with a lower BMI and had much less to lose than most people who have WLS. I had surgery to put my diabetes in remission and weight loss was a lovely side benefit that improved my overall health. I was a very sick woman and was desperate to be healthy. If we stay on plan we will all get to goal. Thank you! Thank you for your love, support and encouraging words. As a thank you gift, I present you with a picture of my child drinking water from her shoe.
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    NSV of the Week - whats yours?

    I applied to be a nude model. (How's that for an opener?) I have a friend who is an art professor and she is looking for a nude model with an "interesting" body for her figure sculpture class. I think my body is interesting considering I was once quite fat, lost weight and then had plastics to remove some of my excess skin. In clothes I look "normal" out of clothes my body tells a different story. I have been thinking about applying for while and it was a thoughtful and considered decision. Whether I'm chosen or not, I'm glad I applied. I had to think long and hard about the residual shame I still carry for allowing myself to get so fat and having a body that is a mix of tight and loose skin, scars, stretch marks and unblemished areas.
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    It may be a mistake but...

    Do any jeans ever go out of style - nope! Personally, the day I hit "normal" sized jeans, I wanted to wear them with the sales ticket still hanging because I wanted to show the world and his brother that I was no longer obese.
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    What Are You Wearing Today?

    Its been a while, here are a few pics from vacation, I took, my youngest to Italy for two weeks. My dress on the left is a Michael Kors medium and the one on the right I'm not sure about. We had a blast.