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  2. Sadly, I know of more than a few people who would have told him to stop digging too. Little boys are SUPPOSED to be dirty! Lol Well...from playing outside anyway. Harper is with his father this weekend, so we were outside yesterday trying to actually get the yard clean up finished so we can play outside with him. I was raking, with my back to the driveway, and I think I hear Harper’s voice yelling “Gema, Gema!” And I’m thinking, wow, now I’m imagining Harper’s voice when he’s not here, lol. I turn around, and Harper comes running down the driveway and yells “Hi Gema!” He had been visiting his other grandmother with his father, and they passed our house after they left. Apparently Harper told his father “I gotta see Gema!” So he brought him over for a quick visit. He saw that we were raking and ran over and grabbed his rake. He is just too cute for words ❤️
  3. I was on lithium for several years, but that was back in the early 2000’s. I think I do remember having a sensitivity to the sun, but I couldn’t tell you exactly what my symptoms were. I’m lucky if I can remember my own name most days, lol. I would definitely speak to your doctor about it though. I’m sorry I can’t be more helpful. How have you been feeling otherwise, @ktallon? You’re always in my prayers ❤️
  4. I still try to exercise three times a week...pretty much eat same things mon - fri lunch...weekends I pretty much eat anything but still very limited portions...stay active!!!
  5. So random question for anyone else who has to take antipsychotics. I saw my doctor and she started me on Lithium for my bipolar. My question is if any of you have been on this before did you experience a higher sensitivity to the sun? I haven't been on it qiute a week but i feel like i can't handle being in the sun for any amount of time. Yesterday i took my son to the pool and after 20 minutes i felt extremely drowsy and dehydrated. I of course plan on asking about this at my follow up this week but i wanted to see if any of you had any insight perhaps in the mean time.
  6. You're building memories for Harper and that is precious Trish. Sadly, I know of more than a few people who would have told Harper to stop digging because he'd get dirty. pfft!
  7. Beautiful!! Thanks for checking in, I I enjoy the success stories. What do you do to maintain?
  8. Jen581791

    I'm back

    Welcome back and best of luck! You're a patient person, and you've got some serious strength and persistence if you've been keeping at it for 5 years. Those are all characteristics that will help you reach the success you're aiming for
  9. Craig, I can feel the pain in your post. I am so very sorry you are struggling. Is there any way you can get yourself into counseling, or an in person weight loss support group? This forum is wonderful, but sometimes you need to be in a room with others that are going through the same struggles you are. I hate to know that you see yourself as a failure. Food addiction is real. It's horrible. And it's strong. It's very similar to an addiction to drugs or alcohol. People have relapses with all kinds of addictions, and some folks can overcome the relapses and get to where they want to be. I pray that you can find a counselor that specializes in food addiction, I really think that would help you. We are always here for support, Craig. Please come here and talk to us. You are not alone ❤️
  10. I’ve never been a spicy food eater. All it does to me is leave the heat on my tongue, and that’s all I can taste for a long time after I do try something with spice. The only spicy~ish food I will eat is chili powder and I might put 1 jalapeño in a large pot of chili, but as for hot sauce, etc...nope. With that being said, since WLS, any time I have even tasted anything spicy, it seems to be even worse.
  11. I hope you have an amazing trip, @Cindy Lou Who...and you’ve got this!! Scale or no scale, I’ve got complete confidence that you will be fine ❤️ It sounds like an incredible adventure, for sure!!
  12. I’m so happy for you!! It sounds like it truly was the right time for you to bring a fur baby home ❤️ They certainly do keep you busy, but that’s a good thing!! I’m so glad your heart is healing Of course you will always miss your Penny...I lost my Bear 4+ years ago, and I still miss him. I always will.
  13. Nana Trish

    I'm back

    Welcome back, Robin!! Please let us know when you get your date for surgery! Congrats
  14. I think we would get along well, @Cheesehead...I’m definitely a difficult patient to treat as well!! Lol If you find the right doctor, you will never HAVE to see the PA if you don’t want to. One of the things I love about my PCP is the fact that it’s just him, one PA and one nurse practitioner in his office, that’s it. And we can see whomever we want whenever we choose. AND, it doesn’t take 2 weeks to get in to see them. I absolutely love my PCP, and feel so lucky to have found him. It’s been about 1.5 years since I started seeing him, and at my last visit I told him he’s not ever allowed to retire Luckily for me he is only 2 years older than I am, lol.
  15. Yes, @cinwa, that IS what little ones should be doing!! Friday afternoon, hubby took Harper outside and planted tomatoes with him, then Harper had to help us rake some leaves, lol. I am enjoying getting outside and spending quality time with him in the fresh air and sunshine ❤️
  16. Thank you so much, @Cheesehead!! ❤️ Yes, I am indeed walking better with the bionic knees, lol My right knee (the first one I had done) is doing everything it’s supposed to be doing at this point, just a little stiff most of the time. It’s been a little over 16 weeks since the first surgery already! I can hardly believe that! My left knee is still slow going, but has definitely improved a lot since surgery. I can’t walk down the stairs normally yet because of that knee. And I don’t have the range of motion yet that I should have in the left. But I am walking very well at this point. I actually got outside yesterday and did some yard work!! Only raking, but it’s a start, lol. I’m EXTREMELY sore this morning, but that’s ok...because I did it!! And I loved every minute of it...even kept going for a while after it started raining! So the bionic knees are definitely improving my life immensely
  17. Thank you so much, @tracyringo!! It really does seem like the time flew by, doesn’t it?? All of that stress and anxiousness and anticipation going through the pre op phase, now here it is 2 years later, and I’ve been at or below goal for 13 months! I couldn’t be happier that I’ve done this for myself, and I’m so blessed to have your support my friend ❤️ Thank you!
  18. @Res Ipsa, it was my (and Papa Trish’s) honor to meet you last summer as well!! It was so amazing to learn that you, @NerdyToothpick, @BurgundyBoy, and @Kio are just as lovely, warm, and supportive in person as you are on the forum!! I couldn’t ask for a nicer group to be a part of, and I feel blessed to have your friendship and support!!
  19. Thank you so much for all of this, @Jen581791 ❤️❤️❤️ I’m proud of myself too!! No, this certainly has not been a journey filled with roses and rainbows and butterflies. But thankfully I was not expecting it to be. I knew it was going to be a lot of hard work. I didn’t expect some of the bumps in the road that have come along the way, that’s for sure. But I still believe, just as I did when I got my thyroid cancer diagnoses, that this is all happening just how it’s supposed to be happening. It’s like God is helping me tie up all of the loose ends, and removing the majority of the barriers that have been holding me back from becoming truly healthy. Your faith in me warms my heart, and it actually strengthens my faith in myself Thank you for that, too!! I’m glad you’ve been on this journey with me!
  20. I haven't been here in so long! I'm over 5 years post op. I lost about 175 lbs within the first 2 years after surgery and I've maintained well. It hasn't always been easy but it's definitely been worth it! I am forever thankful for my wls!
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  22. I'm a vsg veteran of 4 1/2 years and i consider myself to be a failure. this stems from my denial that my binge eating disorder would be corrected via surgery. i did wonderful for a year and half and lost 180 pounds and my lowest weight was 208. however i was fool to think that i wasn't going to regain because i knew i was going to even before the surgery. all i do is think about food, when i'm going to eat and what am i going to eat. my only hope to overcome binge eating is to get help but the va doesn't provide any. i reluctantly started new anti-depressants which makes me not care what i eat. meds silence any inner voices of caution. i do not want to live as a fat man but i don't have a choice.
  23. Thanks for checking in! It makes me so happy to see long-term post-op people healthy and happy and doing well.
  24. Thank you for "stopping in" - you look great and your long term weight loss surgery success is an inspiration to us all.
  25. Congratulations Lori - you're looking outstanding.
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  27. I refuse to see a PA as well. My pcp told me I’m a difficult patient to treat and to try and get someone with experience. (He retired so I’m floating but am up front when I schedule a dr visit.). Trish, you go girl!
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