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  2. Today I went against my rule I seen the scale and used it.  I am officially under the 300 mark think I almost fainted seeing a 2 instead of the 3 but I smiled and now onto the day with great thoughts in my head.  Have a great day and may you all be blessed with wonderful blessings

  3. He was doing that from a week post-op (a serving of Upcal-D is 5g which is a tad over 1 level teaspoon. I've sprinkled it onto yogurt as I'm eating it. It's pretty much tasteless. A little granular but nothing that bothered me.
  4. Welcome to the losers' bench :). Congrats!
  5. By now you should be 3 days POST-OP .... I hope you're doing well!
  6. Depends...45 seconds to 2 minutes. Most of what I eat I can finish in 15-20 bites (I give myself a full 30mins usually). I need to get some kind of bowl or plate warmer I can have at work though when i'm trying to pace myself with warm/hot foods.
  7. I started sleeping on my side about 5 days post-op. Not long (maybe 2-3 hrs before it got uncomfortable). I'm close to 8 wks out and can fall asleep right on my stomach full night's sleep and sometimes wake up on one of my sides no problems.
  8. It did for me no matter how slow and tiny of sips I well sipped. It didn't matter ice cold water, room temp, or warm-borderline hot. Fiji, evian, filtered, tap...didn't matter. But I could tolerate super watered down iced crystal light perfectly (like 1/3 a packet to 14-16 oz water). I'm 7 wks close to 8 wks post-op and I really just started enjoying plain water (of any room temp) without any pain or nausea maybe 1 wk ago.
  9. I eat crazy slow super tiny amounts at a time with tuna or other fish...and chew until it's pureed mush texture. Some days I can take down 3oz worth no problem and some days maybe 1oz before i'm feeling "vomity". Eggs I can handle over easy, sunny side up or even hard-boiled. Scrambled and I aren't friends. Maybe sometimes the body doesn't like that "in-between texture".
  10. I can't STAND salmon anymore and I used to love salmon nigiri or salmon cakes or lox bagel. Dietitian says in a few months I might like salmon again :(. Flip side I used to HATE sardines and now lol I like them (but if they're in hot sauce or mustard only).
  11. Lol i've been surviving. I've grown to like cooked spinach and cooked zucchini more than I ever thought I would have. I'm still like 5 wks from being able to eat even steamed (or mashed-ish) sweet broccoli lol.
  12. I'm glad I can slowly begin introducing small amounts of some "regular" food back in a week lol :).
  13. How far out are they though? I feel like a dry scoop in my mouth be rough-ish on my stomach but **shrugs**. My stomach is pretty new still. I'm like 7 wks (almost 8) out.
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  15. Hi Sarsar. Welcome to the forum from a fellow Australian, and a fellow revision to bypasser. Unfortunately weightloss after revisions is usually slower so you may need to lower your expectations if they are based on your previous surgery. Some surgeons say you only get one chance at WLS for this reason. I don't agree, but I'm also not a surgeon. I did lose all of my excess weight after my revision by being extremely compliant with my diet. Try not to focus on how fast you are losing, instead just focus on the fact that you are losing.
  16. I'm from Australia @Songlark. This forum is an amazing support network, even though I haven't been around for awhile, but I totally get the frustration of recommendations for foods etc that aren't available in Australia. If there's anything specific I can help you with, please just ask. You can private message me if you like, although it might be helpful to others to see questions about products in open threads.
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  18. Love to hear any and all success stories (both birth and post birth weight loss) lol! Also hopeful I won't need a c-section, but I've heard mixed things on that being more prevalent post bariatric surgery?
  19. Thank you for the news - it sounds like you are doing great. @GAviv had a post-bariatirc surgery pregnancy, and had a wonderfully cute and healthy baby (now child). So hang in there!
  20. @Res Ipsa - thank you for checking in! I appreciate it, I don't know anyone IRL who has been through this! I've read a lot of the other posts on here, but now that I'm farther along wanted to go back through to see if there's any other tips that will be helpful. I am at week 13 going on 14, made it through the first trimester, and all test results have been great. They've decided I don't need to be followed as "high risk", so overall I'm feeling better/more confident. I've gained 10 pounds so far, which has been difficult to accept, but has been slow/steady and I'm trying to reframe my thinking and not be fixated on weight/etc, but that has been tough!
  21. How are you doing? There is lots of helpful information here on prior postings in the pregnancy part of TTF. We are here to support you.
  22. I found this on the National Headache Foundation website: There are many factors to be considered in a post-operative headache syndrome, with anesthetic agents serving as just one factor. Fasting prior to surgery can act as a headache trigger for some people. Other factors are related to being in the hospital itself and can include sleep changes, dietary changes, caffeine withdrawal, and the stress of being away from your usual environment.....
  23. And just like that I'm home. Thank you, all, very much for the good vibes! I don't feel as awful as I thought I would, though I do have a killer headache I can't seem to kick. Otherwise the expected soreness, mild nausea from time to time but not at all what i expected. Funny how the mind can make it a million times worse than it will actually be. One day at a time from here, as they say... Thanks again! Oh, and I have waited to hear Welcome to the Losers Bench for a year. It felt just as amazing as I thought it would.
  24. Pinto, black beans are good. Can you have salsa? One of my first meals after I was cleared was refried beans with a little melted cheese and taco sauce. I had pinto beans with cheese and salsa for lunch today. Don’t know if you can get salsa down there but I use it a lot as it is low calorie but adds flavor and moisture. I also make my own. Dont graze.
  25. I hope everything went really well for you! Let us know how you're doing when you feel up to it.
  26. Hi All, I am new to site but have questions I can not find answers to. So I was banded in 06. I lost a tremendous amount of weight and lost 245 pounds in 17 mo. Once I reached my goal my Dr removed all my fluid in band. Well...guess what? You got it I started gaining weight. Had no insurance so basically could not do anything with my band. Once I had insurance I went in for a fill. Now here my question. While trying to fill my band my Dr could not get any saline into my port to complete my fill. His hands were shaking from pressing so hard. He then tried a second time with a new needle. Same thing happened. He could not get one drop in the port. So I had a port replacement. Now jump ahead 3 years. I had gotten back down to my goal but wanted to retain fluid and have my lapband as a tool to help me not gain weight back. One day I wake up and lost all restriction. Had a few fills but no restriction. Dr could not find any fluid either in band and said I have a leak. I went for x-ray with fluoroscopy. He could not find a leak at all. After he put 3 cc into my port he had same issue. He was pushing the plunger in so hard his hand was shaking from the pressure. He tried another needle same thing. No kinks were seen either on the x-ray. So at this point he is going to get me in for a port replacement. My port tube or band is not leaking but what is wrong with these ports . I am confused as to why we can't get saline Into port but only 3 cc. I have a 10 cc band. No fluid prior in band it had emptied again. If losing fluid why did we not see that on x-ray and why would a port no take fluid. Please help cause I am scared I am be getting a port replacement and don't know for sure that is why I can't keep fluid in my band Advice needed
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