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  2. ~ Goal! ~

    Congrats Tammy!!!
  3. Fibroid growth after WLS

    Hey! I wasn't around during your original post, but I'm happy to hear no change.
  4. My Journey

    Whoa, 18 carbs?! The first three days of the preop diet are the worst. Only two more days until smooth sailing.
  5. Fibroid growth after WLS

    I just wanted to follow up on this post because it's been about a year and a half since my VSG and I also just recently had an ultrasound to check the size of my fibroids. Basically zero change for me, they stayed the same size, which I am thankful for. I was surprised to see over 700 views on my original post so I couldn't have been the only one with this question. So for anyone who was wondering the same thing, zero effect in my case. Your experience may be different.
  6. Questions about food

    At 3 weeks I was taking laughing cow cheese and rolling it in a piece of lunch meat like roasted turkey or chicken. Tuna or salmon creations and cottage cheese was also something I liked and still eat today. Chobani key lime yogurt was and still is a favorite of mine. I got on you tube and looked at what others were eating in different stages and got different ideas from there and here.
  7. Protein Question

    I'm in Australia so it probably won't help you much. It Bodiez protien water.
  8. ~ Goal! ~

    Agreed - this is gonna be strange. I am glad we have plenty of "maintainers" to help us through this!
  9. Coachy 71's Surgery

    Less than a month out, Coachy! Almost there.
  10. Amandr's surgery date!

    Almost there! Keep us posted on your progress.
  11. Sleeve surgery!

    Woohoo!!! Just a few more days and you will be on your way to a brand new you! YAY!
  12. My Journey

    So far I have managed to stick to my preop diet without cheating. Of course it has only been one day lol I am finding that I am quite cranky and irritable today. I was surprised that each optifast shake contains 18 grams of carbs. So it shouldn't be carb withdrawal making me so cranky
  13. Sleeve surgery!

    Wow! Won't be long now!
  14. Amandr's surgery date!

    Hooray! So close! I know you've had a long wait. Very exciting!!!
  15. ~ Goal! ~

    Congratulations! Welcome to the Maintenance Cafe. <-- breaking my brain to understand I'm no longer trying to lose weight... It's a whole new way of looking at life
  16. ~ Goal! ~

    Woohoo!!!! So awesome that you hit goal in such a short amount of time. Big congratulations to you!!!!! Things like this truly do help to keep me motivated.
  17. ~ Goal! ~

    Yall are the best. TY for the nice comments. Big smiles here!!
  18. Amandr's surgery date!

    Thank you all! I'm so excited!
  19. What are you eating today?

    First Day of Optifast Today M1-M3 = 8 oz Optifast Strawberry Flavor M4 = 4 oz 93% lean grilled HB Patty with mustard 1 plum 2 cups salad with Skinny Girl Poppyseed Dressing M5= 8 oz Optifast Strawberry Flavor Fluid Intake = 102 oz Vitamins= n/a exercise = none today What happened Thursday and Friday? Did everyone give up on this thread already?
  20. Frustrated

    You guys definitely know how to make some one feel better. When i had my first surgery i didn't experience a stall at 3 weeks so i was hoping it would be the same this time around. As much as i would like to say we logically try to prepare for a stall it still doesn't make it any easier when it happens. Well here's to pushing through.
  21. Too much water?

    Ok cool thanks!
  22. Too much water?

    It's OK to drink more. If you were getting more than 25 ounces an HOUR, that would be worrisome. The numbers you're talking about are good.
  23. Did you keep or shed the dieter's mindset?

    I did the yo-yo dieting for years until I really ballooned up to the high 400's..then I basically gave up. Now, I am in the low 150's and have been told not to lose any more weight. I have a hard time eating because I've been so vigilant and on top of it since surgery in June 30 of 2015. My advice would be to eat until you are full, be mindful of what you are taking in and do not obsess over scale numbers.
  24. The paper i was given says my fluid goal is to sip between 56 and 64 oz a day. Im 4 days post op and it is about 5pm and Ive sipped on 70oz of fluid today. I may have a little more. Is it ok to drink more fluid than they say or should i stop drinking? At first i was having a hard time drinking it now i want to drink a lot. Ive been thirsty today.
  25. Valerie jean

    Welcome to the site, @Valerie jeanyou will find a lot of support and knowledge here. Every stage, every scenario, all of it! Ask away, we love to share...well, most of us do! lol
  26. Frustrated

    About time for the dreaded 3 week stall? Just keep doing what you should.
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