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    I will be praying for you sweetie for sure! Thanks for letting us know what is going on. I pray for good results in the x-ray tomorrow and wisdom for the doctor's to know to best get things cleared out ASAP! And keep venting as you need to. We are here for you! <3
  3. So I was doing well eating for about a week after my hernia surgery. About a week later, I ate some eggs for breakfast and became violently ill, again. Vomiting, nausea, and of course constipation, which has been an ongoing problem for me for many years. Even prior to WLS, it's been a beast. I called my WLS surgeon for guidance. He referred me to a gastro doc, which got me in the next day thank GOD. I have been on a liquid diet for about a week and a half due to this nausea, etc...but the constipation has become so severe that I have stool backed up so far that it just wouldn't move. Apparently, the pain meds from the back to back knee surgeries took my "manageable" constipation and turned it into cement... MoM wasn't working, Mag citrate wasn't working, nothing. So the gastro doc put me on Miralax twice a day, daily enemas (NOT my idea of a good time), probiotics, and a pre biotic liquid diet. I have been a miserable biotch, between the liquid diet and not pooping. Things have started moving a little over the past 2 days, so I hope its the beginning of better days to come. I have to go back for another x-ray tomorrow to see how much I have been able to evacuate from my insides, then back to gastro on Wednesday to see what the next step is. I already know another colonoscopy is on the table (yay) but hoping its nothing more invasive than that. I know what I'm potentially looking at, but trying to keep those thoughts on the back burner until I know for sure. I ate solid food for the first time today, because gastro doc said I could try when I felt I could keep food down. It seems to be staying down and settled for now, anyway. I guess I just need a few words of encouragement from you guys. I'm so tired of doctors, hospitals and surgery...I just don't want anymore. I'm hoping to be able to at least stay on solids, but I will find out for sure after I see the doc on Wednesday. I know I'm always asking for prayers....but if you have any more hidden in there, please pull them out for me. Thank you!!
  4. Welcome Gary! Make sure you take before surgery pics and measurements. I did not measure, and I regret it a lot. Good luck on your surgery this week!
  5. @kristinwitha_k Clearly mom needs to get her eyeglasses prescription checked! You have such a pretty face by the way. I am very impressed with the kickboxing. I wish I had that sort of tenacity. Yall's paintings look great too!
  6. Omg...she is just too cute for words!! Congrats on the newest addition to your beautiful family!!
  7. Thanks so much Tracy for all the encouragement you give to all of us <3
  8. Wow, Kristina!! You look absolutely amazing, and lovely, and Tracy is right...your momma IS wrong!! HUGE difference in your face!! I love this post, and I'm so happy you came here to tell us how you're doing! Kickboxing sounds wonderful And if it's keeping you strong, keep it up! And you're so right. You don't have to reach your goal weight to be happy and healthy! The entire point of the surgery is to get you active, healthy and feeling good! You've accomplished that, and more, from the sounds of it. I'm just so happy for you, and happy to hear from you!!
  9. Welcome to Thinner Times Gary!
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  11. You look amazing and your mama is wrong, BIG difference !! Congrats
  12. Welcome Gary! Exciting and much thinner (and healthier) times lie ahead for you. Be sure after your surgery to stick to the post op diet, and let us know if you have any questions. I have never regretted having my weight loss surgery.
  13. Hi everyone, glad to be here, hope everyone is doing well on our journey. Going in for my sleeve on the 26th. Will be glad this time next week! Gary
  14. Like so many of us, life has gotten so busy for me that I just don't find myself here so often anymore. How is everyone? I've had an emotional rollercoaster of a week, but my friend sent me a group photo we took yesterday at a paint and sip party, and I was so happy with how I looked that I thought hey: maybe time to post to TT and remind myself of how far I've come. I also would like to say to all the newbies: you don't have to reach your goal weight to be happy and satisfied with where you are. I still think sometimes I'm going to try to lose these last 30 pounds to get to onederland, and maybe someday I will, but life is so good right now regardless. I *plan* to eat 1400 calories every day, which gives me room to occasionally slip up and not derail. Mini cupcakes in the kitchen? Why not? One isn't going to kill me. Especially since I go to 9Round and sweat my a-ess-ess off nearly every day. Kickboxing has made me so strong. A trainer called me one of the most fit people in the club the other day, and I about fell over. Me? Whoa. Happy to be on this side. Happy to be alive and healthy and all those good things. HW: 387ish (probably higher, but I don't have a record of that); size 26/28 CW: 228 (but like, with SO MUCH MORE muscle); mostly a 14 (sometimes a 16, not yet ever a 12; working on that) My mom tried to tell me that my face hadn't changed that much, she thought. I laughed and sent her this succession of photos (before surgery, 6 months post-op, 18 months post-op): Full body before: And after:
  15. Thanks! So good to "see" you. Can't wait to get back in the groove. The pre-op diet is going really well, and I already feel so much more in control. Wednesday can't get here soon enough. For now, meet our newest family member...Isabella. She's 15 weeks old and we just got her last Thursday.
  16. I'm 2.5 years from sleeve surgery, and over a year from skin removal surgery. I've been at my goal weight for 1.5 years, though recently gained a few pounds and was getting ready to switch in to strict mode for weight loss. BUT.... just found out I was pregnant. Unexpected and unplanned, I'm working to set up some nutrition appts now, but would LOVE to hear how other people have managed, what their diets were, what advice they were given, etc.! I don't want to lose all my progress, but obviously most concerned about nutrition for baby. A little freaked out, so any advice/thoughts/experiences = welcome!
  17. What you've done is something extraordinary. You are undergoing temporary discomfort so you can be healthy and fit and slim and like a butterfly exit a cocoon and thrive the rest of your life. Most of all you will exult in your longer lifespan. This, @Sleeved23, is deadly serious stuff: you are going to live longer now. You will live longer, and in better health, than you were fated to live in your prior life. You should expect a few days of disappointment and you should expect having 'Buyer's Remorse' when you gaze upon your ex-favorite pig-out food and find... you have no interest in it. You should also expect exultation as you throw away meds you don't need, throw away clothes that hid you instead of displayed you, fit comfortably into seats without worrying about breaking them, and delight in the shock on people's face as they finally recognize you in your new shape. Most importantly you will exult in being in control of your life. All the adult things we do have upsides and downsides. I used to love eating an entire rack of ribs. It must be 6 or 8 months since I had one rib. I just don't care. I used to eat bags of potato chips. Now I have 3. I just went to a wedding and ate moderately and well. One bite of the wedding cake was enough to share in the festivities, I didn't need to eat 500 calories of sugar and flour to be happy for the couple. I still love food. I just love my health more than the immediate gratification of feeling bloated and full. I belong to food and wine societies. I eat incredibly well. I've found that for me - and everyone's Path is different - I focus on quality and beauty (I'll let you define what makes a food's visible presence, its smell, its flavor; it's different for everyone). You do not have to give up all pleasures, nor even the majority of them. The only "pleasure" you have to give up is that of eating too much. There are many threads here about the difference in physiologic hunger (true body needs hunger) and hedonistic hunger (head hunger, based on emotion not on physiology). This is an opportunity to re-calibrate and to address physiological hunger and to acknowledge the role of hedonistic hunger. In my view it is better to live your life moderately and in control of yourself than to be at the beck and call of the whims of your emotional self when it comes to eating. And I love having less back pain. And I love having less joint pain. And I love sleeping through the night without my sleep apnea waking me up. I love sleeping through the night with my beloved spouse next to me, and not driven away by my snoring. And I love the way this has re-energized my love life. And I love my new wardrobe of clothes (who knew I was as vain as I am about my new looks??) And I love it when I cycle 5 mph faster than I used to go. And I love it when I see my doc and she looks at my numbers and shakes her head in disbelief.
  18. Congrats on breaking the stall !! Second hand stores are great for buying clothes until you get to goal.
  19. Welcome to Thinner Times! What you're going through isn't unusual in the early post-op days/weeks but hang in there. There are several causes such as reaction to anesthesia, antibiotics, pain/discomfort, reaction to painkillers, physical, mental, and emotional stress. It's worth mentioning it to your surgeon when you next see him/her.
  20. Welcome to Thinner Times AKDebs! I'm sorry to hear about your back/hip pain - I know that a lot of us have had that issue post WLS. Something that really helped me was Pilates. There are some really good YouTube videos that can help.
  21. Welcome! I am sorry for all of your medical problems. Feel free to lurk here at TTF, and let us know if you have any questions.
  22. Hello, Thanks, everyone. I have started losing weight again, I haven't been exercising because I had double hernia surgery and I was told not to until July, but I am walking around more than I was before which is healthy. I am getting plenty of lean protein as I have found a good jerky that is low in sodium and fat, they say that it is good for the Kato Diet. I am drinking water like there is no tomorrow and I am really enjoying it. My biggest issue now is finding clothes that fit me, I still have clothes from eight months ago but I do not want to spend a bunch of money on clothes when I know that I am going to lose more weight. But I am doing great now, well, after that two months of having a hernia and then having surgery. I wish you all well and many weight loss successes.
  23. I always thought I’d need weight loss surgery, but suddenly a medication for an auto-immune disorder has given me more willpower. It’s got a published risk of anorexia. Anyway, a few things have been going on, and I stumbled upon some great information that helped me understand. I’ve had back and hip pain since losing a little over 50 pounds since last Halloween. Combined with a car accident, everything hurts even more, but the hips and sciatic started before the accident. Thank you for being here, and you never know, I may eventually need surgery because I’m not sure it will last.
  24. Welcome back @GAviv. The kids are beautiful! Glad to see you back in the game. Regardless of circumstances- when you were at you’re healthiest and now, on your way back there, you’ve always been a source of inspiration here at TTF and we’re all here cheering for you!
  25. I see this is an old thread, but I'm 4 days out and I'm miserable. I miss good. Wondering what the hell I've done
  26. @the_gilded_lily thanks so much. I’m relieved to hear about your revision and success so far. Way to go! I hope to replicate what I did the first time around, but my new surgeon is telling me that isn’t realistic. I told him I need to prove it to myself and him. I do like him very much, and I think he is just trying to manage my expectations. But in the end, I know it’s up to me. You get out what you put in. He is going to be tightening my stoma (?), shrinking my pouch and lengthening the bypass to increase malabsorption and help my chances for success. With all of that, he said my pouch will be like new! Here’s to second chances. I’m still so disappointed in myself, and everyday I go into my closet, I feel it more. So many beautiful things I can’t wear. Soon enough though. It’s great to be able to come back here and feel so welcome. I love this place and never should have strayed, as it played a big part in my initial success. Thank you all. @Nana Trish thank you for your kind words.
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