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    Welcome! This is a great place to be. Feel free to ask questions..I failed every diet I was on for 50 years.
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    i just read my last post, and if I read that, I would never respond! Sorry, my stomach is growling and all I could think to say was that I was hungry! Anyway, I have spent days and nights deciding to have this surgery and it's been years in the making. years of Weight Watchers, Quick Weight Loss, South Beach Diet, Adkins, you name it, I did it. Even Phen-fen. I would say the greatest failure in my life has been my failure to keep my weight in a normal range. I have loss and gained hundreds of pounds, and now this year, I was the heaviest I had ever been. I am SO hoping this surgery will be my ticket into a new healthy life. I have the right resolve, hopefully the right maturity, and definitely the desperation. Anyone else feel this way? Am I doing the right thing?
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    Hi there! My sleeve surgery is Feb 28, and I'm excited! But don't know anyone who has ever had it, so thought I could use some support and learn from others. I hate to say this, but I'm mostly excited because I can't wait to NOT be hungry after being on the pre-surgery lo cal diet! How shallow is that! haha! But the tummy (Large for now) talks!
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    Boho Rosy

    1st time to ever post to ANY blog!

    I absolutely felt this way. I was on some diet or another for about thirty years. I gained and lost and gained again, always gaining a bit more than the last time. I can’t tell you if you’re doing the right thing - it’s a very personal decision - but I will say that it sounds like you have really thought this through and are in the right mindset. Personally, I have zero regrets. I’ve lost 43 pounds since my surgery, and for the first time in my life, I truly believe I have the tools to succeed. It’s not easy - I still have to be conscious of what I eat and of course I exercise, but the sleeve has helped me so much to do what I need to do without feeling extremely deprived.
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    1st time to ever post to ANY blog!

    Welcome to the forum, Cindy. Now you will be able to say that you know a bunch of people that have had the surgery once you get to know others here. I am scheduled for March 26 and just getting ready to start my month long pre surgery diet. I totally understand being sick of being hungry all of the time. I am looking forward to loosing the hunger hormone myself. Good luck!
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    Boho Rosy

    1st time to ever post to ANY blog!

    Hi Cindy! I’m so glad to hear that you are excited. That’s how I felt when I had my sleeve surgery in November and it’s been such a wonderful experience. Hang in there on the pre-surgery diet. The big day will be here before you know it.
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    Tubal ligation

    I don't think that a tubal ligation will help with heavy periods.
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    yep, that is all I know...I have lost 51# since I started my journey, that is all I know. When you said something before about how much you had lost when you were as far along as me....I thought to myself "yikes, I haven't ever figured out those stats for me" and then I thought to myself "why bother....i just might get myself upset! Let me just go w/ my running total!"