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    Nana Trish

    I got brave :)

    I’ve been terrified to try on “real jeans/pants” since I hit goal. Everything on my body has shrunk so much...but there is a LOT of excess skin on my belly. I’ve been dreading trying on anything that’s not legging/stretch pants material or a skirt. I just couldn’t stand the thought of grabbing a pair of pants that looked huge and finding out that they fit, or worse yet, grabbing a pair that I thought would fit and not even be able to get them on. So today I found a pair of slacks with a little stretch to them but still regular slacks. I tried them on and they fit. But they were only labeled medium, and I wanted to get SOME idea of what size I might be in. So I took them off and started wandering the clothes racks trying to find something I liked. Then I held the pants I already tried on up to the ones I wanted to try on, lol. Below is a picture of what I found. They are Levi’s denim capris, SIZE 10!! I couldn’t get over the fact that I could even get them on! They were medium rise waist, and were snug. If they had had a high waist (mom jeans style, lol) in a size 12, they would have been perfect. But at least I have some idea of what size I can fit into now
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    Nana Trish

    Today was awesome!

    It is my surgiversary. My surgeon's reaction to my accomplishments over the past year was priceless. And when I stepped on his scale I got a great surprise His scale normally reads 2 pounds heavier than mine...and it read 153. I didn't weigh myself at home this morning, or for the last few days actually, so I'm not sure what my scale would have said. But I'm assuming it would have been 151. But I'm counting the surgeon's scale as my official weight at the one year mark. Hubby took me to lunch after my appointment and I had baked fish and steamed green bean(s) lolol. AND this is the first time I actually WALKED into my surgeon's office instead of using my wheel chair! The receptionist had no idea how tall I was hahaha. It was just a great day. That's all I've been having a lot of those lately ❤️
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    Aussie Bear

    NSV of the Week - whats yours?

    I was sitting in the waiting room at my sister's bariatric clinic when I heard someone ask the question "what did you want to achieve from your surgery".....very surprised when the person gestured to me like a spokesmodel doing a florish hand gesture on an advertisement to flog a new car, and said "I wanted THAT!!!" Just as well I was sitting down at the time.
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    Summer Vacation, baby!

    This is just a general update - I haven’t done one yet this month, so here goes. I’m three and a half months into maintenance, and so far, so good. I’m eating quite a lot, but getting used to that, so it feels pretty normal to be stuffing my face all day now. I’m at about 1800 to 2000 calories per day, which is what online caloric needs calculators say I should be taking in for my age/sex/weight/activity level. Here’s what I’ve been eating most days lately: Breakfast: Syntrax shake with berries blended in Snack: Greek yogurt with frozen berries Lunch: Tomato and pepper and feta salad with olive oil and lemon juice Snack: Bean and veggie salad (usually Indian style stuff that my husband makes, like chickpeas and peppers and carrots and cabbage, sometimes with halloumi cheese, and lots of spices) Snack: cheese and crackers (I found Triscuits at a store here, a once in a blue moon find, so I’m having 6 crackers per day and hoping they never run out…) Snack: Peanut butter protein powder balls - this helps keep my calories high Dinner: beans and veggies, usually (again often Indian food; my husband has been great about cooking), sometimes a veggie burger patty, or Thai curry with tofu or shrimp Snack: often a square of 85% chocolate and a date or two - the dates have a ton of sugar/carbs, but they don’t seem to trigger cravings or hunger. That’s about 1800 calories. Sometimes I swap out one of the snacks with a protein bar or some nuts. I found a new brand of protein bar called Fulfill (Irish, I think?) and they are awesome like candy bars, but similar macro profile to Quest. Fortunately, I'm OK at stopping at one Last night I went to a friend’s house, and she had a bowl of Smartfood (yummy popcorn with cheese powder, but real cheese not chemical stuff). This is my kryptonite. I mistakenly had a handful, which due to the magical properties of Smartfood turned into several handfuls. I. Couldn’t. Stop. So crunchy and delicious and moreish, as the English like to say (so good you just want more). It’s easier to just say 100% no, as stopping after one handful is harder for me. I was berating myself for letting my snacking impulses get the better of me, which they did. But when I got home, I checked the nutrition info and two cups was less than 200 calories, which fit into my day OK, so no real harm. However, I did feel that *urge to snack* that I fear, so I know Smartfood is probably not a great idea to keep in my house. Fair enough, I could have guessed that. I would have taken out the whole bag pre-op, so two cups is a pretty good stopping point for me. I’ve been stepping it up at the gym lately, doing weights instead of just cardio. It’s interesting and kind of fun and motivating to see the amount I can lift go up. My little teensy muscles are getting bigger. I actually have arm muscles now and some definition in my shoulders and biceps and triceps and stuff. I’m just mostly doing machines at the moment. It’s really helping to tone things up and make me feel a lot stronger. This, in turn, is probably driving some of the changes I’m seeing in my body (I’m sure it would be changing anyway, but it’s actually changing pretty quickly). I’ve just today gotten rid of the rest of the clothes I bought when I got to my original GW of 150 (let this be a lesson to you: don’t spend a ton of money on clothes until things settle down!). The things I bought when I got to my current GW of 132-137 are now getting kind of baggy. My weight has stayed the same, but my body is gaining muscle and losing fat, I suppose. I still have more loose skin than I’d like, particularly on my upper arms and on my thighs and bum, but I think that will continue to change for a while, so I’m not going to get too worked up about it quite yet. I’m wearing about a size 2 or 4 US, but had the surreal experience of trying on a size 0 pants at The Gap the other day and having them fit. They were a little snugger than I want to wear in this part of the world, so I went with the 2s (!!!???) but the 0 fit on my body just fine. So strange. My normal top size is XS. I really never thought of myself as a S anything in my life, let alone XS, and had always told myself I had “big bones” (that comforting phrase most big people apply to themselves, usually after parents have applied it to them, I suppose). I don’t have big bones. I have medium size bones. Not small! But also not big. I mean, I realize there is definitely size inflation in the world of fashion, so I’m taking my size 0 and 2 with a size XXL grain of salt, but I looked at an old clothing catalog from the 1920s the other day, and my measurements would still put me on the small end of the size spectrum. So, I guess I’m legitimately small now. I don’t feel it, but I’ll accept it. I’ve had the lovely experience, a few times now, of trying on clothes at a store and needing a different size while in the dressing room and calling out to the shop assistant to have them get me the right size. Smaller or bigger, doesn’t matter, I’m not embarrassed! I never never never had shop assistants do that when I was heavy because 1) I was often trying on the largest size in the store, and 2) even if I wasn’t, I wouldn’t want the scrutiny so would get dressed, leave the dressing room, and go get it myself. This is a lot easier! Just yell for it. Still having problems saying no to things I try on that fit but maybe aren’t the ideal piece of clothing. I’m so used to buying anything that fits and looks halfway decent that I have a hard time putting something back because of the color, or construction, or price, or even just because I might find something similar that might fit more perfectly. “But it fits, buy it!” says my Old Me brain. “In fact, buy one in each color!” My Old Me brain needs to catch up. On Sunday, I’m leaving for a trip to France for a few weeks, so I may not be around here much during my travels. Here are some reasons why this whole trip is a huge NSV: Comfortable plane travel! It’s a walking holiday, so I’ll be putting in 10+ miles per day on the trail, going from village to village - I have done this several times before, but it had gotten to be pretty unpleasant at my higher weights, and I had basically given up on ever doing it again. But here I am! Ready to walk. I’m not stressed about gaining weight on vacation - I suspect I may lose, just due to walking a lot and not having my normal food around. I’m not going to track my food intake! <— *record skipping sound* What!?! No, no tracking while in France. Also no food prep, which is a little scary, but I’m taking bars and shake powder, so I’ll get my protein in. I’ve gotten to buy a bunch of hiking-ish clothing for the trip that looks pretty good on me! Usually this is a style of clothing that I shy away from because it makes me look like an unfashionable potato. But now I look like a hiker! Still fairy unfashionable, but in a fit, hiking sort of way. I’m going to be in France and not in a 24 hour a day battle with myself over what I’m allowed to eat. Usually 75% of my brain is busy figuring out what to buy at the next boulangerie or patisserie because “I can’t get this at home, so might as well take advantage while I’m here.” That was a mind-set that always saw me gain a lot on vacations to France (and other places) before, but served me particularly poorly while I lived in France (both times) and led to enormous weight gains each time. Now, I may have a treat now and then, but that’s it. I’m fine with that - my brain is just way less interested in indulgences. I’m going to be in France and be a thin American person, not a fat American person. I hate hate hate how French people generally perceive Americans, and weight is a major factor in that. I’m anticipating that they will be quite a bit more friendly. I’ve actually been training for this! I’ve been going to the gym like 4-6 times per week for ages, and also hiking 1-2 times per week. I honestly never did that on previous long walks. I just avoided the gym and hoped I’d be OK. Here’s hoping my poor, usually blister-plagued feet hold up. I think I’ll get fewer blisters being lighter, but my feet are the weakest link, for sure. I’ve got a lot of miles to walk. Wish me luck. Last but not least, an update on my prediction about student evaluations. A few months ago, I said I was pretty sure my student evals would be better now that I’m thin because student evaluations are crap and stupid and based on totally irrelevant factors, such as appearance and gender and age and other things, rather than actual teaching proficiency or effectiveness. My evals put me at number 4 in the department, which has 200+ teachers, so yay me. Of course, now I’m pretty sure those numbers say that I’m an awesome teacher and student evaluations are completely relevant and 100% accurate and based on totally legitimate factors…
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    Back to the Goodwill...

    To get more pants...this time in a size 14!!! Shirts are comfortably larges if they don’t have buttons (despite losing so much weight, my chest still doesn’t hide well behind buttons). Anyway it’s been a long time since I took size 14. My husband got my old “I’ll get into these one day clothes” from the attic and some still had tags on them. As much as it was satisfying that they’ll fit me finally, I tossed them right into the donate bag bc the style was one I’d never wear now. And if the style changes, my size will be smaller and I’ll still not wear them! Anyway, I got new pants for $4.99 each (20% off coupon too!) and got grey, black and brown. I got a few new shirts bc they were only $2.99 - 20%...so why not? Now mind you you don’t pay for the atmosphere so ignore the gross dressing room!!!!
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    Ride a horse without pitying the poor creature. Get off the floor without having to crawl on my hands and knees to the nearest piece of furniture to grab on to.
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    I'm going to the doctor for a check-up tomorrow and I don't have to worry about getting weighed! I'm with @BurgundyBoy about crossing my legs. I can pretzel wrap my top leg's foot around the back of my bottom leg when they're crossed. I care about fashion and shopping is now fun (a little too fun, trying to keep that in check). I'm going on vacation tomorrow, a really active vacation that I never would have been able to do a year and a half ago. I'm looking forward to it. I'm also not worried about being squeezed into the airplane seat. I enjoy getting my picture taken. I can swim! In public! I avoided that for years because bathing suits. I love swimming. I go hiking a lot. It's fun instead of exhausting and terrible. I actually like going to the gym. It's my number one hobby now instead of watching TV. Well, I do watch TV on the treadmill, I guess... I feel confident about my appearance and this makes me a happier person. I don't have that awful nagging hateful voice in the back of my head telling me I need to lose weight every minute of every day. Frees up a lot of mental space. I love and respect myself.
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    I can join my husband in the water on scuba diving vacations (2 a year). If I drop something I can pick it up without feeling like I’m going to pass out. I can squeeze into tight spaces. I can garden (BIG garden) without sitting down every 5 minutes. I can slide down slides at the playground with my grandkids. Its the everyday things that make it great! Being normal is fun.. of course buying cute normal sized clothing is a perk..and I agree 100 per cent with what Res Ipsa said!
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    I am at my goal weight and here are a few: Going into a room full of people and not having people judge me for being overweight. Being active without getting hot or out of breath. Being able to buy attractive clothing anywhere, and not having to pick clothing that I think will not make me look overweight. Knowing that I will live a much longer and healthier life - which means much more time with my wonderful spouse and children. Being able to sit in any chair without worrying that it might break. Flying on a plane and knowing that I will easily fit into a coach seat. Not having unhealthy food dominate and destroy my life.
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    Hey everyone! Short update from Florence about 2/3rds of the way through my trip and on my official six month surgiversary. I was a total Girl Scout for the first week, loosened my restrictions in the second, and am now throwing caution to the wind. But hey: it's Italy. Plus: if I have to eat one more sliced meat and cheese plate I'm going to throw it at someone's head. Also: why do Europeans eschew ice? My stomach hates room temperature water. High weight: 387ish. Current weight: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (250ish, give or take? Haven't weighed in 2 weeks now.) The clothes you see below are all Old Navy 16/18 or J.Crew XXL or XL. I miss my hair. :-( Hope everyone is doing great! I haven't been reading any updates, will have a lot of catching up to do when I get back...
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    JUST overweight!!!!! Can you believe it? I am not only no longer morbidly obese, not severely obese, I am not even considered obese anymore!!!! I am simply overweight!!!! look at this picture....I am just the second one in!! this is likely where I will stay because I can't even imagine being in my 140s, I wasn't even that in highschool! but I am soooo fine w/ just being overweight!!!
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    I actually ran for the train today and made it!!! I passed some people along the way and they didn't make it. I'd have been them last year, but the new me can hustle. Granted my heart rate was up, but I didn't feel like I was dying and I keep going till I got down the four flights of stairs to the platform!!! It's the little things that seem amazing that stirke me as an "attaboy, you got this!!!"
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    @Rager2Sharp Mostly movement: walking, cycling, swimming, hiking; capacity to swim for an hour, ride a bike for two, without fatigue, exulting in the supple light of the morning on a forest path while biking near a river... And crossing my legs. Definitely crossing my legs. Every time I cross my legs and the top one just dangles - - I smile!
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    My friend and I went out tonight. I wore a wig for fun and got all tarted up. She took some pictures of me at the hipster coffee shop.
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    Have only lost 80 pounds so far, but I agree... Sex is soo much better haha. Not only that, but I find myself living more - perhaps a near death experience also helped in this department lol. My partner and I have finally pinned down a wedding date for Jan 21/2019 on a cruise going to the Caribbean. I have put this off for about ten years because I hate getting my picture taken due to my size. Put off vacations too because of activity intolerance, and money problems because most of it really went to food - sad but true! So yeah, prepare to live more, a fuller, happier, and healthier life
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    This time last year,I was just starting to come out of severe depression. I had spent the previous year getting married, buying a new 100 year old fixer upper, going to physical therapy so that I could walk or stand for more than five minutes, going blind in my right eye then being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and as if all that wasn’t enough... due to a family crisis....gazing straight into the eyes of my co-dependency illness . I was staring at a selfie I had taken with my husband on our one year anniversary trip, and truly wondering who that woman was standing next to him. I had no idea who I was anymore. Then I had a moment of déjà vu. It was 2012 and a cold day in February on a Boy Scout trip to bodega bay and I was staring at a picture of myself and my ex/then-husband on the beach. The woman in that picture was a miserable hot mess. She was pathetic and I hated her. I vowed in that moment to kill her and never let her see the light of day again. And so I got a divorce, lost a few pounds, did a massive over-haul to my brain and a new woman was born. I loved this new woman, took care of her and we had a lot of fun. So 5 years later, I sat there gazing at this picture wondering what the hell happened to her and who let that pathetic woman sneak back in to our party?And even though I could walk for more than five minutes, I was finding it physically difficult to complete the most basic of personal tasks. That was when I first had the conversation with myself about bariatric surgery. Until that time, I felt the risks were too high, and that it would be a personal failure. So I gave myself 60 days to lose 10 pounds. If I met the goal then I would continue, but if not, it was clear that surgery was the right choice for me. I began doing my research, reading bariatric websites and chat forums, watching YouTube videos and talking to the few people I knew who had bariatric surgery. Not only did I not meet the goal, but I gained weight, and on July 31, 2017 I called my doctor for a referral. For the most part, you guys know what happened after that. But my support group got the brunt of my struggles and really had to scrape me off the floor at most meetings. I seriously doubt I would have made it to surgery day were it not for my online and in-person support. (thank you) I share all this again with you, here in one post, because I just had the most amazing NSV… And I almost can’t believe it myself. If you would’ve told me last May, that by May of this year, I would weigh 183 pounds, that I would have had an amazing adventure in Hawaii, and that I would not only complete a 5K but a light weight tough mudder at that....well... After I fell out of my chair with laughter....I would’ve told you that you were either insane or high on drugs. Either way, go sell crazy somewhere else, I’m all stocked up here!Needless to say....But I'm gonna say all this anyways...I’m 3.5 months post-op. I’ve lost more than 50% of my excess weight, I weigh more of everything else (bone muscle water etc) than I do fat, and that pathetic hot mess of a woman, is gone again.And THIS woman… Is REALLY friggin HAPPY!!!PS… It’s never too late to be young again! .... AliPat got her groove back!some pics.... because I know how much we all love pics… Enjoy!!!
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    Beautiful walk

    Great day my home in background xx loving life 113 pounds lighter .39 since surgery .life tastes good x
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    NSV of the Week - whats yours?

    New NSV: I used to wear a fleece lined, dark brown colored "bomber" jacket that fit me well and is great in all but blizzard weather. High quality jacket with lots of character, perfect fit including length, great quality leather, snaps and zipper. If I wanted to replace it it would be many $$$. Hung in a closet forever. I FIT INTO IT AGAIN! (and then my son "borrowed" it. He claims he is more handsome and therefore he should have it).
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    Hi @Luke76 Lots of people with bariatric surgery have OCD. this study ( https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20872090 ) actually found that 28% of persons undergoing surgery have OCD. Lots of people have anxiety and depression too. I am of the opinion that the psychological problems most people have AFTER surgery existed BEFORE surgery too. that's why no reasonable program will approve you for surgery unless a psychologist or psychiatrist signs off on your circumstances. You don't need to be fully sane or perfectly in balance, but you need to be reasonably in tune and have a therapist or psychologist or psychiatrist as is appropriate. My issues have been the anxiety and depression ones, so will let others speak to the OCD issue.... This generic concern about mental health may be similar to the reports of marriages breaking down after surgery. My view, shared by a number of others here, is that those were marriages that were already in trouble. Once a person steps up to help themselves and take control over their health, the same issues of self-help, being healthy, taking control may be a threat to the spouse or partner., who may be used to having a weak or dependent partner, not an equal partner.
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    Some kind of silly, random things: -easily doing a cartwheel. I remember trying to do one when I was heavy and it was so awkward and hard. I was goofing around with my kids a couple weeks ago and they wanted to see the difference between a round off and a cartwheel. I did both, effortlessly. I kind of freaked me out how easy it was. -wear my kids clothes. Now mind you, my kids are normal/skinny kids who wear typical sizes for their ages. A couple of weeks ago, my mom was visiting and accidentally put one of my 8 year olds shirts in my closet (a kid’s size 7/8). Half joking, I decided to try it on. It fit! it was a little on the short side, but totally fit. I’ve also borrowed their jackets and regularly share sweatshirts with my 10 & 11 year olds. A lot of the other things I love have already been mentioned. Being able to walk around in a swimsuit without feeling self conscious, easily finding clothes that fit, riding amusement park rides. WLS has been such a blessing and gift for me. I’m SO happy I did it.
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    Try to think about this time not as "waiting" but as "preparing". You are getting healthier every day preparing the best possible start for your little one and indeed conception is likely to happen more easily at a lower weight. Certainly you will have a safer pregnancy at a healthier weight. And, you will be establishing healthier eating habits, so that you little one will grow up knowing how to eat healthy. You are so incredibly lucky...your children will never know "fat Mom that can't fit in the roller coaster seat" like mine
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    Advice from a 15 year by pass

    I am 7 1/2 years out (gastric bypass) and weight has stabilized 125-130 the last 2 years or so (my start weight was 240 - my lowest was108 - way too low did not look good!). 130 is the highest I feel comfortable at, I know what to do to get those 5 pounds off again. It is much harder maintaining now BUT so doable. I go up and down the same 5 lbs and I am ok with that. I now have different eating habits - what I hoped for when having the surgery. Following the rules so strictly for the first 3 years or so after my surgery has imbedded better eating habits in my every day life. I do not think of them as rules anymore, I don't even think about the rules anymore to tell you the truth, I just know what needs to be done. Now don't get me wrong sometimes I still "battle" with myself and have those days where I do over eat a bit BUT I move on and get right back on tract! I still do not eat white bread, pasta, or rice and no fried foods (except French fries). I can pretty much can eat anything now (just because you can does not mean you should !) but portion control is key and I can still say NO!. Mon-Fri, breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack stays pretty much the same every day. Weekends (or vacations) is where I go off "tract". If I want ice cream I have ice cream BUT the difference now is I can have a serving size and be satisfied, also I will get a no sugar added or low fat. Before surgery I would eat a whole pint in one sitting. I might have a few French fries when I go out to eat, I also have low fat chips and so on but again only on the weekends and wil be a sat or a sun NOT both days. The key is the change in eating habits - have a bite to satisfy you and STOP! I also still exercise - I never thought that after 7 year I would still be gong to the gym. I just do 35 mins of cardio 2-3 times a week and strength training 1-2 times a week. Here's to still going strong!
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    Hello. Sorry for the delay. Calving and planting season are busy. So its mostly in the spring for me. I belong to a milk marketing coop. So currently my milk is being powdered and used in chocolate production. It also goes to a small creamery and gets bottled. Im only a 1 lb away from being in the 230's I haven't weighed that in 20 yrs. Its amazing on how much easyer I can move around. Take care Rob
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    NSV of the Week - whats yours?

    I have a couple of NSV. 1: traveling on an airplane. Pre-surgery the first thing I always did when sitting down was to extend the seatbelt to its fullest so that when I buckled it, it would actually fit around me. This trip, I put the buckle fearlessly around my hips not knowing how small the person before me was and each plane still having room left in the belt. 2: hotel towels - I used to think hotels were stupid for making towels so small, but the last few stays I’ve had no issues wrapping the towel all the way around my body... and adding to that, the place we’re staying right now has those tiny little robes... that also fit!