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    Well this marks not only the end of my 4th month of maintenance blog, but also my surgiversary. So I've posted a few pics at the end. 1 - Before picture 2 - Picture this morning 3 - Picture of some old and current pants What a great year. A life-changing year. I thank God every morning for this opportunity for a healthy future. I am so grateful. Yesterday I had my one year check up with my surgeon and I had tears when I thanked him for his good work. He got tears too! I feel like I have learned so much, and that I have so much more to learn. I'm definitely still trying to sort out this maintenance thing. I have yet more nutrition changes to make and I have to go back to the doctor in three weeks. He doesn't like how my weight is still "drifting down." (I lost 3 more pounds since my last nutrition visit 3 weeks ago.) All my bloodwork looked great, and he says at my current weight (or a little higher) I'll live to be a hundred. But he was very serious about stopping the drift. So new marching orders for more sugary fruit and more good fats. OK, ok, will do. Not the ecstatic reception I was expecting from him, but I'm very glad he is conservative and watchful. He said he's never had a patient get down to a BMI of 18 (which is too low), and I won't be his first! This month's triumphs - I can now run 4 miles with ease. I can play 18 holes of golf, walking and carrying my clubs and still have energy the rest of the day. Exercise actually feels good! I bought two size 0 skirts from different manufacturers. That's crazy! And I wore a bathing suit out in public and only felt really self conscious about my extra skin on my arms and legs. This month's tribulations - My doctor visit yesterday left me feeling perplexed and stressed. I thought I had a handle on maintenance, but slipped down again. I'm getting no pleasure and only huge dread and anxiety when people I haven't seen in awhile say they don't recognize me, or comment on my size. I know they mean well, so my anxious response makes me feel even worse. My tribulations seem teeny tiny in comparison to all the benefits and happiness I feel! I just feel so darn grateful!!!!!!! Maintenance Diary - 1st month - Range 135.4 - 140 pounds 2nd month - Range 133.0 - 135.4 pounds 3rd month - Range 127.2 - 133.0 4th month - Range 125.0 - 128.0 5th month - Starts today!