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    Cindy Lou Who

    Month 4 - Surgiversary month

    Thank you so much for cheering me on, @CheeringCJ! I've been too embarrassed to share my real before picture before now. I guess I'm getting more comfortable with letting go of that person forever. About the weight loss stopping - Before this journey happened I told myself that statistically the average loss was 60% of extra weight. And I was letting my body be the guide where it would stop. 60% for me would be around 180, so anything under that, I would be happy. I didn't want to fight my body ANYMORE. I have this idea that, on the surgery table, my body setpoint was reset, and it held the secret of where that would be. And I'm determined still to accept it wherever it will be. I'm just struggling now to trust. To trust in my body to not spike back up. There's my rub. If we are doing everything right with food and exercise, then we really have no control over where our bodies will stop. I definitely think you're doing the right thing by learning to maintain where your body lands. You are in the healthy zone, you look amazing, and you are wearing great clothes! You are doing fantastic!!!!!!!!!! Keep up the great work!!! I'm sorry for my whining, and thank you for being so empathetic!
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    Cindy Lou Who

    Month 4 - Surgiversary month

    Such words of wisdom! Thank you. It sounds like you turned that 3 month "let loose" period into a great learning experience. Wow. I love that. And thanks for the perspective that I'm just now starting this maintenance thing. I DO think my body, let alone my mind, is very confused! Maybe I need to gain some patience. After all, this is the beginning of a decades-long new life. It's hard though. Everything moved so fast the first year, so I want perfection in maintenance to move just as fast!
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    One year (a little late) - and a little bump :)

    You look glowing! Congrats! Stay healthy!