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    One year surgiversary!

    Today was the big day - one year from surgery date! I feel like a million bucks! Best. Decision. Ever :)
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    Goal day!

    Ok, so, I revised my goal a couple of months back. But if I hadn't.... today would be the day I made my goal. Today I'm at 170. I'm still hoping to lose more - the new goal I switched to is 140, which would put me at a normal BMI for the first time since like, kindergarten. But still, this is a milestone I've been looking forward to. I've even thought about changing my goal BACK to 170 a few times, just for the little hit of accomplishment... but I'm thinking of it more right now as just the part where my body starts gently braking on the weight loss. I don't know how much loss I'll get out of this before I glide to an eventual halt - but hitting 170 kind of makes the natural slow-down feel okay. It will probably take a few months to get to 140, if I even get there, but I'm ok with that. And I also hit another milestone today - check out my ticker! My BMI is now under 30! That switches me over from "obese" to merely "overweight". I know BMI is a nothing measurement, but it's one my doctor cares about, so I'm kind of excited about that. The last time I saw my PCP she was so pleased with my progress that she took the "super" off of "obese" in my chart. It'll be great to watch her change it AGAIN the next time I see her! (And... I'm finally, finally under Leah's weight. Shhhhh, don't tell her. I'm no longer detailing my losses for her...)
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    Cindy Lou Who

    Century Club Day!

    I reached 100 weight loss today! Feels great. And feels like a dream, like I REALLY can't believe it. Very surreal. But I'll take it! Thanks to a great tool that one of you TT heroes gave me, I've been tracking my loss each five pounds on a little table below: % Lost Pounds Lost Excess Weight to Lose Actual Weight Date 0% 0 100 245 1/5/2018 5% 5 95 235 1/22/2018 10% 10 90 234.6 1/29/2018 15% 15 85 229.2 2/12/2018 20% 20 80 224.8 2/19/2018 25% 25 75 216.6 3/5/2018 30% 30 70 35% 35 65 209.4 3/12/2018 40% 40 60 202.2 3/26/2018 45% 45 55 199.8 4/2/2018 50% 50 50 193.4 4/16/2018 55% 55 45 189.4 5/1/2018 60% 60 40 184.8 5/16/2018 65% 65 35 177.2 6/5/2018 70% 70 30 173.6 6/18/2018 75% 75 25 169 7/2/2018 80% 80 20 164.4 7/17/2018 85% 85 15 158.4 8/6/2018 90% 90 10 151.8 8/27/2018 95% 95 5 148.2 9/17/2018 100% 100 0 144.8 10/1/2018
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    Boho Rosy

    What Are You Wearing Today?

    Had some fun going to a family wedding and seeing lots of folks that haven’t seen me in years.
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    Biker Chick

    Being healthy and having the freedom to be whoever you choose!
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    It finally happened.....

    They probably remember you as heavy. It will take time for them to get used to the new norm.
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    It finally happened.....

    You don't. You can't. You just give them a social club laugh and try to change the subject
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    Hi Meadow, time to use the head and not be driven by fears driven by sensationalism. Most people do well after their surgery. For decades now surgeons have revised their techniques, reducing the risks and chances of things like leaks. Yes they happen but now are pretty uncommon, and people get tested for them in the OR when the surgery is being done. The risks of this surgery are less than the risks of having your gallbladder out. The risks of having the surgery are WAY less than the risks to you of death and disability from diabetes, hypertension, strokes, heart disease, cancers and all the other stuff caused by obesity. Having surgery is all about risk REDUCTION. You are taking on a few risks at the time of surgery and in exchange have way lower risks for a bunch of stuff that, on the scales, far outweigh the surgical risks. If you have a good marriage to start with, weight loss will improve it. Weight loss surgery absolutely does not harm strong marriages where mutual support and strengthening occurs. Plus you will gain confidence in yourself and enjoy life a lot more. This is about a long-term solution to obesity that extends life, and make it a lot more fun. If, as you re-assert control over your life and health and extend your lifespan, you find that your life partner is threatened or upset by that, then you might in some conditions wish to ditch the partner. It should be noted that most people are more frisky after surgery and this will enhance marital bliss as well. Am not sure where you picked up the gassy for life and smelly poops angle... strikes me as some internet Fake News story. Only a little tongue-in-cheek, I suspect all of us posting here to have even their poops smell good ... like flowers, like beautiful flowers ... Honestly, people become very focused on their food intakes - as they track their weight loss, and make sure they get enough protein in, etc.... and it is my impression that foul farts are not frequent on commonly eaten, high-protein diets. I've read that intestinal gas is produced in the intestine through fermentation of your food by bacteria, and carbohydrates are the main fuel for fermentation. I am trying to eat beans or lentils, perhaps 3-4 times a week, and yes there is more intestinal gas production, but not an undue amount. And my family reassures me that my gas smells like flowers, and they would never tell me a falsehood. So fear not.
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    Cindy Lou Who

    Happy Birthday!

    @NerdyToothpick, and @msmarymac. Happy birthday today! I remember your sharing this on a previous post. Mine was yesterday. My biggest gift was a trip to the mall (which I normally DETEST.) At Athleta I looked for sweatpants-type pants and tried on a 6. The sales girl walked by while I was looking in the mirror and said they were too big! Wha??? And the 4's fit! Certainly this store's sizes are crazy town. So I went to Anthropology to the sales rack and looked at shirts. The sales girl brought me an XS. WHA??? Okay, so now Anthropology's sizes are crazy town too! It felt like Twilight Zone! I had to leave after that. Anyway, I hope you both have terrific birthdays in your healthy bodies!
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    New just finished tier 3

    Now is when to think about the likelihoods. If you just take your vitamins and such you will not become vitamin deficient. The surgery has a high success rate and while you CAN regain weight, most people have at most modest regain. As others have said, if you follow your dietary plan it is unlikely you will regain a significant amount. re: you question about just loosing weight and looking really skinny and ill ... with a bypass you don't absorb about 10% of what you take in. It is NOT that you don't absorb your food, it is just shaded down a bit. Think of it as just removing a few percent of the calories. What actually happens is people lose weight and look healthy and normal. Not skinny and ill. If people were skinny and ill then the surgery would have been abandoned a long time ago.
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    What Are You Wearing Today?

    I'm wearing my sweet Doc Martens, too, but they didn't make it into the picture. Haha!
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    10 months!

    I'm 10 months out and I've lost a total of 120 lbs. The weight loss is slowing, I think, but that's totally fine. I'm at 159 now, which I never thought would happen, so I'm doing well! I'm sticking with around 1500 calories a day or so and more carbs than I was having before - largely because I need fiber. The ride I signed up for today was canceled because we had some intense rain overnight that flooded some of the tunnels and they can't really hold the ride and risk the liability if someone hurts themselves. However, I'm still going to ride the 30 miles this afternoon, rain or shine. I've ridden in flooded tunnels before and it's fine, just wet. They low key rescheduled for next Sunday - minus all the pit stops, etc. - and I'm going to ride that too. I'm still in about a size 12, though some size 10 things fit me (and some 14s, too). I'm about to have to shop for fall clothes, which will have to be from thrift stores. I'm actually thinking of doing a capsule wardrobe for fall now that I'm slowing down so much on weight loss. Things will fit me a bit longer and I'm wanting to simplify. Still mulling it over. I'll let you all know if I end up doing that.
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    One year surgiversary!

    Great questions! I have to admit that emotionally, I am terrified of regaining my weight. Hitting maintenance is a scary place for me, as I'm sure most of you would agree, and I have never stayed there for long during past "visits" (when dieting, not since surgery). And I am embarrassed to admit that I hoped I would dip below where I wanted to be so that I had some wiggle room to regain a small amount. My weight loss has stopped around 170 ... I go up and down between 168--170 range for the past 3-4 months. I try to focus on giving myself positive affirmations, but the devil on my shoulder says I should try to get lower. UGH Thinking 160 would be a great number, but my body seems to think otherwise. That being said, I continue to see my counselor, a nutritionist, and a personal trainer (3xweek). I have a devoted family and wonderful friends. If I stayed at this weight, I would be perfectly happy - as I should be! But it's so tough to quiet the negative voices in my head. So I continue to work on these issues and be patient with myself. I don't see major changes in my body at this point, as they all seemed to happen so quickly the first six months. I continue to build muscle from doing my weight training and I have no aches and pains which is amazing!
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    Six month anniversary

    Wednesday I had my six month check up from surgery. I am down 100 pounds!!! Dr. was so excited!!! I told him I have been eating 1200-1400 cal per day, exercising two hours a day, five days a week (running) and consuming 96 oz water. The Nut raised my carbs to 120 and lowered my protein to 80. I had told them my thighs tire when running and they agreed I need to increase carbs. I am running my first ever 5k on this Saturday!! After that I plan on training for a 10k at my one year anniversary!! Now I'm just waiting on my blood work results and strategizing my next six months!!
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    I rode the Square 2 Square today! It was a little different than it would have been had it gone on as planned, but it was still pretty fun. About 20 miles in, I was adjusting my helmet and hit the edge of the trail weird and wrecked my bike. I mostly have a bruised ego, along with a skinned chin and knee, but my bike will need repairs. My bike was safe to ride, though, so I went ahead and rode the additional 10 miles I needed to finish. If my bike hadn't been safe to ride, I would have gotten a bike share bike and ridden that because I was FINISHING THE DANG RIDE. Haha! I'm pretty proud of myself. (Yes, I wore a cute dress to ride in because I'm femme af and that's how I roll. LOL)
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    Many of us struggled with this and occasionally still do. Especially those who have a lifetime of failures under their belts of many sizes lol. During a moment of introspection, I remembered when I finally quit smoking for good (I think I was about your age). All previous attempts, and there were many, I still felt like a smoker. A smoker being tortured and punished. Until I couldn't take it anymore and had "just one" and of course was right back to smoking. When I did finally quit for good I had a powerful tool to help me (love of my fetal daughter) and that was when my brain finally decided that I was now a non-smoker. Non-smokers don't ever have a cigarette, not even once. Not exactly the same but I do see the similarity in how powerful a role the brain plays in both scenarios. It does take awhile for our brains to catch up with the reality of our bodies. Once it does though, that (I believe) is what makes maintenance possible. I am no longer an obese person and therefore I am no longer going to treat myself as if I am. That means the behaviors that got me to that place are no longer allowed. That is what makes maintenance successful for me. It didn't happen overnight and it didn't happen by accident but it did happen. And it can for you too
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    Last nut appt over!

    I can't believe it's been almost 6 months since I started on this journey. I had my last nutritionist appt on Monday. She gave everything to my nurse who will submit it to insurance. Once approved, then I meet with my surgeon again and set up my surgery date. I'M SO EXCITED! Based on everyone's experience, once it's been submitted, how long does it typically take until surgery date? I'm guess-timating 6 weeks?? I was hoping for middle October, but end of Oct early Nov will work too. I have to say thank you to all of you who are active in this community (and even past members for sharing and asking questions) I've found it most helpful along with attending the local bariatric support group meetings though my clinic. Miles above and beyond helpful compared to the facebook support groups I stumbled upon (and frankly need to quit looking at because they are not good for me lol.) I can't wait to join the losers bench. I'll be sure to update as soon as I hear!
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    Cindy Lou Who

    What Are You Wearing Today?

    Feeling sassy today in a 6! Capris size 6 (from a resale shop :)) and size medium top from a shirt I've had boxed up for a gazillion years. Nine dollar outfit! Yay!
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    Last nut appt over!

    (I kept staring at this, thinking that @Brattykid had a picture of herself with some dude, and why would she be looking for dates and not have updated her photo? LOL ... a weight loss support site of course is focused on dates for surgery not dates for fun and companionship. )
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    The final countdown!

    Hi All! So I'm 2 weeks (today) out til my procedure. I don't think it's sunk in that this is actually happening! Sometimes when I stop and actually think about it, I have a mini panic attack. Is this normal? On a side note - been on the pre-op diet for 5 weeks now and lost close to 8 kgs. My MIL told me I'm shrinking before her eyes. Best. Feeling. Ever.!! S xx
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    I didn't have my WLS until I was 53 and with a 35+ year documented history of failed yoyoing dieting attempts, I knew that I was going to be left with excess skin that was likely to rival a shar pei. And I was aware that unless it created issues with rashes etc., the chances of me having anything done about was zero to none. But I'm a half-full kind of gal and consider myself blessed that my insurance is exceptional and the total cost to me for WLS was $10 - $11 (can't remember exactly) for one night stay in hospital. I have some extra baggage and I wouldn't want to strut my stuff in a bikini but it's never stopped me from enjoying my healthier and slimmer life - swimming and the like.
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    If you search on here, you’ll see that many of us struggle with the same issue. I definitely still look down and think my thighs look enormous. I just try to approach it from a logical place. I wear a size two and share clothes with my (thin, normal) 10 year old. Logically, I can’t really be fat if I fit in a size two and share clothes with my daughter. I weigh 127 lbs (as of this morning). Logically, at my height, I can’t really be fat if I weigh 127 lbs. The other thing that helps is that I have very honest friends who promise to tell me if I actually start to get fat again.They also tell me if I get too skinny, so that helps with the feeling like I need to lose weight mental struggle. This probably all sounds ridiculous, but being objective is that only thing that takes some power out of the body dysmorphia. It’s really just mind games that I play with myself because I still feel so fat. Smaller than I was, but definitely still chubby. Not sure if that helps at all, but that’s been my approach.
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    Starting to freak out a little

    What is hard for you to understand about recovery right now is how FAST it goes by. I felt pretty good immediately after surgery, and got better every day - by a week out, I was just a little tired near the end of the day, but absolutely not debilitated. I never had much pain - just twinges when I turned or bent too suddenly. After two weeks I was able to do basically anything I wanted (though I absolutely obeyed my doctor's rules on not lifting anything over 10 lbs for 6 weeks.) I could have easily gone back to work after one week - I work an office job and I work from home. But I took the three weeks because... The other thing you will have trouble understanding is that eating and drinking is like your full time job in the first month or so, and the transition from clear liquids to full liquids to purees will fully occupy your mind. You probably won't be hungry, so you'll schedule "eating" and drinking. Every time you're done, it will be time to do it again. And the transitions feel super fast - you'll be eating actual food again almost before you're ready. In fact, I WAS allowed solid food again before I was ready - I stayed in the puree stage a while longer because while my program said I could, my stomach said ohhhhh, maybe not yet. You're going to feel super self-centered for a while. Everything will be about you - what your body needs/wants, and what's happening to your body as it adjusts to its new normal. It's really interesting and fascinating. I know it's scary right now, but as soon as you're done with surgery it's different - it's just what life is, and you get used to it really fast. Your new digestive system will help a lot with that, by not triggering you with hunger and cravings for a really long time. Good luck, and keep us posted! Can't wait to welcome you to the Loser's Bench.
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    Goal day!

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    10 months!

    My ride went great! I’m excited for Sunday, too, when I’ll get my medal.