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  2. Thanks Heidi !! I am happy for you too lady, you look great !
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  4. Love you in the dress! Super cute!
  5. You will have exercise buddies, RoRo and Ollie. Cute pups!
  6. CheeringCJ has a wonderful blog. She also did monthly pictures so you can compare and visually see the changes. For many of us it has taken month (years in my case) to see a smaller you in the mirror. I also suggest taking measurements of everything (neck, wrist, upper arms, calves, thighs.. everything and do it monthly. Something you can see if the scale isn’t moving. Many times your body needs to adjust to the rapid weight loss and you won’t lose pounds but lose inches. I also had hubby hide the scale and weighed myself every other Saturday. The scale has never been my friend and I didn’t want to get discouraged.. This is really a wild ride the first year or so as you change your life. Good luck..
  7. I’m so happy for you and your continued success!!
  8. Trish I love love love this dress on you!! You look so cute <3 I need to visit Old Navy because I had no idea they had such nice dresses LOL. Cute kitty too! <3
  9. Welcome <3 I am almost two years out also. I agree with Kio about documenting your journey. I also wish I had done more of that. The people here on this forum are fantastic - Glad you found us.
  10. I'm looking at your stats and it looks like I am currently very similar to your old self. I hope to be like your new self too!
  11. One thing that I'm doing is going to Europe for the first time! My mom and I are doing a mother-daughter trip! When I get back my husband and I will spend a lot of time on the weekends at the beach. I like the suggestion of starting a blog.
  12. Thank y’all for the warm welcome. I’m having a really hard time with this site. I think now I might have multiple profiles. I sent a message to admin. I apologize if I’ve made a mess. Anyway, Roland and Ollie are my Frenchies. My first question is for anyone who traveled for surgery. I’m wondering if the one extra night after I get out of the hospital will be enough and I’ll be ready to get home or should I plan a couple extra nights in Tijuana? Thoughts?
  13. Congrats @Kio that is awesome .
  14. Welcome and good luck on your journey !
  15. Hi, welcome! Congrats on knowing your surgery date! What are you planning to do over the summer while you get ready for it? Just a suggestion, but maybe start a blog here to share how you're feeling about your life and your body right now. It's been almost two years since surgery for me, and now that I'm almost at goal, I find that I sometimes struggle to remember what my life was like back then. I mean, a part of you will never, ever forget. But the details do start to blur, and I wish I'd written more about myself then to make sure I always remember to be grateful for (and vigilant with) my new self.
  16. You look amazing, Trish! Just look at that narrow waist! And you're on your feet! GO YOU! I've broken into the medium size range myself recently, doesn't it feel awesome? I know it's problematic - we really shouldn't let the sizes and numbers on the scale control us the way they always seem to - but after a lifetime of only seeing the big sizes and big numbers, it's just really great to get that validation of being "normal," isn't it? We are middle-range average-type ladies! =D I find that I'm actually embracing the form-fitting factor. I never thought I would, but I tend to go for the fitted look more often than not these days. I bet you'd STILL look amazing in something that conforms along the waist line and down over your hips. Just a thought!
  17. I've been saving some up! For a while I was a little - I don't want to say disheartened, but maybe resigned? Because I felt like my weight had bottomed out, and I wasn't going to lose any more, and I wasn't 100% happy with my clothing sizes. Even though I was wearing a size I hadn't been in since college - at that size in college, I'd already felt like I was overweight. So it has been a super happy surprise to learn that my sizes are still changing! I felt for a while like my pants were getting a bit baggy, and even my smallest shirts were a little shapeless. So I took a risk and ordered a whole bunch of Eddie Bauer long-sleeved t-shirts in Medium, and they FIT ME PERFECTLY. It's actually kind of amazing! They've got a close fitted shape through the waist and make me look really narrow there. I LOVE IT. And I honestly can't remember the last time I wore a medium in ANYTHING. So, that done, I thought I might as well see what was happening in the land of blue jeans... my 14's had been feeling a bit baggie in the butt, too. So I tried on a bunch of stuff at Target the other day, starting at size 12. Which was TOO BIG!!! I actually walked out with three pairs of jeans and one pair of shorts, a mix of size 10 and a couple of size 8s!!! If you'd told me before surgery that I would ever in my life be able to fit into a pair of size 8 pants and a medium t-shirt I would still be laughing today. But here I am, totally comfy in them, and it's just the best feeling in the world. My scale only goes down every now and then these days, but the NSVs keep coming! It's probably related to all the time I'm putting in on the treadmill. We have a treadmill desk, and about 3 weeks ago I started using it really regularly while I'm doing anything I would normally sit down for. Reading, writing, watching TV... I just hop on and go. I don't go very fast at all, because at higher speeds it's hard to type. I usually go 1.5 mph for just hanging out and doing stuff, and around 2.5-2.7 mph for watching tv or seriously working on exercise. Most days, I get in around 2, maybe 3 hours of walking that way. Which is an NSV in itself for a lady who could barely make it to the kitchen and back two years ago!!!
  18. You are such a skinny Nana these days. Once the knee improves I can just picture you and Harper having running races.
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  20. That is pretty awesome, @Aussie Bear!! Congrats on the great numbers!!! I hope you’re feeling well to correspond with those numbers!
  21. Thank you, Miss @Cindy Lou Who!! Keeping my chin up, definitely! I absolutely know you all are here for me, my friend ❤️ Thank you
  22. You’re too kind, @bellamoma!! Thank you!! And aww!! Babyface!! Not bad for 52 I guess? Lmao
  23. omg you look stunning, Trish. and like a little kid. look at that baby face! xo
  24. OH my goodness you are tiny and cute.
  25. Thank you so much, @cinwa!! It might have been bit classier if I had put shoes on before hubby snapped the pic, lol...I was still in too much pain after PT to do the whole stockings and shoes thing just for a pic
  26. I totally get the out of your comfort zone thing Trish but that's a classy outfit and you look good in it.
  27. I got a gift card to Old Navy for my birthday. I’ve been dying to get in there to find a nice spring/summer dress. I stopped in after physical therapy for a quick minute on Tuesday, and this is what I found. It’s a size medium. I have to wear a cami underneath it because it’s too low cut for me, but besides that I think it’s a pretty dress. The form fitting thing is way out of my comfort zone, but I bought it anyway
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