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    Coming up on 5 years!!

    I can't believe it. I don't have any recent body pics. I'll put one up on the actual day. My lowest weight was I think 165 and I'm at 188 now. I would like to get back to 180. I got off track for a while there. Right now it's just odd because I have no appetite again. I have zero head hunger and I have to make myself eat. For a while there I had a lot of head hunger. This is such an odd phenomenon. I started taking progesterone for perimenopause and my breasts went up a cup size so that might account for two pounds. Lol.
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    Nana Trish

    How is this possible?

    Noooo, CJ...I never expected, nor wanted, to see 125 on the scale again, lol. It was stark raving fear seeing that on the scale for me. Not that that amount is a horribly low number, because it isn't. I've just found my happy place hovering between 140-145. I feel like I look sickly at this weight. I was 130 this morning, so it is going back in the right direction. I am taking good care of myself, thank you so much!! Getting stronger every day, and closer to normal eating
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    Thanks for this, @Cheesehead! This is a situation I hadn't thought of so haven't prepared myself yet. What to do if someone come out and asks if I'd had WLS? I've already decided that, at least for now, I am only telling my husband, sons, and my four closest girlfriends (whom I've had for over 40 years.) Everyone else, when they ask what I'm doing to lose weight, I tell I'm attending Weight Watchers meetings, which I am. BUT, what if someone comes out and asks me point blank if I'd had WLS? Hmmm. Better prepare for this before it happens, or I'll stammer along and have no choice in the matter!