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    I DID IT!!!

    It took me forever. In fact I’m not even sure I’ve ever done it. This might have been the first time in my 52 yr existence. (Unless my mom ever did it to me as a baby). BUT...... i donned a horizontal striped shirt!!! And I was ok in it. It was a size medium Ann Taylor Loft shirt and not tight so I didn’t feel like it was clinging to my abdomen. It was weird to be comfortable in it but I did it! I meant to have my husband take a pic of me in it but forgot. I was I. A public restroom today and came out and caught myself in the mirror in it and thought “this is SUCH a big deal for me...duh a milestone, I need to record it for posterity!” And I snapped this pic. It’s not a great pic, just proof I did it ;)
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    Res Ipsa

    Five years

    Today is my five year surgiversary. What I posted three years ago (printed below) remains true today (except that about a year and a half ago I upped by goal weight by five pounds at the request of my wife who thought that I was too skinny when I was between 175 and 180 pounds): It has now been two full years since I had my gastric bypass (RNY) surgery on November 12, 2013 at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. I can safely say that having this surgery was (along with my decision to marry my wonderful wife and have two sons) the best decision of my life. Although the surgery itself, and the liquid diet right afterwards, was not fun, the physical pain from the surgery was over after a few days and I was able to return to work (part time) just six days after surgery. I got down to my goal weight about 9-10 months after my surgery, and have been 5-10 pounds under my goal weight ever since. Quite frankly, I have been lucky, I lost weight fairly quickly after the surgery, I have not had any medical complications, and it has not been very difficult at all for me to maintain my current weight. I am so very thankful to my wife and my surgeon for supporting me on this amazing journey to becoming thin and healthy. More importantly, and I especially say this to the newbies, my 125-130 pound weight loss has brought on a truly amazing positive change in my life. I feel so much more healthy, I am told that I look great, my blood pressure is way down (to about 110/60), I am off a prescription medicine that I was on before surgery, and I believe that I will live much longer now that I am no longer overweight. I enjoy life so much more now that I do not get tired, hot and sweaty whenever I am active. I hike; I walk; and I feel blessed with a new ability to be active. I no longer worry that if I sit in a wooden chair that it will collapse, that the seatbelt on a plane might not fit, that when I enter a room people will immediately judge me for being fat, and that I cannot buy clothes except in a “big men's store” (Men’s sized large available everywhere works just fine now, thank you). I do not feel that I suffer at all in what I can eat every day – I just eat a balanced diet in which just about everything is OK in moderation. I can and do go out to dinner regularly and enjoy all kinds of food and wine. Although I do not formally count calories or record what I eat now that I on maintenance, I can tell you at the end of the day everything that I ate and drank that day, and about how many calories each of these items had. I very rarely dump or need to throw up. Most importantly for me, I weigh myself every morning and if I go above 180, then I cut my food intake, and if I go below 175, then I increase my food intake. I will never go above my goal weight – never! (My wife calls me stubborn; I like to think of it as being persistent). I decided to have the gastric bypass surgery so that I could live long enough to see my sons (who are in their low twenties now) get married and have children, and so that I could grow old with my wife and (hopefully) retire some place nice. Before the surgery, I knew that with my high weight it was just a question of time before I had a heart attack (or stroke) and possibly died – probably before I turned 60 (I am 54 years old now). I did and do not want to die, and if surgery can help me lose weight and live longer, then bring it on! I write this not to praise myself, but to encourage others to seek gastric bypass if you are truly overweight and cannot lose the weight through normal diets. Gastric bypass is an amazing and wonderful journey.
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    NSV of the Week - whats yours?

    Today’s NSV - I just crawled through my dog door because I locked myself out of my house. Lol!
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    Nana Trish

    18 month surgiversary on 11-17-18

    It’ll be 18 months post op on the 17th, and I truly still can’t believe that much time has passed since surgery. It’s all a huge blur. I reached my original goal weight on February 20, 2018. My final goal weight on my birthday (April 6, 2018) and I’ve been averaging 18 pounds less than goal for a couple of months now. I’ve actually been advised to stop losing weight for the moment, because due to my specific circumstances and severe muscle wasting I need to work on building muscle and can’t afford to lose any more right now. I really just wanted to thank you all for all of the advice, support, and love you have all given me these past (almost) 3 years since joining TT. Especially @Res Ipsa, @cinwa, and @Cheesehead from the veterans POV, and @NerdyToothpick, @CheeringCJ, @Jen581791, @tracyringo, @Cindy Lou Who and @TammyP...who have always been my cheering section here at TT!! If I’d forgotten anyone, PLEASE don’t be offended...im a currently unmedicated bipolar patient, and memory is not my strong suit at the moment. I love you guys and will be back soon, hopefully! Omg...and of course I can’t forget @BurgundyBoy!!!!! Thank you all so much!! oh, and my @Carina!!! Love and hugs, sweet pea!!
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    So tonight at my WLS support group, the leader put the first slide up and it was “how not to gain weight over the holidays”. I had this sudden flashback of years of weight watchers. They always had that at this time of the year.....same old messages, take a smaller plate, don’t let anything touch each other on that plate, bring your own safe dish (veggies, fruit), etc. and for the FIRST time the holidays aren’t scaring me!!!! Last year I as new at this and puréed food was all the rage for my tgiving dinner! By Christmas, I could eat more variety but I was still pureeing things bc it was easier and better, and for dinner I would have a little dark meat chicken. On Christmas Day we went to the Chinese buffet and i felt nothing but panic but i survived and ate very little. THIS holiday season hasn’t scared me in the least. I finally have THE TOOL that i can use to keep things in control! I literally can NOT overeat! I love this better place i am in...we are ALL in!
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    I'm in it to win it now and can't wait to join the loser's bench 2 weeks from today!!! I just have to survive these 2 weeks of liquids, 1 week post-op clear liquids, 2 weeks full liquid, and then 2 weeks puree. Solid foods will start around January 3rd. I can do this!!
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    Cindy Lou Who

    NSV of the Week - whats yours?

    Bought a kid's size (L 14-16) vest at Costco! Made me feel cute and youthful!
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    Boho Rosy

    Happy one year to me!

    Hi guys! Today is my one year surgiversary and it just hit me HARD. As I sit here, literally sobbing at my desk with my office door closed, I thought I'd share a few thoughts with the one group of people that I know can understand my feelings more than anyone else. One year ago I was a smart, talented, woman who had cultivated a solid "fun, pretty-faced fat girl" personality over the decades of my obese existence. As my weight increased over the years, the best and most important parts of me were shrinking and I was turning into a "shadow person." I would cheer on anyone and everyone in life, but always from the sidelines which, as an extrovert who desperately wanted to participate in so many things, was very much out of character for me. I carried around such shame and will never forget many, many cringe-worthy moments in my life - not fitting on roller coasters, the entire experience of airplane travel, wealthy donors (I work in philanthropy) directly and publicly asking me why I was "letting myself go," looks and stares from fat-phobic people, visiting friends who lived in 5 floor walk up apartment buildings and barely making it up the stairs, being passed over for jobs that I deserved, not being cast in operas back in my singing days, trying to take up as little space as possible on public transportation, being picked on at school, experiencing discrimination by healthcare providers, and, quite frankly, discrimination by so many people every single #(*&%$ day. This world is so incredibly cruel to obese people. There is an assumption that you are overweight because you're a lazy stupid idiot who doesn't even try. Well, as a woman who has been on a diet since junior high school (or probably even earlier), I'm here to say that I tried SO HARD, over and over again. On this day, one year ago, I had weight loss surgery and I refuse to be ashamed. I. WILL. NOT. DO. IT. Since that day, I have literally been working my @*# off, fighting for the chance to enter my forties, not as the "it's such a shame - you have such a pretty face" girl, but as just plain f$cking awesome. Not because I dropped a ridiculous amount of weight, but because I am awesome and, spoiler alert, I ALWAYS WAS. Thank you for all of your amazing support and advice through this experience. I'm not done yet, but I believe in myself and I am in love with my new life. Thanks for listening!
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    I worked really hard to change my eating behaviour prior to my surgery and i think that helped a lot in staying on plan after surgery. Sure I've slipped (way too often in my head) since reaching my goal.....the big difference so far has been that I have reached a "healthy weight" for the first time in my life, and have maintained it for about 12 months now. I realise that's not all that long in the scheme of things, but it is far longer than I've ever managed in the past when I've also lost huge amounts of weight. I never believed it was realistic or possible to get down into a healthy BMI range. Now that I know it is indeed possible, I'm not about to let it go. I have given myself an upper weight limit, above which is not acceptable to me. I weigh myself often and when I get near that mark, I know what to do to pull myself back.....and I do it. We all know that 5 kg can easily become 10kg, then 20kg. If we accept these smaller gains and don't address them, we can quickly become obese again. Once at that point it's back to the old mind frame issues that to lose a lot of weight is just too hard. So for me the key is to address any regain quickly and not accept it at any level really. Success is also kind of addictive, and when you can process your achievement, it's easier to convince yourself to hang onto that success with every ounce of willpower you can muster.
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    15 month post op

    Wow 15 months have gone by now, it all goes so fast. I am back down to 174.4, everything seems to work fine when I do what I am suppose to. I am trying to maintain here or go as low as I can over the next few weeks for the holidays. I am sure others out there, at goal do something similar for Holiday gatherings? I went in for a consultation on Tuesday for a breast reduction and lift. Looks like that will be a go, but will be a few months before we can proceed. I have been noticing that I want to snack more, even when I am not hungry. I know I still have this drive to eat. I have been fighting it lately and some depression. It just goes to show that we can lose the weight but the problems are still there. I am very seriously thinking of getting into counseling again to try and figure this all out. I know that regain cannot be an option for me, so I need to stay on point and get some help if I cant get things resolved.
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    Thanks for the responses everyone. I definitely do better with routine and structure and tracking certainly helps too. I get sick of tracking constantly after a while and I think the times I've got to goal weight and regained I probably got too complacent and confident having just lost so much weight. Hopefully I've learnt from my mistakes and will make sure I continue to track and monitor once I get to GW! Well just have to be super vigilant and real with myself. I usually know when I am making excuses so will just have to give myself a kick in the butt and stop myself before I begin.
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    Food doesn’t appeal to me so much anymore. I try not to keep sweets in the house. For me they are trigger foods. This summer I was busy with my daughters wedding and forgot to eat for 2 days. I’ve also gotten busy with Easter prep and forgot to eat until 9:00 at night. I no longer live from meal to meal. If I think I’m hungry I’ll guzzle a cup of water. It fills me up and if I’m still hungry later I’ll have a cheese stick or apple i highly recommend keeping trigger foods out of the house the first year. I love to bake but it goes home with my grown kids..
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    I admit to being a little on the compulsive side and as I started my WLS journey planning, weighing/measuring my foods, I didn't see any reason to change that once I got to goal so continued to do that when I went to maintenance. And I do that purely because I chose to continue to eat clean, rarely have any hunger (I know when I'm running on empty) and if I don't plan ahead, I'm more likely to grab stuff that has no need to be in my mouth. It's rare that I eat potato chips etc. but as they no longer have a hold on me, 2 or 3 chips and I'm done. Far cry from the days when I'd snack on a 13 oz bag of Kettle brand potato chips throughout the day (1,950 calories)
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    Do fill up on protein though or you may find yourself "grazing" all day. So many goodies and so many are sliders that don't really create fullness. I find that the snacks before the actual meal are the worst temptation, so I try to keep busy either playing with a kiddo (plus be the good auntie and give their mama a break) doing a chore for my Mom (earning good daughter points lol). After the meal I round up anyone who wants to join me for a walk if the weather allows. Usually a niece or nephew I haven't seen for awhile will join me and we have a great talk. Plus I avoid the inevitable political crap that gives me GERD lol.
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    I just wanted to check in with you and see how you’re holding up with the anniversary of your sister’s accident. Has it been a hard week? How are you coping emotionally? I know she was your best friend and the loss was so sudden yet you went on and bettered yourself when you had the perfect excuse to quit, and i always admired that. Still, we all know that being skinny is awesome but not a cure-all, even skinny people mourn and get sad, so. I wanted to see how you were doing and let you know you’ve been on my heart lately. {{HUGS}}
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    Days 3 & 5 were the WORST. But I think I've got it now. I'm already down 7lbs as of this morning so that's awesome.
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    You can always get into the settings and mess with them until they more accurately reflect your surgeon's goals. I forgot to do that when I upped my calories when I hit maintenance, and spent a few weeks eating like double the calories in my MFP target. I was rewarded with "You're 800 calories over today" until I changed it! Don't sweat the sodium and other stuff right now - you're shrinking your liver so the surgery is safer. The real losses will happen after. And they WILL happen! It sounds like you're doing really well so far.
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    Kim M

    Post Op

    Are you not tolerating soft food? I think grapes are a stretch. I was told I could add some berries to my protein shake but I had to blend them really well. they are pushing fiber and fat for me due to BM issues. I understand that getting the protein and water in are hard. I try warm tea is seems to go down easier. In reading your posts you seem to have vomited a number of times. That has to be tough. Maybe you can get into see your nutritionist and she can give extra support. Good for you with the vitamins. That is quite a lot of weight to lose in 10 days. I think I have lost 12 pounds in 2 weeks. If you are feeling weak, you could be dehydrated. Just sip even when you are not thirsty. Protein and fluids first. Stay well and keep us updated on how you are doing.
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    Weight Loss

    Hello, Thank you all for the encouragement, it has been a difficult couple of weeks. I am thankful that this will end eventually. Thanks.
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    Doing great so far! Not even HANGRY!!! I ate a big lunch today....er drank one. LOL I was surprisingly full from a protein shake, a cup of broth, 1/2 cup of sugar free pudding, 1/2 cup of cream of mushroom soup (minus the mushrooms). Had a sugar free popsicle as a nice freebie this afternoon. I do have concerns of getting enough calories though...surgeon's suggested menu is what I'm doing and my book says 1000 calories or less a day. I'm averaging 600-700. Trying to get more often puts me up higher in carbs & sodium, but maybe I need to stop focusing on that and just follow the diet and screw my "goals" in myfitnesspal. lol Thanks all so much for all the support! I love knowing that I can get that here.
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    Question for the ladies

    You and me both!
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    Res Ipsa

    Five years

    By the way, as the topic of amount of weight loss in the months after weight loss surgery comes up often here at TTF, this is what happened to me. In the two months prior to my surgery I lost 20 pounds to be at 284 pounds. After my RNY gastric bypass surgery in November 2013, my monthly weight loss rates were as follows: 1. 23 pounds 2. 16 pounds 3. 16 pounds 4. 12 pounds 5. 18 pounds 6. 7 pounds 7. 7 pounds 8. 2 pounds 9. 0 pounds 10. 4 pounds 11. 2 pounds - at which point (in mid-October 2014) I reached 177 pounds. This was just below my goal weight. Thus, I lost 127 pounds in all - 20 pounds before surgery and 107 pounds after surgery.
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    Aussie Bear

    Question for the ladies

    I am so glad that part of my life is over!!!!!
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    Hi guys

    I know it will be hard to take in or internalize, but try to take it from someone who's objective -- You did the most loving thing that you could have done for that poor creature by giving her some peace. I know how you feel, I come from a family with lots of dogs around all the time. Sounds like you are in the right mental place for getting a little more focused on your weight or eating habits. Give yourself some room and time to breathe :-) A few small changes, here and there, will see you back on track. Sending peaceful thoughts your way :-)
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    Five years

    @Res Ipsa-- I agree with everything you said :-) Thanks for being a solid example of a successful post-WLS life.