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  2. I've had that for a long time, even before surgery. I don't notice it as much these days though, but suspect I've just adapted to it. I tend to get up more slowly these days (although not to the point where others would notice) and test my legs before I take off. Mind you getting off the exercise bike takes me a long warm down before I feel confident of standing up, and if I've been in the bath I'm extra cautious before I stand up. Bathrooms bring out a very real sense of vulnerability for me. I tend to sit on the edge of it until I'm sure I'm steady enough to stand up. Bathrooms have been my nemesis for a couple of years....that's a foot surgery thing...wet floors and hard surfaces (at times a cast wrapped in a plastic bag) when you live alone are probably the biggest risk you can have in a home....add in a propensity for light headedness and alarm bells are going off in my head all the time.
  3. Isn't it annoying!? I'm still in mine, and finally checked to see exactly how long it had been (based on when I last updated my ticker - I love doing that so I always do it the second I have a loss. It's now been 10 days - which isn't terrifically long for a stall, I know! I was actually up 2 lbs day before yesterday, and now down 1 from that. All day today though, I've been binge-watching Nashville and crying over all the country songs - so I'm fairly sure my "loss phase" is on the way now. I just wish it would come faster - it would make it easier for me to remember that it DOES come.
  4. Did you keep or shed the dieter's mindset?

    For me, I believe that "losing the dieter mindset" would be the beginning of failing my surgery. This time around though I rely on what I've learned in the past to be mindful of the choices I make. I haven't tracked anything since my surgery, because in the past it became an obsession for me. In the past once I stopped tracking even for a day or two, it signalled my diet was over and regain was the inevitable conclusion. I'm still technically in my honeymoon period at only about 10 months out, so how my approach works when I'm further along still remains to be seen. What I do know though is that I don't look at eating as pleasurable is just something I have to do to survive and stay healthy. Most of my past food pleasures don't bring pleasure anymore....which is indeed handy. I do find these days that I'll look at an unhealthy food choice and ask myself if I really want that particular thing or not. Sometimes the answer is a resounding yes, but mostly it isn't. Generally once I've eaten a poor food choice, I realise it didn't live up to expectation anyway. I don't let myself feel guilty about the choice I made, but I do try to store in my memory that the expectation of pleasure didn't live up to the reality of eating it. I find that helps when temptation rears it's head again.
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  6. 1st time to ever post to ANY blog!

    Welcome! This is a great place to be. Feel free to ask questions..I failed every diet I was on for 50 years.
  7. I feel the same. I'm only in month 3 so I'm not positive there's a pattern yet, but I keep having periods of 8-12 days of no loss, followed by a quick loss - although, I tend to lose after my cycle. It is frustrating for sure and I'm sure it will be driving me just as mad when six months is here if the pattern continues. Those doubting voices definitely creep in, so I'm here often reading the stories of others who had the same feelings and are now at goal. It definitely helps!
  8. Protein Question

    I usually carry a bottle of protien water around when I'm busy going to appointments etc. I find the sachets we can get here far to strong and sweet, and diluting them seems somewhat counter-intuitive. I've found a brand I like, and although ridiculously expensive, I tend to stick to it as it gives me 30g in a 450ml bottle.
  9. 1st time to ever post to ANY blog!

    I absolutely felt this way. I was on some diet or another for about thirty years. I gained and lost and gained again, always gaining a bit more than the last time. I can’t tell you if you’re doing the right thing - it’s a very personal decision - but I will say that it sounds like you have really thought this through and are in the right mindset. Personally, I have zero regrets. I’ve lost 43 pounds since my surgery, and for the first time in my life, I truly believe I have the tools to succeed. It’s not easy - I still have to be conscious of what I eat and of course I exercise, but the sleeve has helped me so much to do what I need to do without feeling extremely deprived.
  10. 20 more pounds

    Sorry for the mistake...clearly time does fly. Goes to show me just how long I've been hanging around this place.
  11. The only time I've experienced that Kio was when I fell behind with my fluids. If that's not the cause of your dizziness, you could try some electrolyte drinks and if that doesn't help, put a call into your surgeons office/PCP.
  12. Protein Question

    I had something similar in the hospital and have it at home - Liquacel. Its 27 dollars for 32 ounces (1 ounce is a serving and is 16g of protein). I've thought about buying the shots off bariatric pal, but they're 2.50 a piece, or I can get Liquacel for less than a dollar a serving. You can mix Liquacel in water, or just drink it like a shot. I dont drink it as often now, but its still an easy way to get a bit more in when Im short on protein.
  13. ... aka orthostatic hypotention, aka getting dizzy when you stand up. I've just started having episodes of dizziness when I stand up - nothing crazy, just a little sudden brain-fog and a sense that my legs are made of lead, only for a few seconds after standing up. I know some of my friends on the losers' bench have this too - but what I don't know is what you do to deal with it. What has helped you? Advice welcome! I'm not worried, I'd just prefer not to have it.
  14. 8 days out and struggling!

    If you have pre-surgery GERD, I do not why your surgeon recommended a sleeve. A sleeve usually makes GERD much worse, while having a gastric bypass resolves GERD issues.
  15. Did you keep or shed the dieter's mindset?

    I’ve been at goal for over 4 years. I work in food service and use portion control (we use scoops 1 1/2, 2, 3 And 4 oz). I am good at eyeballing. I double check every couple weeks but I’m really close. I also know the caloric count on food. I keep an approximate total in my head. This for me is a way of life, a lifestyle change. I want to be “normal”. I eat a lot of the same thing every day. There’s a saying, “we don’t live to eat, but eat to live”. For some of us this is true. Food loses its appeal. Not everyone..some of us forget to eat.
  16. 1st time to ever post to ANY blog!

    i just read my last post, and if I read that, I would never respond! Sorry, my stomach is growling and all I could think to say was that I was hungry! Anyway, I have spent days and nights deciding to have this surgery and it's been years in the making. years of Weight Watchers, Quick Weight Loss, South Beach Diet, Adkins, you name it, I did it. Even Phen-fen. I would say the greatest failure in my life has been my failure to keep my weight in a normal range. I have loss and gained hundreds of pounds, and now this year, I was the heaviest I had ever been. I am SO hoping this surgery will be my ticket into a new healthy life. I have the right resolve, hopefully the right maturity, and definitely the desperation. Anyone else feel this way? Am I doing the right thing?
  17. 1st time to ever post to ANY blog!

    Welcome to the forum, Cindy. Now you will be able to say that you know a bunch of people that have had the surgery once you get to know others here. I am scheduled for March 26 and just getting ready to start my month long pre surgery diet. I totally understand being sick of being hungry all of the time. I am looking forward to loosing the hunger hormone myself. Good luck!
  18. 1st time to ever post to ANY blog!

    Hi Cindy! I’m so glad to hear that you are excited. That’s how I felt when I had my sleeve surgery in November and it’s been such a wonderful experience. Hang in there on the pre-surgery diet. The big day will be here before you know it.
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  20. Hi there! My sleeve surgery is Feb 28, and I'm excited! But don't know anyone who has ever had it, so thought I could use some support and learn from others. I hate to say this, but I'm mostly excited because I can't wait to NOT be hungry after being on the pre-surgery lo cal diet! How shallow is that! haha! But the tummy (Large for now) talks!
  21. Did you keep or shed the dieter's mindset?

    I have yo yo dieted over the years and the last time I got down to 188 and stayed between 188-193 for 7 years !! So I totally get it . My bad habits were mostly portion problems so this is totally going to work for me this time. I am still having problems with my head, stomach, and eyes getting on the same page and some days it feels like Thanksgiving! I still track but after I get to goal I don't plan on doing that anymore. I also still measure and weigh my food but obviously its still too much or I wouldn't get so full. ( 3 oz of meat and 1/4 cup cottage cheese feels like Thanksgiving still to me !! LOL )
  22. Tinker-bell's profile shows that she had a RNY. It's not uncommon for a gastric bypass patient to suffer with acid reflux or less common, GERD.
  23. 8 days out and struggling!

    Thank you everyone for the replies and encouragement. It has gotten slightly better. I did see my family doctor yesterday for a follow up. She didn't have any concerns and says everyone heals differently. I have also been speaking with my weight loss team (which at this point I am pretty sure they think I am that "crazy" patient that calls all the time) I had those sharp pains between chest really bad this morning that lasted a couple hours....he suggested to try the protein water as the shakes can be irritating for some in the beginning. And we wants me to stay on the full liquid diet longer He reassured me that things will get better! I see him on Tuesday... I think i need to stay off the internet where I read horror stories. My fear is that my GERD will get worse....which I knew was a possibility! All in all each day is getting a little better and I think a lot of my problems are mental and having to come to terms that I can't go to food for my comfort! I just can't wait to feel somewhat normal. Again, thank you all....hopefully soon it won't be a regretful decision.
  24. Hey everybody, I'm fairly new here, sleeved 1/17/18, so five weeks out. Physically, I'm doing fine, but I'm starting to think about something and I'm wondering if others have gone through this? I'm what you would call a VERY EXPERIENCED dieter. Prior to 2009, my weight just went up every single year. But in 2009, I lost 110 lbs through calorie counting and exercise. I managed to keep all the weight off for about two years and about half of it off for an additional four years until eventually at the end of 2017 I ended up back at my high weight. In the last 4 years I've lost 40 lbs on four separate occasions. Before I did the sleeve, I already felt like a pro. I already know what it feels like to shed all the weight, buy a whole new wardrobe, take up new activities (running, hiking) that I had never done before, realize that people treated me better, etc. etc. I also experienced the pain of gaining it back and the frustration of chronic yo-yo dieting. When I decided to do the sleeve it was because I finally admitted failure. I could lose weight, but in the long run, I could do no better than live in a constant yo-yo cycle. So, here's the thing. Now that I've had the sleeve, it all feels very familiar. I'm eating a calorie restricted diet, I'm losing. I stall sometimes. I wish I were losing faster. I'm tracking on MFP, I'm worrying (irrationally) that I might be eating too much... Obviously, there is one big difference, and that is that I get satisfied quicker with a much smaller amount of food, but when I was cruising in diet mode, I could usually maintain that for 3, 4 or 5 months at a time. So instead of feeling like a whole new thing, my mind seems to think this is just more of the same old... So here is my question. Do any of you relate to this? And if so, did any of you find a better way to handle it? How do you learn to trust the process? Do you measure, weigh, and track (all staples of my pre-VSG) routine? Does anyone stop doing that and try a more intuitive approach? So far, it seems like this is working for me, but I know myself and I know that getting into the diet headspace is not always a healthy thing for me. I'd love to hear how others have handled this.
  25. Valerie jean

    Things are a little different here in the US Valerie but we have some UK members who'll hopefully be able to answer your question.
  26. Tinker-Bell, Did you have a roux en y? You should NOT have reflux if you had that surgery (or so I have been told).
  27. Valerie jean

    Welcome, @Valerie jean! Glad you found us!
  28. Valerie jean

    Thank you for responding. I shall sleep better tonight knowing when I have moments of fear or self loathing, I can turn to ttf and never be alone. Good night
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