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    Boho Rosy

    No seatbelt extender!!!!!!

    You guys!!! I just boarded an international flight (headed to Paris) and not only did I not need an extender, but I have many inches to spare. I am almost in tears.
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    I was off yesterday for the storm....and I ate well and drank all day long (120 oz)....and of course I was nearby the bathroom so I could urinate all day long too! Today the scale moved down 2#!!! So, the only thing I can conclude is that I need to quit my job and stay at home noshing on protein and drinking water all day long!!!
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    Hawaii 2017 & 2018

    What a difference a year makes! First photo is from March 2017 when we visited Oahu and the second photo is March 2018 when we visited Kauai. Approx an 88 pound difference! I rode a bike this year, hiked, fit in a seat in a helicopter AND wore shorts and bathing suits for the first time in 8+ years! So thankful for these changes!
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    What Are You Wearing Today?

    Feeling good today size 18 jeans and size 1 top and cardigan all from maurices
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    One year out

    Yesterday was one year since my GBP. I remember going through the pre-surgery screening appointments, getting a surgery date, seeing the date get nearer (and suddenly be moved UP four days!)...I had no idea what it would be like. The Cliff Notes version is: I really had no serious problems at all. I didn't react too well to the anesthetic (I was VERY faint for the first 18 hours), and at several weeks out my intestines would suddenly decide they needed to get rid of whatever they contained. That lasted for about a week. Otherwise it was just a question of getting used to what my pouch did and didn't like. Actually, and I've "complained" about this before, it's EASIER than I thought it would be. At one year out I can't think of anything I really cannot eat. That includes sugar, unfortunately. I don't really dump. I had wacky up-and-down blood sugar for several weeks around January, I think, but I rarely have that anymore. And I can eat more calories than I thought I'd be able to. Basically, that pretty much means the honeymoon's over. I now have to watch what I eat more -- try not to graze, for example. My blood work at six months was perfect. (I'll get blood work again tomorrow.) In general, I feel good, though I get light-headed easily if I bend over. Here's a pic, April 2017 - September 2017 - April 2018. This is a good opportunity to thank y'all for your support, public or by DM. It's a good community. Let me know if you have any questions and I'll try to answer them! ETA: I lost 17-1/2 lb (8 kg) pre-op. Since surgery I've lost 60 pounds (27 kg). I hope to lose about 15 more pounds.
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    6 months post op

    The first photo is one week before surgery in September, and the others are from vacation in March.
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    Boho Rosy

    No seatbelt extender!!!!!!

    Ha! Apologies for my negligence, lol. I’m having a fantastic time in this wonderful city. I’m halfway through my trip and each day has been unreal if not a little wet (it has been raining about 80% of the time). I am here with three of my girlfriends, and they have all been very supportive, helping me to remember fun things like getting enough protein, taking my calcium, and staying hydrated. They are all great about letting me share meals with them at restaurants and I have been having 2-3 bites of just about whatever I want. We are doing a ton of walking (more than 25,000 steps yesterday!) and have seen so much already. Yesterday we went out to Versailles and the day before we spent the day in Champagne (yes, I had a few sips of bubbly, but when in Rome, right?). We’ve been by many of the major landmarks and took a boat ride on the Seine - last night we explored the Latin Quarter, today we’re headed to Notre Dame, tomorrow to Sacre-Coeur, and Sunday to the Louvre and D’orsay. It will be interesting to see what the scale says when I get home, but honestly, I’m not overly concerned. I’ll reel it in when I return to Baltimore, but in the mean time, I’m thoroughly enjoying Paris two bites at a time!
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    Four months

    I've been semi-diligent about taking monthly pictures. I took this month's a week late because most some days you just dont want to face a camera, but here we are - I figured it was time I should post here In my first picture, I had actually stretched the shirt out a bit, because I didn't want it to be too tight. I didn't bother with that other months, because I got kinda comfortable letting it all show for the sake of seeing progress. The shirt, which I purposely bought a size down at the start, now fits loosely everywhere but that damn hip area. I also noticed I've stopped feeling the need to wear nearly as much makeup as I'm becoming more comfortable with myself, which is kinda cool. I still have a loooong way to go, obviously, but as I struggle bus through a bit of a stall here, these pics have been immensely helpful.
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    Nana Trish

    Down 180 pounds!!!

    I’m down exactly 180 pounds as of this morning!!! Last week, I added in more calories...I’m eating just over 1,000 calories a day at the moment. Since I did that, the weight has started coming off faster, when I was hoping to slow it down more. No complaints yet though. But I am a little worried that I’ll have to add a lot more calories when I’m ready to maintain, and yesterday I felt like I ate all day! @Jen581791...wow, do I completely understand now what you were recently posting about! But as for today...big happy dance!!! AND, I’m going Walking later!!!
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    OMG you guyyyyyzzzzz

    We are actually doing this thing. We are putting in an offer on a house. We went over the house for two hours today with the owners (who are seriously lovely people) and our architect (also a lovely person) and our realtor (likewise lovely) and we're submitting the offer today or tomorrow. Also - me, standing, walking, climbing stairs, NOT SITTING DOWN for two hours!??! Unheard of! Inconceivable! =D (So stressed out I could vomit... YIKES)
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    OMG you guyyyyyzzzzz

    OMG WE GOT THE HOUSE!!!!! Last night we made our offer at around 7pm and left the office to go distract ourselves with dinner someplace loud. My refried beans had barely hit the table when we got the call! They countered right in the middle between our offer and their asking, and we agreed, and WE GOT THE HOUSE!!!!! Now all we have to do is sell our house in the next two weeks (YIKES) and we'll be moving into the new place at the start of June!
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    Down 200lbs!!!!

    Its official as of yesterday I have lost 200lbs since starting the bariatric program. I lost 97lbs before surgery on Nov. 8 and now 103lbs since. I posted about Reactive Hypoglycemia issues and Orthostatic Hypotension issues a few months back and have since been diagnosed as Hyponatremic about a month ago. My Dr.s believe the Hyponatremia was causing the other "Hypo" issues. Hypoonatremia in most cases is low sodium in the blood but in my case was the whole electrolyte panel. I have since increase my Sodium and electrolyte intake. Due to the amount of exercise I do I have to drink 4 bottles of Propel a day. I use powder packets I get from Sam's club to keep the cost down. My weight loss has significantly slowed this last 2 months, but I feel that is changing now that my body has/is adjusting to the sodium and electrolyte increase in the last 4 days I have lost as much as I did the previous month. It will be fun to see what happens from here on out. Thank you to everyone here at TT. You are all great support
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    Finally got in! Vsg complete!

    Been trying to log in from my phone and couldn’t remember my password. System locked me out after a few times. Ugh. Anyway, it’s over and done with yesterday I had quite a bit of pain immediately after surgery plus I have extra incision today I am a bit better no trouble getting fluids in or walking getting ready to be released will come back later with more
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    What Are You Wearing Today?

    My work outfit size 16 skirt size 1x top and size 18 blazer also size 1 pantyhose
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    Having kind of a rough day

    Thank you! Yeah, I'm really going to miss a lot about this place. The new place - potential new place - is awesome, but very different, and there will be a lot of new things to take care of there. And our neighbors here are so fantastic, particularly our next door neighbors, and I've been put in charge of breaking the news to them when we make an offer. That's going to be heartbreaking. And it's not like we're going FAR, but it's not right next door, you know? I've been pushing hard for this new place because it's so great. But I've been living with just Leah for 10 years now, and now it will be Leah and our friend, plus probably her crazy parents. And god help us, merging these house holds will mean one dog and five cats in the same house. Yikes! Plus the new place has a pool, and we have no idea how to take care of a pool... or what it will cost. I mean, I adore the idea of a pool - swimming! exercise! - but how to be a pool owner is a totally different thing. Anyway - you're right, and so is @Gretta - the important thing is acknowledging the situation and doing better tomorrow, which I guess is the best anyone can do. I know intellectually that one bad day is not going to reverse all the effects of my surgery, but it's hard not to feel that way in my heart. Tomorrow maybe I'll do a protein shake day... just to kind of reset my brain.
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    Back from a long hiatus

    Hey everybody! It's been a while since I been here. I've have gone through a lot emotionally and physically since last checked in. I've been dealing with illnesses (not surgery related) and several family deaths. A far as my journey, I've been on a stall and I've been sitting at 205lbs for nearly 3 months and can't seem to break it. As some of you know, I am not able to exercise due to my medical condition (heart), I have just been following my meal plan and the weight loss has slowly come to a stop. I'll try not to stay away too long, I'll try check in occasionally. By the way also some of you guys before and after pics, you guys are looking great! I'll post a before and current picture in the member photos group. Have a great day guys!
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    Sad news

    Hi everyone! I’m hanging in here trying to stay healthy. Mostly succeeding, although I do have a hankering for a toffee bar. Frankly, I’ve been quiet because I’m angry. Angry. I’m angry and I want to be a positive force in this world, so I’m taking time to heal. I think of all of you fondly and I hope you are all doing well. I’ll be slowly dipping my toes back on TTF. Much love to you all.
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    Nana Trish

    Inches lost

    To go along with my previous post about my total weight loss to date, I finally got brave enough to measure myself to see how many total inches I’ve lost to date. The only measurements not included are my bust, because my bras are in the washer, lol, and my thighs. For some reason, I measured my calves and not my thighs pre op. So the grand total so far is 91.5 inches Even though I’m not thrilled with the inches lost on my waist so far, I’ll take that number happily!
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    Can it be done- 2 years out?

    We can all graze the whole pizza - the trick is to not ever order/buy/make the pizza. Because we WILL eat it all! Have you tried doing low carb, high protein, eat dense protein first, don't drink during meals for for 30 minutes after? If you do that for a few days you may be amazed at how much less grazing you want to do. Foods like pizza (high carb, lots of salt and probably Msg and who knows whatever mind altering chemicals) make us want to eat more. There are scientists whose whole job is to try to chemically engineer food that will make us want to keep eating it. Don't blame yourself, blame the pizza! I have to stick to non processed food as much as possible to keep the cravings away. Meat, cheese, veggies. I allow myself one treat a day but do it at night so I'm asleep afterwards rather than continuing to binge, lol. If I eat one in the morning I'll keep going all day.
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    I weighed in at 134 on my 14 month surgiversary, which puts me right in the “holding steady” window. I lost a couple of pounds and was down at 132 for a couple of weeks or so, but started piling on the calories to stop that. It worked. Or, something I did worked, but I have no idea if it’s that or something else. This is all just experimentation so far. I am now eating (hang onto your hats, people) between 1800 and 2000 calories per day and maintaining. That seems totally incredible to me, in several ways. First of all, I’ve always gained weight eating that much - when I’ve been thin before, I’ve gained while eating 1200 calories per day and feeling like I was starving. So, apparently, something in me has been fixed. I can eat how much I should for my body size, sex, age, and activity level. Shocking. Second, I can’t believe I can stuff than many calories into my body after a year of eating 800 per day. It’s taken some work, and it takes some strategizing, but I’m managing. Third, I’ve had WLS and was expecting to top out at, what, maybe 1200-1400 calories per day afterwards? We’ll see how this goes long-term, but so far, I just keep losing if my intake is in that neighborhood. I’m eating about 6-8 small meals per day, which means eating a meal, waiting an hour, drinking a bunch of water, and then eating the next meal. It’s a lot of eating. I’m also focusing on calorie dense stuff, so lots of cheese, olive oil, coconut milk, peanut butter, and other stuff like that. I’m getting like 100+ grams of protein per day, easy, not even trying, just because I’m eating a lot of high protein stuff still. My carbs are between 50 and 100 per day (I can feel it if they go higher - I tend to get that gnawing hungry feeling). The rest is fat, so lots of that (about half of my day’s calories). It’s very very very strange to feel like I HAVE to eat so much. Nice problem to have, though, I suppose, all things considered. I’m not eating unhealthy stuff at all still (no refined carbs even, just fruit and veg carbs, plus a teensy bit of whole grain, like wheat berries in a salad, plus a square of 90% chocolate most nights) so I’m not going crazy or anything. My size is shrinking a little bit still from going to the gym a lot. I’ve been lifting weights and getting stronger, so that’s nice, plus now I look like a gym person, so I don’t feel out of place there. Although my weight has stayed the same, I lost an inch off my waist this month, so my clothes are still getting a bit looser over time, although not at the rapid pace that was happening for a while there. A nice NSV today: I went bathing suit shopping. I’ve been swimming in rash guard type thing (top with sleeves, bottom with legs) since last fall (after not swimming at all for a long time, which is really sad because I love swimming, but hated putting on a bathing suit). However, next weekend, we’re going to a nice hotel with a pool and since it will be full of Western people, the rash guard will probably look like overkill. It’s practical for swimming at beaches with a lot of locals, as I’m not offending anyone with my uncovered flesh (I live in a Muslim country), but at a hotel will be different. I went to the store, grabbed three suits, and all of them fit just fine and looked fine. I didn’t want to jump off a bridge or run screaming and crying from the store (this is genuinely a first for me). My legs are pretty jello-y and have some loose skin, but hey, it’s nothing like I was before. I went home with the most glamorous of the three, a black tankini style one with ruching and structure and straps that make it look like an old-fashioned 1950s type of suit, but without looking matronly. I think I will look somewhat elegant. Let’s hear it for tankinis, so much more comfortable that normal one-piece suits. I generally find two piece suits to be more comfortable, but bikinis are a no-go at the pool at work, so that’s out the window. Most of my colleagues are Muslim, so bikinis are a step too far for the staff club pool. Scandalous! Another funny NSV happened when going to visit a bunch of Bronze Age tombs a couple of weekends ago (Oman is full of these things). We came upon a bunch of them, and these were pretty well preserved with little tunnels in the sides - one of the people we were with crawled inside and convinced me to, as well (hello, Indiana Jones). We went inside a few others, but then happened upon one with a smaller entry to the tunnel. Here are the surprising words I heard at this point: “Get Jen. She’s small. She’ll fit in this one.” And I did, although it was a bit of a squeeze for my shoulders and booty. And I was the only one who did, so I had to take pictures inside to show the others, all while I was quietly dying of laughter and smirking with glee. Long-term NSV - I’ve been going hiking about twice a week recently - this is fantastic. I’m really enjoying it now that it’s so much easier, and I don’t even usually get winded at all. I still have to be very careful of my knees (and now hip, hello old people problems) but otherwise am just fine. This is an extremely treacherous place to hike, so careful is fine. It’s mostly loose jagged rocks on unmarked trails - not for the faint of heart. Anyway, I’m busy planning tons of hiking trips in my future, which is a great feeling, since I had all but given that up for lost as I gained a lot of weight. My current project is trying to figure out my style and dress more in a coordinated, purposeful way. Fortunately, the blogosphere is full of people wanting to help me do that, so I’m busy reading blogs and looking at stuff on Pinterest. It’s nice not to have to dress in whatever fits and covers me up well and doesn’t draw attention to my fat, but it’s a bit daunting to be able to wear basically whatever I want. The available choices drive me a bit crazy - I can buy anything anywhere. It was easier when it was, “Hey, this long dark somber number covers me up just perfectly! I hardly even look fat if I squint hard enough and stand at this weird angle and dim the lights. I’ll take one of each in black, charcoal, and navy, please.” One blogger I like pretty well is https://anuschkarees.com/ - she has a lot of advice on how to pare down your wardrobe to useful stuff only, not buy too too much, and still have a good style (including tips on how to figure out what your style actually is), without any preaching about what different body types should wear. Female Fashion Advice on Reddit has been fairly helpful, as well - just to get an idea of what other people do, and to see how other people put outfits together in a way that seems way more purposeful than how I do it (make sure everything is black or white, then if you decide to wear a color or print it will look fine!). Anyway, I’m searching for direction on “how not to just buy everything you try on just because you’re so thrilled that it looks good on you, even though it totally does not go with anything else you own and you may never actually wear it because it’s so far outside of your fashion comfort zone, daily practicality requirements, or is age- and/or situation-inappropriate in your life.” Still suffering from weird body dysmorphia. Photos of me usually look to me like I’m thin. In the mirror, I usually look OK to myself (although less thin than in photos). But when I actually look at myself directly, like not in a mirror, but looking down at my body, I look pretty big to myself still. I’m looking down at my lap as I type this on my laptop. My thighs look big. My stomach looks like it sticks out too far. My knees look fat. Now I’m standing up, looking in the mirror. Nope, I look fine. Pretty thin. Sit back down. No, I was clearly mistaken. My thighs obviously need to lose a bit more weight. (no they don’t) It’s a constant battle. The voices in my head are a bit crazy-making at times. Some annoying things this month: I bought multivitamins at GNC. They seemed good. Good numbers. Then, I had a weird bout of insomnia for a couple of weeks. Randomly reading the back of my vitamins (as one does), I see they have added caffeine!!!! What?!?! I’m very sensitive to caffeine (that’s why I don’t drink coffee, well besides the fact that it tastes like poison). So, back to GNC to buy the ones with the same formula but without the word “Energy” in the name. Energy. Hmm. When I went back to get the non-caffeinated multis, I bought calcium, but of course, as I do, I bought a whole big jar of calcium carbonate. This, despite the fact that I know I do this and try to be careful about it. I think I just looked at one and grabbed the one next to it. Sometimes it’s like I’m illiterate when I’m at the store. Next misadventure at GNC: buying papaya enzymes. Looking for 45mg. Hey! This one has 45mg. I buy it, only to look more closely and figure out that it has 45mg of papaya fruit. 6mg of papayain (the actual enzyme). What is it with me and labels. Ryvita crackers can go to h3ll. Here where I live, finding crackers at all is hard (other than Ritz for some reason). Finding whole grain crackers is like finding the holy grail. I finally found a store that has Ryvitas! Super healthy! And they get stuck like cement in my pouch. I had them for several days in a row, and also had to vomit up whatever I ate next afterwards each day - including A. Glass. Of. Water. on the final day before I swore off Ryvitas. Yeah, it took me several days to figure out what was wrong - it was the crackers. Even if I give them more than an hour to digest, whatever I take in afterwards gets backed up and has to come back up, even if I take little bitty sips of water first to loosen things up or whatever. Now I have to eat cheese with no crackers again. Man, I’m looking forward to American crackers when I go home this summer. Which reminds me I need to throw those Ryvitas away before I get desperate for crackers someday, like maybe this evening… And photos from hiking the last couple of weekends. First, the tomb pictures. This weekend we went up into the mountains to see the roses blooming (we were at about 2000m - 6500 ft - so it's cool up there). They make rosewater from the roses, so they're the nice smelling kind!
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    Can it be done- 2 years out?

    I am a food addict and it took me a long time to accept that. At 300 pounds I was on the elliptical for an hour a few days a week, I could downhill ski blue and black runs, my blood pressure and blood sugars were fine. At 260 pounds I did a fundraising walk which was 40 miles in two days up and down the hills of San Francisco. Because I had a few indicators of decent health and I could do a few things that normal sized active people can do, I allowed myself to stay in denial about my weight, my health and my future. Before I accepted I'm a food addict, I started every single day with the thought that "today I won't overeat" and most days it was just a matter of time before I caved. Most nights it was a carb-fest-feeding-frenzy starting with nachos and ending with ice cream or more nachos. Will power wasn't my issue. I quit smoking cold turkey after smoking a pack a day for over 10 years while living with a smoker in a 600 sq apartment. I worked 3 - 4 jobs at a time while I was in college to put myself through college. I could pull all-nighters for school or work when needed. If I could do all that, then why couldn't I ignore the cookies in the break room at work? Why would I eat 92% of a big bag of chips then come to my senses and throw the rest away only to be back at the trash 20 minutes later to dig them out and eat them?! What the hell was wrong with me?! Why would I buy 15 bags of Halloween candy a week before Halloween and then have to replace it the evening of 10/31?!!?!?!? Before I surrendered to the idea that "maybe I'm a food addict" I spent countless hours beating myself up for not being able to make better food decisions. The guilt, shame and sadness just made me eat more to make myself feel better. After I started to consider that I might be a food addict, I started to feel better and started to see things more clearly. On average, I was gaining about 10 pounds a year. I knew I would continue that trend if I didn't do something serious. So, I greeted, embraced and then learned to manage my food addiction. Then I had surgery. Before surgery I realized there is a reason I didn't see many morbidly obese old people. We just don't live that long. I had/have a lot of places I want to go and things I want to do before I die. So, I looked at WLS as hitting the re-set button on my life. That, along with knowing I have to stay in charge of my food addiction, helps keep me on plan. I agree with everyone that you need therapy. If that doesn't work for you, get to an OA meeting. If you can't find one in your area - go to AA. Addiction is addiction whether it is food, booze, gambling or drugs. My food demon, as I like to call him, is still alive and well. But, rather than being at the wheel, he is locked in the trunk. If my post sounds like tough love, it is. You have 4 big reasons to wrestle control of your life back from food.
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    One year out

    I'm at GW and I feel fat much of the time! Don't trust your inner voice. Your stall will end. Just keep at it and don't give up
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    Nana Trish

    NSV of the Week - whats yours?

    Hahaha...of my shoes? Lol ok, here they are
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    New to the loser forum

    Welcome! Sorry I'm just finding this thread! The topic of goal weights is super interesting to me right now. I started off with a higher weight even than Nana Trish - I was 355 in April of 2017. I was 350 when I first met my surgeon in May. He told me I could hope to make it down to around 226, maybe a bit lower. I hated that idea, but I figured it was better than 355, so I went forward with the surgery. I joined TTF before surgery. The original weight loss goal I set for myself here on the forum was 170. I picked that weight because it's about the same as my BFF/housemate, Leah - we're about the same height, and I think she looks pretty good. Then about 4 months ago I revised my weight loss goal down to 140 - the top of my "healthy" BMI range - because I saw so many other cool people hitting their normal BMI weights and I wanted to join the team! Today, 8 months after surgery, I'm at 206. I'm really happy to prove my surgeon wrong. I haven't seen him in person since the day after surgery, and won't see him again until May 29 - by which time I fully expect to be in Onederland. (So take THAT, doc!) The funny thing is... as I get closer to my original goal weight, I've started to realize that I'm not really UNhappy even where I am today. I've basically stopped seeing a fat lady in the mirror. I see some lumps, sure, but I think of myself as a "normal" kind of overweight now - not the kind that I was, the kind that made a little kid say to me in an elevator once, "Wow, you're BIG!" That kid would never have said that of me at this size. At this size, I look like many, many other ladies of a certain age in America. I've said many times on this forum that there are a ton of good things that happen to you on the way to goal - and it would be a mistake and a shame to focus on the number to the exclusion of those wins. I've gotten my mobility back, kicked my sleep apnea, knocked my borderline high blood pressure back to low-normal, listened to hundreds of really nice compliments, worn super cute clothes, found my "look" (sporty-casual!) and avoided diabetes. All of these things are more important than the number on the scale. Which is not to say that seeing lower numbers every month isn't GREAT - it is! But try to think of it as one goal among many - not the only one worth having. (And like @BurgundyBoy, I'm a Camus fan - see quote below in my sig!)
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    I got a card from my bariatric surgeon's office today. I thought it was weird that they would send me a birthday card, lol. They didn't. It was this cool reminder, and it had my lab slip inside. Just thought it was kind of cute
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    Serious Regret

    I want to give an update to anyone pre-op reading this thread in horror. The first month after surgery was horrible. However 6.5 months later, it was to best thing I ever did. I am so happy I made this decision. I was 305 starting the process, 286 day of surgery and now 221. Eighty four pounds gone. I no longer have any qualms about how much I can eat and enjoy little tastes instead of large meals. I completely eat whatever I want, but choose to balance the calorie dense foods. So don’t fret, because it will work out!
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    My Progress So Far

    I stalled at 6lbs away from onederland and been here for almost 3 months. I'm still loving my journey!
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    Gypsy Angel

    6 Years Ago Today

    Been a few days, huh? Or weeks. Or months. Sadly, I can't remember the last time I posted anything here. I think I was invitin' ya to friend me on Facebook last time I was here. Been awhile. Anyway, just thought I'd do a quick update as today is Surgiversary #6. Obligatory pics & stats update forthcoming! RNY Gastric Bypass surgery done by Dr. Lahmann at Silver Cross Hospital Starting Weight - 370 lbs. Starting Shirt size - 5x Starting Pants size - 38W Starting Panties size - 14 Starting Bra size - 48G Starting Shoe size – 10W Starting Ring size - 11 Weight Now - 123 lbs. Shirt size Now - 8 (medium) Pants size Now - 8/10 Panties size Now - 6 Bra size Now - 34C Shoe size Now - 8 1/2 or 9 (depending on shoe) Ring size Now - 5 Some of the best things are no more high blood pressure. No more heartburn/acid reflux. One of the very best things I've ever done for myself, healthwise. ZERO regrets. If I had it to do all over again, there would be zero hesitation as I screamed YES from the top of my lungs! If I can do this, YOU can do this. Have faith in yourself. Work your program. Put YOU first when you have to. <3 to all!
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    Good news, bad news

    The good news: I've lost the baby weight, and then some. At almost three years out I'm at my lowest weight yet, and no longer obese. I have never gained other than when pregnant. The bad news: At nearly three years out I'm still overweight and have never hit even my most "reasonable" goal weight of 140's. (like, I'll take 149.9, lol) And I have no motivation to exercise (teething baby keeping me up at night probably isn't helping) But, I'm on track mostly. It's nighttime snacking that kills me. And breastfeeding makes me even more hungry/snacky. I'm losing slowly, and am at 151.7 right now. I've told myself I WILL be in the 140's by my birthday on April 9th. But whoever said this is the easy way out is nuts, lol. There's nothing easy about it.
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    What Are You Wearing Today?

    I bought a new coat for spring and its an Old Navy straight size XL (!!) - thank you for your generous sizing, ON. Jeans are Lane Bryant 18s. Scarf is my new favorite thing to wear - Target.
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    I sympathize with this struggle -- my brain still wants me to eat things it shouldn't, all the time. The only way I get around it is to set a plan for each and every day and then stick to it. I realize that takes away some of the spontaneity of life, but could be something to think about? If you know you're going to lunch on a Saturday, for example, scope out the menu, pick out something, make a good faith estimate as to what the stats are, and then plan the rest of your food for the day around that. I allow myself to swap out other foods for things I don't feel like eating, but only if they're nutritionally very similar. I'm just thinking out loud here, now, so feel free to disregard if it doesn't apply to you: are you perhaps thinking of weekends and being out-of-town as opportunities when you should be able to treat yourself, like a "normal" person? "Treats" were a slippery slope for me pre-op: if I told myself I could not worry about my food on holidays or vacations, before too long I would find myself celebrating President's Day with cake, or getting fast food every Friday to celebrate the weekend. I had a good day, I deserve a treat; I had a bad day, I deserve a treat; it's a beautiful day and the sun is shining, I should have a treat; it's rainy and cold, I should I have a treat. I wonder if it might be helpful to be more narrow in your scope as to when you're "allowed" to deviate from the straight and narrow. I haven't figured out yet what that will be for me, but could be worth exploring as a way to get this under your control.
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    I'm super late to this party, but here's what I do to combat the evening munchies, which is a combination of what pretty much everyone else has said, but I'm going to say it anyway: I plan to have a snack, and I make it the food that I am most excited to eat for that day. Right now it's some cut up veggies and roasted red pepper hummus, with some smoked turkey and a laughing cow pepper jack cheese. Plus a sugar free candy. I savor it, enjoy the heck out of it, and then I'm DONE, because I follow the plan I set out for myself for each day. And then? I go and do something else. Right now I have about 12 irons in the fire, just to keep myself busy: I'm making a roman shade for my office, I'm reorganizing all my closets, I'm stripping wallpaper and painting in my bathroom, I'm working on my dollhouse, I have a cross-stitch project going. I'm looking forward to warm weather when I can enjoy being outside on my patio with an iced tea and a book, or going for a walk/bike ride. Gotta stay busy!
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    @delilas That sounds like an awful and toxic environment. It’s hard enough to *think* about WLS. No one needs a murder of crows descending upon you while you are vulnerable. I haven’t been active on FB in years and I’ve lost the hang of the site. Is there any way you can pull someone aside and say “pssst, come over to TTF”? I’m tempted to join this group, confess that I use straws and run away!
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    What Are You Wearing Today?

    So, not TODAY, but Monday, when I went to a meeting in New Hampshire. I was super stressed out by Leah being sick and whiny all weekend, so instead of stress-eating per my old-usual, I went out and splurged on a new dress! (Also - bonus cat!)
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    I have been off the grid for some time with school, Mother, etc., but I am back with a vengeance. I took my boards Friday and I got the news yesterday that I passed! I'm a bona fide RN. Hallelujah! My boss gave me a candy bouquet as a congrats and I did not laugh at her. It's the thought that counts, right? What a great reminder that no one has to understand WLS and maintenance but me. I'm grateful you all get me, though. Thank heavens you're here keeping the home fires burning.
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    Body image

    It’s been 5 years. We are going on vacation in a couple weeks. So today during our blizzard I start dragging out summer clothes. Holding them up I have a panic attack. “These will never fit!!” So I start trying them on. And guess what!? They fit. Will this never end? Will I always think they are too small? Haven’t tried the shorts on but the shirts fit. I actually bought a pair of burmuda shorts this week thinking “what if last years shorts don’t fit?” Will I always have this feeling that last seasons clothes won’t fit?
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    Res Ipsa

    Body image

    I have the same problem. I am 4.5 years out and yet every morning I am convinced that my clothes will not fit. I think that "I could not possibly fit into that shirt" and "Those pants are much too small" - and yet they fit as they have ever since I reached my goal weight.
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    Body image

    I haven't lost that feeling Cheesehead and it's been 10 1/2 years since by bypass. I haven't put weight back on but when I was shopping for some new jeans at Walmart last week, I did what I always do .... I picked up a second pair of jeans a size larger ... just in case. In case of what? The jeans were the same brand, same cut and same size of the jeans I was wearing so why did I feel it necessary to take a larger size to the changing room with me? AND ............... why not a smaller pair? That's what ticked me off more than anything.
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    Preach it sister!!! Yes, for the first time I have a tool to inject wisdom, will power and reason into my brain and stop me from letting 1... or 5.... mistakes.... become the 17,000 mistakes of my future! just now, at the airport, I finished half of a child’s chicken teriyaki bowl (no rice) and I stopped when my sleeve told me too! I never even made my miso soup. Maybe later on the plane. Day 17,773 is shaping up to be mighty fine as well
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    Name: Bariatric Bad a$$e$ Over all I'm doing pretty well. After a few crazy months of my body doing weird things (Reactive Hypoglycemia and Orthostatic Hypotension) I was diagnosed as Hyponatremic. I had/have very low sodium and electrolyte levels causing my body to not retain fluid, blood parameters to swing wildly, and my vascular system to not respond to changes appropriately. Looking back I have had symptoms of Hyponatremia since before I had Gallbladder surgery back in July 2016. My excessive exercising and restricted intake after WLS just made things worse. I now know what is going on with my body and have been able to make the changes necessary to correct the issue and now only have symptoms of Hyponatremia when I fall behind on my electrolyte intake. The increase in sodium and other electrolytes caused me to only lose 4 lbs from March 5th to April 2nd, while my body adjusted to the changes. Since April 2nd I've lost 7lbs, so I'm back baby. 2 more lbs and I will be in the 200s. At my local bariatric group meeting last Thursday, a plastic surgeon came in and talked a bit. After talking with the plastic surgeon and my dietician they think I shouldn't lose much more than 25lbs because I have detached fat cells from the rapid weight loss. Basically a portion of the fat in my body detached from the muscle tissue and remained attached to my skin. The plastic surgeon said if he were to do my skin removal surgery we'd be looking at 35-40lbs of skin and detached fat that would be removed. That would put me between 235-245 with the additional weight loss and skin removal. #%&#036; I weighed that much in 7th grade. How are things going with you @CheeringCJ? How about the rest of the nine?
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    Jumping Jo

    Comtemplation - one year out

    It is now 13.5 months post surgery, and I feel reflective, like the Progressive Insurance Box going through customs. I would suggest that newbies think about their food and eating triggers and how to avoid or find work around with the triggers BEFORE the surgery; you have so much to think about afterwards, possible bad reactions, pain, new food issues, drinking enough water, vitamins and supplements, successes or momentary lapses, maybe being able to eat or not, clothing, bras, changes to your body and possibly functions ... you name it! Also, it's easy to blame other people's perception of you, real or imagined, on your weight; I truly advocate that people do tend to view heavy people differently, BUT even if you lose the weight, you may still have the issues of self-perception, fear of whether or not people like you, sounding stupid, maybe work is still not great, perhaps you're still not a great conversationalist, a toxic personality, etc. Basically I'm pinpointing that losing weight doesn't always change all of the issues that might have seemed to crop up when you were heavier. I was always sure people were watching what and the quantity of food that I ate and judging me as fat so I compensated by trying to appear confident and intelligent. However, I just remembered that I was still quiet, nervous around people (hidden), and suffered with low self-esteem when I was young and skinny, with a lot more muscles! I still feel a little judged, maybe not judged but reviewed, I have a problem eating certain foods like pasta and tortillas, and I'm always worried about what I'm going to eat or have to take home from remote meetings. I try to stay between 110-200 calories per meal (I'm pretty sure though that I eat at least 1,100-1,300 calories per day - it could be more as I don't calculate when I eat fruit - it's also more calories when I eat a piece of pizza). I try not to eat sweets although I do treat myself with Nilla wafers now. I will admit to yelling at the character on "This Is Us' to get the surgery; obviously I am judging and feeling that she could be happier at a lighter weight. I won't say healthier as the doctor told my sisters and me that we were healthy, except for being overweight; however I'm not sure if we heard that post-sleep apnea diagnosis or just before (I didn't get an official diagnosis, but I was going to be scheduled to be checked if I had not been granted surgery approval.) I'm very happy at the weight loss, but I never want to go through anything like again, and I never want to see another smoothie! The good Approximately 120 lbs. lost (the doctor's records and I disagree on the start point; I say 254, and his records state 250) I drink A LOT of water. I eat 5 meals at 4 oz. each. plus snacks, and I shoot for every 3 hours. I want to say I'm caffeine-free, but apparently the only Crystal lite additive I will drink, peach ice tea, has caffeine. However no carbonation consumed! Size 8/10 pants Walking up the stairs - I didn't necessarily have a problem pre-weight loss, but I would breath heavier after getting to the top and stopping. I really need to find another type of exercise before I fall out of the honeymoon period - I might be there! If I could actually return to running up stairs, I feel like I can! I have a lot of extra room in the plane seat. This may or may not be good - if I accidently drop food while I'm eating, it falls through my thigh gap (take that Beyonce - mine isn't airbrushed!) The bad I still eat too fast, and I have since the surgery, despite knowing you should take 20-30 minutes. Sometime I feel like I'm really hungry but it's in my head, other times I almost forget to eat, which I don't want to do because that seemed to stop the weight loss. My head talks and talks and talks about food, wanting more, wanting something different; luckily if I'm working, I shut it down, but I think more about food now than I did pre-surgery. Discouraged by pant size of 8/10, and I'm feeling the hype by comparing myself to those raving about how they are the same weight but wearing a 2 or 4. I thought it was only difficult to find clothes when overweight, but a lot of items still fit odd, just smaller! The PA wants me to start looking at maintenance although I'm frightened of the anticipated weight gain. Although I can see that I am much slimmer, I still see the "fat" person. I have to sit on a neck cushion as my tailbone hurts when I sit more than a few minutes in a recliner! I don't know if it's good or bad as they keep changing the healthy level - I feel my blood pressure is low as it could be between 90-110/60-70. Not getting to gym - I try for 3 days a week at a minimum, but if I work late, I lose the initiative. I'm missing the muscles and strength I had when you; it's weird as I'm lifting more weight than pre-surgery, but I feel weaker. The ugly Even after a year, my brain is still in control and tells me, unsuccessfully how good a diet Coke or real Pepsi would taste even though I know it won't unless I continue, and I don't want to go against that by grooming myself to start again. It obviously isn't a fool proof rule that it takes 30 days to start, or stop, a habit. Annoyed because certain family members keep calling me anorexic; I tell, and show, that I eat. Same people giving me a hard time if I try to lift weights for 10-15 minutes after 35-60 minutes on an exercise machine - I'm overdoing it. I finally said I'm not going to put on 50 lbs. just so they feel better; I understand they are concerned as I haven't been this weight in 30 years. I do try and think about what I am eating, composition and calories, as well as why, and I'm trying to follow the doctor's orders for exercise. I'm trying to learn the fine line between deprivation, which will sink my accomplishments, and over indulging which might put me back where I was. My husband, who has been supportive, said after looking at my arms, he is starting to agree with my family. The saggy extra skin. The one saving grace is that I don't have more excess skin. I finally bought new underwear, and the extra skin hangs out. I hate wearing short sleeves because my arms are really skinny with wrinkly sagging skin as well as my midriff, and they are a weird shape, muscles in the middle of a stick. I do think I could be scary if I didn't have the excess skin. Oh - and trying to find a bra that fits correctly (sorry men - you don't have to worry about that!).
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    Stomach pain. Help?

    Hi everyone! I’m on a liquid diet for a month The thickest food I can have is yogurt or well puréed soup. I can’t keep much down and am dealing with dizziness and nausea. I am being monitored by new doctor and he is treating me as if I had an ulcer. I like new doctor and he is a very good listener I have zero energy these days. Take my situation as a cautionary tale! Chew. Your. Food. Thanks for all the love.
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    Just wanted to share the excitement. (Although I feel like I should have swept, dusted, and gotten a pedicure - but whatever. Haha!)
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    New to the loser forum

    I wasn’t given a goal weight. I figured 160 was doable and I didn’t want to set myself up for failure. I’d failed too many diets. I had surgery to get healthy. In my weird mind that was my single focus, I never pictured myself “smaller”. I actually purchased a 1xl shirt before surgery, thinking I’d fit into it. By the time I tried it on it hung on me. Even after losing my weight I couldn’t see the smaller person in the mirror for about 4 Years. My looks changed so much (with a much thinner face short hair was a no go, I’d never had long hair), I still have times identifying with both the old me and new me. First picture was sept, 2012. Last two Jan, 2018..you can get to any weight you want, it’s a matter of what you put in your mouth!
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    Nana Trish

    Feeling better

    Hi guys ❤️ I’m glad hubby gave you guys the update. We just now left the hospital. I passed the stone, but I also have a kidney infection. More antibiotics for that. I had to have a full bladder for my ultrasound earlier, so I pounded 74 ounces of water in about 45 minutes. They think that’s what shook the stone loose. So at least that’s gone anyway. The GOOD news is that my little kidney mass has not changed size or shape...I get to keep my left kidney for a while longer I’m drugged and sore and tired, so as soon as I get home I’m going to bed. Just wanted to fill you in ❤️
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    It seems to be less likely with sleeve than bypass, probably because only a small part of the absorption takes place in the stomach with the majority taking place in the intestines which has also been altered in bypass (but not sleeve). With either surgery there can be individual variances though, so using caution is important with either. The first time I had alcohol postop (several months out) I drank at home so I wouldn't be driving or making a fool of myself. I had no unexpected reaction and actually never really have except for the one time I had a shot of tequila which was an incredibly stupid thing to do. Was hanging around with old college friends and I think we all forgot that key word OLD. Can't party like a rock star anymore lol. It's also important to keep the possibility of addiction transfer in mind. Many who have experienced food addiction switch to something else when food is no longer available to use as comfort. Mine was online shopping. I justified it because I didn't get into financial trouble and I "needed" a whole new wardrobe. However, when I discovered things like having purchased 2 of the exact same shoe (one was kind of buried in the closet and I forgot about it) or having stuff I had never even taken the tags off of I knew it was not healthy. My now husband teases me and says that when I started online dating it really was just another form of online shopping lol. Bottom line is that we all did this to be healthy. Alcohol can be healthy in moderation. It can also be a disaster so proceed with caution.
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    6 Years Ago Today

    That is truly a stunning transformation. You now weigh less than a third of your starting weight - that is mind-blowing. And to be free of medication is the icing on the cake. No doubt about it - you've made a success of your bariatric surgery.
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    Non-scale victories

    So last week i lost nothing and this week I've lost 10lbs AND I can fit in some smaller clothes! I can finally see it! Hurrah! I'm doing a happy dance in my old but new smaller jeans!
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    Having kind of a rough day

    @Kio Be of good cheer! Am with Trish @Nana Trish Gretta @Gretta Ladybug @Ladybugzzz86 and Res @Res Ipsa on this one - You got stressed, lost control and ate what, maybe 500 calories more than you should have? Pfft. It's inevitable, none of us are perfect, nor will we be perfect. You DIDN'T eat 3,000 extra calories. You learned what stressed you and if this is as bad as it gets - you'll do fine. To quote from Pouch Rules for Dummies: (http://www.amylhwilliams.com/pouchrulesfordummies.html) "AVOIDING ABSOLUTES: Rules are made to be broken. No biggie if the patient drinks with one meal - as long as the patient knows he/she is breaking a rule and will get hungry early. Also if the patient pigs out at a party - that's OK because before surgery, the patient would have pigged on 3000 to 5000 calories and with the pouch, the patient can only pig on 600-1000 calories max. The patient needs to just get back to the rules and not beat him/herself up."
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    Officially overweight

    I really didn’t think it would be quite so exciting to be an overweight person, but falling under the category of ‘obese’ (ugh, that feels like a dirty word somehow), for so long... litterally most of my adult life makes this a very exciting moment. When I was 19 I had my first child, and shortly after that my weight just accumulated at a crazy fast speed. There was a brief period of time in 2010 that I made it under the 200lb mark, but it wasn’t quite where I am now, and it didn’t last after some stressful events that occurred. Meaning this is the smallest I have been since I was 19 years old. That’s kind of a big deal. My mother and my husband have both been telling me for weeks now that I should stop losing weight. Last night I finally decided to be very direct and told my husband that he couldn’t tell me to stop when I’m just over half way to my goal. I think he understands now that am still not happy with where I am and have a ways to go. But overweight... that color change when I calculate my BMI (which I know is not the most useful tool in the world) that lets me know I have changed from one category to another... it’s just nice. Its been just over 14 weeks and my BMI is down 9.67 points.