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  3. Yikes - this sounds awful. This is not normal after a gastric bypass.
  4. Hang in there. We are here to support you. Please let us know next week how the surgery goes for you.
  5. Some of my colleagues already wished me luck because I won't see them anymore on Monday. Feels like... really weird. Dammit, I'm scared but what's one supposed to do? Take meds and hope for the best every year when control gastroscopy is due?
  6. Thanks! Hang in there Second Chance. Stay with plan and it will work. Try to remember, don't eat until you're full. Eat until you're not hungry.
  7. Congrats on your long term success! I am a newbie, only 3 months post bypass and love to hear the long long term success stories.
  8. 5 more days hope you are doing well ! Keep us posted on how it all goes. I went to my NP who heads up the bariatric program and she is sending me in for acid test and barium swallow test.
  9. Last week
  10. Great news. Hang in there, it should get better every day. I know that it is a bit cold today where you are in Alabama, but up in northeastern Vermont where I live it is supposed to get down tonight to negative ten degrees Fahrenheit (that is negative 23 degrees Celsius to my friends outside the US). Fun, fun.
  11. I am 2 months post op and about 3 weeks ago I started gagging for no reason.At first I thought it was because my stomach wanted food but I gag before and after I eat.It just comes out of nowhere.It feels like there is something in my throat that just will not go away.Im so tired of this.I want to go back to work but I can’t stop this gagging and my surgeon does not know what is causing it.I drink water, I take the antacids,I even take allergy medicine.Im loving the weight loss but this gagging is awful!!
  12. Well I’m done and back at the house. Just a little sore but doing well. I know water is important this stage as well as moving. I just to quit nodding off, lots of sleep so far. Sips of water and laps in house until weather gets better.
  13. I have has a couple of bad years, drinking, back pain, gall bladder surgery, my husband has been hospitalized for mental health reasons, my mom fell several times and ended up with back surgery and is now in rehab. As of now I am 6 weeks sober. I have gained 40 pounds during that time. I fight depression every day and know what to do but am currently lacking the motivation to excercise. I have cleaned up my diet somewhat. i know for a fact i have seasonal depression. anytime i see the sun come out i feel so much better about life. working on a workout plan asap. Just wanted to reconnect since its been a while. this group is so amazing.

  14. Your story is inspiring to so many, thank you for sharing it! This tool we have is like a rebirth isn't it? I know I feel like a completely different person and am thankful every day.
  15. @Brass MonkeyHello! Thanks for your comment. I only saw it today. I wanted to say that I have finally started to lose weight again, and moved from 64.5 to 62.5, so that feels like huge progress. I don't know exactly what I did that managed to break the stall, I suppose that I was a bit more mindful of what I was eating and how many times a day. I have reduced cashews but since I like them so much, I still have some every other day or so. I hope that you are feeling well and also making lots of progress!
  16. Congratulations on completing your surgery today!! You are on your way to a healthier you!
  17. As I have not had an ulcer, I cannot give you any advice based on personal experience. From some quick research on the web, it sounds like you are already taking the medicines that usually cure/reduce post-gastric bypass surgery ulcers. You should discuss next steps with your physician soon as it may be that a surgical or endoscopic treatment option is warranted: (item 1152) Have you totally eliminated the three risk factors for ulcers from your diet - smoking, alcohol and NSAIDs? We are here to support you.
  18. Good luck today! I can't wait to welcome you to the "loser's bench"! We are here to support you.
  19. Anyone have an experience with a non healing ulcer? Curious as to what the treatment is? I take Carafate everyday as well as maximum dosage of PPI.
  20. Welcome to Thinner Times 1Badbeat. Thinking of you this morning. Post when you can to let us know how you're doing.
  21. Congratulations on your 10th surgiversary Wayne. You're doing a fantastic job!
  22. This is a really old thread so you likely won't hear from the former posters. However, I'm curious why you wouldn't be honest with your surgical team so they can mitigate the risk. That's pretty significant information that, if they don't know about it could cause problems for you. Why would you put yourself at that kind of risk?!?
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