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    Just starting my journey

    My advice would be to treat your obesity in both mind and body. Surgery is a wonderful tool to assist you in your journey, but it is not in itself sufficient to resolve your obesity. I would also recommend working with your insurance provider to better understand what options are available to you. Not all insurance plans are created equally and it is better to know what yours says about bariatric treatments prior to setting a plan forward. Best wishes in your journey and welcome to this forum.
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    Yara Tenorio

    Introduction - YT

    Hello - I am 6 months into my gastric bypass surgery and I have lost 82 lbs in total since I made the decision to do this. I am enjoying the results of the rapid weight loss. I have more energy to spend time on myself, my husband and my kids. My blood pressure is back to normal, my AC1 levels are no longer diabetic and I no longer use my slep ap machine. So far so good. I think I made the right decision to have this surgery and hope I can continue and maintain the goals I set for myself.
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    Need help to make decision

    Many surgery programs won't consider you until you have at least something of a handle on emotional eating or other disordered eating, because you will eventually regain and defeat the purpose of your surgery if you cannot permanently change your eating habits. Seek a program that does a psychological profile first, and follow them to the full extent to give yourself the best chance for success.
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    VSG to RNY, Aug 3

    Thanks guys! Just got home today. Was not expecting the revision to be so much more painful than the sleeve! Staff were all wonderful. The whole thing is very deja vu-inducing! Being back on liquids and crushing pills and all that. Very glad to be home, but my 1 year old is not amused that I can't pick her up or let her jump around me. Adjustments for everyone!
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    Hi I'm Kelly I'm 47 been overweight all my life really. But the last few years my health is really suffering, it's the same old tried every diet ect. Anyway I decided enough was enough and surgery is the only option I have left. I have filled the self referral form in had blood tests and that's as far as I've got. Any helpful info or advice would be very much appreciated.
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    Just starting my journey

    Welcome to Thinner Times Kelly. Best advice I can give is that you read all you can and ask questions.
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    Gastric Bypass 2013

    I had the gastric bypass in October 2013, the best decision I made for my health. I've had skin removal and breast lift, my insurance covered it all. I have 8 credits to complete my BA in Health Education. I retired early. I missed this group but I refer others here. I am grateful to be alive.
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    Harrahgirl's in ONEderland!

    Thank you. Looking forward to my next appointment with my surgeon (next week and it will probably be via videoconference).
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    Harrahgirl's in ONEderland!

    Another milestone achieved - made it to 179. My six-month surgiversary is coming up next week (6/29) and I'm hoping I can take off another four pounds so I can claim 60 pounds gone since surgery (but if I don't I'm not going to beat myself up over it, since as long as I follow the program the speed of weight loss is outside of my control). Down a few inches in the waist and hips, tossed out a few more outfits that are too big and able to walk farther and longer so I'm measuring my progress in more than just pounds.
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    Post-op Duodenal Switch

    I'm 2 days post-op and I feel amazing. I feel weird for feeling so good. I'm actually worried..... No sickness, everything is staying down. It's almost too good to be true.
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    Thank you for the info! Yes, after all this time with the GERD I am done with it, especially with studies showing that staying for years on a PPI has considerable detriment. He did warn me I will not lose like I did with my first surgery, which is fine. I'm still overweight, but I'm not morbidly obese, so I'll take any weight loss as a blessing on top of ridding myself of reflux!
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    Welcome back ! Congrats on the new baby ! Sorry you are dealing with the reflux. The downtime is much shorter and I am eating with no issues just like before the revision, other then I cant eat processed carbs such as cereal in the mornings make me dump. I tried it twice. Most of my dumping was the first meal so I watch what I eat or drink especially in the morning. May 22 is when I had my revision done and I am eating 1000 to 1200 calories and am no longer losing weight at this point which is fine I weigh 169. Good luck to you !
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    Yep! I'll be 13 years out in September and I have still use Miralax (well, a generic Polyethylene Glycol 3350 from Walmart which is the active ingredient in Miralax but it's a whole lot cleaper - 70 cents per oz as opposed to 91 cents per oz for Miralax) .
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    I have been doing the miralax once a day and seem to be doing fine now. Its a damn miracle !
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    VSG to RNY, Aug 3

    Ten days and counting! Had my pre-anesthesia appointment today and all my labs done. Still need to have my covid test, but they haven't called yet to do that. On the LSD, albeit just opting to stay under the carb and cal count without meal replacement shakes (ok'd by my surgeon) - I cannot stand the taste of fake sweeteners, and that's only gotten worse since my VSG. Ordered some proteins I do like/can stand, like liquacel and the chicken broth protein. Went in and got the standard sugar free hello, refried beans, ricotta, etc. Feeling ready to be over the constant fight with reflux!
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    VSG to RNY, Aug 3

    No, thankfully! I had a lot of issues swallowing anything after my VSG but thankfully no problems with my revision so far. I had a hiatal hernia as well so I'm unsure if that's related as well! This afternoon is the first I can get up and down without wanting to scream, so I'll take it! Yup, crushed pills except for tiny nausea pill, and full liquids until I see my surgeon on the 18th. Glad I stocked up on protein soups
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    Excess skin

    Welcome to Thinner Times Dallas! There's no way of knowing how much excess skin you'll be left with once you get to your goal weight. A lot depends on your age, genetics, the elasticity of your skin, yo-yo dieting and how long you've been overweight etc.
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    Old Rny'er new Overstitch

    I posted this on the welcome forum, but wanted to post it here as well. Thanks! Hi. I have belonged to this forum for several years, and haven't posted in many. I regained almost all of my weight starting in about 2009. I've known I had a gastro-gastric fistula (Which I'll go ahead and call a GGF) for 2 years, although, I suspected it before it was diagnosed. My symptoms were weight gain, and an inability to maintain satiety. I would eat, and ten minutes later, be hungry again. Anything I ate would leak over into my old stomach. It was also painful to eat the normal gastric bypass diet, and I found myself slipping to soft foods. My insurance at the time would not cover revision, or even address my GGF, so I walked around in constant pain for a long time. I even considered going to Mexico for repair. But this January, I became eligible for a new insurance, and they cover revision. I saw a very competent bariatric surgeon in my area, who said that surgery was possible, but carried a lot of risks for me. (Adhesions due to other abdominal surgeries, and possible leakage.) He and I together decided to try the Apollo Overstitch procedure. It's done by endoscopy. He said he has about a 50% success rate with it. 50% to not have major surgery sounded like good odds to me. They stitched my fistula closed...I actually had two fistulas. I was home the evening of the procedure with very little discomfort. He said that my pouch looked good, and that my anastomosis was not stretched. I reached the end of the internet reading on the Overstitch apparatus. I know that it hasn't had a lot of success in repairing stretched anastomoses, but better success with fistulas I am now on a week long liquid diet, to be followed by pureed diet after that. . I can eat about 4 oz of SF jello, and feel full. Just wanted to pop my head up and ask for support as I make this new step on an old journey.
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    Mucus and Gagging After Meals

    I'm 9 yes out and I'm still doing it. Also I still have to make sure that I chew my food very well otherwise I need to make sure where the toilet is.
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    Hey Y'all

    Thanks Res, I appreciate your response. I started the 5-day today. Hopefully I can get back on track and move in a positive direction from here.
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    Res Ipsa


    With the greatest respect, I know of no legitimate bariatric surgeon who agrees with this.. If you get a gastric bypass, you need to take vitamin supplements for the rest of your life.
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    Tracy, I've been on the same protocol - I'll be 13 years out this coming September and my bloodwork results continues to be excellent.
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    Who has cheated on pre-op liquid diet?

    Kai, it's another day and I hope you're doing fine because you're 10 days closer to surgery. when I screwed up, I'd take a deep breath, let it out slowly and say The rest of my steps today are forward. you can do this and you will be so glad that you did. take care
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    Harrahgirl's in ONEderland!

    Officially crossed into ONEderland today - weighed in at 199.6! I haven't weighed less than 200 since my junior year of high school (and I'm 62 now)! I'll celebrate by taking another walk before it gets too hot and ordering a new pair of slacks. Meanwhile, my eyes are set on my next small goal - 195. Why? Well, the highest weight I ever hit was 295 about four years ago. Once I get to 195 I can truthfully claim I've lost 100 pounds (to date).
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    Howdy From a 7 years Post-Opper

    As of this update : I’m 7 years 2 months and 5 days Post Op RNY Gastric Bypass. Highest Weight 252 Lowest Weight 159. Current weight due to COVID quarantine 177. But that is down 5 lbs. from me recommitting and getting back to Bariatric Basics. I am still working on my goal, my relationship and me. One thing is for sure, these 7 years I have undergone Huge Changes (Lost weight, had numerous other surgeries to treat various medical conditions eye surgery, ear surgery, gender dysphoria, skin removal) and I am ready to finally reach and exceed my goal of 100 lbs lost. I’m going for 110! Don’t ever give up. I may not be able too loose weight as fast, as in the months after surgery, but my pouch still works aa intended as long as I work with it and not against it. These Days I found for my Success I need to take a multi-pronged Approach: I am using the Noom App to address the psychological aspect of weight loss and learning how to eat better and live in Balance. I am tracking my weight and making sure I get my calorie burn in by using the Lose IT app. I’d love to hear from some other guys who didn’t quite reach their goal, but is using the COVID -Quarantine to stay improve yourself and recommit to getting there finally. Anyone else?
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    Hello, I had the sleeve back in '14. Before the surgery I would casually peruse the forum for tips and info, but I never created a profile. I lost over 100lbs from the sleeve but this past year I have gained 80lbs back. I had a traumatic life event that set me back to using food as a crutch. I am almost back to my original start weight before I had the sleeve. It is embarrassing and I can't believe I am back here. I have started to heal emotionally and physically but the weight is not budging. My first appt for revision is next week for bypass. I appreciated all of the help I recieved from this forum prior to my sleeve and wish I would have stuck around to stay on course when life throws you a curveball. I am not making that mistake again, so I created a profile. Thanks for welcoming me!
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    Colace AND benefiber?

    I'm so excited to be posting in the post op section!! So, I have a BM question. Sorry. I've have one BM since surgery, but only after having lactulose in the hospital. I was sent home with Colace, but my discharge papers said to have benefiber. Am I supposed to do both? How long is it, usually? I've been on a liquid diet for like 4 weeks now, so I'm not really sure what to expect anymore. PS, my incisions are SO itchy. -.-
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    I am new as well. On July 1 I had the revision from badly done sleeve to bypass. I didn’t due the first time right and I too joined the forum because I want to do this right and do everything I am told. I am down 15 pounds total including pre-liquid diet started on June 15. I am making the behavioral changes now that I did not make before that contributed to putting most of the weight I lost prior to first surgery back on.
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    Fleur De Lis Abdominoplasty

    That's exciting, congratulations! I never imagined how much different I would feel once that hanging skin was gone. It allowed me to feel normal and for clothes to fit better. And the X-Ray scanner at the airport quit flagging my for having something tucked under my clothes which was mortifying. Nope, just my leftover skin... Hoping the time flies by and all goes smoothly.
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    Addiction Transfer is REAL and HARD

    I'd like to challenge everyone on this topic and in turn we can help all of us facing this real threat called Addiction transfer which takes many "NEGATIVE" forms: food, alcohol, substance abuse, uncontrolled spending, smoking, sexual promiscuity, gambling are common themes we read about over and over again. It never came up in my pre- bariatric programmes. That being said I always remember one doctor I asked about cross addiction to which he replied, the trick would be to replace your addiction reflex with a "POSITIVE" hopefully moneyu making addiction. So my challenge is for all of us to put our enrgy into suggesting just that here for people to consider. Sportfishing is my submission, it has help me earn money guiding people to fish, something I'm very good at and love doing and would do it for free truth be known. Any others ................
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    HOW is recovery after Duodenal Switch

    Replying to this a few years too late – but should anybody else have interest I had the duodenal switch July 7, 2020. I started at 260 pounds and lost 23 pounds pre-op, not because they told me to, but because I needed to prove to myself that I was ready to make the necessary changes to be a healthier me. It came easier than I thought and the mini-wins helped out allot! And by that I mean seeing my ankle bone again, fitting into smaller jeans, my back not hurting from walking after 5 minutes. I was on metformin from Feb 2020 to present which also played a role in the pre-op weight loss. I found my surgeon, Dr. Neichoy at The Panhandle Weight Loss Center in Amarillo Tx. From the moment I scheduled my consultation to actually having it, I was welcomed and comfortable and knew instantly I wanted him to do my procedure. After surgery I was up and at it with no issues. Even at the third day out, I’ve had no issues. Liquids are going down as they should, I’m able to meet my protein goals daily. I feel so good, that it feels too good to be true. My incisions are sore but the swelling has gone down, the gas is not as unbearable as I thought it would be. The main thing to remember for anyone is that everyone’s journey is different. And don’t listen to other peoples horror stories!
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    Why so few post

    Welcome to the losers bench K.So! If you're just on liquids then the lack of BM's isn't concerning but just in case, I'd recommend you have something on-hand. Colace (docusate) or Dulcolax (bisacodyl) work well but in different ways: Colace: Stool softener: works by drawing in water from the small intestines. Dulcolax: Stimulant laxative: causes the intestinal muscles to contract rhythmically which helps push out/stimulate a bowel movement. Either way, up your fluid intake as much as you can.
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    Welcome back! So sorry to hear you are having issues. @tracyringo had a recent conversion.
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    Nana Trish


    Oh Tracy, I’m so so sorry you’re suffering through this. I was seeing a gastroenterologist for about a month after all of this started. This was last summer so I can’t remember exactly how long it took to get straightened around. But the doc had me doing 3 doses of Miralax and one enema a day for the first week. Week 2 was 3x miralax, and enema only if I didn’t have a bowel movement that day. I was on probiotics and did smoothies and protein shakes only, for at least a week. I literally couldn’t even drink water while I was in the hospital. My gastro says he has a patient that has to take 8 doses of miralax every day to stay somewhat regular. After things started moving, he told me to keep up on the probiotics, and the miralax. He says it’s a balancing act. Some days I’m good with 1 or 2 doses now, and some days I need 3. He says if I start having diarrhea, I need to back down a dose, etc. I really hope this helps. I’m sorry it took me so long to respond...I have t been online much. Love and hugs my friend ❤️
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    So far the Miralax is working !!! I am taking a capful in the mornings with coffee and am just using 1 extra strength Colace with dinner. I am praying it continues to work so all of the problems I have will be no more !!!
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    Boston Redhead

    Weight gain in hospital

    Switch to going by measurements. Really, who cares what we weigh as long as we’re shrinking!
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    Weight gain in hospital

    I know the feeling. Some people do lose faster than others so don't get discouraged if you see others losing at a faster pace. I'm one of the slower ones - I actually projected losing 4-6 pounds a month so I'm pretty happy with where I am so far. Good luck and congrats on your loss!
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    Weight gain in hospital

    Like a lot of career dieters, I found it difficult/impossible to keep off the scales early post-op so I had my DH hide/lock them away. They came out once a month. That was the best thing I could have done for myself. It allowed me to focus on following the programme and keeping up with my daily walking/exercise schedule.
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    Why can't I vomit

    Welcome Beccy. I know that not being able to vomit post-gastric bypass is not unusual. I'm getting on for 13 years post-RNY and haven't thrown up once and believe me, there have been times when I wish I could but all I do is heave.
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    Res Ipsa

    Revision to bypass from VSG

    Most of the rules for living with the bypass are the same as living with a sleeve: e.g., protein first, don't drink liquids when you eat, stop eating as soon as you feel full, track your food consumption, lead an active lifestyle, minimize carbs (although I need a little piece of chocolate every day ), and avoid taking NSAIDS. However, with a bypass (once the post-surgery swelling goes down) you should be able to drink a lot more liquids. To that end, I drink no (or very low) calories drinks (without carbonation) all day long (except not with meals) as this keeps me hydrated, feeling full, and without constipation. I should note that I drank a lot of liquids before my bypass surgery, so it feels normal to me to be constantly drinking liquids. Also, with a bypass you are at risk for dumping, which is unpleasant but not medically dangerous. Some people with a bypass dump when they eat high sugar foods, some people dump when they consume certain artificial sweeteners, some people dump after eating deep fried foods or alcohol, and some people never dump. You will not dump if you eat a healthy diet. I dump about once every 9 months or so, and only after I eat a fairly large serving of a food with a lot of both sugar and fat - like a piece of chocolate cake with ice cream or pancakes with syrup. I do not dump after eating a single cookie or chocolate bar. But everyone with a bypass is different on when/if they dump. When you dump you probably will feel a light headed, a bit nauseous, and want to immediately lie down for 15 minutes or so. With a bypass you should never drink and drive, as the alcohol will hit you much faster and harder than in a normal person. Also note that the risk of alcoholism goes up after having a bypass. Finally, you must take vitamins and mineral supplement every day with a bypass to avoid serious medical problems caused by malabsorption. This Tufts Medical Center guide for eating after a gastric bypass should be helpful to you: https://www.tuftsmedicalcenter.org/~/media/Brochures/TuftsMC/Patient Care Services/Departments and Services/Weight and Wellness Center/GBP Diet Manual12611.ashx
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    Why we don't drink with meals....

    This is something that I found at this blog, Journey to a Healthier Me: Why we don't drink with meals ... I thought this was really, really good info and I wanted to share it with you all. It's kind of long, but definitely worth the read. Why we don't drink with meals....... Sometimes understanding WHY we have to do something (or not do something) helps us follow the rules. Here's the low-down: Before surgery you had the pyloric valve at the bottom of your stomach to keep food in the stomach while is began the digestive process. As food was digested and ready enough to be released into the intestine, the pyloric valve (a trap door really) would open and let a small amount of food out of the stomach and into the intestines. Digestion would continue, the trap door woud open and a bit more food would be released. And on and on... This process can take 2 to 3 hours in a normal stomach. AFTER RNY we have to mimic this action manually and the only way to keep food in our pouch (which is basically a funnel now with no trap door) we have to eat dense foods and not mix it with liquid. The denser the food, the longer it can stay in the pouch. Food can stay in your pouch for up to 1.5 to 2 hours if you don't drink water. The minute you add water (or any liquid) to the mix, you are creating a "soup" that will quickly empty out of your pouch. About 40% of the digestive enzymes our food needs to be broken down is contained in our saliva. Our pouch does not produce gastric acid anymore, so the salive enzymes are all we have to work with here... Which is another reason why need to chew, chew, chew really well. Once food gets to the pouch, those digestive enzymes go to work on the food to begin breaking it down (mostly carbohydrates). Our pouch doesn't churn as much as our old stomach used to, but there is still some movement with that well-chewed food. The longer it stays in the pouch, the more it is broken down and prepared for the intestines to do their work of grabbing nutrients from the food. If we wash the food out too quickly, the intestines can not absorb the nutrients from the food we eat because it passes too quickly undigested. (This can also increase the risk of constipation and intestinal blockage.) Of course with your pouch being empty you'll get hungry sooner. For new post-ops, this isn't necessarily a big issue because the hunger hasn't returned. But for those further out from surgery, the hunger can be ravenous and you want to keep food in that pouch for as long as possible. That's why it's recommended that the further out you are from surgery, the longer you wait to begin drinking after meals (60-90 minutes). SO... besides all that, there's the risk of stretching the stoma (the opening between the pouch and intestines). If you have dense food that has not begun to be digested in the pouch and you drink water you are FORCING that dense food to be pushed through the stoma prematurely. That opening is only about the size of a ladies index finger, but if you push food through the opening before its ready to go, you'll eventually stretch that opening. This is FAR more worrisome than stretching your pouch. Once it's stretched it can become the same diameter as the pouch itself... essentially creating one big long tube that food can be packed into at meals. Basically a 20-foot long stomach. This caution from surgeons is NOT a scare tactic. This is about biology and medical science. You have to manually do the work of the pyloric valve now that you don't have one. And it's about preparing your food so your body has the best chance of absorbing the vital nutrients it needs for survival.
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    I'd recommend using Ticker Factory: http://www.tickerfactory.com/ezticker/ticker_designer.php?type=3 Once you've entered your stats etc. (into Ticker Factory) and it's brought up your ticker, look for the "bbCode" code - that's what you add to your signature, not the HTML. This is a snip of one I made up - yours will something like this - you need to copy and paste all of the bbCode (I highlighted one I made up): You can find your signature by clicking on the downward arrow next to your profile ID (top right of this page) and selecting "My Settings". Then select "Signature" from the panel on the left. Copy and paste the "bbCode" shown on your completed ticker at tickerfactory and hit "save". Don't forget to bookmark Ticker Factory and keep a note of your pin number. Every time you update your new stats on Ticker Factory - it will automatically update your ticker here.
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    Mucus and Gagging After Meals

    I get this if I take bites that are too big, too dry or don't chew them enough. Starts with that lump feeling, and then it's like your mouth makes too much saliva and sometimes I end up throwing up, but it's not my food, just like a wad of mucus. Thankfully I've only had it a few times, but it's miserable when it does happen. Anyway, sorry to get all TMI, but I guess the point is maybe her bites are too big or she's not chewing enough? Maybe her pouch tolerance has changed a bit? Sorry if it's not terribly helpful, but that's what causes it for me anyway.
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    Left side PAIN :(

    I have had the same thing..My doctor told me it was like a strained muscle he gave me muscle relaxants. I overextended to reach the light on my fan. Take it easy and don't rush to do things. give it a rest. If it is alarming you do not hesitate to call your doctor.
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    Wendy's Chili Recipe

    Bumpety Bump. Just because I was looking for this recipe. A pot of this is currently simmering on my stove. I used pinto and black beans and a pound of ground turkey and a pound of chicken breast chopped very very fine.
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    Wendy's Chili Recipe

    BUMPING FOR the fresh post oppers!
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    Wendy's Chili Recipe

    bumping this to the top, lots of fresh post opers coming out of surgery that will need this soon.