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    Update: I really did end up making some major changes....in the end not only did I go totally added sugar free (which many of us pretty much do most of the time anyway) I decided after much research to just bite the bullet and go totally grain free!!!! Even though I'm still eating three servings of fruit a day, one with each meal, I went straight into ketosis. Haven't been there since surgery so was completely surprised when I turned a keto stick purple......never done that before. For me though the bonus has been that in the week I've been strictly adhering to it my blood glucose hasn't risen above 5.5 or dropped below 4.5 that I'm aware of. Bloating and abdominal pain has dropped significantly and my skin rashes have almost cleared up. I admit this way of eating would be really hard to stick to if I was eating away from home and not preparing all my meals myself, but for the time being at least, it's doable. Geez I wouldn't want me as q dinner guest right now, but I'm not accepting any dinner invites anyway, hahaha. I'm really hoping that by the time I see my surgeon again in late March I'm able to convince him that his "oh it's just dumping syndrome, don't worry about it" isn't a good enough answer when a patient comes to him complaining about the severity of post-op symptoms I did. I don't want to have numerous new (supposedly life long) medications prescribed to try to take the edge of my symptoms...... I want those symptoms to actually stop!!!! There was no way I could accept what I was dealing with could be the new post surgery me!!!!! Week 2 starts today. Hopefully things will continue to improve.
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    Why so few post

    The DS is generally only recommended for the super morbidly obese and it generally comes with a higher complication rate and potential long-term nutritional issues like protein deficiencies and long-term deficiencies in a number of vitamin and minerals, i.e. iron, calcium, zinc, fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamin D. Also, the duodenal switch is associated with more surgical, nutritional, and gastrointestinal adverse effects compared with gastric bypass or vertical sleeve.
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    Happy New Year!

    I hope everyone has been well! 2018 was rough for the Nerdy household and we’ve been laser focused on family concerns. We managed to take a December vacation and that has helped start 2019 on a positive note What’s new? What did I miss? Hugs to all of you!
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    Res Ipsa

    Quotes To Live By!

    “You can’t go back and change the beginning. But you can start where you are and change the ending.” C.S. Lewis
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    One year Dec 12/18

    ODAT Start 334 Dec 12/17 Current 232 Dec 12/18 102# lost, and a new love for salads found lol Thank you all for the love and support along this journey. Still a way to go, but I have faith in the process and will keep trucking on. Last A1C 6.3, never thought I would see that day. Still have back pain that I am trying to manage to the best of my ability, but am no longer bed bound for weeks on end. Overall, a fantastic year- and hope next year will be even better
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    Happy New Year!

    You are a sight for sore eyes - we've missed you!
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    Res Ipsa

    Why so few post

    Here is the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery's posting on the primary advantages and disadvantages of the various types of weight loss surgery: https://asmbs.org/patients/bariatric-surgery-procedures I totally agree that anyone considering weight loss surgery should research all of the types of surgery, and then make an informed decision in consultation with their physician. I have never regretted my decision to have a gastric bypass.
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    DS vs RNY

    This basically sums up my experience too (other than Aussie's anatomical limitations). My surgeon didn't even present it as an option and, other than a fleeting thought as I researched all the different surgeries, I didn't really consider it. But I barely qualified for insurance to cover my surgery (BMI of 40 with no co-morbidities) and part of the reason I chose RNY was because I hoped I'd get dumping as a side effect (a negative physical reaction to sugar? Yes please! Lol) and considering how thin I am after having RNY, the extra malabsorption of DS would probably not be a good thing. @Boston Redhead it sounds like you've done your research and your doctor agrees with you about doing DS. I'm glad you've chosen the surgery that you & your doctor feel is the best one for your specific situation. Sorry there's not more people on here that you can compare notes with.
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    Nana Trish

    A couple of days ago

    The pic of me alone was taken last night, and the one of me and Harper is the 2018 Nana/Harper pic (installment #3, lol). I’ll post the collage pic of installment #1 and 2 as well. A lot of changes!
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    The flu....

    Good to hear. Did you enjoy your day with him? What is it that you are having surgery for?
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    How long?

    Had another consulation today. Weighed in at 306lbs down from 403lbs on surgery day (October 1st)
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    @Aussie Bear, good for you, and hope things continue to improve! Way to take charge in your health!! You're rocking this!!
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    Nana Trish

    The flu....

    So far, so good, @CheeringCJ!! My daughter found alternate babysitters all week last week, and I am taking my Tamiflu and extra vitamin C. The worst I’ve had is a minor sore throat. Harper is eating again, and has been fever free for a couple of days now. I will get him back in the morning tomorrow. I’ve been having awful Harper withdrawal!! I think I’ve successfully dodged catching the flu from my boy ❤️ I’m taking extra precautions with extra hand washing, not touching my face, etc. when in public. If I get sick now, somebody really doesn’t want me to have this surgery!! Thank you so much for asking my friend :)
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    Nana Trish

    Knee surgery

    February 20th is the date for knee replacement #1 Please wish me luck, and I’ll take any prayers and well wishes you’ve got!!
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    Aussie Bear

    Food stuck :(

    I experienced this Christmas eve for the first time.....OMG it's painful. SIL had visions of spending Christmas eve in an ER. It was probably my first trip when I'd forgotten to take my papaya enzymes with me as well.....D'oh!!!! Ended up sipping slowly on a warm cup of tea, that seemed to do the job. I had eaten cold hamburger and it reminded me of someone here posting about having to go to ER and have some meatball extracted by endoscopy.... Hahaha!!!!! Not really funny, but it was what came to mind at the time. It has happened once since, and all I'd had that time was my morning vitamins. Looking back I think I must have been really good at eating slowly and chewing well to get almost 20 months without experiencing it.
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    First of all, @Brattykid, congrats on all your progress!! Clothes shopping will be pretty weird for quite a while. I spent a few months grabbing too large things, and then overcorrected and grabbed too small things, and just now I'm getting the hang of my new size. After a year of nearly constant shopping (can you say addiction transfer?). That said, you have certainly lost more than 4 inches off your chest. If you look at a "sister size" chart, a 46DDD holds the same breast volume as a 42G. A 42DD holds the same breast volume as a 46C! So you've lost more than you thought you have. I typed up a big long thing a while ago after I did some research on bra sizing to help people find their new sizes correctly as they lose weight, and I'm linking it here. There's a lot of incorrect information sloshing around out there in the bra industry, but fortunately there are great people out there on the internet figuring out better ways to help women find better fitting bras. You'll be dropping sizes pretty quickly for a while, but when you get down to your GW, you should spend some time and effort making sure you're wearing the right size - it's a game changer. Have such a great time on your trip!
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    Bras are an interesting clothing item I find post-op. Maybe it's just the sizing that I still find hard to come at, because I'm kinda used to the filling and emptying of the cups as my fat redistributes. I've only dropped two sizes in bras (20B/C to 16B), yet I've dropped 8 sizes in tops and 9 sizes in clothes. Actually having always had small boobs, mine actually look way bigger now (in a bra anyway) because my stomach is pretty flat underneath. Oh, and clothing sizes really have no standards anymore, so try not to judge yourself over them.....unless of course they are "vanity sized"....then accidentally leave the label on for everyone to see just how small you are. :-)
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    Heading to Haiti

    That's amazing, @msmarymac! What a way to encourage you to step forward into your transformation - and that you keep returning to keep giving back is inspiring Have a great trip!
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    Heading to Haiti

    That sounds awesome, @msmarymac!!! It is amazing to me how when you help someone else in need, that you find you are helping your own needs just as much if not more. No matter what state you’re in (heavy, healthy, mourning, joyful) the people you help seem to give so much more back to you than you could ever give to them and it makes you a better person in the end. Enjoy your time there and know you are making a difference not only to them but to yourself We’ll be anxious to hear how it went (is your husband going down with you?). I see you’re leaving today, I will be praying for your safety!
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    Heading to Haiti

    Yes, it would be a bit of an odd choice for a holiday @Aussie Bear, although there are parts that are absolutely beautiful. I think 3 to 5 years after my husbands death was when I really worked on my grief and being able to help my kids with theirs. But I still didn't really see myself as enjoying life or experiencing joy until after that experience, when it really hit me that I was really being quite selfish throwing away that possibility. Here's to health and to joy! @cinwa I will try to get some pictures that I can share. We are so busy in the medical clinic while we are there that I don't usually get too many. But we usually share pics and end up with a decent amount among all of us. It is quite an experience. We go into a pretty remote village that doesn't really have access to medical. We setup a makeshift clinic in a church that doesn't have electricity or running water so it really puts our basic skills to the challenge. We have to take all supplies and medicines with us and try to treat chronic conditions as best we can. We generally give enough medicine to last until the next visit which will be in 6 months. We also go into the school and give vitamins and de-worming meds to the children which is fun. I look forward to sharing more
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    Changes in Relationships

    Been married 36 years. He was my strongest supporter. He has watched me struggle with my weight since we were married. I was afraid to tell him at first that I was going through the hoops for wls. I was afraid he would see it as another failed diet. But alas he has been there for me. I made the comment the other day that I forgot to wash my favorite bra. He said “I remember when you only wore kind, lol”. For Christmas he bought me a new wetsuit for diving. I had to tell him and the shop guy my weight, before I’d have been horrified. He’s used to the way I eat now, one of the harder parts for him was I’d get up and leave the table when I was full so I didn’t graze as the food settled. He is an avid scuba diver which my health issues before prevented me from doing. Now on vacation instead of sitting in a chair reading, I dive with him. He’s adjusted to me being cold all the time. Realize there will be changes but you can make it through. Have him go to dr appointments and have him ask questions. The first year he actually lost 15 pounds;). I still cook meals for him but take my protein out before adding pasta or higher calorie stuff. Good luck on your journey.
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    Hi, thank you for your reply. I cant wait to be healthy again! I have had 2 knee surgery's during the last 18 months and this has made my weight an even bigger issue. I couldn't exercise and this made me put on more weight which made the knee struggle to recover, i have been told by my physio if i don't lose weight i could become permanently disabled. I know it wont be easy at first, i have been told fluids only and 70 g of protein a day for the first 2 weeks. I have noticed all protein drinks are sweet which might be hard for me as ive never been a sweet person and fear i will miss something savory. Its nice to have people to talk to who have been through the same thing. Bev
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    Finding my limits

    Well, a voyage of discovery is always a good thing, right? I went to a holiday party last night and decided to just see what would happen if I ate some goodies. I really really really stay away from sweets so I have no idea what they'll do to me or how much sugar I can handle. I had a little piece of pie (kid sized) at Thanksgiving and that was OK, so in the spirit of figuring my digestive system out... At the party, I had mulled wine (fairly sugary), a little bite of cake, and 4 Christmas cookies. I know, #%$ was I thinking. Actually, I was thinking "Will this work out OK? Maybe it will!" We ended up needing to leave fairly soon after I finished the last cookie. I had a mild case of dumping and just basic sugar shock, I guess. I made it home before I really crashed too bad, but boy did I feel like crap. My husband was like "I was thinking that wasn't a very good idea... but I thought you knew what you were doing." So this is a good preview for NEXT weekend, when I'm actually going to a Christmas cookie exchange party. Stupid idea but even when you're an expat in a non-Christmas-celebrating country, social life around the holidays is pretty Christmas focused, and participating is basically mandatory if you want to remain in people's good graces. I bowed out of the exchange last year ("I don't bake.") and it was a little weird for everyone. So this year I'll bake and I'll go, and I will maybe have 2 cookies and no mulled wine, and I think I'll just try to escape without actually taking any/many cookies home with me.
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    It’ll be 18 months post op on the 17th, and I truly still can’t believe that much time has passed since surgery. It’s all a huge blur. I reached my original goal weight on February 20, 2018. My final goal weight on my birthday (April 6, 2018) and I’ve been averaging 18 pounds less than goal for a couple of months now. I’ve actually been advised to stop losing weight for the moment, because due to my specific circumstances and severe muscle wasting I need to work on building muscle and can’t afford to lose any more right now. I really just wanted to thank you all for all of the advice, support, and love you have all given me these past (almost) 3 years since joining TT. Especially @Res Ipsa, @cinwa, and @Cheesehead from the veterans POV, and @NerdyToothpick, @CheeringCJ, @Jen581791, @tracyringo, @Cindy Lou Who and @TammyP...who have always been my cheering section here at TT!! If I’d forgotten anyone, PLEASE don’t be offended...im a currently unmedicated bipolar patient, and memory is not my strong suit at the moment. I love you guys and will be back soon, hopefully! Omg...and of course I can’t forget @BurgundyBoy!!!!! Thank you all so much!! oh, and my @Carina!!! Love and hugs, sweet pea!!
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    Nana Trish

    Misdiagnosed...no MS!!!

    Thanks for all of the love and support everyone! ❤️ I have an appointment with my therapist (psych) today, so we will be discussing dropping the lamictal, no doubt. She doesn’t know any of this has been happening yet...I canceled my last appointment with her because I had overlapping appts due to the other health issues, so hopefully I can get her caught up today. I’ll be back later today though, hopefully...after we take down the Halloween decor and start putting up the tree When I said I was crazy, I wasn’t kidding!