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    well, I am in awe of your progress! You must feel so accomplished and great even if the stall has you temporarily in a tizzy. So I ended up with no smooth path down, but rather a set of steps - stalls - which ended with some abrupt weight loss until I got to the weight of the next stall. Had I had the intestinal fortitude of @cinwa I would have just weighed myself every month and never known I had stalled. If the stall has you down - look to see if you can lower your carbs, even for just a week or two to kick you back into loss; consider a bit more exercise, perhaps 20 minutes; more water for sure; and paradoxically, increasing your calories by 100-200 a day. Sometimes our bodies need to be reassured that you are not starving to death by getting a little bit more in the way of calories. Plus if you post here out of desperation and feelings of woe, our comraderie will help the Woes, and for reasons only understood by the Weight Loss Gods, posting here seems to hasten the end of the Stall. Go figure...
  3. Stall

    I am currently in my first major stall 3 and a half weeks at the same weight. I recently upped my exercise, so I’m guessing I’m building some muscle. But I’m eating less than 1100 calories a day, so I know the scale has to start moving again soon! Let’s hang in there together!!
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  5. Carbonation?

    Thanks , Trish. With any luck I might be able to come off these needles that are turning me black and blue lol. In two months time Ah well, at least they are keeping me alive , can't complain too much. Hope your weigh in went well, I need to get out of the habit of doing it daily. Too obsessive for my liking. I am sorry to hear about your diagnosis of Hashimoto's though, but I must say I love your outlook on it. There may be many things we can't control in this life, but our perspectives and how we deal with things are something we totally can so kudos to you! And I roared at the fact that you have the munchies for ravioli and crackers Lmao, just saying. I am so glad to hear that you were able to get back on track with doing the right things for yourself too-sometimes it can be so tough to get back on that stubborn old horse eh? Give yourself a pat on the back for that one And no worries about not being able to check in much lately, life can get busy as we all know. I am very glad that you are able to check in when you do get the time. Take care Trish, and I am sure we will talk again soon
  6. NSV of the Week - whats yours?

    I did another closet purge today! I have kept the largest slacks I ever owned, and took a pic of these with my current slacks overlaid on them. I apologize for the upside down photo! I can't seem to turn the image here Largest slacks - Navy blue Croft and Barrow size 20. Current slacks - Black Maurices size 9/10. It feels good, I can't lie
  7. Oh @Kio Darling, super sorry if my health issues made you panic some about your own health. Working within the healthcare industry I can assure you I know what it is like to obsess about health problems after learning all the things that CAN go wrong with the human body lol. Happily though we live in a day and age where there are also many treatments out there too ! Our bodies are pretty miraculous really when you think about it. But for me I must say, I truly do believe, even though my complications were a close call, that NOT getting the surgery would have surely been a death sentence for me... Perhaps not right away but it was only a matter of time. So yeah, try not to worry yourself too much folks, it is not easy to get accepted into a WLS program, and if you are, chances are you are like myself-where the benefits greatly outweigh the risks just my two cents worth. And (((hugs))) to you Kio we are stronger than we think
  8. Travel Tips?

    As a Type 2 diabetic, I have found grocery stores through most of the world to be my friend. It is hard to travel without running into a situation where most everything is carb laden. I like to see the way people shop and live, so grocery stores are fun for me. You can often pick up some dried meats, cheese and have fun with local treats. I’m not suggesting you do this for every meal but eating out and planning ahead aren’t always foolproof. Some of my best memories are of laughing with friends/family on the beach and eating new things out of a can. I’m excited for your trip. What part of Italy are you visiting?
  9. What a year can do

    @Michael_A what an absolute amazing transformation you have made. Its people like you who have kept me motivated in my own journey.
  10. From another thread: A JAMA paper published in January. Many thousands of people in Israel who could be tracked electronically: Bariatric surgery reduces mortality (e.g. INCREASES LIFESPAN) - in people who had surgery (banding, sleeve, or bypass) 1.3% died over the 4.3 years after surgery; the death rate in those who did not get surgery was 2.3% over 4 years.
  11. Postponed

    I feel your pain! The week will fly by though. :-)
  12. What a year can do

    Excellent point :-)
  13. What a year can do

    Michael, not too many people could do the pre op diet you did. Many of us were busy having food funerals. No matter how you got the weight off you are a wls person. Your guts have been are healthy! You are living! Wait until one day soon the kids will tell you they don’t remember the bigger you. Your kids are younger so it will happen sooner rather than later. I was a couple years out when my adult kids were talking and they couldn’t remember me heavy.
  14. NSV of the Week - whats yours?

    Had to buy new scrubs this weekend as I have swapped jobs and they require a different color. Went from pushing the boundaries of a 3x to being thiiiiis close to a 1x. I like some wiggle room in my scrubs, so I went for a 2x, but regardless, I'm thrilled. When I mentioned I was a little sad I couldn't quite pull off a 1x yet, my DH said "Don't worry, at this rate it'll only take you another month" He's wrong, but he's cute. I'll keep him.
  15. Thanks Jen. I'd already lost the clipboard by accident before I could go to your thread to paste it.
  16. What a year can do

    It is indeed bizarre, but the fact that there are two of us in this weird position means there are more out there like us. Your experiences and wisdom are just as valid to share as anyone else's.
  17. VSG Scheduled

  18. Postponed

    Aww sorry to hear Jay. Hang in there!
  19. What a year can do

    You look SO sharp in that suit, @Michael_A! Wow!!! I'm so happy you're having great results after all the patience you had. I love what you said about loving your reflection. Totally awesome! Well done!!!
  20. VSG Scheduled

    so exciting that you have a date!!! It will go flying keep reading up here on all of the positive things that will happen ....and you will be totally ready for the new you!
  21. Travel Tips?

    same reasons @Stephtay want to live a little and have no regrets! In fact, if there was a fabulous pasta dish your mom ordered and you were dying to have a bite, I would! Italy is known for that so don't order your own but certainly taste mom's if she is raving over how wonderful it is. Try some delicious new cheese dish or something you wouldn't have at home. Traveliing is also a culinary experinence and you don't want to miss that. That way you aren't holding yourself back so much that it is upsetting and you are trying something new in a new place BUT I would just do a bite and be satisfied. I'd skip the bread and empty fillers but if there was something you wanted just a bite of, I would. (Unless you're the personality that that would be a slippery slope. Personally I couldn't binge if i wanted to so I wouldn't worry about it yet...I could order a huge plate of lasagna but honestly after about 5-7 bites, I'd be forced to push it away because I would have hit my limit so I doubt it would be a slippery slope since I can't really overindulge and it would be a vacation only thing.) I think vacations are to be enjoyed....and if you have a few extra calories, go for a long walk....I usually walk so much during a vacation that I undo any damage done . I wouldn't overindulge in every meal, but i would have a taste of magnificent things so you can say you :had a magnificent ____________ in Italy and it was to die for"...only you didn't ate, savored and moved on!
  22. What a year can do

    Thanks so much for your kind words!
  23. What a year can do

    Thanks Steph! I'm so glad you're still around handing out great advice. It has helped me many times!
  24. What a year can do

    that is awesome!
  25. What a year can do

    This was a huge motivation in my decision for WLS! I had to visit my PCP at the beginning of Jan to get my asthma med refilled, and it was the first time I'd seen him since my surgery. We went over everything, he checked me over, and then said "so.... I guess I'll see you in a year?". That was SO awesome to be in that spot! It was embarrassing how often I needed to see various Dr.'s.
  26. What a year can do

    Yes they do, and I'm trying very hard to be good at the art of gracefully redirecting the conversation. I'm not one that enjoys being in the limelight like that, especially when people gush about my weight loss and won't let up. I've taken the good advice of folks like @Stephtay and have become pretty good at thanking them and then immediately saying something like "so how are YOU doing?" or something like that. I know most people don't feel this way, but it's just how I am. My 13-year old daughter (the oldest of five kids) did remark to me the other day at the dinner table, "dad, you are getting so skinny". I will admit that THAT did make me feel pretty good, because I really thought that my weight loss wasn't really on any of their radars. Not that I expected it to be, at all. But a lot of my pre-op disgust with my "fat life" was tied up in being the fattest dad at her school events, etc. And plenty of things that I just didn't even attend or go to because of those feelings. We have just started having a new part of our relationship grow, because I finally AM at a place where I feel comfortable and good, as a man, being involved in her life outside of the house now. Definitely more on that later, I'm still adjusting there.
  27. What a year can do

    Thanks so much Corinne :-)
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