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    My thanks to those who share

    I would like to say thank you to so many of you who have shared your knowledge and experiences regarding your weight loss stories. I had no idea when I joined this forum that I would learn more information than could ever be learned from a book. I feel more than ready for my gastric bypass surgery coming up in March. I know I will have many questions as I go through the process and I also know exactly where to get the answers! I log in here at least once or twice a day to see what’s new and I always learn something. Even though I don’t know any of you personally I feel like we’re friends. I look forward to my new healthier life and to sharing my experiences as I go. Thanks again!
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    Exciting news

    Okay so here goes... My doctor decided to have me get my blood redrawn at their lab because he had suspicion that my results from Monday were not accurate (my home nurse drew Monday's labs and had to take them to a lab so could be why) guess what my labs are still normal at 3.5 this girl is officially back on the schedule for Monday the 29th to get my revision. So if you all will keep me in your thoughts by this time Monday i will hopefully be heading in the right direction to better health and rejoining all of you on the losers bench.
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    People Are The Worst

    Maybe she just assumed since you're so hot now, somebody had to hit that, fast!
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    Nana Trish


    I did it!! I didn't have time to post yesterday, but I finally did it! 9 months after surgery, and 11 months from starting my pre op diet.....
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    Back from the Winter Walk!

    The Boston Winter Walk for the Homeless, that is. It was sooooo cold and rainy, but also kind of awesome! I did the full two miles, and didn’t ever feel like I was holding anyone back. So great to be able to get out and move and do things. I’m freezing and soaked to the skin, but overall, very happy I didn’t chicken out!!! Me (left) and Leah at the end of the walk, just before heading back to the train:
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    Life so far after VSG

    So I am 7 weeks post VSG. So much has changed in so little time. I know its just the beginning but I am amazed on how much difference this tool has done for my life. First off, I had regret. At first I didn't until I started eating real foods. I hated that I didn't enjoy foods as much, that 1 bite and I was done. Now I couldn't be happier with the results. Yes your eating ways change and at first it may not feel as if you've done something good but trust it and just make better decisions and it will. I have tried pizza, chicken strips, fries, and most of the bad stuff. I didn't realize how bad and strong head hunger and food addiction was until this surgery. I honestly don't like these bad foods anymore. The more I chew the more I realize the taste is different and it just doesn't make me crave it. My food choices have changed and I am eating better. I also incorporated gym again and I am melting the pounds away. My heaviest weight was 368 lbs. I am currently 306. I can now walk to my office from my car and not be sweating and out of breath. I can finally tie my shoes and not have to hold my breath while tying them. I walked for 2 hours the other day hiking with my girlfriend and my back wasn't hurting and neither was my knee. My energy is through the roof! I feel happier, better, more alive. I cant wait to see what other amazing things change in my life. So if you're reading this and are on the fence about getting surgery then take my advice and go for it. It is honestly the best decision of my life. It literally saved my life. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Sorry if it sounds rushed I have been up since 5 am and I am still half asleep lol
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    This is a milestone day for me! In April of this year, at 355# and a BMI of 62, with borderline high blood pressure and blood sugar plus sleep apnea, my surgeon assured me insurance approval would not be a problem. He said I was basically a textbook case. Actually his words were “under the criteria for insurance approval, there’s a picture of you.” (Sounds awful, but it wasn’t - it was both reassuring and true!) As of this morning, I’m at 225# - with a BMI of 39.9! That is below my insurance company’s automatic approval range, plus my blood pressure and blood sugar are normal and I no longer have sleep apnea. I am officially *too healthy* for automatic approval!!!
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    Hi guys, Doing great over here. I'm down 57 pounds from my highest weight ever - about 40 of that is since surgery. From an eating perspective, things are good. I am not one of the lucky ones who lost my appetite post WSL, but as a longtime foodie, I love finding and coming up with recipes that are both favorable from a nutritional standpoint and yummy. Portion control, a concept that once eluded me, is now my middle name. Yay for tiny ramekins with lids! I just had my blood work done in anticipation of my 3-month appointments which are later this month and the results look really good. The only thing that is not in the ideal range is my iron. It's not crazy-low, but it's lower than it should be. I'm currently taking Flinstone's chewables (among other supplements), and the aftertaste of the iron totally grosses me out, so I'm a little miffed that I'm not at least seeing the benefit in my numbers. I'll definitely be speaking with my nutritionist about whether or not I can switch to the kind you swallow. Fingers crossed she's on board. I joined a gym a couple of weeks ago and have been absolutely loving it (omg did I just say that?). I'm not doing anything fancy - just intervals on the treadmill for now - but I'll be meeting with a trainer next week (I get 4 free sessions with my membership), and look forward to adding weights. I'm a huge music nerd, so making playlists for each workout has been a fun and motivating part of my routine. My energy level is through the roof and I find myself taking the stairs or walking super fast from my car into the office just to burn some of it off. The most noticeable change for me (besides loose-fitting clothes) is in my mood and confidence level. I find myself wanting to be out and about way more. There's a bounce in my step again that had been missing for about a decade. I still have a long way to go, but I feel so capable of not only continuing on this journey, but enjoying myself thoroughly along the way. This is the new me!
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    Checking in - 10 Months out

    Hi Ya'll! I've been terrible about checking in these last few months. Lots of changes at work and home and all this crazy ice that we're not supposed to see in Texas. I started my first college class last week so that's taking up my energies as well. I sifted through some photos and you guys are killing it! @Nana Trish @NerdyToothpick just to name a few. So inspiring to see everyone's success. I am still 18lbs from goal but I feel better than I ever have. I am so ready to be at a place of maintenance and to get to the size I'm going to stay so I can shop! Lucky for me, I still have lots of hand me down clothes from a friend. But those are getting more and more scarce. I'm including a 1 year apart Christmas photo. Woof I can't believe that was me. The second was a pic I took a few weeks ago before going out with a girlfriend.
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    Why are YOU here?

    I visited a new surgeon today and while I was waiting for my appointment, I made small talk with a man and his wife. The gentleman in question had been sleeved a week earlier. He looked confused and blurred out “why are YOU here?”. When I told him that I had gastric bypass in April, his jaw literally dropped to the floor. I have never seen someone so visibly shocked and it made me chuckle. He started to stutter and kept looking at me up and down. I didn’t mind. I got it 100%. I remember sitting in the hospital and thinking that I couldn’t possibly lose as much weight as had been promised. I softly (because I am LOUD) said, this will happen to you. Trust the process and follow the plan. I wanted to tell him about TTF but I was called away for my appointment. I wished him well and went along my way. I cant believe that it’s been almost ten months since my surgery. I wish I had found TTF or a support group prior to surgery. This interaction made me thankful for my TT family and recognize the importance of paying it forward. I did feel like a supermodel for a brief moment...
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    Picture updates

    I haven't posted in a bit, and feel like I'm behind the 8 ball because work is so insanely busy lately and have been working a lot of hours. The single pic was taken yesterday (7 mos out). It was the first time I wore my hair pulled back in a long time, and I felt like I could really see the changes starting to occur in my face...I almost didn't recognize myself in the bathroom mirror at work...lol! The other pictures are day of surgery & from about 3 weeks ago (about 6.5 months Post op). I actually had my shirt tucked in for the first time in forever! Can't believe I'm down over 84 pounds in 7 months! I had a rough month last month as they increased my carbs, protein, and calories and I gained 5.5 pounds. I really struggled losing what I gained & finding the balance, so I backed off the carbs a bit and started to slowly drop. Now I lost all I that and a couple more! Next week we officially start the gym....gulp!
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    What a year can do

    This is me, all around 1 1/2 to 2 years ago, at my highest weight, between 275 and 290. I had type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, my knees hurt, and I took ibuprofen daily, sometimes multiple times a day. I had headaches constantly. I was taking about 7 different prescription meds. I was extremely unhappy with life by this point. I hated the way I had to dress (nothing off the rack fit). I wore the exact same clothes daily. (I had multiples of the same shirt, same pants, etc because I knew how to make them work and where to order them). So 5 pair of the same pants, 14 of the exact same shirt, etc. I despised seeing my reflection in a window. I was just so miserable inside. I finally overcame insurance issues and in Jan 2017 contacted a bariatric surgeon in CA (I'm in Alaska), and in Feb 2017, began her "liver shrinking diet" which was very low-carb at first, lean meats and veggies, gradually giving up meals and transitioning to protein shakes. By Nov 10, 2017 (surgery day) I weighed 217, down from 275 in Feb. I weighed 211 at my one-week follow up. Today, one year after my start date, I weigh 170. This is me tonight at church (I play that gorgeous piano every week)... I can tell you, life is SO MUCH BETTER on the other side of WLS. I love how I get to dress now. I finally feel like the REAL ME is being reflected in the clothes that I wear. I take a single prescription drug, for asthma, and probably will for life (have since I was 18). I haven't needed a painkiller post-op at ALL, except for a week that I had the flu. I'm only three months out and I have a lot to learn yet. My mind is still numb to these changes. When I see fat me, it is getting harder to identify with that person, and also those pics make sad and angry because I hated my life at that point. Not like, suicidal hate, just the lifestyle of the fat and miserable. I'm so excited about who I see reflected in the post office glass when I walk up to the building every day, and never in a million years could I have imagined that things could feel this good, and that I would be so happy with the person that emerged. I became inspired by watching @TP1210's own WLS surgery experience play out here on TT, all the way up to his surgery day and after. It was when I really thought to myself, "wow, I think this surgery thing is right for me!". But on the whole, TT in general is what kept me motivated once I made the decision, but started having insurance obstacles. This family of people is SO awesome.
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    NSV of the Week - whats yours?

    A few weeks ago I mentioned I was having some white sequined pants altered for a disco party. I learned that if you take 1x pants and try to alter them down to a medium you have to completely take the pants apart and re-make them. I didn't have the time for that so I found these sequin wide leg pants. Here is my disco outfit - best part are the shoes! Silver platforms with glitter on the heels.
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    My thanks to those who share

    That’s the way I look at it-we are all friends who have been in the same sinking boat. Wls was our life preserver out.. I was never told to expect stalls, hair loss (I was lucky and didn’t experience that), I found out about my dannon light and fit Greek yogurt, was told to take measurements on here. We all get it. Something many of our family and friends don’t.
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    I did it!!!!

    I was just saying to my husband that I don't think I have EVER lost 50#!!!! And now I did it in just 3.5 months!!!! How crazy is that?!?! I love my sleeve!!!
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    I'm doing fairly well. I'm still struggling to get all my water in. Also, we've had some major financial setbacks since my husband's layoff, so we are incredibly broke and I've had to cancel my gym membership (also Netflix and Hulu and basically anything not absolutely necessary). I'm going to work on exercising at home, though. It's pretty dire, so I'm looking at potentially having to get a second side gig and my husband's looking at potentially having to find a job (he's in school full-time, so we'd rather him be able to focus on that, but if needs must....). Anyway, that's a struggle. We've been in this situation before, though, so I'm hopeful that things will balance out quickly. I'm having a hard time wanting to eat sometimes. I have only actually had the feeling of hunger a couple of times since surgery, so there's no real physical drive to eat. I will have a mental drive to eat, but it's usually wanting things I can't have. I don't give into those urges, because the possibility of getting sick is a good deterrent for me and I don't want to get sick OR find out that certain things don't make me sick, thus negating the deterrent. Ugh. I get really bored with the stuff I can have, so I end up just not wanting to eat at all. This is problematic, of course. It's hard to get all my protein in when I don't want to eat. I've tried doing shakes again instead, but I want those even less than I want food! I'll get it figured out, though. I ate fine yesterday, though I had to somewhat force it. I'm always working on ways to spice up (literally) my meals and make them more interesting. It's having a nice effect on my creativity! This morning when I stepped on the scale, I had lost 3 lbs overnight. I'm pretty sure most of it was water weight, since I got in my 64 oz yesterday and my body probably decided it didn't need to hang onto water for dear life anymore. Haha! I've also been sick, though, so that could factor in. I'm not sure what's up. Anyway, that means I've lost 60 lbs total from when I walked into the clinic, 46 lbs since my surgery. I like to count from the day I had my first weigh-in because that's when my journey really began. It's when I made the decisions that led me here. I'm starting to notice that I feel better, especially my knees. This may be TMI, but sex is better. I have a little bit of self-consciousness going on about some loose skin I'm already getting, but I know I'll need to wait a while before even considering plastics, so I'm trying to just take it as it is. It doesn't seem to put anyone off. Haha! I'm feeling a little overwhelmed with work currently. My client count went waaaaaay up lately and it's been a lot. I'm "working from home" today while I'm sick, but I've fallen asleep twice and haven't been doing as much as I had planned. Still, I'm managing to stay afloat and I think it will be ok.
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    Pre op weight loss

    I did it. 301.8 down 7lbs from 3 weeks ago.
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    My sister is funny...

    So, my wonderful sister, my best friend, my own personal RN and selfless care-giver did thiis to me. I was not really awake..I was kind of "there." And she did this. I don't look amused, do I? hehehehehe. This was as I was waking up from my last surgery in January.
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    NSV of the Week - whats yours?

    I'm not sure if it's just me that finds this a NSV, but I suspect some of you get it..... I'm crossing my legs and they "line up" ....i had gotten to the point it was hard to do and my foot would stick way out....now it goes all the way down my other leg. Crazy to celebrate that, but to me it's a personal victory!
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    This NN is down 47# but more impressive is I have a different brain than before...and yes, I still like food, but no, it doesn't OWN ME anymore!! I haven't done my measurements (tho I will tomorrow when I hit my 3 month mark) but I can see/feel a difference! I actually look forward to seeing the difference tomorrow! I am fine with most foods. This month though I have found more limits (portion wise) than last month.....which I find odd....like my sleeve is shrinking? I am actually fine w/ because at first I was afraid I could stomach TOO much food! My clothing size is on its way down still. I started out a 22W in pants....quickly went to a 20w and am still wearing them but can't remember the last time I used the button/snap/zippers as they easily slide up and down. Now that they are too big I have checked out new pants....I assumed I was an 18W so I figured a 16W would work. My dh and I were shopping the other night and he was helping me find pants so I told him a 16W and he grabbed just regular 16 because he didn't know there was a difference. I took them into the dressing room and every single one FIT! Holy Moly!!! I was shocked! One was snug but the others were all fine. How the heck did that happen? I didn't buy any bc oddly enough every one of them was baggy in the crotch....which I found weird. Like they finally fit my hips/waist (something my other pants no longer do...in fact I have to be careful putting my hands in my pockets bc it just might bring the pants down! ha!)but they were all baggy in the front between the legs. I have no pain, no clue that I have even had the surgery (unless you see the scars), so it is just my new normal....and I am still SO glad I did this! Anxious to hear the success (or struggles) of my surgery month buddies!
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    On that same vein @delilas, I had a checkup at my orthopedist last week and when I was there months ago, I went to stand up ...and well the chair came with me. The arms stuck to my wide hips embarrassingly enough. This time, that chair stayed put! And my surgeon was stoked at my progress.
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    Boogie ONEderland!!!

    198.6! It felt like I'd never get here! My PCP lowered my dose of thyroid replacement a few weeks ago, and it slowed my weight loss considerably. What a disappointing place to stall out - right before ONEderland! I still suspect my dose is too low now. We'll be testing it at the end of February. But I'm here in ONEderland, and I'm very excited about it. Woo!!!!
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    Nana Trish

    "At goal" pics

    Ok guys, here goes... The pics in the blue butterfly shirt are my "surgery day" pics. If you've seen any 'before' pics of me, it was most likely these. I rarely let hubby take pics of me pre op. We only did these because it was surgery day. There are two of me that no one has seen before except hubby and the kids. The one with me and hubby was on my 50th birthday (last April) at our favorite restaurant...the waitress snapped it before I even knew it happened. When she gave it to me as we paid the check, I was frozen. I cried all the way home. The one with just my face in it was at my heaviest weight ever of 348, taken sometime in 2015. Although I'm not done losing yet, I thank God everyday for this second chance I've been given, and for feeling like life is worth living again. And also for finding this forum. You have all been like family to me...closer than some of my blood relations, actually. Without all of the support I receive here, I'd never be able to do this. I just want you guys to know how much you mean to me. Thank you so much for catching me every time I tripped, not judging me when I fell off the wagon, and for just being here ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ With that said...please be kind, as I'm not comfortable with a couple of these pics, but I trust you guys enough to show them anyway Oh, and my sweet Devin is in one of the pics with me too (PS...NEW BRA UNDER MY CLOTHES)
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    Changed it again

    Since the skin removal surgery, I feel like a new person. Looking at myself in a mirror, I don't have the noticeable bulges of empty loose skin. I am actually slim in the classic sense now. Fine-tuning is about all I have left to do now, that and maintain my weight sensibly. There are no more big goals or triumphant weight milestones left. I am happy to be here, the past 2-1/2 years has been an amazing journey and being able to optimize this awesome tool has been quite an experience!
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    Exciting news

    I am finally coming around. I have walked a few times but i get tired so quick not to mention i am still having a lot of pain. The surgeon was not able to place the gastric tube in my abdomen so hopefully all goes well and i can do this without needing it anyways. Room temp fluids seem to be working best for my new pouch and they are going down easier than before.
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    LOLOLOL The mammography tech was talking about her daughter and said “she’s slim like you”. I was honest and we had a nice chat about WLS.
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    Madhouse Heidi

    NSVs—Let's share!

    I am celebrating a cool NSV (non-scale victory) tonight. I have worn wide-calf boots always. Even the wide-calf boots have been a struggle to zip sometimes. Today I realized that I could fit my entire hand inside the calf of my boot while I was wearing them. My daughter tossed me her regular-calf boot and told me to try it on. With much skepticism I slipped it on. Not only was I able to get it on, but it zipped with no pulling or effort! I honestly never thought I’d be able to wear regular clothes or boots. What a fun surprise! (Surprise number 2 was that my right calf is bigger than my left calf. ) What fun NSVs have you experienced lately? How do you celebrate? Food has always been my reward for things, so I’m looking for other ways to treat myself!
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    NSV of the Week - whats yours?

    I did another closet purge today! I have kept the largest slacks I ever owned, and took a pic of these with my current slacks overlaid on them. I apologize for the upside down photo! I can't seem to turn the image here Largest slacks - Navy blue Croft and Barrow size 20. Current slacks - Black Maurices size 9/10. It feels good, I can't lie
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    My sister the nurse

    She has joined the forum. Just waiting for approval. She wants VSG so I sent her here for info. Her user name is SusanVMallory. She’s an RN and the reason I’ve been so successfull in my journey. Please welcome her when she gets approved!!
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    4 years out

    I am amazed that it has been 4 years since my surgery! It was the best thing I could have done for my health. Strangely I am still never hungry, so I have to make sure I eat healthy. I have been at 140lbs for 18 months now. I feel great...but still 4 years older
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    My thanks to those who share

    I visited this forum for nearly 2 years before I had my surgery. By the time surgery arrived, it was fairly underwhelming, and I had no questions at all. Knowing the people here and finding TT has been an amazing blessing to me. I feel like in most cases, the collective knowledge here-- the real life, day to day advice from real life people struggling in the trenches, is far superior to anything in a book, or even the handouts and advice from most programs and their Dr's and surgeons. The advice from those places is usually from a single point of view, or a few people's, and is almost never from someone who has lived the WLS life! I'm amazed at how many times people bring advice here from their programs, that most of us know is actually contrary to successful post- WLS living! My own program and surgeon included! Congrats to you on making your decision for WLS and I look forward to cheering you on when you get your spot on the loser's bench. Ask all your questions, at least you'll know they'll be answered here by someone who's most likely had the exact same problem.
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    I’m doing a deep clean of my house and came across some old Weight Watchers information, insulin needles and some leftover glipizide. BYE
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    Real food

    Today was a pretty good day i got almost 80g of protein in. Premier protein and my unflavored genepro were my friend. Now if i can just keep this up i will hopefully be getting this picc out sooner rather than later.
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    NSV of the Week - whats yours?

    This is kind of a big one for me... Yesterday was STAIR DAY! For the first time since we moved into this house over ten years ago, yesterday I walked up the stairs to the second floor without holding on to the banister or the wall. Granted, it was not a particularly graceful affair -- my balance still requires a lot of wobbly adjustments, but I made it the entire way!!! I have to hold on to go down, I'm not yet sure enough of my ankle strength to risk a fall, but UP IS A GO. And, I fit into size 18 pants this weekend! They fit great everywhere but the waist, which was a little too snug when I sat down, but it was great to wear something that wasn't hanging on me like a sack. ONLY the waist fits on my size 20's now!
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    I was at the very tail end of November, I just celebrated my two month mark last week I'm down 33 pounds from surgery although currently in a one week stall (admittedly low on activity and waffling on protein and water while I've been fighting off a cold and dealing with stress at work) and am down 50 pounds from my highest weight. Today, I accepted a position at another facility, so my last day at this place is the 16th! It feels really good to move forward, although I have some concerns about being able to get in water and stuff at the new place, since itll be back to a much faster paced, procedure environment. We'll see! I did a few of my measurements yesterday and I've lost 6 inches off my waist, one off my upper arm, and over one inch off my neck! (My neck!). I'm down from a 3x to a 2x in scrubs, which is the only thing new I've really purchased any time recently. My go-to home/errand running outfit is leggings and a tunic, so I've got at least a month left in the ones I got before I start looking too silly Love reading how well you're all doing! Go NNs Go!
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    I just wanted to say thanks to all of you on this board. I have tended to be more lurky than I had planned, but I've been bolstered by all that I've read and have gotten some great, supportive feedback. This place is pretty special. So many of the Facebook groups I've joined are filled with folks who have some ideas about their bodies, food, surgery, and weight loss that I have a hard time lining up with - but this place is different. Everyone is accepting and there is acknowledgement of the difficulties without getting bogged down in pity parties. I just wanted to say thanks for helping me get through pre-op (especially with my sister's death - y'all were so great) and surgery and now post-op challenges. THANK YOU!!!!
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    People Are The Worst

    Thanks for making me laugh. I do have a baby right now...a poo baby. I’ve been trying to deliver this morning with many false alarms.
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    So finally some good news, even though the right side of my stomach is swollen out like a beach balloon, I have been told not to worry about it and I have been given a pass to GO HOME. Still have my concerns of course, but I am hoping that with increased nutrition, and better physical activity as I heal, things should fall back into place. My pain control needs are still very high, at 8mg dilaudid Q2H, but I know that will start to sort itself out also Fragmin shots twice a day until I hear otherwise. Now it is time to focus all my energy into healing, and hopefully my body will take care of the main issue if the Portal vein thrombosis. Fingers crossed! Thanks again for all the support through these dreary few weeks where I have been hospital bound. It certainly helped me from entering the pits of my imagination.
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    My Journey

    for those of you following my journey, NO BLOCKAGES !!!!! Arteries are clear as a bell woohooooooo! seems that another instance where breasts can screw us up lol they can indeed give false positives on stress tests. forward and onward with wls in march! not supposed to use right hand at all today sooooo.... sorry can only use left hand to type
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    What Are You Wearing Today?

    Dress my amazing husband bought me for Christmas. Finally got to wear it out this past Friday night to the Joe Rogan show Size 10 by Guess. I don't love the pic because amazing husband isn't an amazing photographer and my bat wings are in full view. But I really did feel stellar.
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    I cannot believe the changes I’ve gone through in the past year. It’s truly shocking. I am so thankful for the opportunity to have this amazing do-over that is WLS. Long story short, one year post-op and I’m where I want to be: 135 pounds, healthy, and happy. The losing phase is over (well, I want it to be, we’ll see how that pans out). Thank you everyone at TTF for your nonstop and sometimes even relentless support. I have received kind words, insightful advice, interesting facts, heartfelt congratulations, and sharp yet timely reminders when I've needed them. Your nonjudgmental and sympathetic ears have perhaps been bombarded by a bit too much about me from time to time, but I thank you for listening. One year ago, I was in Mexico, waiting for my surgery appointment. I was fat, depressed, desperate, afraid, but hopeful. My surgeon, a WLS patient himself, made me feel OK about seeking help and being the “before” picture. I felt like he was going to take away some of the burden of my previous failures and give me what I needed to be successful. I felt taken care of. Before I started down the WLS path, I had stopped looking forward to the future, as it seemed like it didn’t hold anything positive or fun, but the idea that this surgery could turn all of that around and give me my life back was like a shining beacon of hope. I didn’t quite trust that WLS would be the magic bullet for me, but I knew that it was my best bet. I’d done all the reading and researching, and the stories were amazing - but in the back of my head, I held on to the thought that there wasn’t a guarantee of success. I might not be one of the successful ones, the ones whose blogs were so inspirational, the ones whose YouTube videos made me tear up with joy. I might end up like the remorseful, desperate, bitter people with their stories of why WLS “failed them.” This thought was so frightening. I’ve done the whole “lose a ton of weight and gain it right back” thing before, more than once. I didn’t want that to happen again. Because of these dark little doubts in the back of my mind, I swore to myself that I would be *perfect* after my surgery. I would do *everything right*. I knew that this do-over was a one-time-only offer, so I wanted to make sure everything I was in control of was *absolutely perfect*. I knew my metabolism was crap, but I also knew that my will was strong, my desire to succeed was strong, and my ability to follow the rules on a diet was strong. Maybe my crap metabolism would not allow me to get to GW, but I wanted to be sure I was doing everything in my power to give myself the best possible chance. I didn’t want to look back on my first year out and think, “Well, I guess I could have tried a little harder.” So I made sure that I tried as hard as I could. I was basically perfect for a year. Not everyone has the fortitude to do this, but tapping into my own psychological strengths/weaknesses, I knew that drawing some hard lines in the sand would be my best bet. I haven’t had a piece of bread since early January 2017. Or pasta. Or rice. Or sweets. Or soda. None. It was easier for me to say flat-out no, so that was my approach. My surgery was an unqualified success. I had a relatively easy recovery, and despite some initial doubts about whether I was losing fast enough (OK, we all think we’re slow losers at some point, thank you for talking me down, TTF fam), I lost steadily and well (one more time for the newbies: yes, I felt like I was a slow loser and I was going to fail!). My feelings after the first month were positive enough to give me back hope for my future, so I interviewed for and was offered a job back in the place I wanted to be, doing what I wanted to be doing. The future started looking like a fun place where I could enjoy myself and live my life as a happy and active person. For my first few months, I was unemployed (well, and technically homeless, but that was by choice, so can’t really feel sorry for myself there), so I had plenty of time to make sure I was taking the very best care of myself. I measured. I weighed. I counted. I tracked. I made spreadsheets. I ate between 600 and 800 calories per day every day until I got to GW (with the exception of maybe 5 days at around 1000). Fitbit and My Fitness Pal became my obsessions because hey, that’s who I am. I was meticulous. With a twinge of shame, I will confess that I sometimes weighed myself multiple times per day “for science.” <— not recommended but sort of interesting to me - I usually weigh the least right before lunch! Eventually I started to feel like a normal sized person again. I was down to a weight that made me hang my head with shame (and eat to comfort myself) when I was there on the way up, but on the way down, it felt fantastic. I had to buy some new clothes. They were still drapey, and I was still working hard to cover up my fat, but I felt better about myself. I was able to exercise and be more active, too. I moved to the other side of the world at six months out. It threw my rhythms into quite a shock, but instead of resorting to food for comfort, I doubled down and took comfort in being in control of what I was eating. Many of my normal foods were not available (no cottage cheese, omg, tragedy strikes!), so I had to find new things and be resourceful. In previous moves to new countries, or even back to home from abroad, I always always gained weight, every single time. This was new: I was still losing. Within about two months of moving, all of the clothes that I had brought with me were too big. This was the beginning of my wardrobe worries. I fretted that I was going through sizes too fast. I fretted that I didn’t know what style I would seek out for myself when I started shopping in earnest. I fretted that I wouldn’t ever get to a place where I was really pleased with myself. This was all silly, of course - I managed to find things to wear just fine. I found a tailor to take in my clothes. I bought a few things. I started figuring out my style. And I’m totally happy with my current state. All the new people I’ve met here think of me as being a thin and fit person (I feel a bit like I’m fooling them or like I’m an impostor, but I’m not). I mean, many have noticed that I’ve lost a lot of weight since I’ve been here, but they know I’m active and that I’m a health-food low-carb whole-foods protein-shake freak. I’ve taken up hiking again - I had always loved it but finally quit doing it when I got too heavy and it just became painful and unpleasant. Now, I’ve joined a hiking club and do it regularly (every week!). It’s not hard to haul myself up a steep hill. I don’t get wheezing out-of-breath tired. My heart doesn’t pound. I don’t have to stop and “admire the view” twice as often as anyone else. All a part of the new persona. Moving to a new country has actually probably made it easier to be a "new person." In December, at just past 10 months out, I hit my original GW of 150. Woo hoo! I celebrated by buying a few outfits that are now too big for me That’s OK, though - they were a fun way to spend the day, and I probably would have spent that money on food previously, so all in all it wasn’t a total loss. I do need to get those clothes to the tailor, though, that reminds me. Anyway, there I was, at GW but not really certain I wanted to stop. What would I look and feel like a little bit thinner? Because I cannot simply let things be, I spent the next two months fretting about when to stop. Thank you for your patience, support, kind words, and excellent advice, TTF fam. Finally, at 15 pounds below my original GW, I had my husband take some pictures of me, and hey! That’s what it took. Yes, I need to stop losing now. That was a week ago. Since then, I’ve upped my calories to about 1200 per day. That may need to go up, but I’m experimenting. I have now had the life-changing experience of NOT TRYING TO LOSE WEIGHT. Yes, for the first time in my life, I’m actually NOT trying to lose weight! I’m not planning a diet, figuring out how to sabotage myself or rationalize cheating on a diet, berating myself for failing on a diet, or in any other way dieting. I’m still tracking like a crazy fool, but I’m tracking to make sure I eat ENOUGH, which is hard. I bought myself a pair of bright orange jeans yesterday afternoon. Because I can! For all of you pear-shaped ladies out there, I know you’ll understand. From the waist down, it’s been skirts or dark “flattering” colors my whole life. Please don’t look at my booty or thighs! However, I now have a small (absent?) booty and thinnish thighs, so to celebrate, I bought bright orange jeans. I’m wearing them right now. I also bought a pair of bright coral pink trousers. I hereby retire from the all-dark-clothes-all-the-time club. I don’t remember who on the forum said their shopping mantra was “If it’s not black, put it back,” but that has been my go-to color all my life. Well, navy blue or charcoal to spice things up occasionally, right? I’ve decided that I will wear funky bright colors and flashy stuff if I want to because I can. While my eyes still do not always see a thin person in the mirror (I look fat to myself about half the time), I know that I am now a thin person. My sense of identity is growing to include “thin person” now, although my inner fat girl is probably here with me forever (you know, the one who thinks of excuses not to do xyz because it’ll draw attention to her various issues, or else thinks of excuses to do something food-adjacent to cash in on the treats). I can’t for the life of me pull a piece of clothing off the rack that’ll come close to fitting correctly, but I’m starting to learn the numbers game with sizes, anyway. I’m that person who always takes the stairs. I always have a food contingency plan - a carefully packed lunch and snacks, an emergency protein bar, and my ever-present water bottle. I go to the gym instead of watching TV or having a cocktail. My priorities are just very different. I’ve taken this year to cement into place some very different new habits that I hope will stick with me forever. TTF fam, thank you so much for your support and friendship. They have meant so much to me this year - whether in awesome NSV moments or when I’m hanging my head over the toilet because I’ve eaten something that just didn’t work, you’ve been there for me when I’ve needed it! I love you all.
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    NSV of the Week - whats yours?

    Had to buy new scrubs this weekend as I have swapped jobs and they require a different color. Went from pushing the boundaries of a 3x to being thiiiiis close to a 1x. I like some wiggle room in my scrubs, so I went for a 2x, but regardless, I'm thrilled. When I mentioned I was a little sad I couldn't quite pull off a 1x yet, my DH said "Don't worry, at this rate it'll only take you another month" He's wrong, but he's cute. I'll keep him.
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    HELP PLEASE I am gaining !!

    Tracy - relax! 3,500 calories equals about 1 pound of fat. A 6lb gain in a week means that you ate 21,000 calories over and above what your body needs to maintain your weight. The sums simply don't add up because that equates to you eating an average of 4,000 calories a day for the past week. I'm guessing you are retaining fluids. My advice, get someone to take the scales away from you for a few days.
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    Bye bye 300s I'm NEVER going to see you again
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    Omg what an absolute arse of a way to break your heart but you know what having bariatric surgery is in no way shape or form a weakness, it takes strength & bravery to make the decision to put ourselves through this process. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason so although it may be hard now just know your future is your own & it will be as wonderful as you want it to be.
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    7 Months Later...

    Today is a Snow Day so no work today! I'm cozied up in my CuddlDuds with some coffee, looking at the falling snow and thinking about how different my life is now compared to this time last year. Tomorrow is my seven month surgery anniversary, so I thought a list of differences to celebrate might be in order... Got up to get more coffee and just used my legs to stand up, did not have to push myself off the couch with my arms Woke up yesterday with some kind of (painful and debilitating) shoulder injury (turned out to be a tendon had slipped out and after a trip to the chiro is 95% better) and all I could think about was how this would interrupt my exercise routines (whaaat?!?). I should add that although I was in pain, I still went to my workout (modified of course) at 6 am (whaaaat, whaaaat?!?!) I have goals, weight/health related and other, and I am succeeding at them. It amazes me how feeling good about yourself health-wise impacts all other areas (I know, duh!) There is a long flight of stairs where I work that has created great anxiety for me, who's watching, am I breathing heavy, do I have to two foot the stairs...that I now actually look forward to climbing. I currently can walk up them without holding the rail and am anticipating a day when I can skip up them like young thin people do, without thinking about it. I fit in all chairs and no longer have to google restaurants before agreeing to outings to check to see if their chairs are sturdy or spindly. Bring on those cheap spindly chairs! I can zip up my old boots, circa 2003-ish? Because I've been out of fashion-thinking since about that time, I really have no idea if they are still wearable from a fashion standpoint, I think maybe they are, but they are zipped nonetheless! I am comfortable trying different types of exercise, classes, venues and am not worried that others including the instructors are wondering what on earth I'm doing there. Love, Love, Loving my exercise classes - they are the best parts of my day now. I am at the top of my list of priorities - I know it's such a cliche, but I can do all the things on my list of priorities and take better care of all the people in my home and work life when I take good care of myself. That means thinking about and acting on it every single day, not just with the leftover crumbs or special occasions. My health and well-being are worth those efforts. (again a cliche) I'm starting to be able to buy clothes at regular stores, have a foot in both worlds currently. BUT, just bought a school spiritwear shirt and not only did I not have to call the vendor to make a special arrangement for a really big shirt (beyond the plus sizes on the form), I also did not have pay $4 extra for a regular plus size. Most people would have no idea what a big deal that is, to just pick up the form, check the box and order your shirt. I am comfortable talking about my WL journey (when I choose to). Never talked about my weight with anyone really prior to this. I am no longer worried that I'm going to be crushed by my steering wheel if I have so much as a fender bender. I can run an errand or two and not have to take a big nap/rest afterwards (and bring in all the groceries, well okay the much smaller amount of groceries, and put them away and then do more stuff!) Sleeping comfortably in my bed after several years of armchair sleeping due to sleep apnea, reflux and just not being able to find a comfortable position. Find myself planning and participating in more social activities, many of which involve physical activity. February is a busy month this year! I could probably continue to think of more things all day, but probably the biggest difference is that every day I wake up and feel hopeful that my health, well-being, mobility, appearance and satisfaction with my life is going to continue to improve. Finding Thinner Times was the tipping point for me, causing me to decide that I would in fact go through with the surgery and where I found the community of people who were serious about making sustainable changes. I'm so thankful for all of you - for sharing your stories, successes, challenges, tough love, humor and compassion. Namaste (yes, I'm a yoga girl now!) and happy Snow Day!
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    Thankyou for all your support I have nursed my son thru open heart surgery and cancer I will not let it defeat me !!! Your right I can be strong sad but strong...must be the protein shakes having effect xxxxxxxx love to all and thanks for my hugs be lost without you guys xx
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    What Are You Wearing Today?

    Today I am wearing size 28 A&F skinny jeans, a small AE hoodie and a pair of classic white shell toe Adidas with black fat laces. lol
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    What Are You Wearing Today?

    I’m still bigger than I want or should be at 19 months out. But I’m celebrating the 100 I’ve already lost. I went from a size 30 to a size 16.
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    Hola Hola dear followers, I’ve been a bit quiet these days as the family has a ton going on. Nothing terribly exciting but life is keeping me busy. My daughter is going through physical therapy and it’s been a bit of a challenge. I’m fairly practical when it comes to my health but I worry (too much) when it comes to my kid. Ah, the joys of parenting! Weight is holding steady between 135-138. Woo hoo!