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  2. HELP PLEASE I am gaining !!

    Congrats on Onederland!
  3. My body has gone crazy!!!!

    Well, it's not possible to stay off one's feet all the time, since we do walk and such! I'm trying to figure out still if my hip pains are mostly due to osteoarthritis (years of being heavy, years of weight-bearing exercise) or to some weird re-alignment syndrome from losing a lot of weight and having my posture, muscles, tendons are reset. Am curious if @AustinJ or anyone else has noticed such a thing... am vaguely remembering that someone posted that she had to see a physical therapist at around the 6 month point after surgery because of pains in both hips ascribed to the realignment...
  4. Travel Tips?

    @kristinwitha_k Last year my family went to northern Italy for 10 days and then Iceland for a week. In the little Italian town we were in, the WLS options were not extensive, but I did fine with eating the meat and cheese appetizers - salamis, olives, charcuterie... even in pizza places where the whole family went, there were always some high protein things to eat. I pack a protein bar for each day I am away, so for 3 weeks pack 21; bags of low-carbo beef jerky; in Italy there are a lot of great cheeses! And often ate one protein bar while hiking in the mountains, perhaps with a piece of fruit. Plus you should be able to get great seafood. But these are just echoes of all the good advice you have already received! ** Usually you can pre-order a meal for your flights going and returning. Recently did the low calorie choice on British Air when going to India -> it turned out to be high protein, low carbs. Perfect. Between that and the nuts (almonds) I had bought, and a protein bar, all was well. No reason to eat the gloppy cheap pasta dish they serve everyone ... ** Bring your sugar substitute of choice - I use Splenda and it is not available in much of Europe. ** Similarly unless you are getting expresso I find the "hotel coffee" often pretty bad so I carry packets of Starbucks instant French dark roast or Italian roast coffee with me. Of all the instant coffees out there I think they are the best. l buy lots of 50 or so on Amazon, less expensive than buying at the retail Starbucks.
  5. That's great to hear Tracy.
  6. HELP PLEASE I am gaining !!

    I have never jumped up like that on the scale. A pound or two at most, normally I never see that number again. When I seen the extra 6 pounds on Friday I freaked. I weigh everyday so I knew it was going up but 6 ? Sigh this is crazy how it all works. Congrats on Onederland !! I can barely wait until I get there also !!
  7. HELP PLEASE I am gaining !!

    @Madhouse Heidi @cinwa I am pleased to report the 6 pounds are gone plus 1 more !!!! I weighed 228.6 this morning and my head is still spinning!! I went and bought a regular scale also besides the digital I have and it is correct. Thank you guys for your support. I don't know where I would be without you guys .......Thank you !!
  8. Thanks @Res Ipsa! It has certainly been an experience! Maintenance goal #1: get 1200 calories per day. So far that's been a bit of a challenge, but I'm working on it!
  9. My body has gone crazy!!!!

    Glad I'm a lot lighter now, that's for sure! I'm trying to stay off any impact exercise (except occasional hiking - I know, I know, I should probably not do that, either!). I'm hoping to end up back at square one rather than with a chronic problem
  10. My body has gone crazy!!!!

    Jen I had this happen to me... bad bike accident in 2015, trashed my whole left side of body, which unmasked my (compensatory) bad osteoarthritis in my right hip - I gained a bit more weight, which affected my back and made my sleep apnea much worse -->> led to my having WLS. Good luck with this! It's what started me swimming since there is no weight bearing at all in the water.
  11. NSVs—Let's share!

    Well, yes, it is helpful if your Perfect Spouse manages to miss / oversee a few things...
  12. My body has gone crazy!!!!

    Thanx Austin - I just bought something similar a couple of days ago. No hypotension for me!!
  13. It's Monday Traci - I'm eager to hear how you're doing this morning too.
  14. HELP PLEASE I am gaining !!

    Tracy—how are you doing? I hope and pray you are not discouraged and that you can make this transition work for you. I have been at a standstill for 3-4 weeks now. Even up a couple of pounds. I understand the panic! Keep doing what you know you need to do! I have to keep preaching this to myself as well. Have a good week!
  15. Travel Tips?

    True, airplane food is usually pretty carb-heavy garbage. I get weird looks when I turn the meal down, but my system is the happier for it. Cans of tuna are easy to find in Italy. Cheese and nuts as well. Jerky is probably best brought (we Americans pretty much have a lock on the worldwide jerky market). Maybe some unflavored powder to sneak into your food? Quest bars aren't very tasty to me, but they are super practical and basically indestructible for packing. It's fun at the end of the trip to fill your suitcase with souvenirs since the food will be gone by then, as @Cheesehead mentioned.
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  17. What a year can do

    Got to tell you Michael, that's a pretty dramatic transformation and it's all the more impressive knowing just what you went through to get your surgery.
  18. There's no need to delete the thread - we all have a right to share our feelings (good and bad).
  19. What an amazing and transformative weight loss surgery journey you have had! Thank you so much for sharing it with us all. Now on to life in the "maintenance cafe"!!
  20. What a year can do

    You look aMAZing!!! Way to go!!! All of your hard work pre-op is really paying off. You had the most extreme pre-op diet I’ve ever heard of, but I think it just accelerated the process for you. Here you are at only 3 months out and you are just about there! Goodbye, health problems and assiciated medications. Hello healthy life! You must be so proud of yourself. I am certainly proud of you
  21. Travel Tips?

    Following Jen’s thoughts-they make tuna in a pouch, I hate tuna so never think of them.. one other thought: your clothes will take up less room and weigh less with your smaller size.. my thoughts are my food take up room and weight but aren’t coming back in the suitcase, therefore I have more room for souvenirs:). I bring back 6 bottles of rum for our adult kids from one of the islands we go to. Also keep in mind the long plane ride over. It’s hard to predict what meals you will be given. I keep jerky, string cheese, protein bars in my purse. Also a couple of apples..
  22. What a year can do

    Michael you have done an amazing job! Not many would have remained so dedicated pre op with weeks of protein shakes and the liver shrink diet! You are truly an inspiration to those up and coming newbies!
  23. I really wanted to share this article with those believing that maybe they should give diet and exercise another try. Finding cut and paste almost impossible on this device, but I have managed to copy the links According to this study the statistics for success are even worse than we've previously seen quoted. I really appreciate that in this study they have broken down the statistics into male and female. This study looked at almost 280,000 people which is a huge number to be included in a study. Of course those who had bariatric surgery were excluded from the study. To summarise their findings, the annual chance of obese people achieving a 5% body weight loss was 1 in 12 for males and 1 in 10 for woman. For those who achieved that weightloss 53% had regained within 2 years and 78% regained within 5 years. More sobering, for those with a starting BMI of 30-35, the annual probability of reaching a normal body weight were 1 in 210 for men and 1 in 124 for woman. If those figures don't scare us already the statistics for those with BMIs above 40, the statistics become 1 in 1290 for men and 1 in 677 for woman. Next time someone says weightloss is a simple process of eating less and moving more, refer them to this study. In all seriousness, if we knew these were the odds then why would anybody ever bother with diet and exercise alone? The weightloss industry would not exists if these truths were more widely known, and obese people might not face the prejudice they do now.
  24. What a year can do

    Wow. Your weight loss, body transformation and health improvement are amazing and inspirational. You are living proof that weight loss surgery really can allow a person to totally change their body and their life. Thank you for sharing these photos.
  25. What a year can do

    So proud of you Michael. You had a lot of hurdles to navigate, and almost as many shakes pre-op as I had. Isn't it a great feeling to be so close to goal at only 3 months out?
  26. What a year can do

    Wow You look amazing and give such good advice and support on TT . What a life changer . Well done on all your dedicated hard work.
  27. What will it feel like when I wake up?

    I agree with all your post CJ
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