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    Nana Trish

    A couple of days ago

    The pic of me alone was taken last night, and the one of me and Harper is the 2018 Nana/Harper pic (installment #3, lol). I’ll post the collage pic of installment #1 and 2 as well. A lot of changes!
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    Dating with loose skin etc

    Well, the good news is, any guy who asks you for a nude picture so he can decide if he wants to take you out has just saved you a lot of time and disappointment - by utterly disqualifying himself as dating material! THAT is what is disgusting. Ugh, gross. Please, don't ever undervalue yourself enough to do that!!!
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    Careful, @Loosing Lucy! You're just a couple of weeks out, and the only thing stopping you from hurting yourself is measuring. Your stomach's nerves have not healed yet, and your new sense of "I'm full now" will not yet be familiar to you for quite some time, I suspect. Even after the nerves have healed, "full" is a really new feeling that you have to learn. For now, measure everything and don't take in more than you're supposed to. There's a reason they've told you to take in that much. Think of your new stomach's limits like steering a car on a curvy mountain road: you can rely on the guard-rail on the side to keep your car from going over the cliff by just aiming for it and bouncing off again and again, but eventually that's going to fail you. It's much more sensible to use the steering wheel to gently adjust the direction you're moving and avoid hitting the guard-rail at all. Of course, you have to learn how to finesse the steering wheel, and that's a longer process than just slamming into the guard-rail, but it's very much worth it!
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    Welcome and best of luck! You have so many amazing things to look forward to! I know I had read that it gets easier as time goes on, but I really remember in the first weeks/months out feeling like my diet was really limited and I was tired all the time, and feeling a bit desperate about that. It really really does get easier. On a daily basis now, I really don't notice much that I've had WLS in terms of my lifestyle and behavior. I can basically eat anything I want (with a few exceptions) although I generally stick with healthy stuff, and all the lifestyle changes I've made are really just habits now (exercise, very little alcohol, very few sweets, pretty low carb, eating slowly, chewing a lot, not drinking with meals, monitoring what I'm eating in general). They're really ingrained now so they don't feel at all like a burden, just a routine. I just feel like I'm taking care of myself, not like I'm having to follow rules. It's not really that I wish I had known this, because I know people told me this would happen, but I wish I had actually believed it, deep down inside.
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    One year Dec 12/18

    ODAT Start 334 Dec 12/17 Current 232 Dec 12/18 102# lost, and a new love for salads found lol Thank you all for the love and support along this journey. Still a way to go, but I have faith in the process and will keep trucking on. Last A1C 6.3, never thought I would see that day. Still have back pain that I am trying to manage to the best of my ability, but am no longer bed bound for weeks on end. Overall, a fantastic year- and hope next year will be even better
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    Aussie Bear

    Surgery done...happy but sad

    The first few weeks suck as we try to juggle water, vitamins, walking etc. Once the stomach heals and the swelling goes down, we can eat more both in volume and variety, and things start to pick up. The body adjusts to what we've put it through and weight starts to fall off. By this point most people forget any regret or second thoughts they might have had straight after surgery. Give yourself time to heal. Currently your in the worst part of this trip....it gets better each day.
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    Creating healthy boundaries

    A heated argument broke out between daughter #1 and daughter #4 Christmas Day. I grabbed my shoes and coat, went out to the car, drove it across the frozen field to get away. I went and sat in a park and go for 45 minutes and watched the world go by. No food, no phone. Got back home and finished making dinner. I decided I’m done with drama and next year hubby and I will go away. I’m stronger now and willing to say No. I usually host New Year’s Eve. This year just daughter and her hubby and maybe one other daughter. I’m not having a houseful with the stress of cooking and hoping everyone gets along. I’m a work in progress. I’m learning the word No.
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    Huge Doubts

    I wasted 35+ years of my life yoyo-dieting my way up to close to 300 lb at one point and many of those diets were pretty much a post-WLS diet of lean meat and vegetables and salad. I lost some weight but I couldn't stick with it and ended up heavier each time. The RNY gave me a reduced capacity and intolerance of some foods (sugars and fats) and that has kept me on plan.
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    Dating with loose skin etc

    What on earth has internet dating managed to normalize? This is not OK - anyone who asks for nudes is really not worth ever contacting again. Some things are just not OK.
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    Dating with loose skin etc

    Right?! I've dated a fair amount post-op (including some pretty hot guys) and I've never had a guy ask for nudes. Because they weren't jerks. I can't even....The other good news is that there are plenty of incredibly attractive men who aren't superficial jerks and will be attracted to you because you're you, excess skin and all. Keep your standards high and the right guy will come along.
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    Regaining now after 4 years - sleeve

    You are not a failure! And you are definitely not helpless. The best way to start feeling in control again is to take control. While revision surgery is an option, the most important factor is going to be what you put in your body. I would suggest going right back to basics - what you did when you had your surgery four years ago. Do a week of protein shakes and soft foods, low calorie, low carb - and see if that helps you recalibrate your appetite and any cravings. It may also help you get your sense of restriction back. Then re-evaluate your diet. Are you eating too often? Too many carbs? Too many calories? Are you getting enough fluids/water/protein? All of these will have an impact. I am sure regaining at all is scary - I'm still losing, and still afraid of regain! But look at this with some perspective - 13 lbs over your goal is not a lot. You are nipping this thing in the bud! And it's the end of one year and the start of a new one - a perfect time to evaluate your choices and dedicate yourself to making better ones. I would also suggest sticking around here regularly and reading, posting, participating. It's an amazing way to keep your mind in the game. Best of luck!!
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    Start eating slowly, asap. That is one of the hardest for me to do on a regular basis, takes a while to break those old bad habits. So maybe find out which habit that you have, that if changed now, will make it much easier for you to adapt to post surgery. You got this
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    So we all know we're all different when it comes to what works for us diet wise and what doesn't. When TV rating season ends in Australia there's nothing much on tv worth watching so I've been hitting YouTube and google bigtime. I've suspected for most of this year that many of my post surgery issues relate to inflammation, and researching that leads me to a place where I believe my current diet could well be exacerbating that issue. After much research I've decided to start the new year by tossing out my surgeon's plan and following my own....more akin to the Dr Matthew Weiner way of eating post bariatric surgery....minus his green smoothies though. I figure it can't do me too much harm in the next three months before my next visit to my surgeon. Who knows, it might even resolve a lot of issues and show my surgeon a different way. I'm basically going to go sugar free (which we already sort of do), but also grain free. I'm even going to try as far as possible to only eat protien that isn't grain fed, so I guess you could say it's low carb gluten free. Could be interesting to see if I can do it or not, and I do expect some push back from the medical fraternity that I still see, because they really don't seem to like seeing whole food groups eliminated, even though carbs have no intrinsic nutritional value whatsoever. I'm seeing an MD in a couple of days and will be telling him what I'm doing and why, so he can decide if he wants to monitor anything along the way. Please don't assume I'm going off plan without any medical supervision in place. My logic is that when I had my bypass, I wasn't actually unwell. My body was surprisingly metabolically sound for someone who was morbidly obese. I was taking no prescribed medications other than pain relief for my fractured foot, and vitamin D3. Since surgery though it seems my prescribed medications get added to almost by the month. Apart from the vitamins, calcium etc which we all expect, I'm now on diabetic medications daily, other medications that over time will damage my liver and kidneys, daily antihistamines because my body reacts to everything I take or put on my skin, and now hormones. Probably should add here that while symptoms are somewhat improved, they are nowhere near what they should be. Instead I foresee dosages being increased while my aim is to actually eliminate them eventually. As the saying goes somethings gotta give, and at the present time that seems to be my sanity. Maybe changing things up is the answer, maybe it isn't.....I won't know until I try. So wish me luck folks, and if you have a different perspective or even just some other tips, please feel free to share them.
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    Best of luck, @Aussie Bear. You've been having a hard time of it, so change might be just the thing you need. And if you get to watch some extra videos of Dr. Matthew Wiener, that's not too hard... He's a cutie. Let us know how you do and what kinds of effects you see.
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    Our diets can effect so much inside (and out) of our bodies and how they function. Just because we stick to our post op plan, and lose all the weight, that doesn't necessarily mean we are healthy(er). I think it sounds like a great plan. My primary care doctor is a firm believer in trying "elimination" diets long before medications if we are experiencing weird symptoms...like allergies, for instance. I understand things like root vegetables can cause joint swelling and inflammation, so if I were still eating a lot of those foods now, that would be the first thing he would tell me to stop eating. Just because you are going to be trying something new doesn't mean it's WRONG...just different. I truly hope you can find a plan that works for you and helps with the inflammation and pain ❤️ I'll be following this post, so please give updates as you go!
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    Huge Doubts

    @Recidivist, it sounds like you need to be doing some reading that will reassure you that WLS is totally different from dieting. The changes in your digestive process, including restriction and malabsorption, but also hormonal response to eating (insulin, ghrelin, leptin, etc) are really really tangible things that make life post-op totally different. I am a strong-willed and determined person, easily able to follow dieting "rules" for extended periods of time. I have lost large amounts of weight many times in my life. And gained them back, plus more. Until WLS. Now I feel confident that I can keep it off because the crazy part of my brain that I think was actually digestive hormones mostly is just not activated by food or eating. It is a totally different life I lead now. Here's a link to a post with a bunch of articles on WLS. It might help you to focus on the ones that explain the (still mostly not understood) mechanisms for why WLS works when dieting doesn't. It's apparently fairly mysterious why it happens, but it does happen. Your body will be different.
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    Huge Doubts

    I’m with Cinwa. How many times had I tried to do it on my own? I’d failed every one of them. This gave me a fighting chance to drop the weight. It was up to me to keep it off. If I could have done it on my own, I wouldn’t have had to have surgery. This was my last chance at a normal life. Use your first year to change your eating habits and lifestyle.
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    Aussie Bear

    Merry Christmas 2018

    So I'm wide awake at 4am on Christmas morning here in the land of Oz. I had one Christmas Eve drink and I'm paying for it now....hahaha....or should that be Ho, Ho, Ho!!! My long day has to start in about two hours anyway when I drive to the absolutely beautiful Barossa Valley for an early breakfast ( @BurgundyBoy you'd love that area), then on to the equally stunning Mc Laren Vale region for lunch (another region I think BurgundyBoy would appreciate), and finally back to the Adelaide Hills for a quiet dinner with my brother and his wife. The following day its back home to a heatwave with every day next week forecast to be well in excess of 100 degrees. Thought I'd take this opportunity to wish all my internet friends a very happy Christmas... maybe not too "merry" if my last night is anything to go by. Stay safe over the holidays friends and hope you get to enjoy this holiday season with those you love. One year in the future I intend to experience a Christmas in the snow, where jackets and boots are the apparel of the season rather than shorts and singlets!!!!
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    Nana Trish

    Merry Christmas!!

    Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a safe and happy New Year! I’m sending all of my love and prayers to you all ❤️ Enjoy!
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    Res Ipsa

    Merry Christmas 2018

    It is....
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    Happy Holidays !!

    Thanks guys, it was nice being able to do something fun !!!!
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    Happy Holidays !!

    Wow! You look amazing, Tracy! How fun to be able to wear cute novelty holiday outfits - what a great dress. Merry Christmas and enjoy the season
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    Happy Holidays !!

    Cute picture! Love the dress! Looking festive!
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    Aussie Bear

    Happy Holidays !!

    Very festive outfit Tracy.....but OMG your house is spotless!!!!
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    Kim M

    What have I done!

    Reading this post and it seems like ages ago. We have been together for 3 1/2 years. Living together for 2 1/2 years. We had a commitment ceremony last December, which I didn't know about, with all the kids and grandkids at our house. We have been wearing bands to symbolize our commitment to each other, I recently had revision surgery and while in the hospital he asked me to marry him. I thought we were all ready married...kind of. I told him this and he said it was a yes or no answer. I said yes but honestly don't know if it will ever happen. I really just don't feel the need. A happy ending either way. Never thought this could happen to me. We both want forever...for however long that is.